Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 6 – Suspension & Big Brake Kits!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 6 - Suspension & Big Brake Kits!

Posted: 2023-05-22 16:01:28
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] hey welcome back to the throttle Channel I’m here with Ricky and our S2000 just got back from the paint shop now it’s time to work on the wheel wells of this thing we got to get the brakes off the suspension the chassis bracing and then we’re going to replace it with much

Better stuff one episode oh wait that’s a lot of stuff stop Thank you Now that we have the brake system out of the way the suspension out of the way the next step is to clean it you think just came back from the body shop and it’s usually kind of Dusty out here so I’m gonna clean everything up dry it everything paint whatever I need to

Paint and then put all the new stuff back in here foreign Okay now that we have removed the brakes suspension and the chassis reinforcement it’s time to get our new stuff back in starting with some of the chassis reinforcement we have our Cusco sway bars and strut bars as well as some other chassis reinforcement bits to back up and also to further increase the

Steerability and the ride quality and really the cornering capabilities of this car we have the EVS tuning bump steer kit and half shaft spacers right in front of that we have our Wilwood brake kit and this is a two-piece loading for the front end rear with our

Amazing calipers and right next to that we have our BR BC racing fully adjustable coilovers that we are actually going to be installing right now thank you foreign Overs are in now it’s time to move on to the chassis reinforcement and we have a slew of Cusco parts right here so we are going to reinforce chassis using this floor reinforcement right here this is a tunnel this goes right underneath the diff in between the tunnel the left side

Of the tunnel to reinforce the chassis we have both front and rear sway bars we have both strut bars I want to say this buddy this last bit is going to tie the front subframe to the transmission mount it’s just a chassis reinforcement is what we call that foreign Foreign So until our motor exhaust and drive shaft go back in we are done as far as underneath the car with the chassis reinforcement these will go on after everything else is put back in what we can do right now is the rear strut bar which just goes in the trunk and this

Will go in after the motor as well which is the front strut bar foreign Big brake kit for the front and rear comes with an electronic parking brake much like what we did in the Tesla Z back here in the trunk right underneath where the spare tire sits I have mounted the controller for this and that controller has a wired Loom that’s going

To come up here it’s going to split to go to the controlling button that we have right here and then it’s going to continue to the power panel where the fusion relays are for the constant battery and the accessory battery so in order for that to work we have a couple

Of quick connections to make right here foreign some wire right here and rather than getting a soldering iron in here and chance splattering or you know damaging any of this leather we have these awesome things called solder sticks so it comes in a couple different sizes too

I’m going to be using a 10 gauge wire as my trunk so yellow is what I want to use so we have like smaller gauges this is the probably the most used because I gave you so many of those but this is the 10 gauge one so I’m going to use the

Yellow it’s going to basically be its own heat shrink and soldering just by waving like a butane lighter against it it’ll melt a solder collar and kind of grip all the wires together and then melt and spread and it will be weather tight as well so it’s a couple of

Different things in one it’s soldering the wire so you have a really good power connection it’s also kind of a reinforcement too because it’ll kind of hold the outsides of the solder joint that way it does if it gets brittle you can’t really bend it and then snap the

Connection so I ran all the Looms we have our serviceable fuses right here we have our apply and retract button cut in here mounted in here now all I have to do is plug in my Deutsch connection ah let’s just set that in here and then you’ll notice we got a little pocket

Here now since the e-brake lever’s not here so we may have something special planned for that okay so we are finally ready to install our rear brake system this is everything I need to get the rear side done we have our two-piece rotor which Mickey was kind enough to

Put together for me where I got everything else done right above that we have our four piston caliper and this is our electronic parking brake uh this is just an adapter a wheel with a brake pads and right over here is our EVS tuning rear toe arm which I’m going to

Start these first because it’s going to be a lot easier for me to do it now before I start putting all this thing out if not then boys are gonna have to remove half this stuff just to get this thing on so I’m gonna do them a favor

I’m gonna put this in now Please Foreign Foreign What the original caliper did on the S2000 so you see here there is one piston on this caliper and when you step on the brakes the Piston goes out and it pushes the two brake pads in together right that’s when you get your break and

When you pull your e-brake It Is by a cable which you can see here when you pull this up it squeezes the same piston and it holds it in place right and then from there you can get out of the car and go do your thing and the car will move in our

Case because we went with a four piston caliper we have two on this side two on the other side so you get equal pressure on all on both paths and you get better stopping power right on top of that our rotor is way way bigger it’s massive

Which means you can stop a lot sooner and the the rotor and the pass won’t heat up so much now when you upgrade to something like this you lose your e-brake right because you have to replace the caliper for these huge one and that’s what this one comes in this

Is our new electric parking brake so this little caliper here the only the its only purpose is that once you not complete stop and you press a parking brake button it’s literally just squeeze it and holds it in place which is your essentially your e-brake but digitally

All right the rear set of wheelwood brakes are installed it is time for us to move to the front ones in this case the main difference is that the rotors are a lot thicker bigger and we have a six piston caliper instead of a four which is going to create obviously and

I’m gonna break in power and yeah everything else pretty much the same thing so let’s get to it foreign Foreign Not gonna do anything unless the ignition is on for the accessory power that’s good so we should have an indicator right here once I click the key on Boom nice it’s LIT All right so right now if you look down here we’re gonna spin it and she turns all right oh

I heard it oh yeah now let go of it and I have I have a e-brake light on here too oh it is yeah so that’s our indicator that you break is applied so now I’ll press down Cool all right now I’m gonna turn this back off lights off the button doesn’t do anything perfect cool that is the electronic parking brake by Wilwood big brake kit on the rear done so next up now that Ricky’s done to the brakes we are going to be installing an

EVS tuning bump steer kit for the front so basically this is going to bump up the steering rack to kind of make up for the space of a lower ride height so the wheel hubs and everything are going to be higher that causes a little bit of unwanted plate and steering wheel by

Adding this Gap and bringing the steering rack up it’s going to eliminate that it’s going to be safer it’s going to be tighter steering it’s going to be better and they give you longer bolts so we have two long uh what are these These are probably m10s m12s you’ll pull these out

Put a spacer raise your steering rack up like looks like about 5 8 to three quarters of an inch and that brings the whole steering rack up Can I drink this all right next up we have a set of hot sport diff mounts first of all my boy King Gary Jr himself is here he’s R34 GTR King himself can you say my name like I’m in court like I didn’t do it your honor I didn’t take

And we have a beautiful set of Billet passport differential mounts for our S2000 so this is a huge upgraded component over a factory Mount first of all it is Billet aluminum front and rear on the diff which is super cool and it also has a polyurethane bushing so this

Is going to stabilize the diff a lot better than the factory component will these are an axle spacer so when you lower these they like to pull the half shaft stubs out of the diff apparently so we have these guys to add some width

To it and make it nice make it not break while we’re driving it so and that’s actually accurate because it happened to me when I had my SDK and I slammed it is it yeah work Yeah all right see this this OEM steel this right here Billet aluminum crafted look it’s just thicker stronger like basura this one is good you hear how that thing you don’t want to drive with that on there foreign now we’re going to move on to our axle

Spacers Gary what do those things even do which ones shiny red thing apparently when you lower this car it’ll mess up your axle so you put on these axle spacers so it compensates for that slack that you would have when you lower the car is that is that right yeah damn I’m learning Thank you So we’re finished we have our Hospital diff mount kit in and our evasive axle spacers really nice pieces everything fit really well and now it’s all complete we’re done so this is the end of the video and we got a lot of stuff done on this video yes yes we got the

Two-piece rotors by wheel well for front and rear we have our big old four piece and calipers in every year six piston calipers in the front and of course we cannot forget the electronic brake is that electronic brake control it’s like a one piston yeah well it’s do you even

Call it that I don’t know it’s a motor yeah it’s an electronic brake system cool so no more cable e-brake it is now by press of a button which is pretty sick aside from the brakes right behind them we got our BC coilovers in and it’s

Going to sit nice and low and be adjustable for ride height compression and rebound correct and not only that but the chassis super stiff now because we got all that Cusco sway bar strut bars we do have a couple more Cusco pieces to put in once the drive shaft

And the exhaust is in so more Cusco pieces but aside from that the chassis is totally done it’s awesome abs tuning we ended up adding our axle spacers yeah the half shaft spacer half shaft spacers we got our bump steers uh adapter plates for the front and rear yeah we got your

Arms and then we got plates for the front and I think that’s it right that’s it so now there’s a lot this thing is going to be much better as far as it’s drivable responsible it’s revitable responsiveness but also the the two things that are worried when

You slam an S2000 was the half shaft’s falling out which is not going to do anymore correct and the bump steers has been eliminated so really really good pieces for this car that’s it guys don’t forget to comment like And subscribe and don’t forget every dollar you spend on is going to get your one entry to win this bad boy and on top of that twenty thousand dollars in cash bad boy see you guys soon enjoy the video Thank you foreign