Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 8 – Exhaust Install!

Posted: 2023-05-26 16:00:15
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] all right so I gotta make a quick Interruption to today’s video and no this is not an ad I wanted to let you guys know that we do read the comment section we have seen a lot of the negative comments in regards to the spoon rear bumper and diffuser on the

S2000 so to remedy that what we ended up doing is picking up a brand new ap2 rear bumper direct from Honda so we literally just picked this up from the dealership and we are going to send this out to Torrey Pines Collision to be painted in

The same gunmetal that the car is we also picked up a carbon fiber rear diffuser that will fit on the stock rear bumper that we think a lot more people are going to care for if you do happen to be the winner of the car you get to

Make your choice you get to either have the S2000 OEM ap2 bumper with the carbon rear diffuser or you get to run the spoon rear bumper with the spoon rear diffuser so we’ll leave it up to you guys I just want to say we appreciate

All of the comments we do read all of them and we want to make something that one of you guys is super stoked on so we hope you guys appreciate that as well so that’s it now enjoy the rest of the video foreign Guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn I got Gary in the house with me we have some S2000 content for you guys we’ve been making really good progress on putting our S2000 back together today we’re going to tackle the exhaust system so we

Have the rest of the ready turbo kit we have the downpipe for that and a coupler that’s going to allow us to run the factory catalytic converter and we have a beautiful new Goretti Cat-Back exhaust for the S2000 very nice piece we have a few tip options we’re not 100 sure what

Tip we’re going to end up running on the car so we might experiment what do you think Mr Gary I think you should run a long tip yeah we got a few it is a bit longer than the stock one so I listen I I bought this I’m pretty good at looking

At tips so we’re gonna have to get the exhaust hung on the car and kind of experiment because our spoon bumper definitely has some flavor to it I’m curious to see which tip is going to end up looking the best on it so we have a

Lot of work to do before we even put the exhaust on we have to get our drive shaft in a couple of heat shields and a couple more Factory parts and then we can start getting to our great exha so let’s get into it we’re gonna get this thing up in the air

That was a cute yeah baby let’s go We have our drive shaft in we’re going to replace the slave cylinder because will damage ours when uh it came out good job it was it wasn’t Will’s fault exclusively it was kind of amazing it was a group effort All right so the downpipe’s about to go on so we’re going to put this gasket on the back of the turbo so we can put the downpipe on the car [Applause] foreign so we have our hangers and we have our WD-40 specialist silicone now this is safe to use on non-metal surfaces such as rubber without corroding them or causing them to break down and it has a temperature rating of negative 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees

Fahrenheit so it is going to be safe to use on hot exhausts like this it’s not going to leave any kind of residue it has two times the lubrication property and it is a perfect use for this oh So that’s it our granny exhaust is installed if you want to get to know the wide variety of WD-40 products head to the link in the description below Thank you right Since Quinn and will put on the exhaust they led me to the hard part which is putting on the tip which is the hardest part of the car because you know if your kids aren’t familiar this is the part of the section that will get burnt if it

Decides to shoot a flame or not so we have this nice long burnt titanium ready piece and then we have this one right here a little kick down on it looks pretty nice and then we have the piece that the exhaust came with so we’re

Going to swap them out see which one we like the cool thing about this is that it’s held on by three Allen key bolts on it so you can swap it out say you want to not look like a Goofy Goober you just want something to look long and sturdy

Just kind of slide it on there oh don’t forget that’s silly they put it this way why wouldn’t you want it to say ready this way upside down rotate it I like that it’s not look at that I’m kind of in on that let’s throw the turndown tip on and get

It on the ground and then we’ll swap it out for that one oh wow that one this one feels a little looser yeah that looks kind of sick though it kind of matches the bumper a little bit more it gives a little flare I don’t know let’s let’s get let’s bring

It down I want to see it on the ground yeah the turn down tip with our STI a long time ago when we did the gretty collab with the exhaust we were between the turn down tip and the straight on the STI and I don’t think it fit there

But I think this looks really good because this rear bumper is so like open with the diffuser that’s the longest one right there That looks very good too I like that one too I don’t know I kind of like that one more oh that’s pretty nice I like how it sticks out I think the reason I like the turn down is because of the welds and stuff all right we’re gonna leave it up

To Gary what do you want oh it’s on YouTube people gonna like you or hate you for this I don’t like this okay this is cool like Mr Mickey said they got these cool little pie cuts and everything but something about the long one with the long burnt titanium tip

Boom all right all right it’s decided that’s it comment down below if Gary made the right choice all right we are here at cartboy do all of our shift knob laser engraving here with our exhaust tips we did when we did the Grady throttle collab a while back

So I literally only have to make one tip today here we are cartboy laser time throttle hoonigan logo going on each side of the Grady exhaust tip here and we only have one so so we only get one shot slow that’s cool it actually shows what it’s going to do

It’s the hair yeah just to hair but you think you’re good left to right say we send it I’m ready yeah here we go you’re not supposed to look at that I think we did it look at that one of one that’s dope the side

Fire in the hole I want to do the honors there you go you do it ready And there we go we nailed it done thank you oh oh we’re high five I don’t know what we’re supposed to do anymore awesome that’s it every time I do it I feel like it’s gonna be hot it’s a little little perfect One of one okay that’s right let’s see this looks good especially from the side yeah thank you all right now our Turbo System and exhaust is complete it is time for me to work some technical magic using the thumb drive that was sent with the Grady

Turbo kit to upload a flash tune to the ECU that way when it’s reading the data that is shown by using the force induction setup that we just installed it’s not going to freak out and throw a check engine cell so I got some magic to

Do with the laptop flash this thing and then we’ll start it up for the first time with the turbo and exhaust thank you All right that is The Flash ECU for the gritty turbo kit it’s all good no errors or nothing it says successful so I’m just going to save and close I’ll plug everything and it’s time to start this thing it’s time to start this time give

Me a give me a give me a solid one it’s time to start this thing stop start this thing now that we’ve finished the turbo kit and the exhaust system it’s time to get this thing back on the road we need to bleed the brakes and bleed the clutch to do that Foreign around the first time so whenever we do like a fresh break set up like this so none of the calipers are none of the lines have fluid in them so I opened them up well just pumped until we start seeing fluid out usually it’s super aerated when it first looks coming out

Usually it’ll start coming out a little bit clear and then I’ll shut it off and I do that on each bleed screw around the entire car just to know that we have some fluid in all of the calipers now we’re going to go around and do the

Typical pump three times crack until we see clear fluid around the whole car again and then it’ll be kind of like our final bleed from there we’ll check pedal fuel see how it feels when the car is running and then if we need to bleed it again we will so let’s keep going

Do do do Brake system is fully blood now we’re going to move on to the clutch get this thing bud So we finished splitting our clutch finish bleeding the brakes I’m gonna hop in make sure the pedal feel is good and then we got some cooling here we’re going to fire this thing up hear the new great exhaust and start bleeding our cooling system feels good it’s definitely a little bit

Stiffer than stock yeah I think we’re good next up we’re going to fill this thing up with coolants we got a little cooling jug here to help us Bleed It uh quicker and easier so we’re gonna fill it up and get all the boys out here and get this thing fired up Oh I didn’t even know that was on sorry so Mr Will’s in the driver’s seat Quinn’s on safety Ricky’s just doing it as usual and we’re going to hear this car stop with the gritty exhaust and the Grady turbo I’m excited because turbo it’s a great turbo right you guys put a

Turbo on this thing I did nothing man I missed the whole process you wouldn’t you missed the part where we put the high sport bushings on man I actually my hands was dirty I mean you can’t tell now but I did stuff and y’all got really good soap here down the

Throttle I didn’t have to wash my hands with old socks as long as they wear crunchy socks you ready all right let’s give her a rip Honda that lady it’s awesome the exhaust that was really nice it’s actually louder than I thought it was going to be it’s like

Tell me what I can wrap it what do you think will sounds good can’t really hear outside of the noise of the car you know it’s such an enclosed space what do you think Ricky I thought it was going to be extremely loud so I’m glad he’s not I’m glad he’s

Like it’s a perfect fish a little bit of smoking from all the uh oily fingernails from Quinn but yeah no leaks so far huh I couldn’t hear you over that beautiful Grady exhaust it sounds good I wasn’t this is really crazy to see that you guys built the car

What less than four weeks and it runs it sounds good it’s not making any funny noises it’s not on fire it’s not on fire so that’s that’s a good thing right on fire is fun but that’s running good sounds good it’s idling really nicely we have a little bit of smoking

Uh coming from the exhaust side because we’re handling all the turbo and manifold stuff we got like oil on our glove saw that’s just gonna burn off other than that thing’s running great so we’re letting the cooling system to do its thing I wanted everything to come up to 10

. all the fans to activate and then we’ll know we’ll be good everything’s good so far so our cooling system is fully bled the engine is running great and one last piece we’re going to do is this this is a JSP Fab radiator stay it is a beautiful aluminum piece and we’re going

To upgrade from this which is our stamped steel factory Dudu looking radiator stay some nice beautiful women ones oh Wow Foreign dressing the back end of this car putting it all back together we’re going to start with the OEM tail lights so we’re actually going to refinish these and sand and make them all nice because they’re a little rough before we do that we’re going to actually upgrade from the

Bulbs that came from the factory to a set of XB LED bulbs by Morimoto if you guys want to upgrade your factory lights to a set of LED lights hit the link in the description so let’s get the bulbs in these and get these things in the car

We got Ricky I’m playing with it yeah so this is the third light that goes on the trunk and I’m gonna be installing it these are really LED so there’s no light bulbs for this so I’m just going to throw this thing on put a couple of nuts

In it plug it in let me should be all set oh look at that dude old bulb not very cool new LED bulb very cool we’ve got one for the turn signal and we’ve got one for the tail light which I think we’re going to disassemble us to get to Foreign [Laughter] We have a few more pieces from Cusco we’re going to be throwing on the car we’ve been waiting for the exhaust to be on and now that it’s on we can install these pieces Thank you thank you That is gonna be it for today’s episode guys we have a lot of progress done on the S2000 we’re that much closer to getting this thing running and driving we have all of our fluids done brakes are bled clutches working and fixed thank you little slave cylinder are you

There our engine fired up for the very first time that sounds amazing we don’t have any oil leaks we added coolant we also don’t have any cool links which is a really good sign it’s a good running engine yep we still need to run it in

We’ll got the tune all loaded up we got Cusco bits on we got our tail lights on we are very close the S2000 is turning out amazing we do still have quite a bit of work to do so stay tuned for that in the future episode thank you guys so

Much for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode I’m keeping this car bro with a shoe of a thousand men I’m about to run some of my slippers say shout out big shout out my Smiles where’s my where’s my quick quick books

I need to do my Quickbooks QuickBooks all right who is that QuickBooks it’s the way you track everything when you do expenses come on Nate right you’re in a small business what are you doing yeah I’m a small business right oh transmission number two excuse me Gary yo Gary they need you over here they need you no no I’m not gonna be an hamburger [Applause] who me I stay ready welcome to welcome to throttle how can I take your order what if we had it coming out of the hood that’d be cool

I could exit exhaust those are tacky those are for like drag cars and those are for actual fast cars yeah when you put Hood actually this is awesome like BMWs I feel like you’re trying to disrespect someone if you put a hood exit who anybody like yeah if you have a

Hood exit you’re not climbing on people you got to be like dumb like Civics with big turbos need Hood exits not like yeah stock Z’s all the all the 4G guys they put them like right out here in front of the bumper that’s something those and Evo dudes do that yeah yeah

That’s a that’s a 4G setup from back oh you wouldn’t know on uh back on back in the day like on um what was it like country Country Music Television or like yeah they used to play like off-roading like early in the morning they’re like we got this brand new pickup truck that

We’re going to install our brand new Holley carburetor on yeah you see he would know you know it’ll be on Sunday mornings it’ll be off-roading or 4×4 it’s not one of them some girl would install and some old two old dudes Yeah I think wait Gary right why are you bringing the car down because I’m tired of seeing his drawers and his belly button bro [Applause] Foreign