Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 8 – MORE PARTS! P3 Gauge, Carbon Fiber + Apple Pie

Building an Audi S4 Prestige - Part 8 - MORE PARTS! P3 Gauge, Carbon Fiber + Apple Pie

Posted: 2023-03-24 16:00:18
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you Foreign [Applause] Tomorrow [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Thank you Foreign [Applause] [Applause] let’s see Oh oh well that’s something for you new link up oh is that gonna keep you warm oh it’s long sleeve yeah I will go put that on I’ll be right back so we got this P3 digital gauge that is OBD2 driven it’s going to tap into the ECU

Readout from this car and read things like boost pressure coolant temperature any kind of temperature oil pressure oil temperature whatever you want to see at the ready next to your cluster that’s not already shown there it came with everything that we need including trim removal tools so I’m just going to pop

This stock vent and kind of the Shroud around it swap over these controls for lights and carbon fiber put this back on and then we’ll plug in and see what kind of readouts we get There we go so out with the old I have a few Torx screws to remove in order to get this carbon fiber panel and the light controls onto this new face so this is just gonna come this way foreign No screen there we need a screen there all right we got the old one out this has no screen this is a direct swap for this with the addition of course of that OBD screen it’s got its ribbon cable coming out that’s going to plug into our

Controller box so this is the P3 control box we ordered this it drew a nice little throttle and got it got it over to us this is what takes the signal from the OBD2 there’s the plug-in to the OBD2 and that’s going to put the digital readout for whatever parameters we want

To view all right so I have some 3M double stick tape on the back of the control box just in a nice little coil this we’re going to tuck on top of the storage bin just kind of paste it down so that it doesn’t slide around and then

We’ll run this down to the OBD2 port and that is all the connections we need to make in order to read from the ECU they do have some options here for some analog inputs so there’s a dimmer analog input one and two looks like we have an

Air system right here if we weren’t mounting the controller right next to us anyway that already displayed the PSI for like the tank pressure we would probably tap into it with this and display that as an option foreign so I have the OBD2 wire ran down here

The OBD2 is just in front of this I’ll plug it in we’ll see if we see anything show up do you see anything what that’s a good sign so now I’m just going to start reassembling this we have the light control on this carbon fiber

Bit to put back on there plug in a few things and and we’ll be done with this let’s get our protective film off of this screen oh I’m not even hungry for lunch anymore that was satisfying okay so just with your door open kind of it wakes it up

You can see these kind of dots running across so I’m just going to turn the ignition on and see if anything happens so the dots have stopped so now let’s go ahead and start it okay the dots are back ooh they’re faster 03 okay something is at 03 0.3

Boost oh that’s our boost pressure apparently It’s instantaneous stuff right there Mick pretty cool that’s clear it’s very very clear readout ODB yeah ODB OBD2 insert Wu-Tang Clan clip here so we just saw our boost uh this is our ignition Throttle so it’s probably gonna read percentage of throttle so we’re at 13 just kind of idling kind of shot up to 19. yeah that’s pretty accurate that’s awesome air fuel ratio 12.5 that’s healthy Cool these are really awesome things to know about how your car runs and cooling cool one 174 so that’s running temperature that’s that’s a healthy running temperature so that’s cool on thermostat one air one so air intake intake air temp is 108. okay so this is more track timing the

ECU obviously has a wheel speed sensor and everything so when you do it uh launch and you’re trying to get your 0-60 time this is going to read out what your 0-60 time was so that’s pretty cool too you’re not relying on outside sources or anything that’s that’s based

On your car itself okay so then there’s battery voltage so this is uh 14 6 is uh it’s a healthy reading with an alternator recharging the battery fourteen six fourteen eight is what you’re normally going to see uh so this is RPMs This is awesome I mean this thing has some readouts of that but it’s just it’s a it’s an analog gauge with a needle going up it’s not giving you exact perimeter readouts this is 575.80 sitting at idle I didn’t even have to get any of my specialty tools out I use

Panel lifters but I did not need them all I needed was a socket and a Torx bit it’s like the definition of Plug and Play not having to cut crimp solder nothing so we have a few more parts now that we’re going to throw on this they

Trickled in in the last couple of weeks so let’s get to those also if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle Channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing next up we have some more engine bay work to do this ECU is out loud and

Proud and it needs to be covered with only one thing that can do such a thing and make it look better and that’s carbon fiber oh yeah look at that we got some multiple textures here some carbon let’s see oh that’s just a preview that’s gonna look good foreign Oh heck yeah Ricky oh wow oh it matches too it’s the same guys Are you guys getting these shirts shirts baby special Club baby merch drop March 21st April 21st why would you when is it March 20th March 21st completely hey so next up we have this proclip USA Mount that we purchased and it’s going to mount our airlift performance three

Pieces and controller on the outside so like by the passenger’s knee next to the shifter and the infotainment controller so this is going to allow us to always be able to Monitor and Fiddle with our airlift suspension system to get over or to sit down or do whatever we want to do

The airlift system all right so our Pro clip is assembled and this is the airlift controller now all this is gonna have to do is utilize this kind of C-clamp that it has go right over the carbon fiber and snap into place and now that thing I

Can see my reflection in the screen of this so it is perfectly angled already look at that first try ready for some more satisfaction all right that’s done on the next thing what we got here are some gloss black side skirts that we got from DCS tuning this is called Piano black yeah All right both side skirts on thank you to ecs20 for sending them over they look amazing it is time to slam this thing on the ground so it was like All right so that’s it I just got back from a drive in the S4 and it’s the first time that I’ve actually driven the car pretty much since I got it and I will say this thing is absolutely amazing and the sweepstakes is coming to

An end so so soon so this honestly may be the last built episode on the S4 the sweepstakes ends at the end of March so you just have a couple days left and I wanted to do kind of a quick walk around because ultimately this car came into

Our shop 100 stock and now it is pretty modded and if you’re just tuning into the YouTube channel you may not know everything that is on it so I wanted to take a second to go over it so we started off with the Aztec Dynamat this

Is a ppf that Elite finish did for us it’s on the entire car and underneath it is this gloss gunmetal color but with the Aztec Dynamat it just adds a totally new element and the Finish is unbelievable there’s no orange peel there’s nothing like that it is so much

Different than a stand vehicle vinyl wrap and it just looks fantastic we’ve got the ECS Tuning kind of carbon fiber package on this thing we’ve got the Mirror covers we’ve got these overlays here little accent pieces or canards we’ve got a front lip we’ve got the RS style front grille the rotiform forged

Ltn wheels a little dirty but don’t mind that Falcon is Zenith tires you got the FK 510s 034 Motorsports two-piece floating rotors ECS side skirt extensions of course the big Thule rack on top the vector M which looks good and one thing I forgot to mention is the

S-tec gloss black underneath that that matches the Thule rack really well around the back we’ve got an awe valved Cat-Back exhaust system the ECS Tuning rear diffuser here we’ve got black Badges and this really trick high kick spoiler here from ECS Tuning as well that’s it for the exterior but we also

Do have the air lift performance 3p so we went ahead and got a nice 3p Mount right there in the center console which is great and we have the P3 vent gauge which almost looks Factory let me Pop the trunk here so for the air suspension

We decided to go clean and simple so we tried to tuck everything up and away so you still have full access to your trunk we’ve got a polished tank the 3p management like the brain is actually up here tucked all the way with all the airlines dryer over there and then

Underneath here we have twin fire compressors on a nice Simple and Clean Mount will went ahead and wired in some relays and everything so really simple setup but as you can see you have full access to your trunk I think this is the best daily driver sweepstakes car we

Have done yet it is super comfortable the audio system is fantastic and it’s a car that I would actually own and drive every single day super luxurious everything works it’s super new and I think one you guys are going to be really really happy so I hope you guys

Enjoyed this series I know it’s something that’s a little bit outside of the norm you know if you don’t know typically we’re doing a lot more Japanese or sport compact cars and this is a little bit different for us but I think it turned out really really

Awesome I’m very excited I know a lot of you guys are as well we’ve been reading the comments and we do appreciate you so if you want to get entered to win this car in twenty thousand dollars head on over to our site pick up some car parts

Pick up some merchandise maybe a new set of wheels anything you can think of for your car we sell and every dollar you spend is an automatic entry to win this car plus twenty thousand dollars so that’s it guys thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you in the

Next one thank you