Throtl: Building an Audi S4 Prestige – Part 1 – STEK Dyno Matte PPF!

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-08 17:00:33
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Will and today we are kicking off our S4 project we’re heading over to Elite finish they’ve got something special for this car but I’m not going to tell you what it is you got to stay tuned and see it happen I’ve got

The keys I’ve got the address let’s get to it All right we just arrived here at Elite finish it was a quick drive over here and now I’m here with the general manager Kevin I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for this so yeah I’m excited for this I’m first of all welcome to the euro Club thank you guys

This is the departure for you guys I’m very excited basically on this car I think we we talked about doing a couple different things but we ended up deciding on a matte paint protection film so it’s actually going to be a clear film that goes over this car it’s

Going to protect it against Rock chips and debris it’s going to be super easy to clean for whoever wins this car is going to be a breeze we’re going to go through we’re gonna you know do some little touch-up from minor Little Rock chips up front polish the paint make it

As perfect as we can and then protect that for the new owner that all sounds fantastic they’re really going to go into depth to correct before they go you know throwing this matte layer on so they got a lot of work to do I got the keys to hand you awesome foreign We’re going to go through and wash the whole thing so just clean it all up we’re gonna also go through a clay bar process to remove any sort of like you know contamination brake dust anything that’s kind of stuck in the pores of the of the paint so this car is as perfect

As it can be before we do all the protective services and that way when the new owner gets it not only is it new underneath it’s fresh and easy to take care of on the outside foreign S came over and they went ahead and measured the hood and the front bumper they’re going to cut the ppf to the width and length that they need in order to cover those bits without any kind of breaks in the ppf then they’re going to start applying some ppf today so it’s

Going to look awesome Yesterday they finished clay barring and prepping the surface for this now today they are working on getting all the lights out the mirrors off the handles off and they’re going to get into the nooks and crannies of this and be able to apply this estec Dynamat ppf with

Edgeless finish and it’s going to be a very nice clean presentation when this is all done foreign We’re in the middle of doing the hood right now this film is a clear film it’s translucent you can see the color of the car through it but it just turns it into a matte finish we cut out a big sheet and we’re going to custom cut this to

The car we’re wrapping around all the edges we’ll do the soapy water solution and that allows the film to kind of feel to adjust it to get wrinkles out of the film as we’re going to have tension on This Hood allow it to flatten everything out and then as we go through that

Process we’re going to spray some alcohol in there that helps dry that soapy water solution out more and then we’ll squeegee everything the more more you squeeze you get rid of all that soapy water solution from there the film starts to stick that adhesive starts to

Work this is a film that’s meant to last a really long time it’s got a 10 year unlimited mileage warranty so not only is it going to change the entire look of the car into that kind of matte paint job it’s also going to protect the car

For a really long period of time and be super easy to take care of Thank you all right they have all of our estec Dynamat ppf cut out as they’ve measured the car they’ve gotten all the accessories handles mirrors everything pulled off the car I actually wrapped the hood before I got back here and it looks awesome it just pulls out the hard

Lines all these hard edges and the transitions just like there’s like three layers to them now it’s really really cool looking I’m really happy with this in person it really stands out makes it look high class and uh just unique they’re going to start on the rest of

The car now probably the fenders towards the back we have something special on the roof for you guys but I’m not telling you what it is you have to see what it’s done So they just finished the passenger front door and now we have a side by side between the two doors this is the original gloss versus the new matte finish and I just I can’t say it enough that the like the design and hard lines inside of these panels really stand out

A lot more with this matte finish and it’s just really really looking better and better the more I see more space on this that has on that finish it looks pretty Sharp Foreign That looks so rad the satin on top of the gunmetal paint looks so cool yeah so you’re seeing the exact color of the car showing through but just Frozen so it’s like it was painted from the factory of Frozen paint drop that is insane so like

You know we’ve done a lot of different wraps yes you have and it looks so much different than this this literally it looks like a factory if you feel it it’s got like a slickness to it because it’s got the hydrophobic top coat unbelievable there’s no orange peel yeah

It’s really flat oh my god wow Thank you Boom and just like that he has finished putting this Aztec Dynamat on the front end of this car and it is really bringing out the character this car is going to look awesome they have a few more panels to do and then this car is done and wrapped foreign They are now ready to start wrapping the roof a little bit of Provisions had to be taken they had to actually open the sunroof and kind of lower it through the glass down so I guess the trim around it is going to get damaged if the adhesive

Touches it and they start you know peeling it and stretching and you started taking precautions he’s laid down some plastic to keep our interior nice they’re going to grab this ppf and it is like we said a surprise this is what they’re going to be putting since

We have a sky roof and it is gloss black we’re going to keep that gloss black all the way over and really kind of get a nice executive touch on the roof of this let’s watch a good put on Foreign Walk around now I’ve seen this in progress so I know what to expect somewhat I think there’s still going to be some surprises but the guys back at the shop have not seen this at all none of the progress so we’re gonna get to

Take it back to them they get to see it and you guys will see the reaction and hopefully you guys like it as much as I know that I will let’s go check it out Look at those Body Lines popped out under this lighting this guy right here that’s like my favorite part of the whole car right there I don’t know why they even touched up all this piano black right here all those swirls are gone so what needs to

Be glossy is nice and glossy and clean what needs to be matte has this awesome smooth finish and it’s all uniform no more hairline swirls from just washing this card just normal use of this car all gone with this Aztec Dynamat Pro so sick so let’s get some nice close-up

B-roll shots you guys can really see some of the details that have gone into this while they’ve wrapped this and got this looking so awesome for us let’s take a closer look I hope you guys enjoyed some of those close-up looks at this car now I’m here

With Wes he is the owner of elite finish and he’s the guy who helped make this happen so Wes thank you very much appreciate that what do you got for us thanks for bringing another car to us it’s always been a pleasure working with throttle this is a really cool project I

Really like when I jumped into the car scene big I had an S4 and I put a lot of effort into it so I’m really excited to see all the things that you’re doing to this but I was super stoked about was the fact that this is a metallic gray

Finish Dino matte from s-tech looks so incredible on a lot of colors but especially like Grays and Silvers it just lends naturally and you can see with all these sharp Body Lines with the new S4 you know design here the shading that you get on those Body Lines with

The matte really pronounces you know pretty drastically and dramatically so it it just looks super striking s-tec they’ve been really one of the the major leaders in producing the highest quality paint protection films and also windows tents and different materials that really look absolutely stunning the finish of Dino matte is the closest

Finish you’ll see to any OEM finishes so you know the different brands that actually produce a matte paint finish even if we just did say the front end of the car like let’s say this wasn’t a conversion it was already all matte we just want to protect just the front end

Of the car we could do that and you wouldn’t be able to see a visual difference a lot of the other films that have a finish like this if you stop from panel to panel you’ll be like oh man that looks totally different what’s cool

Is is that if you were to compare this right now you go to the dealership even though we’ve converted it from gloss to Matt you would see you could put it right next to a matte finish Audi and you see it looks just like the factory so there’s a lot of different colors

That they offer and they were really the first in the industry to start offering that kind of a finish the carbon fibers and just crazy stuff there’s a few other little things like we paint corrected and ceramic coated the the B pillars for you guys because that that acrylic you

Know is really soft and it scratches easily so we wanted to get all that looking nice the dyno matte material from estec comes with a 10 year warranty against like crack yellowing discoloring fading things like that it’s an unlimited mile warranty so what’s nice too is again you know what people used

To do when they wanted the roof gloss black is either paint it which is really expensive and very involved or they would just wrap it with black vinyl black vinyl you’ll never it’ll never look that clean also it won’t be able to hold up that still has a 10-year

Warranty as well this is a transformation in the way the vehicle looks that’s not temporary as long as paint would hold up this is going to hold up yeah you know and the maintenance actually interestingly enough you can kind of feel how slick like kind of a smooth feel that is it’s

Got like a hydrophobic quality to it it does and so the texture of the material itself as well as the ceramic coating that’s built into estec’s materials makes it very hydrophobic and easy to clean this is actually easier to clean than gloss by the way and it has all the

Self-healing attributes that the paint protection film comes with same up here is the ceramic coating and self-healing attributes built into the top coat on the gloss black as well and then what we always like to do here at Elite finish is we want to put some of our own

Ceramic so what we’re doing is a ceramic coating that’s built into the material we’re layering our own ceramic on top of that just to help give it a prolonged the benefits that come from the material you’re getting a prolonged benefit and so we use C quartz skin for that here

It’s dedicated for paint protection film and vinyl wraps actually well again I really appreciate you guys bringing this project to us and for those of you who are in the Southern California area we’re headquartered here in San Diego we do actually get vehicles shipped to us from all over the country even like

Hawaii and East Coast things like that but if so if you’re looking for really high level paint protection foam ceramic Coatings paint Corrections high-end detailing window tint vehicle styling things like that talk to Kevin here at the headquarters at Elite finish here in San Diego we have another location up in

Gardnerville Carson City area in Nevada and then I’m over in Woodstock Georgia so we can definitely help you out with all your needs on making these cars look beautiful and stay beautiful again you guys knocked out of the park thank you Wes yeah really appreciate it thank you

All right let’s get this thing back to the team and see what they think foreign What’s up what you doing over here rolling up some ratchet straps you ready to see an S4 yeah where’d it go we totally finished the car just left nobody nobody told me it was going to leave finish the car just left they do some really good work over there so it

Shows up the same color looking beautiful paint corrected I’ll be stoked was it like a color change I don’t think they do ppf color changes I didn’t either I didn’t know about this will tell me a little bit about it so it looks really sick I’m like really

Curious to see what it looks like when it shows up I’ve never heard of this process before I’ll tell you what I was processed what process it’s a material it’s kind of a new process though we haven’t really seen it not a lot of people do it okay I’m excited it’s gonna

Be good it’s gonna be good yeah I heard something’s showing up today Wayne doesn’t even know he has no idea he doesn’t even know the car you know we did we changed the color yeah the car just left I know we got it and it left we did something a little

Different this time we did a we did a flip-flop we usually land all the parts and we show you guys what we’re going to be doing but this time we flip the script and we changed it before we even start the build so this should be fun oh

It is there it is that in Black okay the same Club as satin Aztec satin ppf look at that that is sick dude I like the gloss roof that’s my favorite part oh yeah is that that black ppf yeah the same thing we did on the bus yeah it

Looks great dude this looks killer it’s super sparkly I didn’t it looks almost like a brushed charcoal gray looks really nice what’s crazy to me is that there’s no orange peel I already said that once before when I was at Elite finished boy he was a surgeon with that wow I’m

Impressed so good I think it looks amazing I really like this change that we did to it I thought it was a wrap but it’s just ppf it is a wrap well it’s satin ppf over the original color which is pretty amazing foreign That is a wrap on today’s episode thank you so much to Elite finish here in San Diego and estec to provide us with the Dynamat to put on this S4 so we showed it off to the guys they were thoroughly impressed just as I was but we are not

Even done with this car this is a great first step we’re going to be handing this off to the winner with paint protection that has a warranty of 10 years let’s get this thing inside we have a whole bunch of parts to lay out to show you guys in the next episode

What else is going to be done to this S4 so thank you so much for watching like comment subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next episode with the parts Mountain everything