Throtl: Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days – PART 4! (time is running out…)

Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days - PART 4! (time is running out...)

Posted: 2023-06-30 16:00:06
Author: throtl
The Foxbody Mustang GT gets it’s final touches before heading off to debut at the NASCAR Chicago street race! Our road trip to Chicago is fueled by Sunoco Ultra94!


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Throtl Video Transcript

Our fox body Mustang build continues and we only have two days to get this bad boy done that’s right we have two days to get this car finished we’re gonna be road tripping this out to the NASCAR street racing Chicago if you guys want

To meet us and see the car in person get your tickets in the link description down below we’re going to be celebrating sonorpo’s 20th year anniversary of being the official field of NASCAR so we got a lot of work to do let’s get to it baby let’s go Well now in the presence Let me clarify something that I’ve seen come up in the comment section A lot of people are saying like how could you ruin such a great car or whatever it is but everyone who’s watching this please remember we have literally we had less than 10 days to put this car together

And then drive it on a 14-hour road trip so to think that like we were going to buy a piece of crap Mustang that was out of the question because we didn’t want to be sitting at the side of the road dealing with 800 different problems so we tried to find the best

Example of a fox body and I think we were really successful at that and so far the car has been great easy to work on no rust I would also like to add that we were going to wide body the car we were going to cut the fenders out we

Brought all the stuff to do it and the car was too nice so we’re not going to do that there you go baby yeah go it sounds like America American Muscle our Mustang is bled everything is running as well as it should we’re not overheating we have coolant going

Through everywhere the heater on this car blows extremely hot which is really good and the AC works as well which is really cool so mechanically we have a running driving Mustang again all we need to do is test drive it but I think that’s going to happen a little later so

Let’s move on the final piece of the engine that showed up which is our am short ram intake system we got a big filter That is a big filter like let’s find the biggest filter we could fit on this and I love that it looks uh if you got to change it compensating for something Quinn what that’s sick you know how long you’re gonna have to not service your air filter for because it’s so big [Applause]

Next we’re going to be installing our MagnaFlow performance exhaust we’ve got it unboxed laid out on the floor and it looks very nice the original glass we pulled off we actually had the Sawzall right here because it was one piece and it was kind of a pain to get out this

Should be much easier to install it’s going to be a bolt-on and it’s going to sound beautiful let’s get into it thank you Foreign All right so right now Queen is trying to take the few lines out of the original OEM fuel filter and we have a cig brand new k n fuel filter and it gives you the flow which is cool which means fuel goes through here it gets

Cleaned up when it goes this way to the fuel injectors foreign to win our Honda S2000 every dollar you spend on is going to get you one entry to win this car plus twenty thousand dollars in cash get entered guys super gloss Laguna Blue from a nose attack

I heard you can’t buy that just off the off the streets we got Devin here from style up designs he’s gonna help us wrap this car and we have this beautiful and nose attack super gloss Laguna blue that you can get Jimmy you can get it you can

Get it you said you can’t get it you can get it they can get it go in and dry can’t do a wet Jim not everything First piece that’s it looks really good I like it he’s gonna give it a good post Heat make sure that um that it all gets heated evenly all the adhesive on the back gets stuck as it’s close to It’s blue for sure yeah oh then you even got this right foreign There’s kind of this back panel and there’s already a seam here using knifeless tape so you won’t see the seam from on top of it seriously remember playing before your wrap that’s it and always wrap it up always wrap it where’s this conversation going what do you like to know Thank you again everybody’s opinion on the scene hey I can see it because I knew it was there but if like if I if I had just walked up on this car I wouldn’t be able to tell I don’t think spoons looked at the color yet what do

You think of the code I like it you like it I’m not a blue guy but it looks like it looks pretty so you got some planning to do on this thing there’s a lot of shapes Contours and corners whole lot of shapes Foreign Thank you We’ve got our LX tail lights we’re gonna toss in the back in lieu of the GT tail lights that had the paintwork over top of them much cleaner look it’s really going to tie the front and the back as well because we’ve got the tinted front lights and uh two seconds we’ll pop

These in these are so much better ain’t got no bumper yet but it’s gonna look nice so we know our 34 year old headlights are not that great and for that we have something we have a brand new smoke headlights we also have Morimoto two-stroke 3.0 bulbs that we’re

Going to be putting on this thing and this thing’s going to brighten up everything when we start driving this car And just like that they’re done just like that that’s it that’s simple there ain’t no more work to that you just pop them in what is this Plug and Play yep Right I’m clocking in you’re clocking it in let’s go Got surprise who’s got a knife that’s you can I wear it now yeah destroy it real quick what do you want me to do getting sharp brother so before we get the bumper completely mounted we have to test all of our new Morimoto bulbs so Quinn you ready

Okay oh dang those are bright okay and then the fog lights okay it’s kind of hard to see those are working so we got new Morimoto LED bulbs oh that really looks way better than the old crusty yellow bulbs that were in there before Right now yeah it looks really good that’s the move I like it I want to see what’s put on dude yeah the hood looks sick what do we got oh our Fox body hood is back that is exactly the look I love how it lines up with these Body Lines you’ve seen

Pretty much every Fox body Mustangs like the big cowl thing it’s like what four or five two inch in the back uh we didn’t want to do that so like Japanese style yeah it’s really fresh Thank you Stevie where are we headed Frank Pepe’s New Haven Connecticut let’s do it we’re taking a little break from the fox body build to go get some pizza at Pepe’s which apparently was it the best is it the best it’s arguably one of the best pizzas in the world people have their their opinions

In San Diego we have pretty terrible pizza and I’m from New York so I’m really looking forward to this so I’m very excited get incarnate okay all right Frank Pepe see what she got the authentic Italiano Pizza there’s like six pizza places on this street in like two blocks these are the original

Origin so Frank Patton purchased this in 1925. foreign I ate too much I need a nap all right well the boys are uh tightening up the front end by installing the Carters Customs front lip which is looking awesome especially with the blue I’ve got our hello fog lights out Ricky pop these out for me I ordered

Some yellow wrapping film we’re gonna pop that on here stretch it over the lens and put this back in I think it’s really going to tie everything together with our Livery that’s inbound you guys will see but I think the big picture of this will really help the look of the car

How do you feel about the timeline we got man pants down the wire here but we had planned to do car Meetup and some other fun things for the team this weekend and so we really want to get it done today that way we can actually enjoy some of

Our time here in Connecticut with our friends all right Queen’s trying to put the side skirts on while he’s doing that I’m gonna put the fog lights up Mickey just finished putting the yellow film on it and I think with the blue it’s gonna look pretty epic shut up Thank you time sticking we have just a few hours left to get this thing done we have the side skirt lip extension is that what we call this Yeah Yeah by Carter’s custom and we are about to fill it up you guys can see it and I’ll see you both later

This thing’s gonna be installed oh This is the last piece of the puzzle our awesome JDM style Hood I’m pretty excited this is the one thing I really wanted to see on the car it’s going to bring it all together and it’s something you don’t see very often like you’ve seen a lot of guys just like rivet these

Things oh Yeah kind of picked up a Skyline look like each other I was like oh it’s a Skyline [Laughter] Thank you this car came into the shop one day Sunday hasn’t even been a week Now that the car is completely wrapped in that new a nose attack Laguna blue it’s time to install the livery right here so we’ve got some cool Sunoco branding throttle Ultra 94 ready to go that’s good okay Foreign I want to thank Nick from SD design for knocking out these awesome Sunoco Ultra 94 logos that we’re tossing on here to complete this look on our awesome Fox party Mustang this is some big decals probably gonna need some help from my man Devin because we’re going over a lot of moldings here

Thank you so this is what happens when you go from rendering to reality rendering doesn’t contain the hood scoop or the hood vent so this graphic is sent off to the the sign maker so it makes this the giant sticker which he did right but nobody

Ever took into account that we have all these events right here so essentially now we have to do is lay this sticker over top of the vents and if you’ve ever worked with materials like this before it is not simple we basically need to re-wrap the hood essentially with this

Logo it’s going to take some technique and some effort foreign It’s 11 57 almost midnight laughs Becky Becky Becky Becky back here we’re here it’s 802. something like that we’re here in Formula none Cars and Coffee and I see a car that used to belong to us you recognize this I do Andrew Andrew good to meet you what a throwback what happened I don’t know I I bought this

Car uh two months ago now from the kid who won it this was one of my favorites I don’t remember when we gave this away 20 20 21 something like that the original throttle shift knob seem better days yeah seen better days you got some work to do it’s still got the original

Wheels it why does it look like it has their same tires still too probably does so yeah oh hey here’s the Mustang one-handed man camera one-handed shaky cam shaky we here baby let’s uh we made it one piece a little shaky this morning [Applause] good car drive is great dude yeah

So weird how you can see from where the vent is yeah this paint does not do well with the sun you know would be sick actually to do like a Resurgence video to bring it back to life no because it really it just needs a paint job bring it back to

Us I’m just saying in general it’d be kind of cool like this is the first time we’ve seen a giveaway car from like two three years ago right three years ago probably Foreign GT but something’s under here that you I’ve never seen before the people from New England might like it Aussies yeah I actually got a lot of uh love from them afterwards and then got a 1JZ nice big single shout out to Turbo Mike and uh Jimmy for helping me out

Yeah we literally have the garage right like next to each other 560 at 23 pounds and then brought it back down because it’s still on 93. probably that’s the only thing left on this probably just to run it on ink I have my fun with the Arby’s but I wanted a different platform

So yeah East Coast got all we should we should do a little marble no everyone’s done look at this e46s what do you mean I’ve had two of these look at this Fitbit it’s nice dude Sean this ain’t no back respect I could tell you what this fitment is fitment so see

This color this is mola red my E36 M3 has the same color I like the rotiforms on here I love the Polish look at this these veroniforms look at that that’s when you air out you know I used to be one of these boys this is what I was all about like years

Ago yeah I heard it I heard that rotary all right let’s go see it tomorrow not my vision you’re a lot of people that have told me to build one of these is insane how you doing buddy is that 13B yeah it’s a it’s a big turbo Precision terrible yeah we’re just

Having something yeah it’s like an FB or or n a front cover yeah so this is a 12a front cover we use it so that you can so you can mount it easier yeah the motor mounts so in the FC engine mounts or part of the oil pan

It is a nightmare to mount anywhere so everybody goes 12-way front cover because the mouse you see that right there those four bolts right up front you put a crossbar you weld it and you’re done Roto in the car you’re done yeah you can put in anything so which is beautiful Thank you