Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 5 – Dry Ice Blast & New Paint!

Posted: 2023-05-19 16:00:13
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

S2000 merge drop just hit the site this is all limited edition we have a awesome Tempo plate we have a sticker with an initial D style design on it and it is also on the back of the T-shirt super limited run guys if you want to check it

Out head over to the site pick up some merch let’s get into today’s video [Applause] today is going to be so much fun we just got in our dry ice energy champ of Aria we’ve been wanting one of these for so long we finally have one Eric and Jason from Chicago Auto Pros are with us today to show us everything there is to know

About this machine and how to run it these machines are amazing and are capable of so much our S2000 is going to transform with this Blaster and this thing is going to end up looking amazing so let’s get to it All right It’s so rad that is so cool Do you ever have to worry about it freezing rubber or plastic it breaking rubber and plastic no if there’s foam behind it so we mentioned the sound that I mean that you removed it was kind of Caked Up and kind of grimy if you freeze the foam behind the substrate and you

Start shooting pellets at it the actual hit of the pellet can break the foam behind the fabric Oh And like my thing for people it’s going from use and abused to best car on the lot or at the show because you’re not going to get in the nooks and the crannies like it made fun of for that term all the time but you can’t clean in

Those spaces you just can’t right so this just takes it to the next level I want to thank Rich for sponsoring today’s video and making it super easy to find a Father’s Day gift for my dad I’ve been a user of the ridge well before they were sponsoring our Channel

And I am thoroughly happy with my wallet I used to actually carry my shop key underneath the money clip here recently Ridge launched this new aluminum coin tray it fits inside the compact Ridge wallet and you can even store a key in it I’m a big front pocket carry you guys

So Ridge wallet was really important for me because I can actually carry all of my stuff very compact in my front pocket if you carry a lot of keys which some people do Ridge also has a really cool key case it’s called and what this allows you to do is carry multiple keys

And access them all at one time and what’s really cool is like the wallets the key cases have 30 different colors that you can get them in and all you car guys out there will be happy to know that they’ve got carbon fiber as well as burnt titanium which are two of my

Favorite finishes on these wallets and key cases so if you guys are in the market for something for Dad for Father’s Day or you just want to up your wallet game like I did did head on over to backslash throttle and you’re going to receive up to 40 off

Until June 15th so don’t hesitate guys huge shout out to Ridge for sponsoring this video now let’s get back to it so there’s a basic support beam up here we just did 50 of it um it’s pretty interesting to see you know you probably could toggle this off

With some solvents uh but it was to take much longer to do and probably not going to get a good result in here where there’s like tight areas where you’re not going to get a rag or maybe a brush in there it’s really simple really took

Me two seconds to clean that up and it looks awesome so the guys just tossed on a basically a fan style how do you call this okay flat tip a flat tip nozzle versus the round tip nozzle which is what we were using previously Oh My Hardline yeah that’s where I stopped right there I feel like you would do really well on The Binding it does very well because it’s so short and tight that’s why it loves albatara yeah that makes sense too so yeah try to do the embroidery just

Yeah keep it back and freeze it and then come back at a lower angle for new mats I could bring these back to 80 that’s it save 250 bucks yep So Mickey just had some fun with the passenger side floor mat uh he got it looking fairly close to brand new uh now I get to have some fun with the driver’s mat which is a little bit further gone we’re gonna see how much dirt we can

Freeze and lift off of this carpet and I don’t have to worry about the embroidery if you did that still looks pretty good Oh You know we’re just going to come in here a little bit We’re Not Gonna soak it we’re just gonna use a little bit of the cleaner because remember if it gets super wet it’s gonna freeze it so we’re kind of going backwards but again sometimes you just need a little bit of

Cleaner to help break the bomb so if this was foam you guys just want to be careful it’s like a foam seat a door card because if that foam freezes like that you’ll shoot little pellet Davidson okay so you can see already it’s just a little bit brighter yeah But I mean this was like a hammered unsellable map and when you’re done that’s active and that’s that filthy ass dirty oh we’ve all had a go at this thing this is how it started out this is me with a little bit of Degreaser this is Quinn

With a lot of Degreaser and a lot of a lot more time spent over it and it just you can see gradually it got better and better the more we had time with the dry ice even on carpets and they’re dry too there’s no like residual water after

This cleaning process this is an old shock that we’re not going to be using again but we’re just going to play around with it and see what it does All right foreign [Applause] That was that was protected his entire life by the oil so that’s not oxidized where this Tech came from was plastic Bowl injection and other manufacturing without a clean oily molds without adding contaminants or cleaners because the cleaners to get in the plastic yeah so there again very good to show the

Aluminum versus being awesome yeah all right we’re gonna go in the rear wheel well right now and this is going to be a good spot to start and we’ll work our way out this should go from this grimy kind of black coating to what we’re seeing under here which is

Closer to the silver body paint Thank you Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Yesterday Jason and Eric from Chicago Auto Pros came down and were showing us how to use our new dry ice energy machine and we got the car pretty much completely cleaned up spent most of the day yesterday just kind of learning the limits of the machine and what it could

Do and how it operates and functions so it’s not like a restore your 15 year old car to brand new it just kind of it hasn’t said it has its limits and we were trying to experiment and find them so things like rust it won’t take off

The rust so you’re just going to clean everything clean the dirt clean the road Grime all that stuff off but it won’t like fix that and just kind of learning the ins and outs like super wet oils it doesn’t like and really dry things it does like so just kind of spent

Yesterday learning the limits and having fun with it and now that we have it and it’s ours you guys are going to be seeing it dries plus a lot more things in here we’re doing it on the engine which turned out really nice it looks so

Good it’s a lot of fun so we’re finished with the driest blast so huge thank you to driest energy for this piece of equipment we absolutely love it and we’re loving working with it and using it so what do you got now uh next tip we’re going to be reinstalling the stock

Suspension man this thing is going to go out to paint and when it comes back we’re going to throw everything we got at it Thank you All right well today’s D-Day this car is heading off Torrey Pines Collision for its respray and to get all the fiberglass Parts painted as well so before we load on the trailer we’re going to remove some of the stuff for the body shop so they don’t have to fuss

With it and we have to worry about anything getting lost so we’re gonna remove the third brake light the tail lights the headlights the spoon mirrors are going to come off so that they don’t have to pull the door cards Queen Ricky and myself are going to trim it real

Quick and then they’re going to do the rest of it over there foreign We just went ahead and cut into the APR Wing box because we want to drill these holes before the car goes off the paint so that the holes get painted I don’t have any raw metal exposed underneath these so these are the base plates for the wing

They come with a really nice rubber gaskets and essentially these sit here like so and distribute the weight of the downforce across the back of the car just what we want this is not a chassis Mount this is just a trunk mount wing and being that this isn’t going to be

Any crazy level time attack car thing like that this is an adequate mounting solution for the swing thank you thank you Thank you so I just removed the wing and as you can see all the holes are still in there that way all the paint gets all up in here we get no rush in the future uh from here we are going to go to the trailer and then from here to Torrey

Pines and yeah off the paint bro Foreign Collision and my man right here is going to take care of it oh my God foreign Thank you Foreign Yo we are on our way to pick up the S2000 it just got painted I mean it’s painted yeah it’s painted the good thing is that Tory Pine collusion is literally down the street from us so this will be a very short drive she has a short as

Well and we are going to pick up our mother and we are going to pick up that has like a quarter of an inch on me and he’s talking on me in height he has quarter of an inch to pick it up we’re gonna bring it back

Home and we are going to get to work on it How are you man how are you bro great dude really really good I’m not it’s a special clear but it takes like 48 hours to really mat up okay oh nice all right well yeah you drive we push Good [Applause] all right we’re tired yeah he’s like he could have easily bring the trailer in and I didn’t listen yeah no you just created more work for us great thank you so much we love you bro always pleasure brother great great work you turn this thing around in just days which is

Amazing and now we get to go back to the shop and finish the bill for a while yeah that bumper looks so good in the body these Fender vents turned out really nice it’s a gt3rs sick I was skeptical about those two so the other thing I noticed

Is everything fits really well and nothing’s even dialed right but I don’t think all the clips are yeah it looks way better the fender vents turn out amazing the bumper came together but now that it’s painted yeah it looks way better it looks way better it’s almost getting hooked up fresh motor fresh

Paint we didn’t just paint the bumpers we didn’t just paint the fender garnishes being the whole car it’s fresh paint baby yeah we dry ice blasted everything yeah I think it’s gonna be like one of the hardest sweepstakes it’s like a brand new car basically yeah it

Is I would I would say oh the rear bumper is definitely yeah very different style than most people go with most people go with the voltex kit on this or Jay’s racing and like as always we try to do stuff differently I’m excited about this I think it’s going to

Have a really unique S2000 look with the fender vents the rear bumper we’ve got a bunch of other parts to put on it so I’m just trying to picture it all in my head always holy that looks dope I like that oh doctor do you guys like it Thank you All right well the S2000 is back at throttle so I think it turned out really good oh it looks amazing it looks great it looks almost like an oem thing so that’s gonna end today’s video we’ve got a lot of work to do now the good news is

Everything for this car is sitting right there on the Shelf so it’s going to come together quick if you guys haven’t already and you’re into this S2000 project head over to every dollar you spend on car parts or merchandise or anything on the site

Frankly is going to be an entry to win this amazing S2000 when it’s all finished up thank you guys for tuning in leave us some comments down below we already have all the parts here for this build but we would like to hear what you guys think about it so leave us those

Comments and we’ll see you in the next one Thank you