Throtl: Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days – PART 3! (unexpected suprise)

Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days - PART 3! (unexpected suprise)

Posted: 2023-06-26 16:01:13
Author: throtl
@JimmyOakes hooks us up with a beautiful set of wheels! Today we install an insane amount of parts to make sure we are on schedule to make it to the NASCAR Chicago street race! The build is almost complete! Our road trip to Chicago is fueled by Sunoco Ultra94!


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Throtl Video Transcript

Our fox body Mustang is completely disassembled and now it’s time to install that huge mountain of Parts you guys saw in the previous episode before we get into it I did want to give you a reminder that the throttle bready merchandise drop is officially live and every dollar that you spend on our

Website is going to give you one automatic entry to win rs2000 plus a check for twenty thousand dollars we have a ton of brand new parts to throw onto this mustang let’s get into it All right well we picked up this they call it a drift vent we’re going to bond it to the Ford Mustang Hood this kind of brings that flavor into the car if we do it nicely and executed nicely it should flow well with the car so that’s the goal So now we’ve got our two pieces you can slide it back together and Evan was kind enough to run out get us some fiberglass from the local auto parts store Jimmy got us some cups now we just got to get some paint brushes so we’re gonna go get

That and at that point I can start cutting holes in the hood which is exciting Foreign We got one layer down we got the resin on the mat and then we’re gonna go ahead and just let this kind of set up I’m gonna go eat lunch come back I’ll probably lay down another layer of some full strips and then uh we should be good Thank you Job well done I got the Panel test fitted everything is good just gonna go back and clean up all the sharp edges make it nice and smooth and also grind down the areas where we’re going to be applying the Panama Foreign Ahead and fitted it already I haven’t glued it down yet I want to go ahead and make some holes around the outside that way the panel bond has something to go through and actually grab onto this thing not just depending on the prepared surfaces the sanded surfaces and I’ll

Let the Panama pass through the product and then we can smooth it on the other side and really grab it I hold it into place so we don’t have any cracking down the future [Applause] We’re tossing on the panel bonds so we can get this thing sitting and carrying we’re going to try to leave it overnight before we can do some Bodywork on it you’re getting right after it well that’s a big moment this is a big moment this is a big moment this hood has been

Your baby like the last day this is it big project it’s scary it’s exciting stuff making it scared it’s Mad Mix mad make yeah Mickey ain’t scared Mad Mix Foreign Booster and some oet on our hood and yeah it’s in now we gotta wait for it to dry so once the panel Bond cures can flip it over and see how we did and it’s off to get smooth and hopefully paint it all right it’s the next day our panel

Bottle is hardened and one of Jimmy’s homeboys Anthony is here to save the day because we got a lot of work to do and he has actually started to blend this all in for us thank you Anthony you’re saving our bacon on this one because we

Don’t have time to be doing all this stuff ourselves so we did the best we could to get this thing narrowed as you guys saw and in the Stock hood now Anthony’s gonna take it on and and try to smooth out all the things I screwed

Up so there’s some gas it’s straight so it is straight it’s straight straight it’s decent wow really decent all right we’ll take decent anyway I think it’s gonna be a cool look I think it’s gonna look good really judge off of the the dirt last

Year right now it’s a lot of work but like I think it will do a lot for the car like I think it was definitely a necessity Anthony’s and going to town on the hood it’s looking good get in there the vision is becoming reality because

Of Anthony so I didn’t have time to do all this body work myself and to be honest he’s probably way better ahead than I am you can see kind of the realism of this now kind of where it all lines up with the body lines you can

Easily see the body lines now that he started sanding he kind of made this Contour with the Body Lines sort of fit almost like it would become a stock component more aggressive so really happy with the way this is turning out we have a dishworks dw200 here the fuel pump as

Far as we know that is in the tank currently is original because we’re adding more power and more torque to this engine is always a good idea to throw a new fuel pump in this one’s actually bigger than the factory one it’s going to give us much better fuel

Flow so unfortunately we have to drop the fuel tank to replace it let’s get it out I need two men and two men on this there’s two men over here brother we got what we got wow this thing goes deep in there that’s what I’m saying dude I can’t even get it out all the way it’s sat here oh my God like ridiculous Thank you look at that dude all metal and they use like the tiniest hole possible that’s crazy let’s get this thing taken apart our new DW pump in here We just got our dashworks fuel pump installed into the carrier and we’re ready to get this thing back in the fox body Mustang and while we’re on the topic I feel I wanted to touch on its importance a low quality fuel can degrade your engine shorten its life

Damage injectors reduce power and is overall a really bad time for your engine especially on something like a 34 year old Mustang a good quality fuel is extremely important here at throttle that is why we use Sunoco Sunoco has top tier detergency which makes your engine run cleaner longer and more efficiently

Sunoco also has Ultra 94 which is the highest octane available at the pump at Sunoco so next time you’re on empty do yourself a favor and fill up with sunogo ultra 94. now let’s get this fuel pump into the foxbox foreign S back on and then we’ll move on to the suspension let’s go Now we’re going to start moving into our suspension so we want to get the uprights back on get our five lug conversion fired off so we’re going to start off with our BC racing coilovers so we’re gonna get these guys on that’s gonna allow us to get everything back up

Because the control arms and spindles are just hanging they’re dangling right now so we’re gonna put this on it’s going to allow us to start putting our front bearings and brake rotors back on and get the suspension back together Foreign [Laughter] Our front BC coilovers are in they’re not tight yet next episode tighten everything down we have a new set of tie rods going on we’re going to install those get our wheel hubs and our new brake rotors on for the 5V conversion and then we’ll move on to the back foreign [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] looked amazing pictures it looks like a junkyard car right now what happened have a look around like we all we all did already we even got to drive this thing oh this is nice yeah I’m taking the Pinstripes off right now with the Red Bro the patience the red looks

Freaking bad whoa hold on yep I’ll show you how this car is mid oh man the Seal’s got to be perfect oh yeah they are dude the damn thing is so sick Bro dude so clean this is all original I’m gonna have the window sticker stickers seriously yeah dude there’s

Like a stack of documents that came with this car like it’s sick 1990 89. wow I like the fact that the sipos are all buckled in the bag it was like a showroom car Jesus with the sunroof oh dude it comes out completely it’s got

Dude all it has it works no it’s it’s manual but it has its own like that no way no way hold up so I’m just gonna start ripping everything that doesn’t belong to the car I’m gonna make everything look back to OEM and then from here I’m

Gonna have to go inside and I’m assuming under the dash there’s a whole wires nest in there that needs to be removed as well so I want to get to work Thank you it’s really hard for me to get in here there’s really no space the camera is definitely not going to make it so soon as I’m done I’m going to show you everything I removed let me show you this big old bug it looks like a

Nintendo look at this thing this thing screams 1989. alarm system is out on to the next thing Oh there’s a long stud there huh yeah just in case we need to run some spacers or go on different offset wheels and stuff we can get whatever we need on there it’s got some open-ended racing lug nuts solid What’s going on Mick I’m just over here playing with my sure thing pal sure thing pal what’s the other one Chief yeah Chief hey chief call me Chief you get blasted in the mouth you sure about that so everyone knows I hate Chief does anybody have a word that people say to

You that you just don’t like Boss Buddy I don’t like I don’t like boss hey boss or chief I don’t know why it just rubs me wrong like it almost feels sarcastic I think and that’s why all right we’ve got our axles from Yukon these are our five lug conversion axles

And stuff the studs in these guys foreign Ty manifold here and here’s the new Holley system X we’re going to be installing on the fox body so I have to transfer over some of the original stuff from the old manifold we have like new fittings and some barbs and stuff that need to go on but the fuel rail the

Injectors are going to be staying the same so we need to transfer all that stuff over I also have a new thermostat and thermostat housing we’re going to be installing on and we’re going to pretty much make this piece look like this piece with the fittings at the plugs and

The rail and all the things we need and then we’re going to slam this on the car and start working on the upper intake manifold so let’s get to it before we get to it what’s the uh benefit to this poly system rather than our little Saka

Well it’s more airflow so when you open up you intake the air intake you allow more air in the engine starts making more power easier and the upper manifold there’s a huge difference as you saw in the previous video but this one is the lower manifold so if you open up the

Upper manifold then you don’t open up the lower manifold this acts as a choke point essentially and it doesn’t really do a whole lot you need to open up the entire system as a whole so you can see the runners on this are massively different they’re like huge compared to

These so and the same thing on the ports on the bottom they’re much larger than the ones that are on the stock manifold so this is going to allow more airflow into the engine in and out which means more fuel which means we make more power

More torque and it’s going to be more fun to drive Foreign just finished assembling your intake manifold I’m getting the heads ready to receive the new intake manifold this is one of the designs that I don’t really like which is running going through the intake manifold so these are all coolant ports and then your upper hose comes out

Of the intake manifold now this car doesn’t have a valley cover so like I’m an LS you pull the intake manifold off you have a gasketed cover that covers these are the push rods the lifters and the cam is directly underneath this you have a separate cover that covers all

That stuff in this case we don’t have that the intake manifold is the valley cover and because you’re running cooling through it we have to be 100 sure that everything is clean the gasket is going to do its job because if it leaks down here into the engine we’re gonna have a

Really bad time and we’re gonna end up Towing this car to Chicago because it’ll spin a bearing the swimming pool in here yeah it’s not going to be good so I need to be very thorough here make sure everything is 100 clean and then we can throw our lower manifold on Oh [Laughter] what’s up dude come on gosh what about him in here dude we got our first intake gasket going on here [Applause] All right so this has a two-stage torque and the top is 25 so we’re gonna go to there it’s a pretty technical piece we got here pretty good huh you ever use a torque wrench almost twice Foreign [Applause] Cobra it is bigger and beefier than the one that came in the GT this is going to allow us to run a bigger spline axle and make the rear end stronger so this is also a brand new LSD versus a 35 year old LSD so right we have new bearings

For it we’re not going to be changed in the pinion or the ring gears we got to take this ring gear off set it up on this and then drop this back in the car so the reason we have to change this out

Is this is a 28 spine and this is a 31 spine so let’s get to work All right also just because you don’t see us use Loctite on camera Heads up heads up commenters I’ll see you I see you yelling at me talking to you Are you ready baby cover diff going in let’s go Foreign Dude that old kid laid some heaters down I was very impressed with it yeah it did right because nobody used it before yeah that’s true very low miles low feeder count oh yeah right all right we’re in good shape if I had both of these because all right Yeah yo what’d you put in there this is the PIN dude what pin I never saw a pin pin that holds the thing that holds the thing the pin that holds the pan it’s because you don’t wash the disassembly brother I watched the whole man I made it my own eyes these bowls

Holds the pin that holds the pan that holds the axles in place and then it holds the other thing and then it holds the car and then the cars I need to stick this in place and you’re going to stick like three bolts in and then we’re gonna be done The reason we’re upgrading the diff is because it makes it a lot stronger it’s also a very easy and simple upgrade as you guys saw it took us literally like an hour and a half to upgrade the diff to a cover diff it’s a much stronger

Unit allows us to run stronger axles and while we’re just doing minor bolt-on stuff to the engine now that’s not going to add an insane amount of power we are hoping to put something a little bit more potent in this car when we get it back to our shop in California and we

Will not have to touch the rear end at all to do a much more powerful engine conversion if we choose to do that so it’s kind of a super simple way and it also allows us to run a 5 low conversion which is really cool but it reinforces

The rear and makes the car a lot stronger also it has a new LSD that other one is about 35 years old and even though it does have a little miles on it you just never know how well it’s working ours was working pretty well Mickey found out Jimmy found out this

One should perform a lot better so I just got this drum brake set up so we had to adjust them for the new drums this side is done we’re going to move on to the next Ricky already cleaned everything up so we’re just going to

Adjust it up and be done this one feels really good so these rear drum brakes were super loose when we got the car that’s something I know is driving it is you would push on the brake pedal and the fronts would engage in the backs would immediately gauge so when you like

Press further in the pedal then the rears would grab and the whole thing would break a lot better so having these adjusted properly it’s going to give us way better pedal feel than we had before Probably it right there oh that’s way better rear brakes are done running the rotors going in the front and they’re slotted Mickey ended up putting some longer studs in here it’s my turn to fill it up with grease and then pack the bearing with some grease and then put it

In here and then we have a seal for it and this is going to hold the bearing in place it’s going to seal it in there from here we’re going to place this thing on the spindle and then we’re going to pack a smaller bearing which

Goes here and then there should be a big washer and a nut which I have to find so let’s get to it No I heard they’re legendary though yeah huge I’m gonna keep my eyes on them once you get a taste of them never want to go back to another one dude I’m gonna stay away from those thumbs now foreign To move on to our rear coilovers get the stock suspension off because it’s old and worn and get on our new BC racing VR series coilovers let’s get these on So this has what’s called quad shock that’s got a set of shocks here and then it’s got the normal set of shocks why I don’t know going in the trash in the bin So what limits the rear axle travel on these solid axle cars is the shock itself so if we pull both shocks out what I’m worried about is depending on the car the whole live axle is going to want to fall out of the car so what we

Have to do is put jack stands under the axle to pull it in place when we take the shocks off that the whole thing doesn’t come flying down so we’re going to unbolt the shocks and then we’re going to lift the cart with the lift the

Axle is going to stay there and start falling down the car is going to go up and that’s going to allow us to pull the Springs out put the new Springs in Bring It Back Down shove our shocks in Bolt it all down and our coil levers are done foreign

Let’s see how bad these are hey they’re actually not bad at all how’s this one 40 40 000 miles actually good that one’s pretty bad that one’s that was pretty bad that one this one’s actually in good shape oh that one cruises right back up that one’s smoke this one’s smoked what

Happened what happened to the left side of the car that’s what everyone who drives this on the left side of the car that’s probably why whoa what This is gonna be slammed down oh this is like stock it should be fairly slammed actually we could go up a lot so if that’s like that would be like Max right there that’s almost Factory height this is probably a stiffer spring too so it won’t droop as much that’s it let’s get

It in Foreign foreign Huh all right so the guys said they wanted like a Japanese inspired type of theme with this car or type of energy with it right yes and we couldn’t let this thing have any Becky fitment all right we got to change things up a little bit so I was thinking what is one

Of the most like iconic most recognizable wheels of all time with the JDM feel yeah what do you got it oh I’m thinking what do you think yeah I mean they don’t get much more iconic than that so we gotta make sure these things fit those are really big they’re

Big wow all right big car let me hold this one you get that one let’s do this yeah I know you like those big juicy times do man I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to run the meats with this make it to the dark side

The Press graphite on the really on the blue are they gonna fit it’s the biggest I know this is like the you’re like oh yeah so these are for what these are actually like uh specs for a mark IV Supra let’s see what we got here it’s

Gonna be a little snug fit because we just put on these long studs a little super spectacular Fox body have faith we’re not afraid to use a hammer I was a little nervous about the 18. oh no big wheel 17s are probably ideal but I think 18

Will work too we got a full finger here yeah dude it looks money from the side from over here on this thing though it might get a little aggressive like you said we got hammers [Applause] yeah okay cool yes this is gonna be the tricky one yeah because the

Coilovers right there most people do not run a nine and a half on Fox pocket sure oh man talk to me can I look down I don’t know if it looks kind of close there you are no that’s breaking up that’s not the wheel look oh that’s all we need that’s it that’s

Crazy that’s a crazy amount of room wait what is wrong it’s a hang up dude what are the odds what are the odds the wheels you have in there in storage the universe needed this yeah yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty safe but we do have some adjustment with

The bcbrs at the Top If we need to adjust it draw a little bit of camber at it a little bit of a stretch Tire we’re gonna have to rotate these coils down boys yeah for sure for sure it doesn’t have to be sitting hot I forgot Jimmy spec wow Now that we know that the t-37s do clear the calipers and the fenders and everything looks pretty good we have some tires that should be here tomorrow so we’re gonna go ahead and take these off right now put on some rollers we need to get the Mustang into the center

Of the shop because our rap guy Devin is showing up tomorrow we want to have the car all ready for him so Ricky’s finishing up the front left and then we’re gonna get all this stuff all wrapped up and hopefully the car by the

End of this is going to be right in the center of the shop things can be obvious oh right now right now right now The goal is to see how many we can slap on his back without him know probably get four probably like three three and then he’ll notice three before he starts getting sauce I think quite touching my back every three minutes throughout the next like hour okay not by much

We attack Nick on this one yeah all right what are you doing oh he’s got four now so now it’s your turn I gotta make a nickname for him yeah I don’t want to ruin the whole game right now [Applause] I have no idea we’re ready for the upper manifold so

We’re gonna peel the Staples left the gasket on get the upper plenum on here and start Plumbing it Thank you foreign [Applause] wait one of them there’s only two here I can feel three dude this is the second one no picking you Papi when did you guys do this yes this one oh trust Folly upper intake manifold on the fox body it’s all bolted down we haven’t run any vacuum lines yet the next step is like the throttle and the EGR plate and all that stuff but since that’s going to start occupying this space I want to knock out our spark plugs and our

Ignition wires we have a brand new MSD distributor wires and new spark plugs but I’m Gonna Knock Out the plugs and wires right now it’s going to make life a lot easier than doing it later on so let’s get into it East Coast Car life dude old new but the

Plug itself actually doesn’t even look too bad just like it’s just rusty that sucks that is insane new plugs for the win thank you This thing is going to look hot Foreign Coil wire or MSD box and then we will adjust the timing we’ll get the motor fired up and run which hopefully should be pretty soon Thank you Our system X Holley intake is installed our MSD ignition is installed before we add the last piece of the ignition system which is a like twin spark controller we’re going to fire it up check the timing make sure everything’s good and then we’ll get to installing

That so I got Ricky in the car he’s going to start it we’re gonna check the timing adjust it if we need to ready yep I think we’re off a tooth Please maybe we’re good we’re good Evan how do you see this thing start yeah it wasn’t even that loud I couldn’t even hear it it’s in the office you put the exhaust on it sounded pretty good though everything’s good good yeah everything okay see this okay I remember when I used to

Do MSD ignition boxes right and normally for cars when you used to do MSC what does that mean back in the days not with technology you don’t really need this too much at least for the cars that I have it used to be called one called the

6al and this thing was like this wide and it was like a brick okay essentially I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing but not with new technology it’s like an eighth of the size this is six that’s the same amount of wiring though this is

This is the housing change oh this is a plug and play harness that’s what I like this is the perfect spot oh oh 40 000 original miles yep we got her all mounted up right there I think that’s a really good spot so we’re running the harness kind of

Down here Rick is shortening it right now got some connectors we’re gonna plug it up this actually has like a big plastic cover that kind of covers all of this stuff so I think when we’re done you will hardly even notice it’s in here but it’ll be good it’ll be good good

Shape huh good shape buddy everyone go comment good shape and tag coins it’s in good shape dude there we go brand new one this one smoked junk I love that that’ll get you home no no in the guard start your car anymore it’s just wheel and you’re embarrassed

And everyone’s looking at you and you’re like as it goes away trust it’s not a good look not a good look so it’s got a freshie throw it on I brought a mustang guy to help you out here Quinn would you like some help I’m a mustang guy yeah I’ll figure this out so I put the belts on okay and obviously it’s not right yep definitely not right way too loose so what’s what’s the routing work right here

Um hey Quinn hold on guys come here take a look that’s how it goes here’s the Mustang guys I can’t read it is correct no it’s not you gotta go up and no it’s gonna go on it’s gonna come out of that and up to

That and then oh yes yes sorry I also don’t have the I’m a new Mustang guys unless isn’t going to start next time you try and drive it wow we trusting these guys with this car what bump the key oh well you guys always BMW is this right oh

Here it goes my fingers get it come on boys let me get it longer hold on no this is what we’re gonna do it got the wrong belt that was Eric that was Eric dude all right let’s try this oh there you go poor Connor nice work

Money Beauty and you guys want to blame Eric roll whatever you want don’t don’t even start with me now the camera’s going you want to get a little spicy you are you’re a hound dog what are those dogs look at this dude his ears he’s been

[ __ ] him behind his hat for so long they’re squished your mom says your face will stick like that has actually that’s his ears after 15 years tucked behind a flat brim it’s quiet now and figure out the dog that you look like a hound dog I’m trying to think of

Appropriate uh the insult is appropriate enough for this channel remember those [ __ ] excuse me this listen you look like you’re an Umpire for the Angels or something goatee you got going on there what’s up with your shape damn Fergie baby see it looks weird when someone else

Does it it looks weird when you do it does this look better yeah that looks normal well you give yourself cauliflower here you ever heard that he’s like a reverse boxer well you know boxers ears are like big and puffy and not puffy you look like Dumbo thank you look at Mickey yeah

This is what the kids do huh tuck your ears that’s it for today’s YouTube episode I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please leave us a comment down below and remember guys remember to subscribe this has been an insane episode we have a lot of work done on the Mustang we

Still have a lot of work to do we are going to be bringing this thing to the Nascar event tickets or the link in the description below so be sure to check that out hopefully we’ll see you guys at the race we still have a ton of things

To do to finish this mustang we got to get it on the ground get a cooling system on it get the suspension dialed in we’ll see that for the next episode guys thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to drop a comment like subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the

Next episode John the problem oh what is that do you feel the media is portraying you in their heads I think you’re gonna in the what in the headlines and you all open my grill like that no right here is it really yeah that is so weird is

This what you guys feel like all day long oh my yeah wow this is gnarly it’s pretty it’s pretty in your face like like this that’s close that’s right yeah let me see what it looks like no but look down it’s not like the iPhone