Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 11 – Updating the Rear End & Fuel Fest Irwindale!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 11 - Updating the Rear End & Fuel Fest Irwindale!

Posted: 2023-06-06 16:06:55
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and today we’re going to be working on our Honda S2000 we’re gonna be replacing our spoon bumper with a stock ap2 bumper we have a beautiful carbon fiber diffuser on it we’re gonna

Do that we’re gonna knock out some side skirts on the car because the ap2 bumper is a little bit lower and I think we need some side skirts to make it look really nice we are going to be debuting the S2000 at fuel Fest it’s going to be

A huge event there’s going to be thousands of people there live music we’re going to be giving away a set of wheels it’s going to be a lot of fun and I want the car 100 done 100 dialed in for that let’s get into today’s episode thank you We’ve got our new bumper and a new set of side skirts here and I’ve got Evan with me I’m clocking in dude what are you wearing dude what is that hold on well that’s better that’s way better we got a new parts here let’s get these things on the car let’s go [Applause] All right so Quinn just got all of the rib nuts into the chassis now it’s time to install the side skirt so ready to do this high Foreign All right so these side skirts are done they look absolutely beautiful take a line from Quinn’s Playbook here now it’s time to remove the spoon bumper so that we can put on the new OEM bumper and we have something special planned for the OEM bumper that Ricky’s going to work on

A little bit later but for now let’s take the fuser off and then I know there’s some bolts here and then is there anything up here we don’t know I think there’s just like retention Clips I think it’ll just like slide it off foreign So here it is this thing is huge this is an authentic spoon diffuser in carbon fiber so it should bolt right up to the factory ap2 bumper so we’re going to figure that out right now all right Hi Ricky fabbed up our little Cusco tow hooks we love having these around the shop in fact this was a spare that we bought just to have here in case we needed one and it’s going to come in handy for this project to put this in the factory location what I like about

These is they have a detent so you can lock them down the wrong way they don’t flop around so you have to worry about scratching your bumper now when you need it it actually stays in the up position it’s really cool we put these on the

Freak I think we use these on the Evo 10 a few cars now really like them and so a little hack you buy the FRS BRZ ones they’re fairly Universal and as long as you have a welder handy you can just make up your own little threaded pitch

That goes in you use your factory one cut it off well into the back end of one of these boom any car foreign [Applause] Thank you Our new bumper and diffuser are fully installed on the S2000 and we’re going to keep jamming on it we need to do the first oil change on the new engine since we put it in the car and got it running in order for me to do that however I do

Need to order an oil and filter so let’s go do that before we order these parts I want to give a huge thank you to today’s sponsor PayPal honey the cool thing is honey is now on and we’re going to use it to get our oil and filter for the

S2000 and get it here as soon as we can honey helps you save money on websites you’re already shopping on by finding promo codes and applying them directly to your cart adding honey is extremely easy and free all you need to do is head over to forward slash

Throttle click ADD extension to your browser and then click ADD extension again when the pop-up comes on and you have honey installed and now that you have honey installed it’s going to automatically prompt you for promo codes on most of the websites you’re shopping on now let’s get back into the s2000. Let it run for a minute I wanted to get some oil pressure going through it wanted to get some temperature in the oil and get everything moving it’s going to make the oil drain a lot nicer with a little bit of warmth in it so if I

Change the filter let’s drain the oil get it changed Yeah you like that that’s how you take one of those filters off of that corn oil everywhere turns itself back to the sun if anybody has an FRS or BRZ you know that this is a very nice tip to have because your oil filter is right here on that for us and

I always go we’re gone all over the mother everywhere well it’s like a huge Cowboy it’s like oh you put the filter on guys it’s going to drain an engine oil everywhere as soon as you take it off you crack it and let it sit there

You can actually see the world kind of like doing its own thing I just plugging you know what I mean wow I learned something let it sit there let it sit there do its thing let it do its thing for a minute we’ll take the filter off

It won’t be messing first don’t change dude that’s amazing amazing foreign s we got our filter change I wanted to talk to you guys about the drain on the turbo because that’s actually our drain plug now so as you know this is the turbo oil drain and it’s pretty much

While I’m into our oil drain plug where the plug would be making this our new drain plug but also there were a lot of comments about draining the turbo like this and a lot of people were saying that it doesn’t work and it’s really bad

For the turbo and on some cases it can be it depends on the engine the turbo the sizing of the lines what kind of Turbo it is in this case it works perfectly fine the reason you wouldn’t want to do this or if you have the oil

Drain too low on some setups like we had the oil drain too low on the freak it will actually backfeed oil back into the turbo and start spitting it out the oil seals and damage everything it smokes a lot it’s not good for it if you have the

Right turbo and it’s high enough then you can do this properly so this is a Gen 2 GTX 2867r that came with a Grady turbo kit it’s a ball bearing turbo so it doesn’t need as much Royals adrenal bearing wood and it’s also very high up so this drain works perfectly fine Grady

Has done a lot of work and a lot of testing to ensure this kit is proper and it’s a bolt-on kit and this is a very good bolt-on solution this means if you guys want to buy this kit you can actually buy the kit and just put it on

Your S2000 like we could have very easily welded on like a bung for the drain for the timing cover or the oil pan but if you buy this kit and you have an S2000 and you can’t pull your timing cover off to all the bung it makes it

Not a bolt-on kit so this works very well for this application and we’re not going to have any issues with the turbo smoking because they’ve done extensive testing over at ready let’s get this all drained [Applause] Foreign I gotta step away from that music we’ve brought all of the cars out here today we have the Supra the eclipse the freak the Tesla Z even made it out we’ve got the R32 the Viper the shop is completely empty right now oh so where are we going right now we’re

Gonna go out there we’re gonna go see the show you guys want to see that yeah let’s do it so of course Shahar brought out the entire Fast and the Furious Squad the whole Saga is here I just I ran into him he brought 25 cars out here

There’s four of the heist Civics out here look at that shirt right there I like it what’s up man thanks for coming out of course I still got a shirt so in case you didn’t know or you’re not here so throttle is the presenting sponsor for fuel Fest in Irwindale it’s

A big deal we’ve never done anything like this there’s throttle branding throughout this entire thing everybody I haven’t even seen this main stage but apparently there’s like huge signs we’re going up on stage I think this might be the first time we’re going we’re going up on stage we don’t really

Have a speech prepared but uh we’re excited I mean the turnout is insane they actually sold out the entire show so they you can’t even buy tickets right now this is the first time that Irwindale fuel Fest has sold out the first time ever yeah that’s awesome that s2k is pretty cool [Applause]

Yo let’s check out these line out here This might be the longest time I’ve ever seen that’s crazy so check this out it goes all the way over there that is insane all right so I hope you guys can hear us we’re just talking that is probably the craziest line out of any event that we’ve gone to in the past

Five years so yeah what a what a great event to be at yeah super stoked so if you did make it out to fuel Fest maybe you’re in the Vlog maybe you’re not but we really do appreciate you guys showing up showing us some support it means a lot to us so

Let’s get back inside and then we’re gonna get on stage here real soon I want you guys here bro what’s up bro I got my 64 Impala 64 Impala let me see this thing oh okay a little more turn around First person show me on Instagram that you’re following throttle show me images right now come on wait that’s right oh my God look at that get the youngsters involved how cool is this Thank you ten nine eight seven six five four three two one [Applause] all right Foreign We are gonna go talk about possibly doing another fast and furious car okay okay hey there’s like 37 of them yeah we should do ja rules integral I have mad ideas for the integral right that’d be a good one yeah that would be a girl so you guys know Shahar he

Brought like 30 cars to this event it’s a huge event absolutely insane he was telling us how much after all they’ve been planning it for months to get off I talked to him and he said that he brought about 36 cars and four of them four other ones they didn’t make it so

Crazy they should have been like crazy oh insane so to start we have all of the heist Civics all four of them and I know for a fact they have the green undergrow right oh do they actually yes they do yeah the body kits are sick yeah

Everything’s fine yeah they even got the helmets on the top no so so cool oh the Maxima’s here I was thinking we’d do the Maxima accept except yeah we use an r33 sedan Skyline r33 sedan will that be the same though what if we did a Maxima using an r33

Sedan how would that make you feel it’s interesting like a tree view like Viper blue and both smears and so it wouldn’t be a Maxima though that’s the thing it’d be a Skyline would that be like a bad thing or a good thing Everything is Everything every tribute

You’re doing you know it brings something and I think why not take a badass car like an r33 sedan with like an rb25 in it or something right like you know a daily driver right but that would be cool we can do the reverse hood and everything

I know how to work on cars a little bit I think I think I know my way around too I think so I think so just asking I don’t know I think we can figure it out I think I think it will be started yeah yeah okay cool we’re gonna go check it

Out we’re gonna go check out the rest of all the cars in here because there are a lot you guys you guys put together a huge huge undertaking to get all these cars here that’s awesome basically the way we we laid it out is that we have in

The front the four-way uh street race so first movie first race scene yeah Brian again oh wow I didn’t even notice there were one again so that was the whole point and then you have the Supra and the charger which is the iconic race yes and then you have

The rest of the crew from past one so the first scene after that they went to the Torero’s Market they had like the 33 the Jetta and the maxima and they had the 240SX that we don’t have but that’s the Mia’s Integra this is like the fast

One crew and then over there we have the the lightning and the high Civics all together and then we try to do second movie so you have the 2 Fast 2 Furious Camaro this is an R32 instead of four but uh he’s done together soon we’ll get

Together this year we’ll get there we’ll get there I’ll try to get there before you all right all right but he did a nice tribute on it took his cars and then you had tsuki this is my buddy Gabriel yeah he drove it from Florida basically

But to bring it here not have not that’s gonna be a fun one he was like What if at the end of fast one Torero took the Supra from Brian and drove off what did he do with it gotcha thertle likes red correct so he painted it red and the the

Torero Graphics that’s on the RX7 no but it’s the same body kit that’s on the the orange one okay I I have to see it yeah this is kind of cool and then we have the blue Porsche from Fast Five this is actually a screen used car really yeah

Wow they didn’t know that that’s amazing yeah that’s kind of cool and then we have uh oh yeah returning returning to a throttle Vlog all right let’s do it maybe do something like that maybe we cross smash Liberty bro that’s an amazing idea I say we do

In Integra are we talking about earlier right what do you think about a GSR overdrive dude right I’m sick with a cake cake swap right for 500 horsepower dude and you guys let us know in the comments below what we should do what next fast and furious car we should do Thank you all right so that about does it for fuel Fest 2023 here in Irwindale California that was absolutely crazy that was by far the craziest event we have ever participated in and I can’t thank you guys enough for those of you who did make it out to the show thank you so

Much and it was just amazing to see all the great feedback on all the cars we brought out we literally brought out everything and then I do want to say that the s3000 is now officially done for those who are interested every dollar you spend on our website whether

You’re buying car parts or merchandise this is going to give you an automatic entry to win and now the winner has the choice between the OEM ap2 rear bumper with the spoon carbon fiber diffuser or that spoon rear bumper that some people may or may not care for so the choice is

Yours thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you guys in the next one peace thank you