Throtl: Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days – PART 5: +1,000 mile road trip untested…

Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days - PART 5: +1,000 mile road trip untested...

Posted: 2023-07-03 16:00:29
Author: throtl
The Mustang is complete now we road trip to Chicago! Our road trip to Chicago is fueled by Sunoco Ultra94!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We bought a fox body Mustang sight unseen across the country and were challenged by Sunoco to build it in just seven days the email said crew opened up their beautiful garage and they were a massive Hill the fox body is finished and now it’s time for us to road trip

This from Connecticut to Chicago for the NASCAR street race we have a thousand miles to go the clock is ticking let’s get on the road let’s go So we are in downtown Manhattan currently going through New York city so this is gonna be awesome look it’s beautiful be great if we were moving but luckily we have a full week to get to Chicago and we’re probably going to use this whole week to get there if I’m honest foreign We have a little bit of a rattle from all the beautiful and smooth streets in freaking New York so we’re like on I would say hour two or hour three and we’ve developed a little bit of a rattle in the rear and I want to make sure that

It’s something like the exhaust not like our Wheels rubbing all the tires we’ve made it to our first hotel for the night this is in Philadelphia actually I don’t know if you guys can hear the rattle but yeah we’re gonna check it out like we were gonna stop but then there

Was like no stop no off what do you call them no there’s no arrests yeah no rest stops so it was like 20 minutes like whatever yeah we were like between 15 and 20 minutes from the hotel like man I might as well just go straight over

There so we’ll park right here we’ll get our rooms and then we’ll come down and take a look at it Day two he’s driving the standing for the first time see how this is so yesterday there was an insanely heavy rain and thunderstorm like brutal that was so ridiculous I mean I I have experienced stuff like that before so we are currently on our way to turn 14 yep

They have a hub waiting for us we’re gonna pick that up and then we’re gonna go to a different building and we hopefully we can get a tour of 10 14. oh that is our Ford Expedition yep that’s the other support vehicle that is our support van which doesn’t support us in

Any way so we’ve got Nate in there we’ve got Sean in there they’ve got zero radio etiquette they leave the radio off all the time that’s my that’s my support team right there how’s it going out there boys yeah boys bathroom support team thanks thank you might as well throw smoke signals meanwhile Foreign got your part baby you’re gonna do a little install right here yeah right now in the rain yeah what is a big they couldn’t just give you this I’ll let you know if it’s right or not oh Becky Becky Becky back the mama one should be proper I told him to

Get them up oh yeah that’s it we got our Hub let’s get this thing on yeah what oh Baby it’s goofy but it works it’s okay I’m down see if it comes out ready thank you Jimmy That’s it baby this thing was way smaller way more comfortable let’s get on the road because it’s raining and the camera is getting wet and we cannot lose this camera because then we have no footage for you guys have to have the Beagle what is it called the cube yeah

Iconic muscle car doesn’t thread down all the way oh sick that’s all it goes oh thanks [Applause] I tried bro oke installed It’s normally a car here’s r33 just got pulled out yesterday He’s got those big feet dude hey coins cut that along the list yeah that’s an advantage so turn 14 is named after Road America the 14th turn around America is the last one before the finish line and that’s where the name turn 14 distribution comes from and it’s blue and it’s blue privacy All right [Laughter] just shut down dude Ricky’s so short big thank you to Colin from turn 14 he just gave us a full tour of their shop here which is really cool and we stopped by the distribution warehouse which is massive really cool to be here really

Cool to go through and see everything they have they have a lot of really cool artwork and they’re just dude their whole facility setup is insane so it was awesome to come here bring the Mustang and now it’s hit the road we’re going to Pittsburgh let’s go let’s go Get some fuel baby for the roads we have we have for a while so we are here at Sunoco with this tank to get some fuel foreign Who broke the exhaust we got our first break Manhattan broke the exhaust oh Manhattan broke it okay well that’s fair I guess that’s what you’re hearing the whole time that’s one side the other side has something explain what’s wrong what do we got the MagnaFlow tip has its

Own hanger and it’s actually a very good secure hanger but it just didn’t survive um on hand so we’re just tightening it up no we’re taking it off so we can put it back into place and then tighten it back up I think we fixed before rattles now you’ll be able to hear us when we’re recording inside the car on the road again fixed we did a freaking fantastic job that you guys can actually hear us without hearing in the parking lot it’s Smashburger I know exhaust thousand and we got

Bluetooth hooked up hey baby music The weather out here is insane I was literally sounding five minutes ago like no clouds foreign it’s just a puddle on the freeway So we’re headed to Pittsburgh Quinn and Ricky are in the fox body me Vic and Nate are in the Expedition we’re gonna give them a little quiz on Pittsburgh all right boys first question how many bridges does Pittsburgh have what how many bridges does yeah no cheating how

Many bridges as a Rivers going through Pittsburgh yes there is they’re never gonna guess all right so here here’s the number um what I mean I mean 200 Bridges 200 Bridges I was gonna get seven seven there’s so there’s 446 bridges in Pittsburgh yeah

Gonna be a lot I knew it was gonna be a while all right boys next question if you answer this correctly you also get free dinner Lizzy just so everybody knows it’s Primanti’s which we’re going to when we get to Pittsburgh sucks close all right Ricky that was

Pretty close it’s Primanti Bros that’s what we’re going for dinner tonight all right next up there is a professional hockey team baseball team and a football team if you can name all three you win uh Steelers correct okay yeah so I got one bro we both want to fill this I know

Nothing about any of them the Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins okay I have a question for you guys all right let it rip got a question for us huh No it wasn’t a Mazda 787b So so is 477 Bridges out of Pittsburgh bro yeah you’re right give us another one in Japan what is the name for a Miata I didn’t know there was a different is there a different name the actual name of the car they were not called Miatas in Japan it’s cheap

Yeah we’re cheating wait hold on I’m gonna make a wild guess who knows Roadster there you go you got it nah dude didn’t look it up yeah all right nice Googling boys all right boys we got under an hour to go Made it to Pittsburgh baby we’re in Pittsburgh baby like literally downtown like downtown downtown we are currently in downtown Pittsburgh walking around we’re gonna go to this sandwich shop that Nate won’t stop talking about Vicksburg Pittsburgh Steelers six rings we’re gonna go get some Sammy’s you know look at this look

At this road bro the Penguins Road this place is a ghost town dude there’s like nobody anywhere it kind of is kind of a little Eerie right now well hopefully that means that there’s no way that the sandwich shop because that’d be sick I was gonna give it a Sean nine out of 10. oh 10 out of 10. 10 out of ten baby ten I’d hit him with a 10. 10 out of 10 for me too Wednesday morning we just woke up we’re in Pittsburgh we’re about to head to

Indianapolis today we just got the car out of valet which is really cool so I’m gonna pop the hood check the fluids make sure everything is still good so we’re gonna go hit the road drive this thing for five hours if there’s something wrong I need to know right now so we’re

Gonna check the fluids check the oil take the corn give it a general inspection make sure everything’s good nothing is leaking this car has been amazing we don’t want to take the risk so let’s make sure we’re good Morning you ready yeah let’s hit the road baby I’m starving too bro let’s go Thank you So we went through the entire state of Ohio we didn’t really stop in Ohio we didn’t know there wasn’t really a whole lot in Ohio it’s kind of just nice green like land it was very green shrubs and trees and like it was kind of patchy so

Like scenery is still the same like it’s like it’s all of that the grass and shrubs and it’s very beautiful but since we’ve crossed into Indiana the roads have gotten significantly worse and that’s about it at least in this part it’s just right kind of the same as Ohio we just went

Forest Road so hopefully we’re going to get into Indianapolis it’s changes the roads in Ohio were nice and smooth yeah nothing in there but the rosary smooth that was nicer here we are in Indiana finally this is going to be our last stop of the day once we get to the

Hotel we’ll probably go straight to our restaurant to get something to eat and then go to the hotel spend the night foreign Indianapolis Motor Speedway and we’re gonna kiss the bridge we’re gonna kiss the bricks baby we’re gonna go on track we’re gonna be like look at that that’s the starting line and it’ll be sick let’s go I am clueless about what’s about to happen today never I don’t know

Anything I know about the track I know about Indy 500 but I watched it I’ve watched in the 500 before ah like I don’t know a crazy amount about this place so me and Ricky are about to learn today Foreign So this whole wall it’s a really long wall starts at 1911 with the first winner going 74 top speed 74 miles an hour it increases every I don’t know what happened here let’s walk down oh wow and then boom you hit 1925 and then it decreased six miles an hour my boyfriend

Dude he only did foreign almost 20 miles an hour faster here Bobby oh you’re out dude so we go Ricky Bobby let me down Ricky’s at 139 uh me and Quinn are up next oh we jumped up a solid almost yeah oh 96. oh boy dude there’s a boy right

There dude look at him look at him he’s stoked genuine stoked to be there People around the world know of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the Brickyard here we are on the front straight woohoo I’m gonna put an application in 44.17 is four seconds faster Ricky’s fast that’s Ricky Bobby all right sure didn’t win boys almost half a second damn [Applause] you gotta do it before you watch this reaction this is it the last day the last stint of our trip the last stage it is from Indianapolis up to Chicago where we’re going to relinquish this car to NASCAR to be put in the event which is gonna be

Really cool Ricky’s ready let’s go That’s the road trip we did it ah what a good car man we should drive to Cali we could not have picked a better example of a fox body I think I know the car held up so well the entire trip it’s been really good Thank you rare Chicago NASCAR made it to the NASCAR Chicago street race the cars staged what an epic road trip what an epic drive across six seven eight nine stays I don’t know a lot of States a lot of fun really good car we all had a

Blast around out here huge thank you to Sunoco for making this road trip possible let me know in the comments if you guys like road trip content you want to see more thank you to Jimmy Oaks man you guys hit me his crew literally opened up their home for us wouldn’t

Have been possible I know thank you so much thank you brother this whole road trip has been fueled by Sunoco Ultra 94. thank you guys so much for watching now we’re gonna go have a blast at the NASCAR street race here in Chicago I’ll see you guys later [Applause] [Applause] All right we’re gonna bring it back to the last vlog episode three with the with the ear tuck because yeah like he fixed it I found a new a new ear Tucker put him back in put him back in wait you had him he touched

His ears look look do I put the Hat on just I don’t even talk over they just they just go in there we got another ear Tucker so you can’t only get after me on that Victory Tucker all right this is going at the end of

The video get at me get get at me in the comments hashtag hashtag year Tucker on the road again wow different for mayonnaise what bro what for Manny is that like a pedicure thing just