Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 10 – New Wheels, Wing, and Hard Top!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 10 - New Wheels, Wing, and Hard Top!

Posted: 2023-06-01 16:00:06
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

[Applause] thank you welcome back to throttle we are again working on our S2000 today we are going to be throwing on these awesome new motegi Wheels what are these things called Quinn this is a brand new wheel from otagi this is the new flowform

Mr159 we got it in an 18 by nine and a half of an et38 offset we’re gonna be running a squared wheel setup on the car we are however going to stagger the tires so we have a 235 Ford and zr18 in the back and the 22548 r18 to the front

Of course we’re gonna be running our favorite summer Tire around here the Falcon dizziness rt660. it’s a magnificent summer Tire we can run these year-round here in San Diego so it’s a perfect time yep that’s a San Diego Tire right there it’ll be fun looking forward

To the drive so let’s throw our new wheels on all right Foreign [Applause] dude I’m in I really like that actually I don’t even know if I want to change the height I’ve been wanting to do white wheels for so long and when I first saw with the Red Cap I was like ah but then looking at it matching the interior and

The seats it looks freaking amazing looks really good I love it oh sick oh these things are sick how well it feels a wheel well and everything that’s such a good color against the silver it’s got like a pearl turd is that just me it’s cool the red caps with the red

Seats it needs an alignment the front toe is like right now man it looks freaking good offset is solid The Stance is solid foreign ERS installed we got the car on some ramps it looks absolutely epic I love these wheels the concavity with the

Offset and it being a nine and a half in a pretty aggressive offset at that makes it look really nice the colors bang on the only thing we need to address is the alignment angles the toe is out a little bit on the front the front tires are

Kind of looking off in their own Direction and I’ve looked at the back yet so we’re going to do kind of a rough alignment get everything where it needs to be and then when the car is driving correctly we’re going to take it out to an alignment shop and get it

Professionally done on the machine and so we’ll know our alignment is dialed in so for now I’m gonna hop onto the car we’re gonna tighten up all of our coilover collars because we haven’t done that because we were adjusting the ride heights and I’m going to fix the toe on

Each corner and then we should be good enough to take the car on a test drive so I’m gonna do that throw you guys up on the tripod let’s get it done still wondering what to eat your dad for Father’s Day Ridge is making gifting easy this year by offering their biggest

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Ridge wallet and the key case comes in carbon fiber and burnt titanium and those are honestly two of my personal favorite finishes so head over to forward slash throttle to take advantage of the sale save up to 40 off through June 15th get your dad something

Nice for Father’s Day maybe even pick yourself something up it’s forward slash throttle all right well as you can see we’re in the uh BMW on our way up to our friend’s shop who we bought the S2000 from that is our current sweepstakes car and that’s

Because he owns a body shop and he also does mold making and pulls fiberglass or carbon fiber parts he gave us an opportunity to come to his shop and actually hand craft a hard top for this S2000 and one more way to make this car feel even more special than to hand make

The hard top that we’re going to be putting on it so we jumped at the chance to take this opportunity to visit makito let’s lay up some carbon fiber today All right we just arrived at makito shop here in Hesperia California we’re gonna head in say hello and get started All right well here’s the mold for the top those of you guys with a Keen Eye will know that this is a Mugen style hard top has the center indent and it also has the cutout for the rear window and this is essentially the outside of

The roof and there’s also a mold for the inside of the roof then you fuse or Bond those two pieces together to create an actual usable top the guys have already prepared the mold for us to start laying the carbon fiber in that’s right we’re doing full carbon fiber on the outside

Of this one and the reason we chose this particular top was because I wanted to run a glass rear window I want to make sure that this S2000 is fully drivable for whoever wins it plastic lexan rear window to me isn’t really an option it just doesn’t seal properly ever it

Scratches it can be done nicely but the fact that there’s companies out there that offer tempered glass option for this particular hardtop is what intrigued Me by it and the fact that my friend makito actually has the mold here and it’s gonna allow us to actually get

Our hands dirty and help with this really yield the deal for me this is something I’ve always wanted to do I’m happy that we can show it to you guys as well Foreign Guys here have actually folded the material back right at this body line and the reason for that is because right now getting a 60 inch roll of carbon is really difficult they have 50 inch rolls here in order to make the 50 inch roll work they’re going to basically disguise

The seam in the body line here and when this is all said and done unless you’re really looking for it you’re not going to notice that seam this is a very common place just depends on what materials are available at the time of production for this particular top we’re

Really happy with this layup and it’s going to allow us a little more ability to lay the weave exactly how we want once you put a seam in there so I think this is going to turn out really nice looking and I’m excited to see it all

Come together so we’ve got part one of three basically in the mold Foreign We’re laying in the last piece of carbon for the external part of the top once this is in here we’ll get it back get it infused right yeah and then Harden this up and then start working on the inside of it this is just the outer skeleton

All right now that the first layers down it’s been reinforced we’re going to toss in one is this the one final layer then for the inside three layers three layers okay this is an additional layer on top of the top layer and the reinforcement layer this is an additional

Reinforcement structure piece so we’re not using any fiberglass on this section so this is going to allow us to save weight and also add strength thank you foreign we’ve got three layers of carbon laid down that’s right we’re not using any fiberglass to reinforce this this is 100

Carbon fiber which is really cool it’s going to make it lighter and stronger I’m super pumped to be able to have a hand in doing this the next step is going to be to put the pleo ply down and what that’s going to do is he’ll carry the resin throughout the resting process

And we will remove this pleo ply when it’s all done and it will take all the extra resin with it so it’s time to get this thing hardened up Cleo ply is down and now we’re going to put down this green mesh material and what this does is allows the resin to flow through the product or the part nice and evenly and make sure it gets thoroughly through the whole part all right the bag’s about to go on the

Guys already got the air tube installed and this is where basically the airline is hooked up up front at a seal at a port and basically it’s going to pull the air out through this spiral tube and then we’ve got two infusion points back here this is the rear window so the rear

Window it doesn’t matter it’s going to get cut out they’re going to infuse here it’s going to maybe create a little bit of a messy area but that’s okay as like I said that gets removed from the finished product anyway and what this top piece is doing is creating a bag

Over the top of this that creates the vacuum as the air is being pulled out and the resin gets pulled through and that’s what this mesh that was previously applied helps to basically carry that resin throughout the whole part and allows it to harden up nicely and evenly all right The boys here at seven Apple are getting ready to infuse the resin in they got a bucket full of resin here our hoses are in this is the part that’s really cool because you can actually see the resin sort of travel through the whole part

And all the hard work that we put in today comes your fruition foreign The resin has flowed through the mold now the next step of this process is to basically let the material kick off so that it starts to harden now these guys because they’re experts at what they do what they’ll do is they’ll wait a little bit until this starts to harden up just

The right amount so that they can pull this bag off and what they’ll do is I’ll run a blade around the edge and get rid of all the excess carbon fiber that lies around the edge here and what that does it saves a bunch of time on the back end

Because typically you’d let it Harden take it out of the mold and you would cut that by hand with a saw or whatever and get rid of that material but if they do it when it’s still soft they can just cut it with a razor blade and trim it up

Really nice and tight against the edge of the mold and the next step of the process would be to make the negative of this which is the inside of the part you’re going to see when you’re driving the car so that’s a nice smooth inside panel that’s going to basically bond to

This panel so you’ll have two pieces come together like a clam shell and they’ll use this epoxy resin to basically Bond it together and then we’re going to come back at the process where they’re going to remove it from the mold and we’ll have one actual hard top that’s bonded together and basically

Ready for finish cleanup and clear coat so we’re going to skip a day of the process we’re gonna head out now tonight they’re going to trim this get the inside done and glued together and we’re going to come back in a day’s time pull it out of the mold and see what the

Final result is All right we’ve arrived here at seven Apple where they spent yesterday creating the inside of our hard top now this is the bottom of the mold that you guys saw previously in the video they’ve flipped it over at this point as you can see they’ve got it bolted together like

A clam shell as I’ve explained previously so we’ve got two pieces pushed together like this the materials are inside of this and it’s been curing for a whole day today we’re actually going to take these bolts off let the clam shell apart and pull the part out and see what we’ve created please Oh it’s beautiful so remember those seams that we put in this oh I said we that makes me sound very French Jose actually put two seams in this and let’s see you can’t even see wow and that’s why we’re working with these guys because they’ve been doing

This for so long that this is like second nature to them and I was like no way we’re gonna see these seams there’s no way we’re not going to see them can’t even tell if I didn’t tell you you wouldn’t even know how it seems there that’s insane yo this thing’s gonna look

Fire Okay well this is part basically one of the separation process and it’s kind of a 50 50. they really wax the heck out of this mold so that this thing would release it actually released the top first which is the pretty side and we were greeted with an absolutely Flawless

Exterior for this thing I don’t think you can tell how excited I am about this and now we’re gonna pop it off the bottom of the mold the other back side of the clam shell essentially and that’s going to show us the inside of the uh

The hard top but man we couldn’t have got a better result I don’t think if we wanted to I’m so happy we were able to work with seven apple on this project because I I was able to learn how this process works I’ve always kind of known

Loosely how you know mold making and popping Parts out of molds work but getting to have a hands-on experience is second to none thanks to them for allowing me to be here in their way and make this awesome product This is sort of the final stage for this roof here at seven Apple essentially they’ve trimmed all the the flashing off the edges now they’ll go back get it really tight and they’ll actually hand sand around all they just get it really clean and nice for us now next time you

Guys are going to see this is going to be at our shop and then at that point we’ll apply the Honda parts and it’s going to go on the car I cannot wait to see it they have knocked this absolutely out of the park this is a beautiful hard

Top for our car literally not a flaw in the finish and we’re super excited about that and the fact that I was able to actually learn the process and be a part of it makes it even that much more special for me we’ll see you guys back at the shop foreign

Mickey headed up to APR performance a little while ago on one of the recent videos and spec out a fully custom wing for our S2000 here it is thing looks absolutely beautiful very nice Wing element very classic side blades I love the look it’s plenty tall which I think

Mickey was going after he wanted like a GT style Wing so I’m very excited to see this thing on the car so now we’re going to do the final install and get this thing on the road so ready ready let’s go So I want to make sure that the uprights are on properly and everything is nice and tight before we put the element on so we took the oven off we’re gonna get these lined up Mickey already had this Wing fitted so we know it fits but just

For peace of mind and make sure everything goes on correctly we’re going to set it up like this That’s rad can we go drive it now please tell me we can go driving now it comes back more than I thought it was going to yeah it’s sick dude let’s go yeah looking at it now well I think we need to bring the nose of the wing down

A little bit because it’s kind of it’s a little like this not like how you want it but the styling looks sick so maybe what we’ll do is we’ll bring the blade down but then we’ll adjust these because I like these being like straight and

Platforms so I think if we tilt the wing blade down and then bring those up and make them horizontal again it’ll be sit yeah this thing looks killer dude I’m in on it yeah let’s make those adjustments foreign thing looks beautiful now it’s time to

Get this thing out on the road and drive it before we do that we’re gonna fire it up let it run for a minute we’re going to pull it forward and make sure we have lock to lock and make sure that nothing’s hitting we haven’t tested this

Fitment as far as driving or turning your as up goes so some programming rejections to make sure everything’s good then we’re gonna take it out on the streets and drive a sling for the first time since we turbocharged it rebuilt the engine thank you foreign Dude let’s go you ready yeah thanks we’re going for the first try we’re gonna go nice and easy [Applause] sick so we literally did everything on this car full wheel wood brakes new lines new fluids we did literally every single component on the suspension but we got some new heim joints on there

Some coilovers new control arms everything is fresh new wheel and tire package and we rebuilt the injury for the Grady turbo kit on so I’m being very hyper aware of what the car is doing and watching my flow temps and all this stuff it’s hard to ignore that turbo

Because it is just making such good noises all the time dude so freaking cool you can hear it spool up spool down it flutters a little bit I hope you guys get here I hope you guys can hear that on camera that sounds so freaking cool but other than that the

Car is doing extremely well it’s very well behaved my kind of terrible eyeball alignment is actually working pretty well drives great it’s not rubbing it’s not doing anything weird the more we drive the car the better the car is going to get so we’re not trying to rev

It out but I can’t do this oh wow those breaks stop freaking really well which is sick these these brakes are honestly probably way more than this car needs but it feels insane you know 30. wow that was insane it’s sick thing is driving amazing it sounds good I’m

Beyond stoked on how this car turned out thing is gonna be a ripper I can feel it already the car just like it wants to go it’s it wants boost but the engine’s fresh We’re not gonna do that this thing is ready man all my temps look good

Everything is working amazing we don’t have the check engine light on everything’s working properly the way it should first drive amazing Oh Most items on the interior of rs2000 project have been upgraded or renewed with OEM Parts steering wheel is one of the last things that really needs to be addressed we reach out to the team over at Aza Auto wheel and picked up one of their basically OEM replacement Wheels

That’s upgraded and of course you know we love our carbon fiber around here we actually had them put carbon fiber across the top to match the hood in the roof we have Alcantara suede at the bottom and we tied in a red stitching to match the seats the carpet and all the

Other red that is on this car we’re going to move on to the hard top shortly after we get this in the car we want to get this in and out of the way and then we will get to the hardtop Thank you However as you saw that wasn’t how that was supposed to go I probably should have uh did the queen technique and put the bolt in a couple threads out so when it popped loose it didn’t uh pop into my chest and released the clock spring so

Now we got to pull the clock spring out we’ll rewind it or order a new one if we can’t and uh get this thing back together So I’ve reassembled our clock spring so one of these guys actually got stuck in the factory wheel and ripped it all apart when we were pulling the wheel off but we got it back together ready to go back to the car foreign We’ve got the airbag back in we’re going to address the faded Chrome Honda emblem now that everything’s back together we’ll pop that off get that fixed up so it looks new again but all in all the steering wheel feels amazing super stable feels really good in the hand

There’s a lot of extra surface area on this one I do like the tapered bottom just because there’s a little bit more legroom you see how tight it is in here with that tapered bottom it allows you a little bit more ease getting in and out

Of the car so this is a great wheel before we show you guys the finished hard top I have a few pieces to install on the chassis side mainly these guys so these are our rear clamps set up essentially that holds the back end of

The hard top into the car this is an oem Honda part which is really cool this piece is going to go on the hardtop itself it’s going to slide in here and then it’s going to go one of these ways like that and that’s essentially how the

Hardtop gets clamped in but we have to bolt these to the chassis side we gotta take a few trim pieces out so let’s get to it all right Foreign ‘s back here in our shop we’re going to apply all of the factory brackets that we bought that are going to fasten this to the car and make sure that it doesn’t fly off while we’re driving it we actually luckily enough were able to find all of the Fasteners directly from

Honda and these things are crazy expensive but you can buy cheaper alternatives if you’re going to do this project on your own we want to make sure that we’re giving the end user a really nice product when they get the car for me OEM Fasteners are the way to go

Anthony just got back from valid sports with our trim and our rubber moldings so I’m going to start fitting this guy already got it kind of laid out but as you can see there’s a little indents kind of where they’re supposed to go so I’m going to grab a drill start

Oversizing get this thing clipped in and then test for our hardtop Thank you That’s on dude it is yeah and it’s snow I like Factory there that changes the whole look Hardtop is fully installed but it’s not quite finished we need the glass so James from Beck’s Auto Glass is coming down tomorrow to install it other than that the thing turned out amazing makito and Mickey did a really good job of putting this hard top together it fits

Epic but let’s get this glass in our buddy James Beck is back from Beck’s Auto Glass and he is here to put the rear window on the custom made top that Mickey made this beautiful piece we’re gonna put the glass window on and then I think that’s it right I’m going to kick

You out of here new molding ready rock and roll that’s it baby Thank you that is gonna be it for today’s episode guys we got a lot done on this S2000 a lot of very big critical pieces our wheel and tire package is on the car sits amazing The Stance looks good the fitment looks really good we drove it for the first time the car

Drives amazing we’re still breaking in the engine so we can’t really push it or do any wide open poles with it but it sounds incredible the car’s running very well which is nice we also changed the Aesthetics we got our hard top on thing looks epic we got our glass mounted in

The hard top and we got our wing installed the back end of this car looks amazing the aesthetic totally changed on the car and I’m in love with it in next episode we got a few things to adjust we’re going to be changing out the rear

Bumper and dialing in this car 100 thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to drop a like and a comment down below subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next episode Oh