Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 3 – NEW Exhaust!

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-14 17:00:06
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 2018 Audi S4 in the last episode you guys saw a mountain of parts for us to install on this before it’s given away to one of you today we’re going to start chipping away at that mountain starting with the awe exhaust system What is up guys and welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Evan and I’m here with Will and we have a very special episode for you guys now before we do I have to let you know that today is the last day to get two times

Entries to win this car plus twenty thousand dollars so if you’re in the market for some new car parts or even some new merchandise head on over to for every one dollar you spend you’re gonna get two automatic entries to win this car nice and today

We are installing the awe tuning exhaust this is their switch path system that is for the V6 3.0 turbo that is found in the S4 so we have the entire system complete with their four inch Diamond black tips it’s uh it’s going to give you a quieter ride if you choose so by

Cutting off one entire half and one tip on the other side no droning or anything I think we need to make it louder we do I think that’s one of the top complaints here is we need to make this car a little bit louder so you can hear the

Turbo hear it a little bit more I think this is going to get us there so just a quick reminder you can find awe tuning exhaust on buy yourself an exhaust system get points enter to win this S4 let’s get to it let’s go all right before we tear out this stock

Exhaust we’re in a nice quiet room let’s go ahead and get an isolated clip of what this stock exhaust sound like and then we can have a good comparison for later That is pretty we need some we need some amplification all right so we’re going to be installing an awe Cat-Back exhaust system so we’re not going to be like disrupting anything with the catalytic converters but we are gonna have to take this off so we can reach in there

Because the factory exhaust system has two resonators plus mufflers and the new system has no resonators just Mufflers these do also have the valves as well just like the factory one so we’ll be utilizing I guess the factory Audi valve system that you can control with the

Screen inside so that’s pretty cool and I think there might even be a remote as well pretty easy yep ready to take it off foreign You can’t find the right tool in this garage Mr Arizona you don’t belong near a car I don’t know all of our toolboxes are broken so nope that is not the right tool you don’t belong to a car Ah that’s not great let’s pretend that didn’t happen big

Dangling I found it found the right tool all right are you the true Mr Arizona this was looser did you guys I loosened one oh yeah wait I’m tightening son of a Jesus thank you you ever seen two monkeys installing exhaustion such an interesting tool these like

European cars they always use the weird like why would you what’s the purpose of using this extremely unique German engineering in the house Thank you foreign oh I just broke all my fingernails smash out of the tippy toes well what was your first car mod you ever did first car mod I think I did a k n typhoon intake on my first RX8 I mean like first two mods that most people do

Are either intake or exhaust yeah for me it was exhaust Cat-Back exhaust it makes such a noticeable difference like after you install it you really can tell the butt Dyno because I made this bootleg uh PVC intake yeah I had a base RX8 Sport and I put like

The Grand Touring ground effects and spoiler and everything on it One half yeah this is the easy half two thirds of it right here Foreign Nut off of there that is easy to access from underneath the rest of them are easier to access once you take a couple of engine covers off reach down in there with the 12 mil and uh so I’ve got five out of six to go let’s do this let’s do this

This is a V8 what this is a V6 I don’t know Prestige plus Prestige plus that’s what we’re designating this car now is pristine well that was Prestige plus exactly you know Mickey always does OEM plus it’s another Prestige Plus for the audience if they don’t know in the uh

Promo we did for this car will said this is our 2018 Audi S4 Prestige Plus and I got called out on it rightly so so the Audi Prestige is a trim and then the plus is a trim yeah plus the prestige is like top top plus is

Regular and then I think is it base oh maybe it’s Plus premium plus and then well if you’re wrong they’ll of course correct you in the comments these guys are super easy to get to now can we talk about what that thing is look at that dude normally when you open up

A hood and you take engine covers off you see the engine this is the turbo and this is out out to the exhaust so this is the hot side exit so strange I’ve never seen I’ve never seen anything like that this is my first time working on a

3.0 T I thought you’re gonna say this is your first time working on the trick oh not an electric car not the case Vic ah there it is oh foreign That was the easy side because basically there’s not an O2 sensor on that side but there is on this side along with a few more dingley Davis here so this is the side that in all sense of the word is going to be the difficult it’s going to be restricted movement

Oh I’m tying the wrong one oh freaking tightening well sometimes if you give it a good Titan the other way it cracks it that’s true it kind of did all right we’ll give it to you will I met I meant I meant to uh just crack it that way

This is my Saving Grace It’s Gonna Save Me yeah that’s to break it and then when you can’t get enough rotations out of this guy because you’re running into things way down here that’s when you bust this guy out I have no room to even get this on the

Nut from up here so I’m gonna try underneath Nothing but wrist power dude yeah wrist strength just wrist strength is all I got so if I snap my wrist on this it’s because is this the one that you’re getting underneath no I already got the one underneath the one I got this is the

Last nap all right a drive shaft for the front wheels in my way that I don’t think I can really help you if my hands are bigger than yours probably I just need a little more leverage on it I can’t tell if it’s there or not this is

Oh there we go that is uh it’s tied up there bud it’s one hard enough to bust yeah it sure is yeah show y’all what I’m seeing here we’ve got the this is the exhaust that we’re leaving that’s the drive shaft that’s in my way that is what I got to shove my

Arm through and the nut is somewhere up in there that I gotta get I gotta get there okay sorry I got that tool up there but I can’t get up there and press the trigger so here’s my printer my trigger finger and I kick it off get it I don’t think so

I got it whatever I listened it for you I’ve been thoroughly impressed by having mechanic skills you know back in the day when this YouTube channel first started it it was just Evan yeah this is Evan and Mickey in fact Rick used to work on cars remember remember that they may not

Even know who they are nobody knows who Rick is anymore oh there’s another boat right there you cheat your own right there a couple of bros removing some nuts whoa oh she’s leaking yeah hey buddy I got a drive shaft in the way uh-huh all right here we are

Seven hours later no it’s only maybe an hour or two and a lunch I mean half an hour lunch so you can see the difference now yeah this one has mufflers and two sets of resonators this one has just Mufflers all right so now that we

Got both exhausts laid side by side we can see what we need to transfer over so we’re gonna go ahead and remove these little spring mounts and transfer them over to the new sections over there what’s cool about that awe system is actually I’ll show you over here the

Really hard to reach one that will and I were struggling will will struggling I was a breeze uh they actually welded nuts onto the exhaust so you don’t have to worry about pigeoning with your fingers in there so that’s a really smart little simple thing it’s just TIG

Welded on there and that way when we put a bolt in from that side you don’t have to have both sides kind of on you know holding it you can just use this Look at this giant downpipes I remember the size of this vehicle it’s like an eight inch Thank you Foreign foreign Oh you’re going out well or Not Jesus Amateur hour out here this whole video is gonna be bloopers All right so we’re gonna go ahead and get these Diamond black tips preps pretty simple just to put both on the top I’m just going to Loosely do this right now with the nut on the bottom and we’ll get all four of those prepped and then as soon as Will’s ready

We’ll go toss them on and this is where like that fine adjustment comes in place so we’ll lower the car down so we can kind of finely tune the exhaust tips to get them exactly where we want all right so we’re going to go ahead and

Put on the hanger clamps this is going to prevent the muffler sections from sliding at all [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] um I give her a little a little wrap it doesn’t really look good hey dude it sounds way better whoa It’s like rumbly now yeah oh it’s got a little popping bag dude oh yeah foreign it’s already given us some Rewards all right so we now have our awe tuning

Exhaust on and we’re taking it to a road for us to do a couple of uh drive-bys so it’s not too loud either it’s it’s got the uh the anti-drone technology and we’re in we’re in the loud mode right now but inside of the cabin it’s not an

Overbearing drone or anything like that the quiet ride that you have in a sophisticated car like this is not it’s not ruined by this exhaust on now All right guys that is it for today’s episode hopefully you like the aw exhaust and the sound that it produces as much as I do this is a blast to install thanks to Evan for coming out in the shop for old time’s sake and helping me out so don’t forget guys on any merch any new products that you want for your bills any maintenance products that you want to buy for your for your cars and to keep them running well is going to get you double entries to win this S4 that ends today so get on purchase

Parts see you in the next episode [Applause]