Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 2 – Parts Haul!

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-11 17:00:21
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Do it for me Welcome back to the throttle Channel everyone we’ve got a special episode with our 2018 Audi S4 sweepstakes car planned for you guys today and this is a car that you’re going to be able to win by getting entered on the throttle website not only are you going to win

Our 2018 Audi S4 you’re also going to win 20 000 cash to do with whatever you want if you want to add more mods you want to do some Home Improvement whatever it is that’s up to you but you’re gonna get the car plus 20 grand cash it’s pretty exciting and I also

Need to tell you that between now and Tuesday you’re gonna get two times entries so every dollar you spend on it’s going to be two times entries to win this awesome car when it’s done nice so will I see a lot of parts here on the floor why don’t we

Start up that makes it taller than me this mountain is taller than I am that’s how much we have to put together wow Wills how you decide we’re going to start at the front we’ve got a lot of really cool parts and we’re gonna go over those with you guys to show you

What we have planned for this Audi project all right let’s start here at the front end where all of our awesome carbon fiber is we reached out to East es tuning and had them send out a few things we started off with a front lip a rear diffuser an awesome higher kick

Than stock rear wing some fog light Grille bezels as well as what Mickey’s got in his hand you guys may have noticed in our ppf episode that we left the mirror caps glossy and that’s because we already had this planned out we had some carbon fiber being sent to

Us from UCS what do you think of that thing yeah these look really nice uh what I I love when we get these because there’s different ways to make these a lot of people just make a replacement looks like ECS actually used a factory cap and overlaid it with carbon fiber

Which is really cool however it is only cosmetic but for A Streetcar cosmetic is okay carbon fiber comes in many different varieties you’ve got full race a stuff that isn’t pretty but it’s light and it’s strong that’s right this is opposite of that this is pretty and

Glossy and every piece of weave is where it’s supposed to be you don’t have any seams you don’t have any stretching no weird stuff going on and that’s across all of this so ECS Tuning gets it they have obviously know how to produce a really nice looking product this is

Really going to spruce up the satin finish on this car quite a bit with the gloss carbon so that’s exciting lots of carbon fiber that’s good but I also see something that’s not carbon fiber and also looks really good yeah I can’t imagine trying to make this thing out of

Carbon fiber that would be a nightmare to make and even a nightmare to inspect once it showed out to make sure it looked good we went with a nice glossy piano black front grille this is an RS style and it is going to house right now they’re Chrome but we’re going to delete

All of our Chrome we’re going to switch to even more glossy black really aggressive and subtle looking really really nice not only do we have this Chrome delete but we also have some new S4 badges as well glossy black kind of complement the carbon fiber that we have

And of course the awesome ppf satin finish so I’ll tie it all together essentially black and carbon and satin silver satin doesn’t matter like a gunmetal gray gray but it’s metallic I think it all plays really nice together and with the little red S4 touches I

Think it’s really good right yeah red is kind of the accent color on this we’ve got the red brake calipers the red interior and of course the the S4 badges has the red yep red notch on it so and over here I see kind of some more performance oriented stuff and you know

I can’t help but notice these beautiful things they are bright I like I really like the way this this is finished yeah so clearly those are the fronts those are the big boys these are the rears so these are a two-piece floating rotor design from zero three four Motorsport

And essentially these are an upgrade over the OEM rotor that’s essentially just a basic flat rotor we’ve got some j-hook cooling here bigger vanes inside as well so that we’re going to get additional cooling across the rotor itself and it will utilize the factory caliper which already very buff from the

Factory so this is a welcome upgrade and this is going to really help bring this thing to a halt you know when we’re out having some fun with it Factory brakes are adequate but this is definitely a big upgrade so yeah this thing gets up and goes so of course you want better

Stopping power I think we’re going to compliment with some EVC brake pads over there as well so already really off brake calipers yeah already the right color yeah so really all we have to do is the rotors and pads so these are red stuff ceramic pads these should help

Keep the brake dust to a minimum we’re not going to do have to deal with the squealing that you get associated with like a Racing brake system and like that super streetable setup but not only is it going to perform it looks amazing as well these look really good and now down

Here on the floor I see some chassis stuff looks like we have a transmission mount oh wow yeah that’s really solid or yeah it’s solid it’s all the transmission mount that’s going to help with harder shifts crisper shifts right yep should these look like chassis braces I don’t know if these are

Replacing an oem brace or if they’re Standalone but we’ll find out once we get into the car one thing I will say is they’re very nice I mean I don’t know if you noticed this it’s got a little twist in it is really cool to fit under the

Car somewhere I guess once we get this thing in the air we’ll figure out where it gets up on the lift right and then we have end links here so we do have more zero three four steps showing up these are end links for some sway bars that

Are inbound they had a little bit longer to travel so these showed up with some of the other stuff that we have here so this thing’s gonna have full chassis basically upgrades as far as the bolt-ons go it should handle and break very well yeah how’s that going to be

Complimented with this air suspension well I will say we’ve got a full Air Lift performance air suspension package here and now a lot of Audi guys run air it’s pretty common for these vehicles to have air suspension so I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do and I

Know that the airlift performance struts are pretty capable I don’t feel like we’re going to get any negative effects from having it on air plus you get the positive effects of being able to slam the thing to the ground it looks so cool when you park it so we did go with the

3p system this is not going to be a hype base system this time around we’re typically putting height sensors and doing the full height based configuration but we’re going to use the three-piece setup this is the valve block and brings the operation essentially these are telling Each

Corner what to do when you hit the buttons on the controller this should be a pretty straightforward installation without the height sensors whether I just plug and play giving it power ground running the airlines powering up the compressors and we’ll be sailing on an adjustable suspension looks like we

Have a five gallon polished tank here and these are gonna have to run much shorter duration given that we have two compressors to the five gallons so it’s going to be a quick up and down yeah and during the refill it’s going to be less duration of noise yeah I think single

Compressor setups are always a mistake just because if you have a compressor failure you’re kind of stuck in the water if you have two compressors you can rely on the one that’s still functioning to get you out of a mess if you’re in one and also like you like you

Mentioned you’re actually filling the tank just twice as fast so when you are needing Air Supply it’s there on hand and you get less compressor running time which is really nice this is going to be a great complement for this car especially paired with what we have

Coming up back there towards the back of the car but before we get there what do we have here this is uh our AWB exhaust we use these on a lot of our European builds and that is a nice finish that’s what you’re going to be able to see a

Lot of Mickey’s got his hands on some of the it’s like a chromium anodized black tip yes we’ve got quad tips yeah but this is cool like a lot of times we get carbon tips sometimes we just have you know Chrome or even just raw pipe but

This nice anodized finish black is going to complement that front grille and also some of the carbon because it is not like a deep black it’s almost like a dark dark gray this should be a really nice complement to that rear diffuser that’s going to poke out through and

There’s four of them so yeah and it looks like we have a valve system as well so the factory valves are going to be still functional there’s a split pipe system all the way from the front to the back yeah it’s pretty cool it has a

Merge in the center there now to help with with uh probably I’m guessing back pressure and also the sound so this should be a really responsive system and it should sound great and if it doesn’t we can always open up these valves so that’s nice that they include that a

Lot of times when you do these systems they don’t keep these valves and you end up with just an open system all the time so it’s nice to have that factory adjustability on your aftermarket exhaust system yeah for the early early morning leave to work yeah for your neighbor’s sake

I also see we’ve got the 3p from airlift but we also have the P3 custom digital gauge you know that’s that’s going to be fun to say what we’re working on yeah the P3 so uh this is a digital readout gauge this plugs into your OBD2 and reads out

Things like air fuel mixture boost pressure some of the other other information that you may not have on your infotainment this is going to display that for you so you can keep an eye on all your innards of your motor and and coolant and everything like that

So is that a digital display that’s basically housed in the old vent location yeah it is so you still have your your functional kind of air control and everything you got two vents it’s still gonna you know HVAC wise is still going to provide you with the hot and

Cold air that you want but you still have this display right here that’s going to give you that information and uh it looks like stock it honestly looks like yeah I mean I feel like that’s a factory Dash component that they purchase and apply their their screen to

Their their digital gauge to that’s one thing that I’ve always wanted I had a BMW wagon years ago an e91 wagon and I’m not sure if it’s P3 or maybe someone else but they also made similar a similar gauge and I was never never able

To get it for that car so now I can enjoy it in this place but yeah it looks like a really nice Complete product from P3 well we got the elephant in the room behind me here so I’ll take this one we’ve got our Thule Vector box and this

Is essentially a roof box that’s going to be mounted via some other Thule components here we’ve got their Edge clamp system and a couple other variables that are going to be used to mount this thing on the roof of the car now these are really really common in

The Euro scene also very common in the wagon scene which is a little bit strange because wagons have a lot of room inside why do you need a box on the roof but yeah I mean we set this thing down this thing is ultra light yeah so

Like you think some of the overlanders where they just have this big tent it’s like it makes it top heavy this thing was pretty much pretty lightweight like two two or three fingers on the straps and you’d be able to pick this thing up so and what’s cool is it’s completely

Basically turn key you get all the components directly from Thule to mount this thing on your specific vehicle we have no Provisions for it right now from the start we’re gonna be able to add to it so basically um you know we sourced all this stuff directly from Thule for the vector unit

And I’m looking forward to seeing this on the car I it’s not my aesthetic honestly but I will be frank the black finish looks awesome and we did a gloss black on the roof which was really smart on you guys’s part because this is all going to tie together I think it’s gonna

Look really sharp yeah yeah it’s it’s I’d like to say it was on purpose but I think that was a happy accident we were just going to match the sunroof but uh yeah that is just going to kind of sit right on top of that look like it’s part

Of the gloss black Grille gloss black over the top and then the carbon down the back I think it’s going to look really cool and it’s going to provide additional places for a road trip if you want to store a bag an overnight bag a duffel I think you could probably even

Fit snowboards in here it’s gonna look good on there and I can’t wait to put it on but I think this might be the cherry on top the last thing that actually gets done so you guys are going to have to subscribe to the channel if you want to

Check that out make sure you don’t miss the notifications for these videos moving on we’ve got the always fun uh wheel and tire package which arguably transforms the car the most out of anything we really do and for this particular project we pick rotiforms I’m seeing that that new wheel

Style and it’s really going to open up and really show off those new rotors yeah we have going on this for sure so that is our rotiform ltn it is a monoblock forged it is 20 by nine plus 25 offset and that’s going to just have this very flush and aggressive stance

Compared to what we have going on right now so and so these are actually forged wheel they’re they’re not flow formed they’re not flow forged they’re none of that it’s actually a forged wheel which from a sports car standpoint is amazing because they’re super durable and they’re super lightweight and they’re

Going to hold up to potholes stuff like that around here which is really great and we’re pairing them with our Falcon Tire rt660s of the Zenith line uh now these are not the exact tires that we’re going to be using because we’re still waiting on those to come inbound but

These are the ones we had sitting here so we threw them in for you guys just so you get a visual as to what’s going to be going on this car so not only are we gonna be able to stop we’re going to look good because we’ve got air

Suspension we’re going to be able to go fast and actually get grip uh Corner really well yeah yeah via our 660 xenos tires so we love those things we put them on everything and it’s going to be a really well-rounded project I get the feeling and there’s still more showing

Up we still have some stuff showing up there’s some interior bits a little bit more carbon fiber on the tangible side that you know oh man more carbon fiber bumper I mean it’s already got a lot in there we just we need to add more yeah

So this add more we didn’t mention in the intro this is actually a Prestige model it is prestige so it has uh you know Carbon Dash carbon hand grip areas on the door cards and quilt Stitch seats it looks beautiful inside with the red leather so

Um yeah this is going to be an exciting one I think once we get flowing into these uh upgrades it’s going to go pretty quick uh and it’s going to transform very fast so if you guys are into this car definitely subscribe to the channel because we’re going to be doing these

Mods really fast and uh we’re gonna be popping out lots of content and it’s going to be exciting Thank you that’s a lot of parts and we’ve got a couple more inbound right so this is going to be really exciting and I can’t wait to get started on it why don’t you tell them how they can win this car well if you go to especially

Right now because it’s two times entries every dollar you spend towards your merch car parts maintenance Parts anything you see on our site is an entry to win times two until Tuesday but before you do that make sure that you like comment subscribe do all the good

Stuff that helps us out and gets this S4 the attention that it deserves and they’re also going to win twenty thousand dollars cash on top of that dude this car and 20 000 that’s right that’s just more parts you can buy right that’s right do what you want fix your

House up put more car parts on the Audi S4 whatever you want to do it’s up to you so we’ll get going in the next episode guys thanks for watching we’ll see you then Foreign