Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 4 – Airlift Performance 3P – Air Suspension!

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-17 17:00:35
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Welcome back to the throttle Channel everyone today we’ve got some content on our S4 sweepstakes car and this is pretty exciting because this is going to change the overall aesthetic of the car so this is the air lift performance 3p system it is all you need in order to

Put this thing on the ground and really sit it nicely at a show or just in the parking lot wherever you feel like showing this car off yeah I mean it’s worth it aesthetically we’ve got a lot of great mods to bolt on it but this is what actually completes all that once

You put your wheels and tires on you put all the exterior mods on yeah actually The Stance is what really makes people’s heads turn so this Air Lift 3p package is actually perfect for what we’re doing because it’s simple to install we’ve got dual compressors and basically the whole

Shebang so let’s go through each thing here and explain to our audience you know kind of what this stuff does maybe a little insight on how we’re going to install it so starting off with the brains of the operation this is the 3p pressure-based system that comes with a

Nice display and controller right here so what’s cool is this appears to be weather sealed it does so you can literally just put this under the car if you want nice wire connection nice finish they gave us all of the wires and relays and pretty much everything we

Need other than telling us where exactly to plug everything in on the chassis side but plugs one wire harness into that and then you just have hoses coming out for your filler in to read your pressure yeah what your system has To Each corner and for exhaust in order to

Sit this thing down so so not being height based we’re basically using a pressure sensor at Each corner to modulate and adjust the ride height so setup is going to be key and that’s that’s where this is going to come in you’re probably going to grab a buddy

And walk around all four corners and just you know settle it down find out where your ride heights are so you can hit your presets as you’re driving as you’re sitting as you’re getting over anything high this is actually really perfect for a project that you want to

Do maybe over a weekend in your garage there’s nothing here that’s so difficult or detailed that you would shy away from trying to tackle it yourself I think this is pretty straightforward as it gets being as straightforward as it is they send does everything we need in

Order to complete this these are some Toes that actually go around the bag so that we’re not going to be rubbing against or knocking any of those right so these are essentially going to reach the side or behind the bag versus the straight ones that are on the car which

Would have made contact with the bag that’s the rear side we have our separated struts and our bags and then we have the combined for the front all of these struts are adjustable just like a coil over so you can set your extreme ties or lows depending on what your your

Car needs this shiny piece right here is our five gallon tank that is going to be pumped with these dual triple 4C via air compressors when you have two compressors it’s going to fill this tank twice as fast which means less operating time for those with less wear and tear

On them and also less noise in the car yeah so that is left to right everything that is included now it’s time to get this car up on the lift remove the existing and start throwing this awesome airlift system inside of the S4 foreign Cars up in the rack we are ready to go it’s time to start with the struts they’re the more grueling kind of mechanical tool involved things so we’re going to start there It’s going to be simple and straightforward got some level sensors and stuff some technological stuff to consider when we’re doing the replacement and having different heights than what stock would run so we just gotta mind our way around that but I think it’s time to start taking the struts out foreign

We’ll start with the strut Tower bolts up here clock it in will all right I’m here to help you I’m here to help start Tower what’s next Dr will we’ll take it back up and we’ll take the sensor off for the auto headlight leveling and we’ll start

Removing a couple of the lower bolts and this shock strut will just drop right out All right so now that all of the suspension components are loose we’re gonna go ahead and get a trainee Jack under and just put a little bit of upward pressure so we can remove all the bolts and all of the suspension stuff should basically kind of fall out and

Allow us to remove the factory strut crossing our fingers we got everything all right hey there she is let’s do the other side for a limited time you guys can save 25 off all Throttle merchandise by using promo code audi25 at checkout let me show you some of the new stuff

That hit the site we’ve got the Luxury Collection we’ve got a hoodie t-shirt license plate frame and then check this out throttle socks we’ve never done socks before these things turned out awesome these are live on the site tons of new styles of hats and we finally

Have a red shirt Tuesday shirt it’s my favorite design right here these are live as well and last but not least you guys probably saw Mickey teasing this jacket while he was in Japan dope jacket is live on the site right now remember use promo code audi25 every one dollar

You spend is going to be an entry to win our S4 plus 20 000 good luck All right front one’s done front two are done let’s go to the back now So the stock suspension is out we are now assembling the air lift suspension we have the front struts which are already assembled with the bags on we’re going to throw these in the front of the car after we put these lines on yeah so what’s really nice is airlift basically

Gets everything all ready together the kit comes with everything you need to install minus the airlines just have to be attached so they already put like a liquid Teflon on here so we’re going to go ahead and thread these into the front struts and once we finish tightening

That down we’re going to go ahead and install one of these fittings to convert this from a threaded fitting to a push connect our front struts are now assembled we had to use the stock clamps off of the front suspension but now these are ready to go in the front of the S4

So I’m going to lower this down and we’re going to Loosely put the nuts on the top hat so that it’s kind of just suspending the control arms and everything and I can kind of loosely put all the bolts back in there because it’s just me now I haven’t had to head home Foreign So the front suspension is in we put the struts in and had some fun with that with some of the control arms up top but those are in I’m gonna go ahead and do the end links and get all the bolts tightened in there and then it’s time to move to the back

So we have a some opening spots here in order to run this big old 3 8 steel braided line a very very safe place is right here this is a pinch rail it’s kind of hanging down there’s a good depth behind that it’s clear of anything

Moving so we might just snake down right here meet up with these brake lines underneath this side guard just inside of the frame rails there are some lines that are running inside of here so once we take this off we’ll get a better look but that looks like it’s a good way for

Us to go and then over there there’s fuel lines doing the same thing right inside of the frame rail so we’ll be above the lowest point of the car that way if this thing ever bottoms out over a big speed bump that nobody’s expecting the airlines are not going to get

Destroyed and then these people aren’t going to be sitting on the ground with no way to fill their bags Just finished assembling the rear struts we did take the hats off of this this has its own built-in bump stops so it’s okay that we took off the stock ones go ahead and put the bags in first and we’ll put the struts in we’ll start tightening everything down and then we’ll keep going We got both of these bags installed on their spacers from the upper side and before I can tighten them all the way down we’re already seeing one of the issues and one of the things that they sent us to replace it is these toe links that’s not good they’re not even

Tightened all the way down and they’re already colliding so we’re going to go and grab the replacement parts that were sent from airlift and replace these so that they’re not colliding with our bags [Applause] boom so here’s the difference this is a nice straight one look down the barrel this one is going to be kinked out just a little bit that’s going to give us the clearness that we need on the on the roll protection on the bag it goes nice

And around there’s three quarters of an inch space in there foreign S are in next up shocks Our airlift performance struts and bags are installed they’re bolted into their Corners now before we get to the management side of things with the compressors and the controller and the electrical we need to run our Airlines from our front locations that we’ve already kind of zipped in I removed

These under trays and we have our exposed lines that we want to follow on each side and then we’ll go ahead and run to the general location of where we want the controller so let’s start running some lines foreign Of the car is done the airlines are now ran up into the trunk and they’re there waiting for us next up it’s time to start working on the three feet management I am here to help will today today is a fun day today is exciting because we’re hopefully going to be

Finishing everything so I’m going to tackle mounting the compressors in the little wheel well here you are going to mount the tank yep and we’ll go ahead and work together on mounting the actual three-piece system and find a good spot for that but we got a lot of work to do

So let’s get started here is our CAD template doesn’t look like too much yet but I’m going to go ahead and trace this out on some sheet metal we’ll start to cut this out and I think you guys will get the picture as we get through the process but it should

Be pretty simple looks kind of funny well it should work great Now it’s time for I would say the final test fit I just got to remove that bolt right there but we’re gonna go ahead and just set this in here so I can show you guys what it looks like there we go yeah that fits great so I’m going to go

Ahead and put all the nutserts in clean it up paint it and then it’s ready for final assembly Foreign so I got the tank mounted up underneath the deck while Evan was doing the compressor bracket while he’s finishing that up I’m going to go ahead and get going on our wiring we have all of our fuses and battery connections back here so there’s very few wire running through

The body that we have to do the only thing I have is the controller the touchpad controller that I got up front it’s just a USB connection but I’m going to get going on the fused and relays and all that work back here electrically foreign ‘s finishing up the wiring I’m going to go ahead and mount our compressors to this little board that I’ve been working on for a while we’ve got this all painted Rive nutted and now it’s time to attach the buyer compressors with of course some downstar Hardware Foreign presses are mounted well they’re ready for you so I just came back and I noticed that this is not installed yet Sean told me how he wanted it mounted not he but how will wanted it mounted in the vehicle so I’m just going to continue from there until will gets here

So there’s like a big space down here I don’t know if you guys can see it and this thing fits perfectly upside right if that’s how you say it but they want this thing to be dangling like this and that requires a custom bracket to be

Made which that’s what I do so what I’m thinking is you guys see these two holes right here they’re both threaded and I’m thinking I’ll make a plate that I can bolt it down to from the plate to the base of this so be able to bolt it and

Then from here we’ll fold it to a 90 degree up and another 90 degree and we’ll be able to bolt it from here to the panel up here and it will be completely out of sight all the lines will be able to go through through here and then everything will be hidden

Enough talking I’m going to get to the uh five area and we’re gonna get this thing done Now you shape it right so I’m gonna start making my first two bends he’s gonna be right outside of this they’re going to be bending up like this and after that we’re going to position a piece of metal on our bending device from Eastwood and we’re going to

Be bending it the opposite way and then we’ll start engaging how much of an angle do we need because once you make the first two bends you can literally by hand you can adjust the bends and get it perfectly down so I make the first two

Bands I’m gonna do like a 25 degree Bend and then from there we’ll go back to the car and we start measuring everything foreign [Laughter] Hey looking better we definitely have enough metal that’s why I wanted to make sure that we had enough we have enough metal for me to make this band and then start testing because even if it’s too tight forward with the band as we squeeze up this thing is automatically going to bend out

Because of the force of the metal up here and I’ll be able to measure and mark down exactly where it needs to be and then we’ll make our final Bend and then after that it should start drilling holes putting rib Nuts and Bolts I believe these are final band let’s see what happens Look at it from this side I think that’s proper right we’ll go from here you wouldn’t even see the lines all right Next Step from here if you look up here I’m gonna drill a hole here and here we’re gonna rip knot this side and then

Bolt it from here we’re gonna do the same thing on the other side and that should be it I’ll be done with my oh I’m probably gonna paint this bracket that way doesn’t rust but other than that after that this will start the bracket is finally done hey buddy Will’s here

Will’s back it’s done he’s painted I got the holes done I have the rig nuts done up here as well we took the tank off because will is finishing doing some fittings you’re putting fittings on right whoa whoa whoa we’re gonna bolt this down right now right now Ricky just finished mounting our Valve controller up here on the underside of the deck really looking good so now we have some final wiring to do in here we have our relays we have our inline fuses and things after I’m done with the wiring we have some quarter inch hose

From the compressors that need to go through the same openings and out to both ends of the tanks and two quarter inch lines two compressors this thing’s going to fill up fast and then it just to the valve control it from there and to the corners as needed to raise and

Lower and have this thing sit so freaking rad so let’s finish this wiring and then we’ll get this trunk deck in for the final time foreign ‘s completely wired up we also got the compressors wired and we have the lines right into the side and now let’s move on to the next thing Since everything else is done it is time for us to start putting the wheels on and we’re going to throw this thing on the ground this is what it looks like So I just finished up wiring the ignition fuse Ricky is done buttoning up everything let’s check this out I think it looks very very functional and really clean I mean all you got is a floating tank that’s visible up here we have our Valve controller nice and snug up there

All of our Airlines and electrical running to that I mean this trunk is fully functional as it was just a little bit of the cap taking off oh that exhaust is still good yeah that’s bro that sounds like both pumps heck yeah so the controller is working it’s asking me that whether I

Speak English or not really quick and yes I do all right it’s wanted to calibrate right away we can’t at least see that the compressors are getting air into the tank it’s reading the PSI so I’m gonna let this fill up we’ll drop the lift all the way down we’ll air up

And back out We are on a level surface I’m gonna step out because it always wants no body weight in here and I will hit the calibration button on here and this thing will start doing its little doing its wave and uh and then it’s going to know its ups and downs and we’ll be

Calibrated and we can freaking slam this thing All right calibration is done I’ll hop in here I’ll show you guys what kind of stances this thing can have foreign Oh it’s a new keychains Calvin saw it this is a new throttle keychain it doesn’t come with a necklace but the Calvin made me a necklace so I’m in the bathroom that’s a joke it’s a joke everything is bling rolls out here oh my God you can’t let Vic drive this thing now

That looks dope yeah Olympics kind of destroyed there’s a roll like this I don’t know you guys haven’t checked it would be really sick if it does this is sick it looks great like this look at the stock wheels all the carbon the roof rack the Thule

Dang thing six my favorite one we’ve done well that is it our air lift three-piece system is installed and this thing is sitting super aggressive now tell us what you guys think in the comments make sure to like comment subscribe my comment is that I think we

Have a little bit more room for some Wheels you guys saw that we have some rotiforms but that is in the next episode so we’ll see you guys then foreign There was again You know maybe I should whatever mothers Day two babies I quit doing what I’m doing in the mechanic Realm we are do you have any any I mean Evans are pretty what are you 511 you’re not that short I’m a six Calvin is what oh they can’t even hear me check this out dude my name is TJ check

This out TJ I can just I can come over here dude baby it’s around the corner you’ve ever seen that ever seen that yeah