Throtl: Buying a Mustang GT & Building It On the Road in 7 Days! (not what we expected…)

Posted: 2023-06-20 16:00:39
Author: throtl
We travel to the east coast to buy an extremely clean Foxbody Mustang GT! @JimmyOakes let us crash the shop to get this build completed with a massive parts mountain awaiting! Our road trip to Chicago is fueled by Sunoco Ultra94!


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Throtl Video Transcript

We have a really special build series starting right now we just landed in Philadelphia we’re going to be picking up a project car sight unseen [Applause] you’ve got all the throttle boys except for Ricky who will be joining us very soon and we are going to pick up our

Five liter rear wheel drive project car in just minutes let’s get into it So I thought we were going to like this guy’s house but apparently he has a shop he is a shop it’s not it’s a it’s not an auto shop though right you like tinting and ppf I think oh it is an auto show yeah not this one right here Clips Auto

Salon ah there it is she’s looking nice oh that’s sick where shall I park oh we should have put some tunes dude look at that clean oh yes you guys thought we were getting a bucket dude that’s too nice what are we gonna do with that we’re gonna cut it up baby

Mountain of park right now a Jimmy show I believe it was a two owner just a bone stock car 100 original 40 000 miles always garage since new fully documented wow and that’s pretty much it I mean it’s just pretty much like a brand new car oh my God it’s so clean The car looks even better than I had imagined I’ve got the check right here let’s go make a deal All right keys are in my hand the car is finally ours we only have seven days to build this car we’ve already got a mountain of Parts waiting for us over at our friend Jimmy oakes’s shop in Connecticut let’s get on the road so we can tell you all about this amazing fox

Body Mustang thank you this seems like a new car wow man how nostalgic is this this brings me back to my high school days when all the boys were cruising these things this car brings back and stirs up a lot of old very very good memories for me

And so getting behind the wheel of one finally now what is it 20 some years later it’s kind of crazy you know getting in one now that was clapped out would be like kind of what I would expect but to be able to get into one that has 40 000 original miles and

Literally drives like a brand new car air conditioning is blowing cold we’ve got the windows up sunroof’s closed like comfortable and the car drives nice We just got done topping off our trusty Steed with some Sunoco Ultra 94 fuel the highest octane rated fuel available at the pump at Sunoco with 94 octane you’re getting the highest rated octane fuel available in the U.S Mass Market paired with top tier detergency it’s going to allow your

Engine to run cleaner longer and more efficiently and with the engines that we build at throttle or even this 35 year old engine in this trusty old Mustang we can feel confident knowing that we’ve got the best fuel available on the market today now let’s pop the hood and

Take a walk around this awesome fox body Mustang I’d like to introduce our 1989 Ford Mustang GT5 liter and this thing is a cream puff I’m so stoked what a cool car man it is this is like honestly probably one of the cleanest examples of a fox body I’ve ever personally seen

Like including at car shows okay well I’m a little older than you and I was around when they were brand new that’s some of my friends had them so I have seen them in pretty much Immaculate condition but for being 30 some odd years old this thing I don’t think you

Can find a nicer one obviously and the fact that we found a GT unmolested literally the only mobs on this car are the rear window louvers and the alarm system yeah which is probably coming out cars fully documented we have every receipt we have the window sticker we

Have every set of keys plus the dealer tags to get new keys made so sick this was a fine and a half 100 and the price was right such a cool car so it’s so clean we want to show you guys around it before we start working on it so we’re

Here at Sunoco we figure what better way to show you guys around it and pop the hood take a look pop the hood pop the hood pop the hood baby it’s there on the left I think is it oh it’s right here look at this dude so this is a 302 or a

5 liter Ford engine it is a camon block it came Factory with the fox body which is really cool has some interesting features this is ho stands for a high output which high output in the late 80s is not what high output is today 230

Some odd horses like 225 230 so it’s not and it’s not a ripper but I’m sure it was back in the 80s well I’ll tell you it makes it makes a fair bit of torque yeah definitely has no problem turning the tires over let’s put it that way

Other than that under hood looks amazing the car is pretty much completely original and it’s actually in really good condition yeah there’s minus a little bit of wiring we see running around here for the alarm system and the horn that’s put here everything is in its original location and as it was from

The factory just showing you know some minor wear that should be said this car was actually garage kept its whole life the moldings the trims everything is in really good condition because it wasn’t sitting out in the sun getting baked by the Sun or the elements I’m really happy

About that yeah and even under here you can tell it only has 42 000 original miles because everything under here isn’t all dry rotted and just oh yeah nice and fresh usually these are all fried or smoked yeah and so we walked up on this car and realized holy cow it was

Cleaner than we thought it’s even better than we thought it was this was owned by a gentleman who recently sold it he was the first or second owner and he was in his 70s sold it to the gentleman we bought it from who essentially flipped

It really rad dude and knew a lot about the car from the previous owners this is cool but it is yeah I think the interior is my favorite part I’m excited to play with this we’re going to be doing some engine mods to this thing and this is

Like really kind of far away from the typical engine stuff that we do like this has a distributor and wire so that has to be clocked what’s the distributor yeah you know so it’s not cool unplug it’s not on a hall Tech it’s just like original clean simple it’s gonna be fun

It’ll be a cool car and what’s cool I should add everything works I drove to this service station with the AC blasting the factory stereo playing 90 these Tunes which is amazing it’s like stuck on some random radio station here that plays 70s 80s and 90s So Perfect soundtrack for cruising this

Thing let’s check out the interior yeah this is a Americana you just slam the hood body’s super clean not a speck of rust or anything on it original factory wheels owner did put on just listen to the door oh yeah listen to this ready guys ready for this no misalignment

Issues oftentimes these cars have misalignment issues it’s like a new car it sounds like muscle it sounds like weight yeah the doors probably weigh a ton and if you guys know me you know I like my documents this car came with a lot of receipts and whatnot original envelope from Elizabeth Ford in

Elizabeth New Jersey was where this car was bought I have the original window sticker this is the type of stuff that I geek out on this car was 15 282 dollars brand new I think we paid almost twice that for it yeah still a good deal 35 years later no what

Is how many years is it 34 years later unreal so this is cool because we have this for reference we take this thing please we can stick this in the window I don’t know it’s just kind of cool right yeah have you ever seen one of these not

For a fox body this piece of paper is older than him yeah yeah it is it is it makes me feel alone because I was in high school when these cars came out so yeah it does actually kind of make me feel by the time I got into cars Foxwood

He said well solidified their presence and the aftermarket scene well let’s look around the inside so obviously basic because it’s a stock car I have my iPhone charger in here that’s the only thing that we’ve actually kind of changed since we picked it up has the

Power lumbar I know a lot of guys back in the day wanted the manual mirrors on these or manual windows on these things because they were lighter this one does have power windows also has a power mirror switch here in the center and look at the back seats in this thing

Freaking Immaculate basic would not be the word I would use to describe this interior nothing is in such good shape for an 89 to have all the power features and and having the cloth and everything in this good condition you don’t even see bolster wear there’s literally

Nothing the dash is perfect in literally every aspect it is so cool to see a car and so one of the weird things about this car is you have to have the keys in the ignition to actually pop the gas door and the trunk but we need to show

Them inside the trunk so this car has a sunroof and it’s removable which is really cool it’s a factory sunroof on the car we have it popped right now but it does come out and what’s really cool is this car actually came with all the accessories I’m not surprised the guy

Has the window sticker it also has the cargo area cover in blood red we also have the bag for the sunroof so if you want to take the sunroof out you just lift it out put it in that bag and then what’s really cool is the strap is

Actually here to strap the sunroof down so it doesn’t fly around in here and look at this everything is complete in here such a cool car so good I’m don’t think we should change anything about the interior from us it is literally it’s done it’s perfect my only thing

That I thought would be a cool upgrade for this car and it could be sacrilege but I think a cool pair of like period correct or new but period style Recaro seeds with this cloth interior in the center I agree with that the ones with the mesh headrests yeah would be a

Really cool touch on this car do you think we need a stereo upgrade though it needs a stereograph the stereo works fantastic all the speakers work they’re not blown out you can you can adjust the all the um the travel and all that stuff which is really cool that it all still

Works and it’s it’s loud as hell like we were jamming in this thing so yeah I think we need to put a apple carplay head unit because it is kind of crappy to have to hold your phone while you drive especially when we’re not in our

Home state we have no idea where we’re going yeah so the interior on this thing is phenomenal and the exterior is equally as phenomenal I think the styling could use some changes though I’m not gonna lie this yeah and and that was cool in the 80s I’m sure but it just

Doesn’t doesn’t hit the mark for me it definitely screams 80s I think a set of LX tail lights will look nice on this yeah agreed so I think we need to change some of the outside Aesthetics a little bit the car is incredibly clean the good

News is Quinn Evan and I have been ordering parts like Mad Men it needs to be lowered it needs some Wheels yeah it needs a lot needs some sauce so this car is not going to stay stock we are going to head over to Jimmy’s and Ricky’s

Gonna join us Evan’s going to join in and we’re going to mod this thing in a matter of about seven or eight days and then we’re gonna drive it off to Chicago for the NASCAR street race which this car will then be put on display crowd

Can check it out once we’re done modding it and also meet us there if you’re there if you are in the area definitely check the description down below because we’ve got ticket information there if you want to come check it out come meet us hang out with us that would be fun

We’d love to meet you guys and show off this amazing machine that we did it’s gonna be fun all right well I’ve had my chance to drive it I put a few miles on it Quinn your turn to experience what 1989 feels like let’s kick out the jams

And the windows down let’s go for a cruise man let’s go for a drive oh the sea feels amazing dude watch is nice and wow it has a clutch switch Yeah I’m impressed yeah thank you I appreciate it everybody loves everybody loves the Mustang everybody loves it so good

This is the stock exhaust too and we’re going to be changing that up it’s so good is it silent but deadly it rocks the whole car the whole car that’s my middle name oh buy points really low yeah nice second gear we’re just gonna roll into it

Oh it’s not bad dude oh she’s spicy it’s just by modern she’s got she’s got some pickup for sure by modern day standards it’s I agree nothing to bark about but think about this 30 years ago like yeah this was a fast it feels good it picks I

Punched it and it just yeah it goes it’s got really good torque really flat power curve which is nice yeah it’s got some it’s got some get up and go the alignments bang on it’s not like rattling or shaking the suspension feels nice yeah driving car one thing that I know you

Know obviously we’re going to do is we’re going to change fluids yes I want to do that I want to add the trains we’re going to do the rear end because we’ve got some mods that we’re going to be doing that require it but I would

Like to go through and actually add any of any and all fluids I think we should you know it might tighten up the gearbox a weed bit which I think would help a lot one thing I noticed when I was driving is once this got warm the

Mechanism got warm it started to get a little sticky in the travel so like the yeah just a little gummy feeling like they were working fine there was no issue with it whatsoever driving but you could just tell that it may just have somewhere it can definitely feel the big

Sidewall Tire on this for sure no it’s a little floaty here you can adjust the column tilt if you like I was driving like a school bus for the first uh where you like yeah it was like laid back like a UFO but yeah you can pull that lever

And it tilts like it it’s weird like this thing was like a ball inside here until it’s like this I haven’t tried the cruise control just tells you it’s on acceleration oh it’s working it’s going no way I’m off gas it’s cruising dude everything so far everything worked

Everything yeah this is sick I don’t know why these switches are so iconic to me but I remember these very very vividly from my childhood when my buddies had these cars yeah just such a neat like very just analog it’s got a little red light in there yeah off and

On and the headlights over there you have headlights and the fog lights anyway we’re gonna keep on cruising we’ve got about a three and a half four hour drive ahead of us to get to Jimmy’s shop where we’re gonna basically introduce the car to him get it parked

Up for the night head over to our Airbnb and get checked in and then tomorrow we’re gonna start cranking on this thing that’ll be the fun part yeah and uh of course you guys will see all the parts laid out like we always do we’re excited to get cranking on It’s my turn my turn to drive the Mustang I have never driven a fox body we got two keys here it looks like I think one’s for the door and one is to start the car clutch is a little stiff foreign this interior is so sick with the red oh

That’s weird so the shifter is so like far this way when you shift like second gear is like way over here that sounds weird it’s got It’s got a little bit of noise to it pretty smooth the steering wheel is super funky dude this thing drives so good very

Quiet in a sense that like suspension feels nice and tight as the throttle response is really good I just picked up an E30 M3 which is definitely more of like a race car so I don’t know if that’s really the best comparison but I will say that this feels good

This thing brings me back so in high school fun fact in high school me and my friends we all had Hondas we had turbo Hondas I had a Prelude with nitrous but like the arch nemesis in high school was the fox body Mustang and I remember going to the the

Quarter mile race track all the time and my goal was to be able to beat a fox body so stock they’re pretty quick like to today’s standards they’re definitely not that fast it’s got some good torque to it it sounds good brakes feel good this thing drives really really nice way better

Than I expected I thought it was going to be like one of those things like don’t meet your childhood Idols or whatever but super fun you can drive this car every day I would say John good seller car is solid I know the boys just drove it four hours and it

Did phenomenally and I will say I am very very pleased with this purchase this trailer the double rig oh yeah boys we need one of those here we are this is drift car parking lot here on the E36 and Zoot them in we made it all

Right we’re here baby Casa de Jimmy Oaks we’re at Jimmy shop right now let’s go check it out a little Puerto Rican flag in the window there is it’s got an O on it look you see that where’s Ricky it’s so neat pulling up because I watch a lot

Of Jimmy’s videos is and it’s neat to see like the street and test drives on and stuff I was like oh we’re close kind of a parallel to what we have right it’s like kind of a business card you got a nice sign though look at that yeah let’s

Go get the Puerto Rican flag with the oh you guys ready we’re breaking in baby we are dang this is huge Look at how many bay doors he has here this is so weird being here oh this place is giant it is it’s so weird seeing it on video and then coming here and singing in person oh there’s all our parts this is I think this is the lift that

They were sending for us he’s got a lot of whips uh this is the ls one that’s the sr-21 we need to take a look at that these are all our parts a boys these are all the parts for the Mustang you’re a good portion of them

Dang well we got a lot of things to do here that is a big pile of parts and in like 20 minutes it’s gonna be all over the floor what is this is this little that’s a Honda beat I’m surprised Jimmy fits in that he’s so

Tall I actually want to see him drive this I love Honda Beats qualify as a k car yeah it’s made for the Japanese Market to save on taxes and parking all these Transmissions over here yeah I want to see right here the rear-wheel drive city is the hood popped or is it

Just me it’s popular yeah I think Jimmy mad if I looked that up sheesh okay series I like how you put the spoon Sports cap on there though this is a Nissan Motor we did a K20 K series he did a Nissan K series so pretty cool

They did a nice job on this it’s cool to see you in person you can see the is it s13 or S14 front subframe uh I think 13. the Nismo Power brace on there did a nice job on the intercooler piping and stuff super clean very cool Cloud yeah

They spent a lot of effort on this to get it all the Fab work done everything it’s really cool basically this car has the running gear of a US spec s13 which is cool because they made us that bolts in and out which is really neat so they

Can actually Swap subframes and stuff very smart idea Yeah so basically this is that oh no this is right here you want the Hoopa are these hoops I got you dude [Applause] foreign Skinner and some hamburgers let’s go Thank you Thank you