Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 2 – Spoon Sports Body Kit Install!

Posted: 2023-05-10 16:00:02
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you welcome back to the throttle Channel we’ve got our ap2 S2000 here behind us and we’ve got a bunch of really cool Parts laid out we’re gonna go over those real quick for you guys because we’re going to start the installations yeah today’s a spoon day apparently spoon day

Here at throttle so let’s get into what we have here to start off we have our spoon body kit it consists of an arrow front bumper an aero rear bumper and the arrow mirrors to complement the rest of the body kit we have a vented sabon carbon fiber hood paired with gritty

Hydraulic hood struts for the Final Touch we have a set of Fender vents from ballet Sports now let’s get to work celebrate the return of our S2000 to the YouTube channel we’re running two times entries for a limited time to win our s2k plus twenty thousand dollars cash

Shop performance parts or apparel on every one dollar you spend is going to be two times entries it is time to divide and conquer the arrow kit and the mirrors and the vents on this thing Quinn and I are going to get started on the rear bumper while Mickey

And Ricky divided the fender Vents and the mirrors I think we should see if we can get these front and rear bumpers done before they finish their tests so right now we’re going to remove the plastic paints and retainers get this rear bumper off put on the new Arrow camera foreign There was three Clips right here some stuff inside of the wheel well and then everything just you know pulled right off and we just had to disconnect the license plate light so now the old one is off and we’re gonna make sure that new one’s ready to go on and get that

Thing off We tried to fit it a couple of times and we think it’s stopping right here because it’s kind of just shy of getting over these Ledges so we’re gonna grab the correct socket size and we’re going to take this off get it on there again

And this seems to be an extension so I think with any kind of new tow hooks everybody wants to put on if we put one on there’s an axis hole for the OES location right there it’s just probably gonna have to have a longer yoke in

Order to go in and thread where this thing is threaded oh So we had this thing almost on what we’re going to do is we’re going to heat up the the fiberglass a little bit and then that will allow us to get it kind of stretched around those edges and kind of clicked into place and then this back

Loop will be on we’ll move on to the diffuser foreign This is our new trimmed rear ash bar and we painted it which is really nice we’re going to throw this back on so these body kits are built and designed around the Japanese versions and they have different crash safety standards that we do here so typically a lot of the crash

Support on the US cars are a lot bigger so they need to be trimmed to fit the JDM body kit so we’re going to put this back on and this bumper should cut up just nice Bam it definitely Alters the shape of the like the original OEM shape of the car oh by like a lot yeah all the photos I saw this bumper I did not notice this is like basically a wing yeah like it it has negatives I want to see it on the

Ground dare I say this fits better than the stock bumper did Wait for me this is the diffuser that Ricky just finished painting looks really nice that way the remote run we’re gonna install it bro I’m gonna make will install it here we go buddy just promise not to me please no promises Here’s Rosanna looks really good now we’re going to fit our little license plate lights we’re going to do a little bit of trimming see how well this fits up in here we might need to end up bolting in the rib nuts so we’re gonna see what it looks like and then I think

We’re gonna Mount our plate after the factory bumper actually like comes up a lot higher than this one does and this one doesn’t have any place secured up here so I think we’re gonna improve nothing down here and then once that’s on then I remember will be done we’ll

Move on to the front Thank you I have the spoon mirror for the driver’s side on it it’s time for me to install it I’m going to be taking the driver’s side door panel off then we’ll take the OEM mirror off we’ll place this one in place and then we’ll go from there but it’s gonna look amazing Thank you Very mirrors in freaking sick look at that it’s like a concept like I said earlier all right don’t take any passenger one then Foreign Aftermarket one here we are going to put it side by side we’re gonna transfer the wheelchair wiper fluid nozzles into the new one Quinn and I are going to take this front bumper off and switch it out for the new Arrow kit as well There’s some small pieces of bracketry and Hardware that we needed to swap from the OE bumper to this new fiberglass one went ahead and went ahead and transferred those so now we’re going to try to get these on for a final test fit That bumper we just literally just went right off I was easier than the river but the rib overhead like on the corners that you have to get a little bit of like going on but that bumper straight on dude It looks great fits well now we’re gonna put on our ready hood shocks yeah we should have done that before we closed no I guess not one thing at a time It’s pretty intuitive comes with instructions we’ve got little ball hitches right here that are gonna go on the fenders on each side and then it comes with these brackets that actually attach underneath on the latches so it doesn’t really bolt to the hood at all it more bolts to the hood hinges which

Is really cool it makes it like an oem it doesn’t really matter what Hood you’re using which is awesome so I’m gonna get the sun where he’s gonna get the other side we’ll have it done real quick foreign Okay nice hey hi pretty good that’s it baby and then I wonder how fast it’s gonna pop it up yeah see that I was literally just thinking that same thing no say there’s no more Hood prop put that thing out of here you’re gonna take that out

Of time we’ll just come back tomorrow yeah no we’re good yeah yeah what the heck oh pull up all right you got it yep there you go yeah a little bit a little bit more come on just take it off try the pepper shaker wow there we go

We should remove this thing first Foreign there’s really not a whole lot of information out there about how to mount these the one picture I did find the person actually drilled holes in the flange actually secured it with nuts and bolts I don’t really like that this car is going to look very smooth especially

With the spoon Arrow Parts on it so I don’t want to start adding bolts where we don’t need to I also noticed that he mounted them more crooked like this because the Sheep flows better with the fender but I really want a nice symmetrical line between the actual body

Line and this I think we’re going to have to get a little tricky with some heat gear and I’ve also thought about the idea of pulling the fenders off cutting this out and actually flush mounting these from the bottom I’m not sure it’s possible but we might give it

A try I’m going to try to get it placed on here now and see where we’re at All right I pulled out the fender liners because I think I want to mount these from the bottom up I think it’ll be a better aesthetic I’ll get some pictures of the Porsche GT3 RS and that’s how they are mounted however the portrait GT3 RS Fender has a rolled ledge so if

We panel ball these in from the bottom I can kind of recreate that look I think it’ll look really nice and we won’t have to have a flange on top and we won’t have to run any bolts or anything hopefully that’s the plan I’m probably

Going to leave a little bit of mirror so I can trim up to it and make it because we need to keep that edge so we can clean it up real nice and make it look purposeful no going back now boys I think the bottom mount is going to be the way we go with this we’ve got it kind of in here now just a couple clamps holding it in and then the goal is going to be to panel Bond these in from the bottom instead of on the top but I did

Not putting them in from the top we’re gonna have a much cleaner Edge and we can roll this in it’ll look a lot more OE like this I think and then we can also decide if we want to paint these body color or leave them black I’m

Leaning towards black on the fins I think it’s a bit of a better look and it kind of breaks up the fender a little bit but at this point like we’ve kind of got it close enough to where we can Bond them in and leave it to the body shop to

Kind of go in and radius all these edges and make it perfect we’re close it’s almost time to start on the other side now foreign Part about doing stuff like this especially when it’s invisible on both sides is getting everything to match up just right so that to the eye it’s straight It lines up and when you see both sides at the same time it doesn’t look like you screwed up so what we’ve

Done is we actually created a negative we transferred it over here now we can start cutting this Fender we know we’ve got the distance from the headlight to the front of the vent and then we got to just justify it this way which will take a measurement off of the point from the

Other side and then we’ll have this thing exactly the same as the other side Thank you foreign day of getting all this stuff fitted up everything worked out really good honestly like really no hiccups the portion I was doing took for freaking ever yeah they basically got everything else done while I was doing the fender so they look awesome everything’s kind

Of ready to go off to the paint shop once we get the parts bonded in so good job today guys tomorrow we’re gonna head off to APR with the car to get the custom Wing made and we’re really excited about that when I bring this thing back we’re gonna have a real tall

Wing on it yeah time to head home we’ll see you guys in the morning see ya can I go home All right well we’ve arrived here at APR performance they’re only about an hour and a half north of us here in LA and it’s really cool to come to their actual Factory where they create the wings and do all the development of all of their carbon fiber products APR does some

Amazing Wings they’ve got a few different versions available even just for this S2000 but for most chassis especially uh Japanese and domestic they have a lot of offerings they’ve got I think three different blade styles that you can choose from and they even do custom applications so if you’re a race

Car guy and you’ve got you know one-off race car build that you’re doing you can contact APR performance and they will actually create a wing specifically for your vehicle these are all cfd tested and ready to rock and roll they actually make downforce and are adjustable which

Is really cool and that’s why we love using them because this isn’t just for looks they actually already have a wing mount for this car which is really cool so we’ll build off of that and we’re going to decide on the height and everything here while we’re putting this together all right 14 inches that’s Deck height to roof height it’s pretty cool they have like specific tools they do this every day so this is definitely uh something that is neat to experience because they’re always playing with wings every day Thank you So I’m making life a little more difficult on them they actually had an off-the-shelf Riser that would have worked but I don’t think it’s tall enough it’s way more Street than track and I really want this to have a track feel so they’re gonna have to custom make us some uprights unfortunately

Thank you I don’t know one of the things I love about April performance is we have options um as I said earlier they have a lot of different Wing elements and uprights and mounts so kind of what we’re doing is using some mismatch of parts that you

Guys have you have an S2000 trunk plate or Mount that mounts to the the back of the car you guys have different uprights height and style I believe yeah and you have a couple different elements so why don’t you speak intelligently about this so I don’t steer our people in the wrong

Direction yeah no worries yeah so like in this case we do have a spec wing for the S2000 but obviously we kind of wanted to go more custom to what you want style wise and height wise and all that so generally with like the gt250 so

We looked at the gt250 the GTC 500 the GTC 300 and the GTC 200. those are all the styles that we offer we do offer more for complete race cars like the gt250 we have like a 1000 or 2000 right or really big ones and so these are

These are elements that essentially look the same on the table but you guys are custom advising them to each car so the element itself Remains the Same and you have what I guess is three or four different versions and different shapes and you guys are actually putting the

Mounts and the pickup provisions on them here at the factory to suit a specific vehicle yeah so each I mean so the 200 the 300 and the 500 GTC Wings they each provide a different amount of downpours you know they have their ranges you know

The 200 for the for the 250 200 below horsepower cars 300 is about the 300 to about maybe 500. typically with with the 3D foils if you’re tracking the car those are for like the you know a lot of Corners low speed so where you need the

Downforce in the lower range you know and then the 250s the higher speed tracks and then so we went with that one for this car because it’s gonna use you’re gonna use for a street car less downforce you know it’s really efficient so it’s not too much on your your gas

And you’re not a lot of drag yeah yeah not a lot of drag but yeah we do offer a bunch of different components basically suited to whatever the customers need if we don’t have it then you know we can we can make it very good explanation I’m

Glad we’re going with the tickets for this one like I said it’s my favorite it just makes the car look you know a lot more tracked when it’s on the street yeah because you look sick especially with the spoon kit I love the amount of adjustability as well that is going to

Be it for today’s episode guys we got our body kit mostly finished on the S2000 we got our spoon bumpers on we got our hood on we got our Fender vents which turned out very nice they’re bonded those turned out so much better than I thought they were going to it

Looked good I have seen some that do not like fit and go well with the car but Mickey had a couple different ways he could have done these he recessed them made it look like it was part of the original Fender and it’s going to waterfall in and it’s going to look

Fantastic once once the Bodywork is done it’s gonna look really nice so in the pictures for that kit they like drop it in from the top and there’s like Hardware’s along it I think this is going to look way better than that when it’s done so Nikki also went up to APR

And got a custom Wing made for this it’s not here yet I decide on the car yet so you guys have to wait for a future episode on that and more more April yes dude that’s true that’s very true so we have a lot of stuff coming for this car

Guys it’s gonna be really I’m even more excited now after doing this than I was before 100 thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode Foreign [Applause] no no I don’t mean that I mean like like about the car so I thought we were done tomorrow and then I see this guy lining up so I asked is there going to be an outro you’re like yeah so I’m like let’s do it but you didn’t do anything to the

Car so it’s fine I’m going home I’m kidding Ricky come back what did you guys leave one or not sure oh my God only if you want to hurry to get to the charging station or what bye Ricky bye Ricky then ride sorry to inconvenience oh no hey Ricky I didn’t

Know hey thanks for saying like two words and then at least I said something they’re just stood there they stood there the whole outro yeah he just stood there he just hugged will the beginning part of that was it bye dude