Throtl: Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days – PART 2! (gone too far…)

Posted: 2023-06-23 16:00:44
Author: throtl
After a flight across the country we bought a Foxbody Mustang to build and road trip to the NASCAR Chicago Street Race. Today we show you the massive parts haul we ordered at @JimmyOakes shop! The clock is ticking and we need to get the build started so we begin how we always do, by removing everything! Our road trip to Chicago is fueled by Sunoco Ultra94!


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Throtl Video Transcript

Welcome to our Fox body build We have seven days to complete this car and we are going to be debuting it at the NASCAR street race in Chicago on July 2nd let’s see the parts we have for this thing starting up front we have our Carters Customs front lip spoiler and

This is going to give us a little bit of additional downforce on the front and really give it that race look that we’re after we’re also pairing that with some side skirts or side diffusers I guess you could call them what do we have up

Here Mr Mickey yes that is a JDM style Hood vent and we’re going to go ahead and integrate that into our stock fox body Mustang Hood moving on we’re going to be ramping up the performance of this mustang it feels really good but it can

Use a little bit more pepper so we have an MSD ignition system that we have a cap rotor distributor we have wires we have a new ignition box new coil we also are going to be upgrading the suspension on this car amongst other things we’ve got BC racing here they sent us off

Their full coilover kit with camber adjustment and this is going to allow us to get this card down a little bit to the ground look at that Fender Gap yeah so we’re gonna get this thing down and make it perform a little better we are actually going to be converting this car

To a five lug it is currently a four lug so we have a set of stop Tech rotors that are five lug and we have some rear axles we’re going to be replacing as well this is a very Ford style brake setup where the wheel bearing is

Ingrained into the brake rotor next up we’re going to be adding some dishworks components as well we have a new fuel filter a new fuel pump we also have an Holley system ax 50 state legal intake system we’re gonna be putting on this is going to really change the look under

The hood it’s going to give it some more power some more torque some better induction noise now moving to the interior we’ve got a couple of things too so we’ve got a steering wheel hub from Sparco as well as a steering wheel from Sparkle that’s called a champion

Which I think fits this car really well it’s kind of a street track style red stripe ties in together with everything that we got going on with the red interior and then one of my favorite things that we’re adding to this car is the MagnaFlow exhaust system the car

Sounds really quiet on Startup and idle and stuff when you hit the gas while you’re driving it it definitely you can tell it’s a five liter Mustang it needs it needs the um it doesn’t you don’t hear it until you’re like at three grand yeah so this thing is really going to

Crack open the exhaust note I think quite a bit and from a stylistic standpoint we’re also going to be adding these smoked OE style headlights so they they look exactly like the regular headlights that come on a Ford Mustang however they have a smoke lens we also

Have some Morimoto bulbs that have been going in this is going to be a huge upgrade over the light bulbs that are currently in the car which really don’t do a lot especially on the road with modern cars the lights in this thing are just not adequate for what you want and

We have a new set of tail lights as well so those of you with a Keen Eye know your Fox body Mustangs you’re probably saying we ordered the wrong tail lights we know these are LX tail lights and we want them that way yeah so the GT tail

Lights have like the venetian blind look on them none of us are really big fans of that so we went ahead and opted for the LX light as Quinn mentioned next up we have the vinyl wrap we are going to be doing a color change on this car I’m

Very excited for it I know the technique some really good quality wraps so it’s going to be a very welcome change on this car yeah it’s going to look just like paint and we went ahead and chose the ultra gloss Laguna blue which is a really nice color I think it’s going to

Go really well with the overall aesthetic that we’re shooting for with this car as previously mentioned we are adding some side diffusers these are them here they’ve got a protective film on them currently so that we don’t scratch them during installation once they’re on the car we’ll remove the

White film these are black and they’re from Carter’s Customs along with the diffusers we also have the Carters Customs rear diffuser this piece is going to go up underneath just below our fuel tank and rounding out this parts pile we have our tires as you guys know

We love our Falcon Tire rt660s we’ve got another set of those in a pretty wide setup and that should make your mind wander a little bit as to what we’re up to here we’re going to keep the wheels a surprise you’re gonna have to tune in maybe hit that subscribe button because

We’ll update you on what Wheels we’re going to put on this in a later video I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you see what we choose so that’s going to round out our parts pile here and just as a reminder we carry all these parts on so if you

Guys are in the market to upgrade your car looking for some maintenance items or whatever check out we do sell all this stuff and we have it available currently for your particular projects but man we got a lot of work to do here Quinn that we do so let’s get

This car up on the rack start tearing into it foreign ‘s finest right here God Bless America one down well it’s not original anymore brother And now we’re gonna take this and cut this into 300 pieces and put into every merch order Foreign [Applause] Give it a kick It’s been a while boys Thank you this is why we like Japanese cars yes there’s no Factory like this you think this is wait do you see how the bumpers Mount because I’ve seen these before on a table there’s literally like 30 screws holding his mouth wrong how am I supposed to drill these out man Wait I wasn’t filming We forgot to introduce our Host this is Jimmy but we gotta say a huge thank you to Jimmy for hosting us here if you don’t know about Jimmy’s Channel you can see all the sick cars all that is on his YouTube channel so we’ll put a link for

That in the video description all right what’s next uh rear bumper rear bumper Oh sweet we got a free throw oh to keep this from rattling around it’s kind of clean get the Big Mac workway hell yeah I love that go put it on the rest of the video we’re so excited the throttle Grady merch collab the official drop is live right now

Everything is available on the site so all you have to do is check out the link in the video description we have a hoodie we have a new t-shirt and remember that every one dollar you spend is going to give you an entry to win RS

2000 plus 20 000 so if you’ve been looking for your chance to get entries now is the time head on over to the site before it’s too late because once they’re gone they’re gone Oh it’s a Miami Vice tail lights not bad there’s no ceiling on there no I’m done I bet yeah Sean is betting Mickey his paycheck that Mickey can’t do a kickflip in three tries even Victor what this guy is usually a supporter of Mine He’s just

Talking saying I can’t do a kickflip oh we’re gonna have a little throttle skate bike sesh right now is that what’s gonna happen Mickey’s confidence is astounding about this by the way yeah that’s what’s scary right it’s making me very nervous I’m gonna have to do it regardless

Because Victor doesn’t believe me he’s Poker Face to me right now first try Trey flip sean gets this beautiful day Victory tries all right you clock down Sean he’s [ __ ] he’s locked out yeah he landed we gotta redo See that was all planned just so Mickey’s Gonna Shine [Laughter] that doesn’t scream America that I don’t know what is what are we doing here what do you do is there quarter turns so these just pop off and then we undo these four and it comes right off and there’s just

Two-sided tape little brackets I think show me how it’s done show me how it’s done that’s it it’s on Spring All right now it’s time to take apart the front brake assembly so we’re going to start with the calipers looks like just two bolts here and then we’ll pop this open remove the nut in there and then we’ll be able to pull off the rotor and hub assembly all of them Foreign So I am taking a quick break from the shop to just pick up some parts we needed but I wanted to take a second just thank you guys for all of the amazing comments and support from episode one we are so excited to be out here in Connecticut hanging with Jimmy

Oakes and his whole crew and they have been amazing and hospitable allowing us to pretty much take over their shop for a week to build this fox body Mustang now I also want to thank Sunoco for really making this trip possible we are out here to share with you that Ultra 94

Which is sunoco’s new 94 octane fuel is coming to Sunoco stations all over and for us who are car enthusiasts driving high performance cars it is so important to run the highest quality fuel that you possibly can and that is sunoco’s new 94 octane idiot back down to the shop we

Have a ton of work left to do on this mustang so we are 5 lug converting this and we have new axles so essentially the part that the drum goes onto because this is a solid rear axle is like that long and so we have to pull the diff

Cover out to be able to pull pull the clips out to get the axles to come out of the rear end so we got to take the diff cover off to do that it’s also going to be really good because we can service the diff um we’re actually going to be replacing

The carrier with an upgraded LSD unit from a cover which is really cool so we need to get this cover off oh that’s pretty old it’s green it doesn’t smell bad at all it really just smells like gear oil roach gear oil all right This is the bolt that holds the pin this bolt is like a pin bolt that holds this in place so once this is out we can slide that and then we can rotate the axles and get the little circlips out There’s a little C clip get a clip so now the axle should be freeze you should be able to slide yep add a boy we got one more Foreign Thank you So Mickey and I were taking off the intake manifold system and we pulled that a little badge off and it’s funny because it actually like the intake duct like Narrows down to this weeny little guy when you have the plate on it looks like it’s full size and I saw that I was

Like we gotta look at the new intake manifold like initially it doesn’t look like they’re that different right they kind of use this to make it look like it’s a straight through thing right yeah and it is straight through it’s just tying the new one the inlet is freaking massive it’s

Literally the exact same size as you think it would be as opposed to this one yeah which is crazy that that is that small and it’s a five liter yes that’s where it’s picking up a lot of the uh horsepower that’s where that’s where a lot of your power and torque is coming

From sick to see really cool Our upper intake manifold is off now we’re also going to be replacing the lower manifold which is this guy which is what our fuel injector is rail all that stuff is attached to so we’re gonna start working this off we also need to take our ignition system off the

Distributor the coil is right here under this mess of an alarm system and we’re gonna be replacing all the wires on a few other things too so let’s keep going you are now in the presence of a This belt is pretty clapped out I’m not gonna lie you can see original balances no no way this has been replaced at some point you see all the cracks we’re gonna get us a new one because that is not good it’s literally the entire length of the belt so practice well we’re good

Crackers don’t do drugs if you’re doing it stop it Quinn what is that what some ranch adjustable wrench not the wrench what is the part it’s a Ford coolant tube that’s what that is you like Ford’s Quinn you can say it you could say it when you can be honest to the people no no I do

Not like working on Fords why they just put everything in the wrong spot all the time well it’s a good example of that or a bad example so most Ford trucks like F-150s they just put the oil filter so high up and you just soak everything in

Oil trying to take it off like especially the new ones like the 2015s and up they have um electric power steering which is cool however you drain the engine oil and it covers the entire steering rack and they put the steering ECU on the steering rack so

You soak the ECU the harness steering rack and engine oil it’s terrible look at that all out here right now is a bunch of complaining it’s all out here right now it says the guy who gave up working on this and moved on to the hood You are now in the presence that’s so sick look at that yeah Ford’s finest baby just unnecessary amounts of vacuum line everywhere so this is a great car we love it the board’s the best can we put RV in this thing or something yeah

Come on it would be hot I’d be known for that come on rotary swapping rotary swapping rotary swap I heard I heard uh Mickey’s got a 20 b laying around so we’ve got our engine completely disassembled we still have a few minor things to do but we’re going to worry

About that when we start putting our Holley system ax intake on we’re going to transfer all the other stuff that’s on so for now we’re going to be done with the engine we’ve got to move on to prepping this thing for wraps so all these need to come off uh the 5-0 badges

Need to come off the trunk spoiler needs to come off and we’re just kind of strip it so mirrors door handles all that stuff get this thing ready for rep let’s go Thank you This whole car was built like pre-3m double-sided tape so like all the cars that have paneling like this like nowadays they just run a double-sided tape across the top like GTRs and all sorts of stuff but these are all boats those bolts on the inside here you reach

Down and I’m assuming it’s going to be the same way for the rest of these on the door panel and in the front of the fender on both in the back on the front pretty crazy to see definitely different Are these ones gonna really suck to get off with the car on the list I don’t know yet we’re not there we’re gonna be there in like five seconds so we’re gonna find out okay hopefully I can take the liner off the inner fender liner here oh no that’s steel that’s not plastic

That doesn’t come off I might have to take the interior apart for that that’s not good our Mustang is officially ripped down you guys saw all the parts we have to go onto this car and the car is ready for it the engine’s torn down we have pretty much all the

Body panels off that we can get off there’s a few that still need to come off the car however we need the doors wide open to be able to do that and we conveniently ripped out all of the suspension so it can’t come off of the

Rack so we’re gonna wait to pull those off it’s okay we’re gonna be wrapping the car a little bit later so we still have a ton of work to do on this car quick reminder some new Merchants hit the site it is a throttle greddy collab and honestly it’s one of my personal

Favorite the art is beautiful head over to the site check it out get some entries to win our Honda S2000 thank you to Jimmy for letting us uh yard sale this car all over the shop and uh we’ll see you guys in the next episode thanks for watching see ya work