Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 7 – Performance Upgrades! (034motorsport)

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Posted: 2023-02-25 17:00:29
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Today we’re going to be modifying our Audi S4 we have some insane performance upgrades and an incredible handling package let’s get to it welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Will I got Ricky here with me and today we have more S4 content for you in the last few episodes

We just got done putting some awesome carbon fiber and piano black anything accents on this insane I know right everything looks really good so upgrading this car we also put on the Thule Vector m box and we also have some rotiform ltns wrapped in Falcon FK 510s

And we are sitting on an airlift performance 3p system that is really having this thing sit nice and really aggressive looking this went from like a kind of a modern daily driver sedan and now it just it went from Prestige to a Prestige that’s right it’s Prestige plus now

Now we have some really awesome parts from O3 Motorsports that we have and this is really chassis reinforcement and good stopping power that we’re adding right everything on the exterior looks so amazing right now which I was literally man I was in shock when I

Walked in and I saw these tables set up because the car looks so great the way it is and I can’t even believe we have even more stuff for these things to make it look even better and stop in this case so these are our all three four Motorsports two piece floating rotors

And as you notice they look pretty freaking amazing and you can tell it’s going to give us a lot more uh stopping power with all these j-hooks to let the heat uh out and it’s also light it’s pretty light yeah it’s pretty surprised so we’re going to be pairing these

Two-piece floating rotor kits with these EBC red stuff pads now this is what I use on my car I don’t know about you but we use EBC a lot here very low dust really great pads from the get-go they work great and one of the best things

About it is that our calipers are really red and by using a rest off pass we don’t have to I don’t have to paint one of them so that way it doesn’t look kind of like off so easy day for it I’m not saying I’m lazy I’m just saying it

Matches I love it so aside from shopping power we’re also going to reinforce and stiffen up the handling of this thing starting with some of these Arnold curling bar oh they’re so high three four Motorsports these are the track spec sway bar kits and they are supplemented with the adjustable end

Links that uh that we have from 034 Motorsports as well we’re not only reinforcing on the underside we also have a strut Tower brace and we have a Mount here hey yeah this is going to be visible right kind of surrounding the the engine cover that we just put

Some carbon fiber accents on so this is going to be visible as soon as you pop the hood these are going to be visible in the steering wheel as you turn this thing and it’s just planted the whole suspension and traction thing is just going to change right now especially the

Stopping power but you saw me a picture of these earlier man and they look super cool once it’s installed I can’t wait to see this thing in the car Ricky and I are going to pair up on the brakes get those done and then we’re going to move

To the chassis sway bar and strut bars yeah so shoot let’s get this thing on the lift and get under it let’s get it done foreign I’m getting into a perfect height so they can get all four wheels off and I know we said that we’re going to tackle the brakes first but that’s something that I can do about myself very quickly so while will is here because I only has

To leave early today I want to be able to get the soy bars done first and then the upper strut bar because that’s gonna that’s gonna be a two-man job type of thing so we’re going to knock that off first and then we’ll work ourselves down to the brakes last

I’m over here telling the world that we need a lot of specialty tools and he’s like just look on top of the toolbox I have everything ready we need to do this including including what Evan couldn’t find the three Square 14 mil Bam Bam where are we putting on the bolts that’s

A good question here we have these little trays I have no idea what he just called me so he’s Ventura quote question aquata you guys need to freaking brush up on your movies hey hey watch your double chin Ricky no aguado is aguado is the name of a

Detective in the Ace and turn movies I’m pretty sure it wasn’t it was iguana means watered down well he’s a watered-down detective and that’s why Agent doesn’t get along with them Okay so in order for us to get this sway bar out we ended up taking off about 46 balls from the main subframe itself and then the suffering has been held by the last two balls at the very end so all we do is literally loosen it so we can tilt

It down while still being secure on the other side and that will give us enough space for us to actually remove the sway bar once we get all that taken care of we’ll move up to the end links which they’re about this long and once we kick

That off we’ll be able to put the o34 Motorsports sway bar and and links on foreign Yeah yeah dark Audi lightweight sway bar is out now we have our 034 Motorsport heavy duty buff sway bar that is about to go in so before we put this on we’re gonna put the bushings on here and we’ll slide it into place Here we have our sway bar bushing brace and look at the one from 034 Motorsports this thing is beautiful and it also has a grease gun fitting at the end of it so you’ll be able to service it while it’s still sitting intact in the vehicle just

Put your grease gun in here you give it a few pumps and then that’s it be ready to go tomorrow Up next is the end links for that sway bar and these are fully adjustable so as I twist these it’s going to contract as I loose Lefty loosen it’s going to extend and this is gonna help you fully adjust your sway bar so I’m just gonna

Match what the OE was with both of these and then we’ll put them up on there and this thing will be installed that’s the first sway bar kit done already Foreign Sway bar is completed to include the end links and it is time for us to move to the rear side it seems like it’s going to be a bit easier though just need to maneuver around these twin type for the exhaust but uh and then coming to the

Passenger side is going to be the key yeah you want to get the bushing braces and then I’ll get the end links and then look at that more three Square work Yes yes yeah We’ll bring the car down we’ll get the index off we’ll put the new ones in and then we’ll finish everything from the bottom again yes sir cool let me show you the 034 Motorsports rear end links they look like nothing I’ve ever seen before but if you see this one

The original from Audi it looks kind of weird so it’s essentially what it’s doing here here’s the adjustable part of it and you’ll be able to adjust the height or along to stiffen the sway bar adjustment on the fly so that’s pretty cool that looks way better Foreign Place we are going to bolt it down to the sway bar now and then do the sway bar bushings and brackets and then we’ll finalize everything and then we should be all set or not if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn

On the Bell notifications so you don’t miss an episode Foreign So Ricky and I just wrapped up the front and rear sway bars with the updated adjustable end links and we also have here a zero three four Motorsports transmission mount now this is just going to kind of fill a void that is inside of this Mount right here and kind

Of eliminate the slosh feel of some of the shifts by stiffening and kind of just eliminating the movement of this transmission during shifts so I have two bolts to take out two bolts to put in but I’m gonna put a training Mount just right here to make sure this stays in

Place while I have this Mount now foreign Just like that the transmission mount insert is in that’s probably the quickest two bolt insulation I’ve ever done so now it is off to the Tower bar that is just behind our inning Looks like we have uh some wipers to take off the wiper cowl and we have four bolts and we can get our 034 strut brace in here and we’re gonna have a bar coming across right here too there is some other questions okay okay so it’s kind of like even stiffer than

We’re already upgrading from stamped to Billet aluminum right we also have when I first saw that I thought I stopped here but now I see that it goes all the way through and that makes sense for the bar to be here yep it’ll make it stronger all right cool so let’s get

This off first All right Thank you [Applause] All right so our 034 Motorsport chassis brace is installed and it looks amazing I love how the silver contrast look against the carbon fiber and everything else around the car it is now time for me to move to the brakes I’m going to lift the car up and start getting the

Front rotors out so we can start putting the o34 rotors I’m gonna start with the front right side first I’m going to be taking the stock front rotors off and our pads off which requires me to remove the caliper and from there we’ll bring our 034 Motorsports two-piece floating rotors and our red stuff pass from ABC It is heavy like heavy wow Okay so here they are the old one with the new one now the old one is so much heavier than the new one this 034 Motorsport rotor is way lighter than this and yeah so glad we’re switching So the right side is done it looks absolutely amazing and it sent him over to the driver’s side and did the same thing did you move that over here how am I supposed to get through All right I am back to help Ricky with the brakes and while he’s finishing cleaning out the front and getting that done I’m gonna start removing the rear brakes It is time to put the new rotor on and the brake pads and we’ll get it looking just like the other side all right We’ll just help me get the calipers out of this side I’m gonna get the rotor I’ll start cleaning and will is going to continue to help me on the others how to remove some stuff oh that’s nasty that’s nasty we’re gonna fix that oh we’re gonna fix that The rear left side is cleaned up and ready to go I have the brand new rotor here which is even lighter than the one in the front which is freaking awesome and we are gonna place it here where it goes oh dude I got it right the first time okay got it Final two balls going in finally after that we’ll put the wheels back in here then we’ll put pressure back on the brakes and we check the lever and we should be all set to go foreign Okay so finally we have all four sides done we have a 034 Motorsports floating two-piece rotors we have our EVC red stuff pad and of course our rotiforms ltn Wheels with tires wrapped around this thing looks amazing I can’t wait to see this thing rolling on the

Streets now let’s get it off the lift test the brakes and get out of here I expect the audio for a test drive so we can test the brakes at the l34 Motorsports foil bars feel amazing and it’s wet outside look it’s not even slipping oh yeah it’s Overdrive but they feel great and the breakfast it breaks Oh yeah yeah bro those things feel amazing the brakes in the toy bar top notch man not getting the car let’s go back to the top So this is it is the end of the video and although apart from o34 Motorsport has been installed the same thing from our EBC pads we got 034 two-piece floating rotors yep we paired those with the EVC red stuff pads correct and underneath the car we got the front and

Rear sway bars adjustable end links which is a nice touch underneath the hood we also threw in the strut bar with the cross brace that was that was an added reinforcement um and also dude it’s nice and fill it the transmission mount oh and the transmission we cannot

Forget about that little tiny Puck that we put underneath there that’s supposed to make some crisper shifts so this thing looks even better we opened up these wheels and now these rotors are shining that’s it for today’s episode today’s the last day that you can get 25

Off of merch by using the code audi25 on make sure you go there get some red shirt Tuesdays it is Tuesday today enter to win this S4 and 20 000 cash and get yourself some fresh merch we’ll see you guys in the next one see you guys foreign And the lights are already flickering like one of our lights are going out so I’m going to scare them a little bit foreign [Laughter] Sean I’m a