Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 3 – Engine Out & Tear Down!

Posted: 2023-05-13 16:00:22
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Oh What is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and today we’re going to be working on our Honda S2000 but this engine is a little old it’s got some seeps it’s got some leaks and we’re going to be pulling it out and doing a

Ton of maintenance on it so the first step we got to get this F22 out of the engine bay so we can clean everything and start diagnosing the minor issues that it does have so let’s get into it First Step we’re going to drain all the fluids I need to get the engine oil out we’re going to get our coolant out and we also recently just got an AC Service machine so I’m going to vac down the whole AC system and I think we’re going

To pull the compressor with the engine The AC machine here where do we get this like last week and I haven’t used it yet we’re going to see how well it works I used to service AC machines in my last job the last job I worked at it wasn’t this though so we’re gonna it’s gonna be

A little bit of learning to do here I think so what do you got you got a red line and a blue line uh so you got a low side and a high side and it will read our pressures which are terrible right now because the

Car hasn’t ran and the AC has been off we’re gonna plug it on in press ok to start is that okay thumbs up is okay thumbs up is okay and it just sucks all the freon all the just right out and we’ll have no freon left so and then we

Just take the line off we’re good wow that’s crazy so to fill it back up we’re gonna need to get Freon there’s none in this tank and then we need PAG oil but if I just cut this line right now then it would go in the shop would be annihilated

Everywhere you ruin our machines and then dude SWAT through the roof kick in everyone’s down here guns and then Ricky’s going off in the back of a swapping AC system is drained our coolant is draining currently so we’re going to wait to pull the radiator out we’re going to get the air box out first and then start tackling the cooling system if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell

Notification so you don’t miss a thing There’s a stock air box which is massive dude it’s like literally the size of the engine it’s bigger it’s like longer than the engine is why just an air box bro while we begin removing the f-22c1 out of our S2000 I want to let you all know double

Entries are live right now on so every one dollar you spend equals two times entries to win RS 2000 and 20 000 in cash take advantage of it while you can because the multiplier window closes Sunday at midnight I’ve got most of our Electronics wiring

Harnesses and all that stuff done up top there’s a couple of things I need to unbolt electrically down here including the transmission and then I can tuck the whole harness up out of the way which means we’ll be good to pull the engine out so we’re going to do that bring it

Back down we have to come back up eventually because I’m going to take the exhaustive transmission shifter drive shaft all that stuff sauce to come off the slave so but for now I’m focused on getting the wiring harness out oh What about all this is finished we got belt to do in order to take that off or what do the game plan here will did you already drain listen listen up well well will was out running errands so he’s not in the loop so here’s the

Here’s the up to speed okay cool and strained AC has been drained okay we’re gonna leave all of this on the engine the alternator AC compressor intake manifold all that is stain the hat so now we have to get our exhaust off and take the shifter off and our drive shaft

Up I is last step before compressors all that stuff is staying up it would be really cool to get this engine on a stand like fully dressed still Wait oh yeah there we go that’s that baby drive shaft is off so I’m going to take our Cadillac converter off which is this guy right here from there I’m going to lower the transmission down so will can get the shifter the rest of the way out Thank you Foreign Rip slave cylinder oh we needed a new one anyway now we do it seriously they’re acting as if I was down here in a song for five minutes at five minutes after him asking me to press in the clutch I thought he was asking me oh I was doing

That so I could take the rotate the drive shaft all right from the top what happened Quinn and I I took the slave off the transmission it was hanging here it was fine it was showing so my perspective can I see that that’s hanging down no no I didn’t I didn’t

Tell you I didn’t warn you okay to be fair this is not 100 new but then I like look at it and it’s leaking fluid I’m like that’s weird and this is like kind of popped out just a little bit so I asked hey Will did you push on the

Clutch pedal and will go okay and then pushes on and then sends the rest of it out so it would have been fine had you not asked me that this life cylinders smoke now so why is it broken though yeah because well this is supposed to push against the clutch right so when

It’s pushing against the clutch the clutch pushes back and keeps all of its guts inside of it when there’s no clutch press on it and then it just goes that way with nothing to stop it and then it dies that’s what happened here so there should be resistance but it meant no

Resistance you take a slave cylinder off a transmission don’t push on the clutch where’s the nipple it’s in the fan still Foreign Will pull out the stock S2000 shifter it looks really similar to the one that was actually in the freak and we are replacing it with something else that looks really familiar from the freak and that is the hybrid racing brand new to Market S2000 short shift

Kit we have I think one of the first ones in the freak and it is absolutely amazing it allows me to find third gear whenever I need it because in the past I had trouble with that it’s really nice it replaces basically everything with all new components really well thought

Out so this goes on here and you can position the shift knob height as well as the location that suits you as a driver which is really cool it’s going to last the rest of the life of the car I also have a few other bits in here

That will open later on camera We’re in good shape literally the only things left are the engine mounts and the transmission mounts which are already loose so I’m going to crack the bolts for the engine mount the nuts for the engine mount get those off we’ll come grab our engine crane pick it up

Take everything the rest of the way off and then go and then she’ll be out and then hit the hood so we’ll probably have to take that off What the heck this question right Jesus dude’s got like three wobbly extensions all right all right we’re now at the stage where we need this and we’re gonna see what this looks like Will and I tried to pull the engine with the transmission attached and that’s not happening they put this super awesome bar right here so having this bar here in conjunction with an oil pan that’s really long at the front uh just doesn’t allow it so usually you’ll tilt the

Engine back if you can get the oil pan to clear usually it’s a steering rack then you can kind of go whoop come right out but when I was tilting it we couldn’t get the oil pan to clear this and by the time it was about to clear

This the back section of the valve cover was so deep in this pocket here there’s no way it’s coming out so we’re going to put the engine mount arms back on rebolt the engine down take it up we’re going to pull the transmission off because once it’s level like this I have plenty

Of room to come out vertically oh Foreign that’s not terrible still a little bit of life left in it that was hot spotting on that and I shot somebody on that so what’s up it’s probably before Mickey’s around today for you we all had to go with this thing definitely not for me

Brick drove it yeah I gave it a little bit of the sauce Foreign We’re pushing the s2k out engines out we’re going to pressure wash it and clean this engine bay up Looks way better than it did there’s still a couple of little spots that I think need attention but other than that turned out great Ricky’s already trying to push it so let’s get it going the handbrake on the S2000 engine bay is cleaned it looks really nice we push the

Car back inside this engine does need a little bit of work we do have some gaskets here that are leaking and there’s just a lot of crud and grime kind of all over we’re gonna do a whole Refresh on this thing we got a lot coming for this engine Foreign this engine is in really good shape it does have a few things that we need to address I want to do some basic maintenance on it we’re actually going to be tearing this thing completely down because we’re going to be rebuilding this engine whoever wins this car is

Going to end up with a really good powertrain package that is rebuilt reliable it’s going to hold the power very nicely and it’s going to sound amazing with this new gratty turbo kit so I’m going to start by taking off all the accessory Drive stuff so we’re going

To take the alternator the AC compressor and all the tensioners and pulleys and all that stuff off we’re going to pull the intake manifold off and we’ll start getting into actually tearing down the long block itself we’re going to start by draining the wall because I didn’t do

That when you pulled the internet So we’ve got most of our accessory Drive stuff off the only thing left is really the water pump housing so to get to that we’re going to pull the intake manifold off I’m going to try and leave as much stuff on as I can so this vacuum line

This vacuum line the coolant lines associated with it I’m going to try and pull everything off fuel rail throttle body all off at one has one piece so it doesn’t like yard sale everywhere it’ll make it a lot easier to put it back together so we’re gonna get that off

Then we’re gonna get the water pump housing area sorted off we’ll get the oil filter and cooler and all those lines off and then we’ll take our valve cover off and start taking the top end back part I broke my extension there’s supposed to be a driver bit socket on it

And there’s not and it broke Foreign Off of our engine our intake manifold everything is stripped off and we’re ready to start tearing into this thing now the next step is going to get the crank pulley off I’ve never done it on an F-22 C1 like this but on the K series they’re notorious for kind of being

Annoying they put them on really freaking tight so hopefully that comes off fairly easily from there we’re going to take the oil pan and the timing cover and the valve cover off and start dealing with our timing chain and once that’s done then we’re going to pull our

Camshafts out when they get the cylinder head off so let’s keep going Nope All of our oil pan Hardware has been removed and I’ve cracked the gasket and we’re going to take it off and see what this thing looks like on the inside there’s red paint in here bro what are you doing there’s red paint on the outside of the engine which I understand because the

Valve cover is painted red why is the red paint inside the engine a lot of this is just like oil buildup crud so luckily we’re going to clean all this stuff out and it’s kind of everywhere not terrible not the end of the world a little bit of grimy this engine could

Have used more oil changes for sure Foreign So we have our timing cover oil pan and valve covers off and now we can kind of get our first glimpse of what the inside of the engine looks like I did notice a few things already number one you got to see this brown Gunk kind of everywhere

That’s usually when I see it it’s either oil changes haven’t been done frequently enough or the car has been sitting for a significant amount of time with old oil in it so that’s kind of everywhere it should come off fairly easily if we just start if I just start rubbing it over

Here some of this stuff is coming off so it’s not bad it’s just kind of like staining from Olive Oil from here we’re going to put the timing cover back on so I can locate it at TDC on the crank and then we’ll start taking all this stuff

Off getting our cams off getting all this stuff off and getting prepared to take the cylinder head off so let’s keep going thank you foreign [Applause] So I just got our camshafts out and we’re inspecting everything and this is something I do like about Honda engines is that they use rollers instead of like a flat tapping or like a like a hydraulic lifter that’s flat on it you get virtually no camware so everything

Looks really good there’s like zero scoring on any of the lobes or the journals which is really nice so everything is in really good shape on the top end this of course does have a lash adjustment which we’ll have to adjust and set when we put everything

Back together but as far as the top end and valve train goes things in great shape foreign foreign We have our cylinder head off the engine block and we’re going to take a look at the cylinder head and the dumps of the Pistons everything looks really good we do have a little bit less carbon buildup than typically you would see on an engine with this mileage so everything

Looks good the boards look good when we take the Pistons out we’re going to be measuring the boards for taper and wear and kind of roundness so we’ll get to that when we get there the cylinder head is kind of the same everything looks really good on it we have a little bit

Of carbon buildup on the valves and the sides of the cylinder head itself nothing too crazy this gives me really good hope this engine is going to run really well under boost and we’re not going to have any carbon buildup issues of course this is all going to get

Cleaned we’re going to send the cylinder head forward decking to get it cleaned up for the new head gasket we’re going to clean the block here and we should be good to go so we’re going to start pulling Pistons out but everything looks really good foreign Looks good aside from the oil stain that we’re kind of seeing throughout the rest of the engine looks like a motor spins like a motor let’s pull it apart keep going All of the Rings are moving around which is good including the oil control ring so a lot of times these old control Rings you can see in there there’s like some gunk in it it doesn’t look nice and clean and just kind of oil buildup and

Junk around the sides but a lot of times these oil control Rings will get stuck in place because they’ll have like coagulated oil built up and then they get seized and then they stop working and then you have like a lot of cars will start burning oil when that happens

Other than that it looks pretty good we have a bit of skirt wear on the sides which doesn’t really concern me that much the bearings however something got in here you can see there’s just like a few clean lines like all the way around

And same on the cap here so not the end of the world definitely something we’re going to replace because we’re going to be putting new Main and rod bearings in here one cool thing about bearings is they’re a lot softer than the journal so they’re meant to be the wear item but

They also will like if something contaminant like a piece of dirt or like a piece of paint or something else like metal gets in there the bearing will actually actually like absorb whatever is in there instead of it going through the bearing and then going back to the

Oil pan and just doing laps in the engine and destroying stuff the bearing will try and absorb it which is really cool so I’m definitely not going to put these bearings back in there we already have ACL race bearings here anyways [Applause] Thank you All of our Pistons out and everything seems to be in pretty good shape there’s a few minor things again with the bearings just kind of every connecting rod bearing had a little bit of wear on it I think cylinder three got it the worst we have a little bit more wear on

The side here and then some more wear where the two bearing shells meet Rings look good all of the compression rings on every cylinder are nice and free the only thing is on cylinder two the oil control ring is starting to seize up a little bit so if I really like try and

Twist it I can almost get it to move but it just doesn’t really want to sit free if I grab some of these other oil control Rings will kind of float around and be super easy to rotate cylinder 2 is starting to seize up so there is a

Bit of gunk in here as we’ve seen taking this engine apart and if anything this would have just started consuming a little bit more oil than normal so I don’t think it would really have caused a huge issue with the engine but down the line it would have started burning

Some oil so aside from that everything’s in good shape the crank journals where the connecting rods are concerned are in good shape the crank has nothing crazy going on with it it spins nice our thrust seems to be in pretty good spec so we’re going to measure that thing

When we put all the new bearings in it but for now let’s get this cradle off Good shape dude good shape a little bit of oil staining nothing crazy everything looks good you can see where the oil Journal like Gallery is in the bearing because it’s a lot less worn but I don’t feel anything with my finger indicating that we have like damaged journals or

Excessive wear so we’ll know when we put the micrometer on it but everything looks really good I’m happy with this engine overall foreign Guys we got our f22c1 ap2 Honda S2000 engine completely torn down everything looks very promising this engine was in really good running condition we found a few minor things that we need to correct and fix which will be fixed with the engine rebuild so everything looks really good

I think we overall have a really strong healthy engine to rebuild and I think overall it’s going to give you guys a really good engine and one of you is going to take this car home so I’m very excited on how this turned out we have a

Lot of cleaning to do we got to clean all of the RTV off we had to clean literally all the gunk off the engine block and a lot of internal cleaning to do to get some of that oil staining off of some of the components the timing components the front engine block

There’s a lot to do still before we put this engine back together but thank you guys so much for watching as always don’t forget to like comment subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next video Foreign