Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 – Part 1 – Parts Haul!

Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 - Part 1 - Parts Haul!

Posted: 2023-04-10 16:00:06
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

On YouTube What’s up throttle family we are back here today and as you can see we’ve got our Honda S2000 this is a 2006 model silver on the outside red on the inside one of my favorite specs of all time the only thing that would make it better is

If it was white but that’s just a personal preference anyway guys we’ve been dying to do one of these for a long time and we were waiting for something really exciting to come available for this car and it has so now is the time we found the perfect specimen for a

Sweepstakes car that’s right we’re giving this one away before we get to this Parts Mountain guys today is the start of the 2x entries in order to win this S2000 and 20 000 cash so after you’re done checking out all the parts in this video make sure you head over to get yourself some parts for your car you might have already and enter to win a second car third car however many cards you got this one is a good addition to anybody’s garage yeah if you’ve ever been on the fence about entering one of our sweepstakes I would

Say now is the time because I can tell you we have been wanting to do this for such a long time that when it came time the parts just kind of fell into our laps because we’ve had this built on paper for so long that it was like okay

Go all right here come the parts because I already kind of knew in my head what we needed and the team here has already put in their two cents and what they think this car should be and we came into this I think the perfect S2000 for

Street and track use so yeah normally there’s a lot more haggling about what we do with the car but uh the parts shell for this filled up quick it was pretty straight I mean he’s rounded the bases on this a couple of times already like you knew what was best and uh all

You needed was just kind of like our quick little we did yeah without further Ado we’ve got a heap of Parts on the floor here let’s start in the front and go through what we have currently and there’s a couple things we’re still missing but we’ll tell you

Guys about those here so let’s start here up front where we have the most obvious thing and probably one of my favorite additions to this car I love OEM arrow on s2000z look awesome and very futuristic almost for the time period they came out however I think spoon Sports absolutely knocked it out

Of the park with their Arrow line for these cars it’s a mix of street use and circuit use bumpers front and rear on the rear we’ve got something special to go along with that Aero bumper that we’ll show you guys when we get to the

Back this to me is the ideal pieces for this car they fit like OEM spoon always does a great job with their fitment and the other nice thing is is that spoon Sports USA actually keeps this stuff in stock on the Shelf which is pretty amazing being that they are big

Components yeah so we were able to actually drive an hour and a half north from our shop here pick this stuff up from spoon Sports USA and bring it back here for the car the other thing I really love about spoon is that they really purpose build everything even

Though this is a street or Aero style bumper it has a full under tray and it’s replaceable if you have a little off track Excursion or you happen to pull out a Starbucks and ground out the front bumper you can replace that piece quite easily it does provide a little bit of

Extra arrow for the front of the car without using plastic OEM componentry I can see exactly what you’re talking about when we’re installing it you guys will see but there’s like you said nut and bolt replacement parts for this so there’s like an under tray that’s not only reinforcing the strength of this

But also providing the protection of this fiberglass really nice components very track focused but also very streetable we’ve also reached out to Cusco which you guys have seen us use in the past so Cusco is a great partner of ours we sell a lot of their products on we literally have their

Full complement of products for this S2000 to stiffen the chassis and make it something that you’re going to want to carve canyons in or take to the track so we’ve got a front and rear strut Tower bar here we’ve got a front subframe brace here we’ve got a rear chassis

Brace we’ve got run rear sway bars and even have ladder bars for this thing yeah so I say ladder bars is kind of an old school terminology like more of a muscle car terminology but this essentially is going to bolt in to the unibody alongside what we call frame

Rails but they’re not because it’s a unibody car it’s just basically frame structure or unibody structure It Bolts in and it’s going to tie left and right side of the car together and it’s going to make the complement of these things all work together nicely and give us a

Nice stiff chassis that we can take to the track or just have a really spirited drive on the road so in typical throttle fashion we’re able to Source a new set of floor mats in red to match the carpets and the original floor mats that were in this particular interior this is

Kind of a really cool interior with the red and black inserts not all red which they do have as well this is my favorite because it mixes the black with the red it’s not just so polarizing all tasteful subtle edition of power in the interior being able to Source new mats is a

Really cool addition to this car and it’s something we like to do with every car we do here it’s kind of gotten to the point where when we’re finishing up a build it doesn’t feel like it’s complete until we’ve laid in some of these nice mats that Mickey gets his

Hands on and you guys will see when we take the seats out and really get into this build we’ll show you what the carpets are like and then it’s really worth eliminating odors or any kind of dirt and just kind of worn spots in the carpets by replacing things like this it

Really just finishes it off nicely yep sure does and so also most of our previous projects lately we’ve been using Recaro chairs and so this car is also going to be using those and we’re pairing those with a nice set of seat brackets and I’ll get the seat sitting

Nice and low again this is a sports car so we want to continue that theme it is really going to be a shame to remove these OEM seats though because they are reupholstered in real leather red and black stitching and this looks so cool I

Have yet to sit in a recaro’s seat that I didn’t think was like Top Notch though we always have a good experience with our car seats in any of the builds we do so yes and the ones that we have in these boxes are pretty special so it’ll be a nice

Addition to this car and keep that track slash Street theme going we are also going to add a hard top of this car this is going to get painted body color and will be finished nicely so that it continues the flow of the sports car

Feel of this car for me this was a must I do like driving this car with a top down but a hard top for these cars actually really completes the look and really gives it that sports car track car type feel and then to round out the

Front end we also have a vented sabon carbon fiber hood as you guys know we use these on a majority of our builds here they fit great they look great and they do shed a little bit of weight off the front of the car now this one might

Be a little bit of a wash because s2000s actually came with aluminum hoods which is pretty cool who does the Honda for that this is a sports car and you would expect that type of thought process to be involved with this so the weight should be pretty comparable between the

Carbon fiber hood and the aluminum Hood but I think the carbon fiber hood adds a great aesthetic for this car with the vent we chose a single vent we didn’t choose the traditional style hood that you would see on a modified S2000 this one’s a little bit different in my

Opinion so I think it’ll give our car a pretty unique look now let’s move around to the front so bringing it up to some of the electrical things these have some really sharp looking headlights and taillights already projector style good technology in them but we can always

Improve on the light emission yeah just for sure one thing I want to add is a lot of people actually take the projectors out of S2000 headlights and use them for retrofits yes we I’ve seen that several times so these are actually a really desirable projector so pairing

Them with the Morimoto lights is going to be a huge huge advantage in this setup so of course we have Morimoto bulbs that we’re going to replace get the cleaner look higher output they’re going to be just a little bit brighter and probably a cooler temperature and

Really kind of just crisp this up a little bit for sure and as usual I’ve been driving this car around a little bit here and there to kind of figure out what needs to be fixed and replaced on it as we always do one of the things

That I noticed and I really dislike about this current headlight setup is the running light is very uh yellow or not not yellow but almost like I don’t know how you call it very warm looking and it has like an orangey old school halogen bulb look to it and with this

Car you really want that crit just like that 5000k 6000k just burner of a bulb in there and this is going to accomplish that and get rid of that old crusty look which I think is not desirable so this is almost a 20 year old car and while it

Has good technology upgrading the some of the incandescent warm bulbs to something clean and pure white like that and just kind of bring it up to date because everything is Led these days you know sequentials and everything but while we don’t want to reinvent the wheel we can at least refresh it a

Little bit so that’s where we’re going to bring in Morimoto and do that and with those great internals just adding that extra light output is going to make these things perform really well one of the things I see here that should have been discussed with our sabon Hood but

Got kind of skipped is the Goretti dampers for the hood I love adding these because it allows you to get rid of the hood prop Grady offers these for a lot of different makes and models definitely cleans up the the look aesthetically of the car so this is a great addition and

This is something that we sell on throttle and we actually sell quite a few of these it seems to be a pretty popular upgrade these days now what do you got here bud oh man these are actually something really cool that I’ve found sound pairing the spoon arrow with

The stock body of this car one thing we didn’t want to widen the front fenders and go with anything crazy but I wanted to add a little look to it it’s already almost got a wide body look just with how much these fenders kind of elbow out

Like that yeah they kind of come out really flat through here paired with an arrow kit I thought I needed something on the fender to actually punch it up a little bit and so I started doing some research online and I found these actually about two years ago so these

Are from bullied Sports and essentially what these are is it’s a Porsche GT3 style vent for the fender now it’s going to require us to cut the fenders on the front of the S2000 but I think this complements the body kit really well it is also going to double as a an exhaust

For the the air that gets trapped in the wheel well so we’ll have to ventilate the plastic inserts in the wheel well to actually make these function but that’s something really simple for us to do here and I think it will complement the arrow kit quite nicely once it’s punched

In there it’s going to really spice up the front of this car quite a bit more than it would just a stock Fender it’s going to allow us to keep a stock Fender without going to a FRP or a carbon fiber Fender which don’t always fit the best

And you run into you know just quality issues sometimes with some of that stuff so this is a good easy solution to add a nice look a really racy look to the front end without going to an FRP or carbon fiber part which I like because

You can keep the gapping on the factory panels the way they are and of course we love to use some BC racing coilovers these are BR series they are fully adjustable as far as dampening and height adjustability so these are kind of a no-brainer as far as throwing onto

Something that can just kind of be lowered a little bit just the dampening and just again add to the corner ability right so to keep that street track theme going this is actually the perfect complement for this car it’s going to give us that really nice aesthetic this

Low low car and we’ve got some other components that are going to work really nicely with this once we get the car to the ride height that we want and we’ll get to those when we get to the back always really sharp looking out of the

Box too these are one of the better coilovers on the market sure now this is one of the things that we have been waiting on to do one of these projects and I’m so excited about this one this is our Grady 50 state legal turbo kit in

Today’s day and age of tuning finding a turbo kit that you can bolt onto an NA car that actually is legal in all 50 states is nearly impossible Grady’s been working on this kit for quite some time and it finally got its EO number here in the state of California and the other

States that require it what I love about it is that they’ve basically given you a turnkey turbo kit package for the S2000 that’s going to basically increase this car by I think over 60 horsepower paired with a few other components that come in the kit one of the things I love about

This kit is the cast manifold a lot of people don’t like cast manifolds I actually would prefer them and actually like them and the reason for that is because a tubular manifold a lot of times the welds will crack and break and you have to re-weld them this cast

Manifold is efficient and is going to actually give us a lot of strength and durability we’re not going to have to worry about re-welding this ever we can give this car away to the next sweepstakes winner and know that this is going to last the life of the vehicle

It’s very concise very small and it’s going to do its job perfectly putting the turbo in the exact place that we need it the other thing that I like is that Grady was able to actually jig up and make really nice stainless steel downpipe and tubing to go with this kit

I mean this literally looks like something that you would have fabbed up at a race shop it’s beautiful we’ve got two O2 bungs here and then this is going to bolt up very nicely to our Grady exhaust system so these components are meant to work together and they were

Dynoed together so we know that this is going to be a winning combination for this car the other thing that’s great about this turbo kit is they’re actually using a Garrett core and it already comes pre-welded with a 90 degree elbow we’ve got an external waste heat already

Heat shielded this kit is amazing I mean I can go on and on but we will get further into detail when we do the install with Quinn on this it does come with an intercooler and it’s going to lead me off into dietworks as well it comes with dietworks injectors and

Tuning comes from hondata and it also is going to to be using the air inks dry air filter so this is a very well-rounded kit like I said you could literally turbo your S2000 over the weekend in your home garage it’s literally that easy this comes with all

The plumbing you need as well water and oil lines for cooling of the turbo and lubricating of the turbo this is a plug and play or bolt-on Affair which is exciting it’s literally something we can do in probably a day here at our shop we’re going to pair that with a

Mishimoto oil cooler which we’ll get to later to keep oil temps down and manageable because when you do turbo an engine it does increase that we do want to add some components to the motor that are going to allow it to run confidently

For a lot of years to come and so we are going to be using a fluid damper again we’ve been using these in a lot of our engine build series we’ve had great luck with these we’re going to be working with fluid damper again on this one if

You guys aren’t familiar with them they are probably the go-to damper on the market for most engines and when we do an engine build we do like to use them because harmonically they help and it’s going to allow the engine to last longer and perform better and that should lead

You to believe that if we’re adding this we’re probably probably doing some other things as well to the engine you guys are gonna have to stay tuned for that now moving forward on the back of the engine we’ve got a action clutch if you want to talk a little bit more about

Action clutch and fly well there’s obviously we’re adding power in order to put that down with no clutch slippage or anything on an aged clutch we have a flywheel and clutch package that obviously adapts this car to the added power yeah and what’s cool is we told

Action that we were turboing this car and they actually came to us with a recommendation of what Clutch to use to hold the power and still retain a pretty stock feel at the clutch pedal a lot of times if you over clutch a car you end up with this really heavy pedal that

Makes an absolute nightmare to drive in traffic and to continue with the theme of Street slash track car this action clutch is sprung and is going to be a nice smooth pedal feel and not so heavy as what you would get from a full-on race clutch so it’ll handle the power

But still be able to be driven nicely on the street yeah yeah I mean that’s kind of the elephant in front of you right there it sure is I kept revealing it the further and further Shooters back check those things out man yeah I mean these are awesome and if you guys aren’t

Familiar with spoon Sports and we’ve we’ve said we’re using their Aero kit we want to pair those with the arrow mirror as well you can’t really see it because they’re behind some of our other spoon Parts up here but the mirrors on these cars are pretty clunky and big I don’t

Hate the way they look some cars they’re terrible the S2000 is actually it’s digestible it’s not an overly large mirror but man when you go with the arrow front rear bumper I think these are the complete package yeah and these add a little more of a modern touch to

The car these are not Fender Mount I know a lot of people looked at these here at the shop and thought these were Fender Mount mirrors guilty they are not they actually replace the stock mirror in the stock location and bolt into the stock holes Body Shop will prep these

Paint and body color just wrap them on and they’re ready to rock and roll they do have a convex mirror shapes you’re going to get a wider angle view when you look into the mirrors and I will say that I’ve been driving this car it does have some pretty gnarly blind spots so

These will help with that and they’re also a blue lens it’s going to help keep some of the glare down things like that so a great addition to the car it’s going to keep that spoon sports theme going and look cool while doing it how about these guys we got two choices here

What’s what’s up with that yeah so to go with our Grady exhaust system it comes with a stainless steel tip and this is the RS exhaust this is their race style and it goes from a dual tip to a single tip so no longer will we have an exhaust

Coming out both sides only be coming out of one side well we want to do something really special so we purchased two of the Grady exhaust tips that are an option for this exhaust this is for anyone you can do this so if you buy a Grady exhaust system you can always

Change out the tips to different materials they have stainless steel these here are actually titanium I went with the long straight and I went with a turn down I haven’t decided what look we’re going for yet so we got one of each and we may even let you guys decide

What we put on but we also have a fun thing we’re going to do with those we’re going to send those out and get those laser etched with the throttle logo as well really make this a special a special exhaust system basically a one-off for this car paired with that rear Arrow bumper

Together and then you know put this back here we’ll pull it see what people think yeah cool moving further back I don’t want to get too far I don’t want to go past this this is still in the packaging a little bit difficult to see but we

Didn’t want to scratch it up this is actually an authentic spoon Sports roll cage for this car and now there are a few roll cage options on the market will we chose this one because this one actually goes in and doesn’t uh interfere with the interior components

So I noticed there’s no diagonal bar or anything like that that’s going to kind of really intrude in your priority snug space inside of there right right so you know a traditional race car you would gut it and you would send it off to a

Roll cage shop or you would order a roll cage online a prefab deal and a lot of times that requires you to eliminate some of the Interior functionality or components such as the plastic stuff that you know allows you to have some storage especially in this car where

Storage is very minimal right this is going to wrap around and utilize the actual Factory bolt-in beam that runs behind the headrest of the car those are gonna stay this work Works around that and allows you to keep the majority of your interior intact for me that was

Important because we want this to feel like a street car we don’t want to give away a gutted race car that’s not yeah it’s not cool in any way shape or form yes I would imagine yeah having to gut out a lot of the Plastics and some of

The sound deadening this would be much more dialed towards the track and kind of just like the raw rather than being able to possibly daily this thing with with you know right the things that we’re throwing at this we have one other component that we picked up from our

Friends over at evasive Motorsports when you add a roll cage S2000 as I mentioned you lose a lot of your interior parts now this roll cage is meant to not but if you do and you’re in need of a way to keep your trunk release button and you

Want to keep your cigarette lighter this is a component that will do that this is really cool piece that’s actually manufactured specifically for basically a race car you remove the Cubbies that are between the seats and you move your trunk release and your cigarette lighter down to here and allows you to retain

Kind of a factory interior look we’re hoping that we don’t have to use this as much as I love this I think this is such a really cool piece you literally send it off have it upholstered in leather put red stitching whatever you want to

Do make it look like a stock part I’m hoping that with the spoon cage we won’t need to use this we can retain the factory stuff because I want to give away a car that is super usable this is just one of those things that if we have

To go here we have a solution I think this just shows how many times you’ve gone around building this car that you were just like I’m gonna have this is a Cy just in case yeah yes absolutely just in case you know we’re going to get to

Some more parts from EVS or evasive Motorsports I want to shout them out because for the S2000 Community they have a lot of really awesome products available this is just one of them this is just outside the box thinking and we need a solution so we’re just going to

Create it ourselves and they did so happy to have that here happy to be partnered with them on this project and we’re going to get to some more of their parts here as we continue back now of course we’re not going to rush past our mishimoto radiator and fan shroud that

We have here we’re going to be adding a ready turbo to the system and of course that gets things introducing a lot more heat yes so we have our x-line radiator from mishimoto and this fan shroud that is paired with it straight blade there’s going to be a lot more air of movement

Really cool down this thing as best we can we’re actually pairing that with an oil cooler system with a thermostatic sandwich plate which from what I understand this thing does not open up the oil to the cooler until the engine is up to Temp or that way it doesn’t

Take forever to do that that’s actually like a lot of people put oil coolers on but they forget about this this is important because otherwise you’re cycling oil through everything in a cooler and a cooler a more efficient cooler it takes a long time for your engine oil to get up to operating

Temperature so with this it’s going to wait till it sees that temperature the ball valve opens up and then it starts cycling oil through the cooler when you need it allowing the engine to get up to temperature faster which is really important a lot of people Overlook that

Process and step I’m so happy that we’re able to have that for this car we’ve got new lines for that as well and some silicone radiator hoses of course just to complement the additional components I think that goes to show why we always choose mishimoto for some of these

Builds they’ve thought of things like this and of course they have start to finish what you need in order to upgrade this being almost a 20 year old car it’s probably time for those hoses to be replaced anyhow the old rubber hoses with some silicone so we are going to be

Putting motool engine oil in this as well as brake fluid you guys know we love our Mo tool around here pretty much put that stuff in everything yeah it’s our Frank’s Red Hot yeah basically again we’ll do a brake system flush we do have a full complement of brake components

Going on this as well so very excited about that moving back further as I alluded to previously we’ve got our EVS tuning basically our suspension components that we’re going to be putting on and I chose these for a reason some out of necessity and some just because I want this car to handle

Like a race car and that’s our Roll center adjust kit so we’ve got a front roll center adjust we got a rear Roll center adjust kit as well and we’ve also got axle spacers so S2000 suffer from a situation where when you lower them it actually tries to pull the axles out of

The differential because you’re basically like a good thing yeah the geometry becomes not ideal and what this package here does is allows us to set the car up where the lower control arms are actually flat to the ground which is what you want you don’t want to see the

Arms like this I know you guys have all seen those EGS and eks on the freeway rolling around with all the bracing underneath and you see their control arms like this that defeats the purpose of handling for any car this kit here will allow us to lower the car properly

And get all the suspension geometry correct and within spec for what we want to do with the car and that’s carved some Canyons or go to a track day Tails back to you saying that EVS has a lot of these Engineers solutions for anybody who’s trying to modify their S2000 this

Is stuff that normally people don’t think of and if you notice these are even offset which is pretty cool like the factory part this is actually in the center of these two holes so they’ve got this offset for a little bit of camber as well which is really nice I believe

It I want to say it’s three degrees I need to check the the ride up again but these are going to be a great addition to this car and allow us to get it set up to handle really well even though it’s low and that to me is exciting

Because I think our Mustang was kind of the same way and that was ideally one of the best cars we’ve ever come out of this shop I think from a handling standpoint handling is important and these rt660s from Falcon this is their Zenith line you guys have heard us

Mention these a million times we use these on literally every car that comes out of our shop this is in my opinion the Pinnacle summer Tire living here in San Diego we’re fortunate enough to be able to run these year round because we don’t get snow here and we don’t get a

Lot of precipitation these things are super sticky and they last a long time and they have a fantastic aesthetic yes and when you put these on the wheels and you mount them on the car and you just see these big bricks of rubber hanging

Out the side of the car it’s just such a great look aesthetically they also perform to back up those looks so I’m glad I’m not the only one of the things like the profile of these Treads and the just the design and then yeah when you

Get on the road with these things and you just feel you can hear the roads sticking to these look at that you can hear the road sticking to that it’s such a good looking and feeling tired and the great thing about them is you say you

Can hear the road sticking to them and you can but that doesn’t mean they’re a loud Tire because they are actually quite quiet for as big of tread blocks as they have which inherently the bigger the tread blocks get the louder a tire typically gets this tire somehow doesn’t

I don’t know how that’s possible but they’ve figured something out I don’t know if it’s the Rubber compound or what we love them yes we do so as you guys can tell we like to keep some of the build a surprise along with the seats we also have some wheels and we’re keeping

Them secret until it’s time for Vermont I think the wheel that’s going on this car is actually going to be available for you guys to purchase and that is exciting to us because we’re going to have basically the first set we have with the first set once we reveal those

We’re going to launch them live and you guys could also order them for your S2000 or other vehicles as well now the nice thing to know about that too is we’re not widening this car at all no we’re adding front rear bumpers and a lot of Arrow but the width so these

Things are going to be tailored to a stock fitment yep but it’s most likely going to fill it out and be an aggressive but functional fit which is going to be really important and back to the tire one thing that we wanted to do

Was keep this a square set up so we did run 235 40s on all four corners we’ve got a nice meaty sidewall it’s going to allow the tire to perform properly and not just roll over this thing is going to be a grip monster when it’s done and

To add to the arrow we need to move around back because we did get the spoon Sports Aero rear bumper as we mentioned when we talked about the front bumper but we’ve also gotten one of my favorite pieces to this rear bumper which is right here this is a one by one twill

Rear diffuser this is an add-on piece this doesn’t come with the arrow rear bumper air rear bumper is finished with or without this now we are adding this component are you ready for this you ready for this this is so sick so one of the things that I always hate about

Arrow kits and stock bumpers in general is there’s nowhere for the air to actually come out you’re basically putting a parachute on the back of the car the car doesn’t have an underbelly tray to eliminate the air to get pocketed up in here yeah you’re creating a basically a parachute a parachute

Spoon has addressed that by opening this up now this allows us to run our you know obviously our license plate lights and stuff like that but they also open this up to allow that air to evacuate similar to the thought process on our freak where we we vented the rear bumper

Right to let that air out of there another really cool thing about this bumper is they actually use a stock Towing cap for the tow hook and also a stock license plate captures which you almost never get in an aftermarket bumper so so cool now aesthetically they’ve added these little guys down

Here this is kind of its own diffuser in and of itself but what’s really cool is they make this add-on piece that actually just bolts right on here and it creates another diffuser which to me if you’re gonna do this bumper this is an absolute must because first of all it’s

Beautiful you can literally hang this on your wall as an art piece I think I actually put that on there backwards I did so this actually goes like yeah I dare you so it has a nice little turnip it’s going to create a little bit of downforce for the car to me the

Downforce is one thing aesthetically this is an absolute must-have for this bumper so not to geek out too much on a rear bumper because at the end of the day it is just a rear bumper what I like about it is all the functionality that they’ve designed into this and maybe you

Want to point out some of the things we’ve talked about I I’m just looking down the profile of this and I’m noticing that this is almost like a ducktail Wing built into some of the ledges on this as well it is it’s just it’s I mean I’m losing my balance just

Because I’m sitting awkwardly but this thing is super light so it’s negative here and it actually comes to like a point to a ducktail here so that’s creating a little bit of Arrow they’ve also sharpened up all of these edges on the side as well to create actual areas

For the air to flow over and create downforce they’ve really thought this through and for you know they call it the Aero bumper for a reason but the fact that it’s a really aesthetically pleasing piece as well as totally streetable yeah it made it an absolute home run for this project because it’s

Going to give it that track slash Street look that we’re really after so I can’t wait to get all this color matching on the car because I think it’s really going to pop you add this one by one twill to it I’m excited if you can’t

Tell already yeah and just look out I mean it’s how it’s holding its own weight structurally it’s sound as well so yeah yeah and and with all spoon Parts it’s going to fit like an oem part which is really awesome continuing on from that back bumper and some of the

Arrow it’s kind of elongating a little bit past the tail lights more than the stock bumper does yeah I think that’s going to go really well with what we’re going to do with APR now let’s be honest this isn’t the actual Wing we’re going

To be using this is off of our Supra we are actually going to take a special trip up to APR they’re just up in la which is about two hours north of us here but we’re actually going to custom build a wing for this car and that excites me we’ve never had the

Opportunity to actually go there and do what they do and that’s essentially make a custom wing for the car they have all these components they’re in their Factory and they literally will spec a wing to your taste so we’re going to take you guys along for that Journey

We’re gonna go to APR visit them for half a day or so and actually spec a wing for this car we pulled this off just for the visual aesthetic if you guys understand kind of what we’re going after it is going to be a GT style wing

For this car full carbon full APR everything and they’ve got a couple other bits that we’re going to pick up there as well like a cooling plate for underneath the engine bay and also potentially some other carbon bits but you guys are going to have to stay tuned

For that visit because we will introduce those at that time and then last but not least I mean we talked about grip we talked about all the suspension bits we did touch on the fact that we would be using a Wilwood brake kit and we do have

That here now this is only one of the two boxes because this car is going to get wilwoods on all four I think we’ve only done a couple projects where we’ve replaced all four corners with Wilwood brakes this particular car being a track slash shoe

Car we want to make sure it has optimal braking power to slow this thing down with the additional horsepower that’s going to have with the Grady turbo kit we want to make sure that that is Paramount so we’re going to be upsizing the rotors and calipers on the front and

Rear of this car and it should really add a great aesthetic as well well as you can see we’ve got an absolute mountain of Parts here for this car and if you can’t tell the level of excitement from will and I you need to check your pulse because we have been

Wanting to do this for so long and now is the time we’ve got all of the amazing stuff here to make oh all bases are covered we’ve got stopping power we’ve got power we’ve got the sound from the the wishes from the turbo and the exhaust we’ve got the handling the grip

The arrow I mean this thing is going to be so top-notch that’s right dare I say this might be my ultimate sweepstakes car honestly I am going to be jealous of this when it’s done and I’m going to drive it a few miles before we give it

Away this is exciting for all of us and we hope that that comes across in this video content because we are all excited so again today is the start of a 2X entry period it ends Friday head over to get yourself some merchandise get your maintenance or your

Aftermarket parts for your car and enter to win this car and twenty thousand dollars cash we’ll catch you guys in the next one foreign Foreign