Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 9 – Roll Cage & Racing Shifter!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 9 - Roll Cage & Racing Shifter!

Posted: 2023-05-28 16:00:19
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn I’m here with Ricky and today we’re working on our Honda S2000 we’ve been making a lot of really good progress with this car and we got some

More parts to go on today to start we have a set of Recaro Sportster CS seats these are going to be a very nice upgrade over the factory seats they are recliners they do fold and they do all sorts of trick stuff and they’re going to be a very beautiful component to add

To the interior what else do we have for the interior Ricky so we have a spoon spores full roll cage for these beautiful cars it’s going to match our spoon Sports body kit and yeah we can see I’m going to start stripping the interior and throwing this thing back in

There we also have a few parts going on the car from hybrid racing we have a short shift kit for the Honda S2000 that’s one of the things we’ve been missing getting back on the car to get this thing back on the road so we’re gonna be installing that we have a few

Other good bits as well this is a coil pack cover and we have an oil cap as well I’m going to start out by installing a new dishworks 300 series fuel pump it’s going to be a nice complement to our Grady turbo kit and make sure we have enough fueling where

It needs to be so I’m going to start on that Ricky’s gonna start on the roll cage we’ll meet in the middle let’s get into today’s video foreign We need to remove a bunch of stuff from inside of the car and in the trunk area and I’m going to stop by removing the seed so let’s get to it What happened was I had to get to a service panel back here to access the fuel pump and so we turn the key on and I hit the roof button to make the roof go up and the roof did nothing and I remember when we were driving the car

You have to have the e-brake up to turn to get the roof to actuate correct so I looked down to turn the pull the e-brake handle it’s gone because we converted it to Electric yeah it sounded like oh that’s not not it but me me and will

Thought about this and we tested it which is why we added the relays and all that stuff so we’ll test this you already had it working we had it working yes so then we started diagnosing it and realized that the button wasn’t even Plugged In which means this came off

Again after me hand Diagnostics see you know what you’re doing foreign [Applause] so right now Queen is removing the brace that holds the fuel pump housing down which is about six knots he’s removing that from they will be able to unscrew the fuel pump carrier and then take that off and then the entire fuel pump carrier will come out you’ll see us pull

That out through here and then he’s gonna go to a table and replace the fuel pumps and then we’re going to do everything again to put it back in the fuel tank oh let’s get this fuel pump swapped out I just finished installing our DW 300 fuel pump into our stock S2000 hanger really nice fit a little bit of a tight fit it is a bit bigger of a fuel pump that came from the factory but we got it together no problem so we’re gonna get

This thing back in the car get it plugged in hooked up and then we won’t have to worry about having low pressure or having an old fuel pump with our graded turbo kit When I just finished putting the fuel pump in and get his knife for us to tackle the road cage so the roll cage pretty much goes in the same location as the fuel pump so everything that we took out it was a good thing because they had

To come out anyway so will and I are going to grab this thing yeah So I have the driver front part of the cage done and this is the easy part passenger side is going to be a bit harder because it’s in on level surface so I’m going to tackle that right now see what I can do What are you doing so I’ve got our lower plate for the back arms in position I’m just marking where the holes need to be and then we’re going to take this plate off center punch it and then start drilling foreign Underneath I used a little plate to hold the rear arm in place so we’ve got our holes where they need to be now I need to go in and oversize them so we’re going to do that from the top because I have more room and then we’re going to get this rear mounted So we got all four of our holes drilled for the passenger side rear bar so Rick is going to be on top putting bolts in and we’re going to get this thing bolted down and then once that’s on both of the rear arms will essentially be done

Except they will be finalized but that really gives Ricky the security for the main hoop to make sure he’s cutting accurately and when we modify that stuff everything should fit where it needs to do so get this thing both of them All right queen and I just got down boarding all four corners down the next step for me is to start cutting the one leg marking it to make sure it fits our floor weld it together paint it put it back in for the last time and then we

Can start working on the seats thank you okay so I made my cut as you can see it’s sitting here fairly well next step I’m gonna do three holes I’m gonna bought it from the bottom from the bottom plate I’m gonna make the sandwich happen how it’s going to be when we’re

Done at that moment it’s going to give me the Gap that I need so I can measure and see how much more metal it took out so I can add from here to there then we’ll cut well put it together test it one last time and from there take it

Back out paint it and put it back together for the final time feel first presented by throttle it’s going to be on June 3rd and we’re all going to be there on top of that we’re taking all of our cars and the debut of the S2000 is

Happening for that day I’m gonna be making a special trophy for the person that travels the furthest to come see us these some of the parts I got to work with and from here I’m gonna get to work to build this trophy I’m going to be using the Lincoln 225 Precision tape

Machine and this thing is pretty badass I’m gonna come down here I’m gonna turn this thing on since I’m welding steel I’m gonna go to DC negative I’m probably gonna need about 135 somewhere around there and then you should be ready to go All right so this is the body of a little guy The Next Step I’m going to try to design some feet I really want to use these Springs and vowels so I don’t know maybe I should do like something like this maybe do dual oh I think the Dual looks better

We’re gonna add one final touch and it’s gonna be a spark plug in the bowl [Applause] thank you so there it is that trophy is complete we know we have tons of fans all the way across the world we want to see you there a few fast so click on the

Description below so you can save money you tickets and I’ll see you there Thank you Next up we have our hybrid racing S2000 shifter and this one is extremely cool because we have the original S2000 hybrid racing shifter like the pre-production one on our EK so it’s cool to see this product as like a fully developed Market ready product there’s a

Lot of really neat things about this kit specifically everything just looks absolutely beautiful everything’s aluminum everything’s finished really nicely it even comes a little placard with a bunch of S2000 facts on it which is really cool something I didn’t realize until I was reading the installation guide is this foam section

Here that’s part of the packaging is actually going to be used as a sound insulation for the shifter so really freaking cool their packaging is incredible and everything about this product is really nice so we’re gonna get this thing set up and installed and I can’t wait to fill it on our s2000. I just got the first few pieces of our shift kit in the transmission we got our insulation from it was part of the packaging which is really cool literally the perfect fit which is really nice so we’re gonna go ahead and drop the assembled shifter in give this thing bolted down oh

Shifter’s fully installed it feels amazing it’s such a nice piece on our Civic and I’m really glad we brought it back for our S2000 build I love the shifter so we’re done with it I’m gonna move on Next up we have some engine bay dress-up bits so this is an APR carbon coil cover it’s going to replace the factory Honda one that’s a little bit scuffed up you have a hybrid racing oil cap and a bunch of Down star Hardware so these are for

The valve cover and this is a full F-series dress up Bay kit so this has timing cover Hardware it has valve cover Hardware it has intake manifold Hardware just kind of everywhere so start knocking this stuff out thank you All right we’re finished up in the engine bay it looks absolutely beautiful and essentially we’re pretty much done with the engine here so we’re gonna move on to the next thing I’m gonna grab our APR carbon fiber cooling panel and that’s going to basically close off this

Area here like so but because we’re working with an aftermarket part on top of an aftermarket part on top of an aftermarket part we got to do aftermarket things and that means we have to trim this up just a little bit to make it work with all of our existing

Components that are coming together in one spot so along with this I also mounted our ready ap2 turbo kit EIN number Just finished up with our APR cooling panel did a few things while we’re in here as well we changed out all the factory Hardware to downstar which looks a lot nicer once it’s all buttoned up we also put our JSP Fab radiator mounts back in and we had to do a bit of

Trimming on the APR panel because of this gratty cooling panel for the turbo kit and also this aftermarket mishimoto radiator needed a little trimming around that we did toss some thick foam between the core support and the radiator as well just to seal that off completely and make sure that nothing’s rubbing or

Scratching anything up so yeah I think overall it’s a good look closes off that front area really clean and really gives a nice smooth look to the front of the engine bay before I throw the seats in I’m going to reinstall our painted spoon mirrors and there we go look shoes like

So it looks sick oh look at this even the inside got painted black some blue mirrors looks sick all right oh that’s a door panel out can I do that first I gotta do some explaining here we’ve got to call a little bit of an audible on this project and it comes in the seat Department you know we acquired a really nice set of Recaro Sportster cs’s this is my favorite seat on the market today aftermarket seat for cars I have these

In my R32 I had these in my old Ric Flair wagon and they’re honestly one of the most comfortable adjustable Aftermarket seats on the market in my opinion what’s really nice about Recaro stuff is Recaro is known for making a lot of the oec started in a lot of these

Cars in fact these may even be Recaro chairs I’m not sure our plan was to put these in the car now we cannot do that because of a couple things we put them in the car and normally we make something to make it work but in this

Case the floor pan on the right hand side of our 2006 S2000 is quite different than previous models and that was the research I had done they actually added a couple tunnels into the right hand side of the car and what’s going to happen because these seat rails

And brackets need to be basically custom made this passenger seat would end up sitting really high in the chassis and I’m not comfortable with that I really want the seats to match and the nice thing about the car that we bought is they already had these really nicely upholstered red leather and black

Leather seats with gray stitching and they’re factory seat rails and brackets so these things sit exactly where they need to sit in the car so I guess what I’m trying to say is we’re not going to be able to use these Sportster cs’s from Recaro unfortunately in this build this

Is one of the things I was really looking forward to but because we have these really nice upholstered factory seats you know it’s it’s okay a situation isn’t terrible and I think these look great and it also carries the red throughout the interior like we like the other nice thing about the factory

Seat is that when spoon designed the roll cage for these cars they I believe they designed it around being able to utilize a factory seat or a bucket seat these fit in there nicely with the roll cage and you don’t lose a lot of the adjustability that’s the direction we’re

Going to go now let’s toss these in the car We installed an electronic parking brick on this and we are now utilizing a button right here where the defrost button was but we have this huge void right here where the handle was and we have nowhere to put our phone currently so we measured and designed a 3D print

This is perfect for an iPhone 13 Pro it’s just going to hold it off at an angle easy to grab out and it should just slide right into here foreign At these and we have resealed them and they are ready to go back on the car they have hid low beams with an upgraded bulb we have led heads now and we have LED turn signal and running lights and a brand new lens that is no longer smoked

And cracked let’s get these on thank you Ricky is finishing up tightening the right side headlight and now it is time to turn on the keys into the ignition test the turn indicators the running lights the low beams and the high beams make sure everything’s still working

Before we get the bumper and everything else around it back on let’s test them out Look at this look at this it’s so bright that looks sick I love it let’s get this bumper on dude so we have the front bumper back on which is good we left the carbon plate off because in the next episode we’re actually going to take this thing for a

Drive and as soon as we’re done and confirm that it drives well we’re going to recharge the AC and the low side port is actually right here under the carbon plate so it’s gonna be a lot easier to just leave the plate off now and install

It after the AC is working again so get this thing tight that’s gonna do it for today’s episode we got a lot done in this one I set aside some time and got the headlights cracked open put some new lenses on these old housings and they look awesome

All the lights are upgraded I also knocked out an awesome cell phone pocket inside of there for whoever gets it roll cage got put on I also put the mirrors back on the car now that they’re painted and it looks amazing I got our new hybrid racing shifter installed

Along with our Detroit’s fuel pump this car is almost completely back together really all we need is a set of wheels to go drive I know so we’re so close we’re still a few things we’re going to be putting on the car such as the wing the

Hard top and a few other minor bits here and there but as far as getting the car back on the road we’re just a set of wheels away so stay tuned for the next episode guys thank you guys so much for watching as always drop a comment Down

Below on how you think this S2000 is turning out time is running out to get entered to win this Honda S2000 plus 20 000 of cash every dollar you guys spend at is gonna get you one entry to win this car so get your entries in guys we’ll see you guys in

The next episode yeah nice thank you now he already walked away