Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 7 – Engine IN & First Start!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 7 - Engine IN & First Start!

Posted: 2023-05-24 16:00:14
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and in the last episode of the S2000 build we’ve rebuilt this f-22c1 this engine is completely finished now we hung our Grady turbo off the side

Just to kind of get an idea of what it was going to look like and finish up the engine build I always love to see a turbo on a finished engine which looks really nice so today we’re actually going to get this thing back in the car

But before we do that I have to finish the plumbing for the Turbo get it fully installed and then we’ll drop this thing in I got a table full of Parts over here let’s go look at what we’re working with Thank you so to start we have all of our Cooling and oil Plumbing lines for the Grady turbo kit all of this came with the kit so we have oil lines feed return coolant everything’s sorted we just need to put it on to get the turbo bolted down we

Have a set of 550cc dishworks injectors that also came with the Grady turbo kit which is really nice we’re going to get these fitted up so we don’t have to play with it in the engine we are going to be relocating the oil filter housing so we have a grex oil filter housing

Relocation kit this is also going to allow us to run an inline cooler if you guys notice on the engine we don’t have an oil filter on in the stock location right now because the stock cooler is too thick and it actually interferes with the gratty turbo so we had to take

The filter off this is going to allow us to retain a cooler and put the oil filter in a more ideal spot instead of right next to the hot turbo after all that’s done we’re going to take it off the stand and we’re going to throw on

Our new action clutch this is a stage three sprung ceramic clutch it is going to be more than capable than handling the bumper power that this Grady turbo kit is going to make and it’s still going to be a very nice Street drivable clutch and to pair with our clutch of

Course we have a single Mass flywheel by action clutch as well just a really nice used to finish off the entire package so first I’m going to pull off the turbo we’ll start getting all of our oil fittings and coolant fittings on we’ll get this thing bolted back down to the

Engine let’s get into it foreign I bolted the exhaust manifold down and then went to put the turbo on and realized that it’s kind of a pain to put the turbo on with the manifold on already so we pulled the manifold back off first thing we’re going to do is

Take the turbo off because I just have it like on by like one or two bolts just to kind of hold it in place we’re going to put all of our fittings on so our oil feeder oil drained the coolant fittings and then we’re going to put the rest of

The studs in the manifold get all of our Hardware’s on get that bolted down with the gasket on it stud the back of our turbo and then put on the engine for good foreign [Applause] Turbo is completely assembled everything is bolted down and tight and this is just about ready to go on the engine but the engine is not ready yet we got to throw on our oil filter housing relocation kit as well as a few other fittings to accept all the new turbo

Fittings we put on and we’ll get our Turbo foreign On the Supra we have one on a few cars around here such a nice piece man just works so well gets it out of your hair we’re gonna put this like wherever we want in the car we could even have the oil filter on because the turbo is

Hitting it and now it’s just like Beauty love it Oh putting the last piece in our last cool line so this guy’s going to come from here essentially right there connect with that guy we’ll be in business our turbo will be fully installed and plumbed ready to go Our turbo kit is completely finished the turbo is installed all of our lines are ran everything is tight we got a relocation kit installed as well last thing we need to do on this engine is install our new dishworks 550 CC injectors we’re going to pop them in

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Is coming we are debuting the S2000 it is complete and it looks so good the cars turned out amazing I’m stoked on it you guys are not going to want to miss this event if you want to save on tickets hit the link in the description below get them before they’re sold out

Foreign Thank you the ejectors are installed our engine is ready to come off the stand we’re going to throw our action clutch on so we don’t have to do it when it’s in the car we can just pop the transmission on so let’s do that What’s up So this came with a new pilot bearing and one of the cool things about the f-22c1 is that the pallet bearing is actually in the flywheel a lot of times like most engines are in the back of the crankshaft and usually have to like

Pound it out I like to use bread to do that what did he say it’s kind of a mess but it being in the fly was really nice because we don’t have to do that so say you like using bread yeah can you yeah you’ve seen that cut to the 2JZ engine

Remember that did I use bread for that Ricky what did that no I use paper towels I use paper towels yeah so usually here’s here’s the pilot bearing usually it’s back here usually there’s a recession in the crankshaft and this gets like smacked in there and it sits

In flush so like you got to replace that right but once it’s sitting flush you’re heading to get it out I used to use bread so you just like stuff bread in there and you get a socket that’s like the same size as that hole and you just

Pound it in there and you just like compress spread until it’s it just starts pushing the bearing out it’s pretty funny to watch but in all seriousness let’s get this on get our five along if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell

Notifications so you don’t miss a thing Rival is installed let’s get our clutch on now Our street Parts is fully installed thing is going to be epic it’s a super nice clutch to have in our car which is sprung a ceramic clutch so it’s going to handle the power of the new turbo kit just fine and still be a nice Street driving clutch now that’s on we’re going

To throw these on which is our beautiful Billet passport mounts we’re going to throw these on the chassis side this on the engine side and then this motor is going in baby let’s go I like to get the mount arms loose while we put the engine in just because

Everything can kind of move around so it makes it a lot easier to line it up if I can do that so I can line it up here or here or wherever I need to so we’re going to throw these on just kind of hand threaded then once all the bolts are in

All the Hardwares are on then we’ll tighten everything down and it’ll suck it all up and tighten everything up and we’ll be in good shape So we’re gonna get our chassis side ones on it’s going to be a little bit easier to do with the carve in the air so we’re going to pop these on and then we’ll drag our motor over here and pop it in the bay time to get us an engine and drag it

Over here and put in this thing it’ll be good there we do it’s over there look at it it’s right there it’s right there it’s ready to go in drag that thing over here be in five minutes we’ll grab me a Ricky knock it out let’s go Our turbocharged f-22c1 is back in the engine bay and it is a little Wiggly right now we are going to be putting the transmission on next and we dragged it out from the shelf that it was sitting on to realize it was super dirty so we’re gonna get it outside Ricky’s gonna

Power wash it we’re gonna clean it up and then we’re gonna put it back on once it’s on we’re gonna get the rear cross member on bolt down all the engine mounts and make it all nice tight and then I started tackling wiring harnesses foreign Up looks way better than it did before this thing was disgusting so cars up in the air sorting through our Hardware which are these guys so that’s the transmission bolt and there’s a bunch of them in here we’re gonna get this transmission up on the transmission jack

Up into the car and then uh bolt it down The engine is going back onto the engine crane the reason is because this is a pole type clutch because the throwout bearing essentially sits inside of the pressure plate normally when you put a transmission on the throw bearing will be inside of the transmission and so you

Don’t really think about it when you put in the input shaft through the clutch housing in this case the throttle bearing is on the clutch so it extends the snout of the clutch so we have to put the transmission back further to get it up in the input shaft in the hole

Essentially because the transmission tunnel like tapers down we don’t have enough room and with this Mount set up we can’t tilt the engine back far enough to get it down so what we’re going to do is we’re going to grab the engine back on the engine crane take it up take the

Engine mounts off lower the engine down significantly more than you could with a stock Mount and then we’re going to go in on our back from behind stab the transmission and put two bolts on it lift the engine back up put the engine mounts on and cross member back on then

We’ll be done so that’s what we’re doing The engine is in the transmission is bolted to the engine and the mounts are on the trans mount is on so we’re in good shape we still need to align the bell housing because it’s not fully seated we don’t have it on the dowels yet so we still have a little bit of

Work to do it is done we still have to tighten everything down including the transmission get the starter on then the engine will be officially in with a transmission on it thank you Ricky thank you for your help yeah man I’m just finishing that let’s go transmission is almost fully in we still

Have a few more bolts left but we’re going to throw the starter in while we can so let’s go baby sneak that up in here Foreign Is fully installed we’re going to start attaching all of our wiring harness get all this stuff back in so we can keep on moving let’s go All right while the boys are getting the wiring put back on the engine and the fuel lines hooked up I’m going to work on getting the oil cooler finished up this is a really comprehensive kit from Grady came with fantastic instructions that are found online and it’s gonna

Definitely keep this engine running a little cooler so I’m gonna go ahead all the lines are pre-made which is really nice these are also I found out made by our friend at Dime PSI Brendan who comes down and does a lot of our our hoses he makes these for gritty which is really

Cool so we’re going to toss these on The two lines from the oil filter sandwich adapter plate are in and they run up here to our oil filter relocation now we’ve got two longer lines that are going to go from the oil filter relocation kit down to our oil cooler essentially what this is doing is

Circulating oil from the Block through the oil filter out to the oil cooler and back around so it’s basically connecting a big loop allowing what it adds up to be about another half a quart of oil in lines and everything here in the cooler but I already mounted the cooler down

Here so as you can see it’s already here ready includes these really nice brackets that allow you to line it up under the core support and It Bolts right in this is really an easy job that’s why I picked it I let those guys do the hard stuff

All right all the cooler lines are on that’s going to complete the oiling system so that we can actually put some oil in the car that’s exciting so Ricky and I have pretty much finished all of the wiring harness attachments that we’re going to be attaching for now so

We’re just finalizing all the hoses and lines underneath the intake manifold so we can move on to priming the rolling system Queen is ready for medicine throwing the motor breaking all in we’re gonna use 1040 manual breaking off so that’s going to essentially lubricate the engine as it starts to wear itself in so when you rebuild an engine you got bearings I need to break in even though I don’t

Need to break in that much the main thing is the ring so the Rings need to seat and this oil is going to help it do that instead of hurting it so it’s a mineral mineral instead of like something like a full synthetic really is not good for break-in so we’re going

To put this in we’re going to prime it because we added all these lines and all the coolers and all that stuff it’s all empty so we’re going to get it primed fill it up and then when we go to start it we’ll have a prime wall system and

We’ll have some fresh breaking off We got our Grady oil cooler and relocator filled with oil make you fill it up so we put a filter on it and I’m spinning the engine by hand this is essentially just manually running the oil pump and we’re getting oil pressure throughout the engine so Ricky cracked

The turbo oil feed line and we had it all coming out of that which is good it means we have one on the turbo which means we should have oil pretty much everywhere else on the engine so we just need a set of spark plugs we need will

To load our Honda Out Of Tune and then we should be ready to start it foreign Sir how’s it going Mr Mickey what’s up baby hi my name is Gary King Jr down from uh Compton California via hoonigan yeah I am the uh Prevail talk and the master of uh since 2000s 2000 as well oh Gary’s in the house he’s gonna help

Us with this S2000 but we’re back to flashing the ECU there was an EFI fuse that we needed to plug back in we took it out so that the fuel didn’t dump all over us when we were testing electronic stuff so it’s back in I’m gonna hit upload

So we selected the tune for this it is Flash to the ECU now it’s time to actually crank the engine and see your start are we ready for that let’s go baby yeah we’re almost ready we’re almost ready yeah what else we got I gotta so I dropped the spark plugs in

The old spark plugs in I want to take them out I want to free Spin the engine the injectors unplugged and it plugs out just to kind of get oil going again I even know we just firmed up a hand just to like double triple confirm that we

Have low pressure which is good from there we’re going to plug the injectors in drop our spark plugs in Bolt everything down and then start it up let’s go we got a little pressure baby we’re in good shape Okay We are ready for first start and Ricky’s back what and Gary you ready to see this thing start for the first time oh are we ready let’s do it well it’s time I didn’t drive all the way down here to see a box can I pass here yeah you

Can okay are you sure yeah listen The Reptilian alien men are taking over the universe or want to make us all Drive EV cars and yeah it’s weird huh right all I want to do is drive big camed hogged ass Nissans around with the powers that beat don’t want us yay

You got to remember dang you hear the turbo sounds good dude huh that turbo sounds nice engine works which is a really good sign so now we can kind of button everything else back up so we’re gonna put the intercooler the cooling system and kind of dress the front of

The car here and get everything mechanically back in shape So we got all of our parts here ready front mount intercooler mitsumoto radiator mitsumoto fans we got these goddamn mitzimoto oh radiator tubes I need to go on this car because I got here don’t run bro what are you talking about man man I’m running a tight ship so

This thing kind of tight radiators going on the car intercooler’s going on the car and all the associated houses and pipes let’s put it on oh hey don’t hurt your back oh that’s right okay hold on we’ll lift this together what teamwork yeah yeah look at

That all right you got it from here I think so Oh you don’t want to strip it there you go when you got these bad boys the home Invaders you feel me Foreign The last of our boost pipes for the positive pressure hot and cold side of the turbocharger the intake one is the last but that pipe like kind of goes like this and then he goes with the filter but before that goes on we have this beautiful plate here that’s going

To cover all of this and so essentially we need to have the radiator the fan and the upper and lower radiator hoses and all that stuff done so then we can put the shield on so as soon as the wheel is done with this we’re going to move into

Getting our radiator installed which will has already put the fan trout on drop that in get our hoses done and then we’ll go move on to the intake so we’re almost finished [Applause] [Applause] our mishimoto radiator is mounted our fans are mounted on the Shroud and plugged in already now it’s time to do the silicone hoses the upper and lower are going to go in on the driver’s side it looks like Thank you rookie painted our deflection plates we’re gonna throw this on and bolt it out and get this air intake system on The very last piece of the puzzle this is the air intake tube that’s the last piece that filter is sick but this is what that filter attaches to Look at that it’s done we put this engine in yesterday I know so this thing came together really quickly which is really cool we haven’t put coolant in it we still don’t have an exhaust so there’s still things that need to get done to the car

But it looks beautiful look at that it was great thank you all right that is going to be it for today’s episode guys we have our f-22c1 back in the engine bait it is running and it is plumbed with all the turbo gritty goodness that we could want dude

That was a lot of work in one video the whole turbo kit the radiator the fans from our intercooler but she’s a ripper now oh she is she’s I’m gonna come down here for nothing I made sure I’ll do all of this so one lucky person

Can actually win this car get it done on time because uh KFC closes soon [Laughter] yeah I should have Champions crispy would you all right all right thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to drop a comment on how you think rs2000 is turning out and we’ll see you

Guys in the next episode Peace remember every dollar you spend on or gets a chance to enter to win twenty thousand dollars and this S2000 good luck to you guys and remember have fun with the car because I can’t but you can Foreign