Throtl: Building A Turbocharged Honda S2000 AP2 in 27 Minutes!

Posted: 2023-06-08 19:38:17
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 2006 Honda S2000 that we bought completely bone stock and it didn’t stay that way for long after a few short weeks the car is finished it has a few spoon body parts custom carbon fiber roof a rebuilt engine a gratty turbo kit fresh paint and a ton more

Let’s take you guys back to the beginning of this build roll the clip wow and that’s 2 000. what’s up we found this Honda S2000 really easily on here at throttle everyone uses Auto Tempest to find their cars whether it be a sweepstakes car a

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The car Cars one search now let’s start building this Honda s2000. there’s really not a whole lot of information out there about how to mount these the one picture I did find the person actually drilled holes in the flange actually secured it with nuts and bolts I don’t really like that they’re

Going to have to get a little tricky with some heat gear and I’ve also thought about the idea of pulling the fenders off cutting this out and actually flush mounting these from the bottom I’m not sure if possible but we might give it a try all right well we’ve arrived here at APR

Performance where they create the wings and do all the development of all of their carbon fiber products they actually already have a wing mount for this car so we’ll build off of that and we’re going to decide on the height and everything here while we’re putting this together thank you

But this engine is a little old it’s got some seeps it’s got some leaks and we’re going to be pulling it out and doing a ton of maintenance on it thank you oh she’s seen a little bit of heat that’s not terrible still a little bit of life left in it

Always hot spotting on there huh probably from Mickey’s right over there thank you Sandra does need a little bit of work we do have some gaskets here that are leaking and there’s just a lot of crud and grime kind of all over we’re gonna do a whole Refresh on this thing we got

A lot coming for this we’re actually gonna be tearing this thing completely down because we’re going to be rebuilding this engine whoever wins this car is going to end up with a really good powertrain package that is rebuilt reliable it’s going to hold the power very nicely and it’s going to sound

Amazing with this new gratty turbo kit all right and see what this thing looks like on the inside there’s red paint in here a lot of this is just like oil buildup crud so luckily we’re going to clean all this stuff out it’s kind of everywhere not

Terrible not the end of the world a little bit of grimy this engine could have used more oil changes for sure thank you all of the Rings are moving around which is good including the oil control ring so a lot of times these old control Rings you can see in there there’s like

Some gunk in it it doesn’t look nice and clean and just kind of oil buildup and junk around the sides but a lot of times these oil control Rings will get stuck in place because they’ll have like coagulated oil built up and then they get seized and then they stop working

And then you have like a lot of cars will start burning oil when that happens other than that it looks pretty good we have a bit of skirt wear on the sides which doesn’t really concern me that much the bearings however something got in here you can see there’s just like a

Few clean lines like all the way around and same on the cap here so not the end of the world definitely something we’re going to replace because we’re going to be putting new Main and rod bearings in here foreign good shape dude good shape a little bit of oil staining nothing crazy everything

Looks good you can see where the oil Journal like Gallery is in the bearing because it’s a lot less worn but I don’t feel anything with my finger indicating that we have like damaged journals or excessive wear so we’ll know when we put the micrometer on it but everything

Looks really good I’m happy with this engine overall we have a lot of OEM Honda parts here on the table we’re doing pretty much just an oem Refresh on this engine we’re going to be upgrading a few things while we’re in here we did send the cylinder head out to get

Machined it’s got a nice fresh cut on it as well as inspected everything looks really good with it we added an oil pan baffle it’s a welding baffle it’s got the old rings out two of the cylinders were starting to show signs that the oil control Rings were starting to seize

Which is not good so we’ve got that all cleaned up and our new rings are going to take care of that so overall these Pistons are in excellent shape I have no problem reusing them in their forged from the factory which is really cool so we haven’t done a whole lot to the

Engine block this block is actually in really good shape you’ve cleaned it up I’ve cleaned up the deck we’ve driest blasted the whole thing and it looks absolutely beautiful this is foreign thank you all right 22c1 is fully rebuilt and ready to go back into the S2000 we hung

The greddy turbo kit off we still have a little bit of lines to run and some things to figure out with that so we’re going to get into that but our engine is finished this thing is fully rebuilt new Rings new bearings new gaskets and seals complete all the way through the engine

This thing is ready to fire up it for its first time back in our S2000 we just got in our driest energy champ of Aria we’ve been wanting one of these for so long we finally have one our s8000 is going to transform with this Blaster and this thing’s gonna end up looking

Amazing so let’s get to it all right well today’s D-Day this car is heading off Torrey Pines Collision for its respray and to get all the fiberglass Parts painted as well so before we load on the trailer we’re going to remove some of the stuff for

The body shop so they don’t have to fuss with it and we don’t have to worry about anything getting lost so we’re going to remove the third brake light the tail lights the headlights uh the spoon mirrors are going to come off so that they don’t have to pull the door cards motorcycle

Foreign foreign all right welcome my life foreign not gonna do anything unless the ignition is on for the accessory power that’s good so we should have an indicator right here once I click the key on Boom nice it’s LIT All right so right now if you look down here we’re gonna spin it

Then she turns all right oh yeah now let go of it and I have I have a e-brake light on here too oh it is yeah so that’s our indicator that you break is applied so now I’ll press down making me back to Turning turn it on again

All right it’s on turn it on apply it all right it’s on no it’s not you know what it might not work while you’re spinning it because no I will I apply it he’s not applying it I didn’t hear it it’s on no it is oh yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t

Hear it cool all right now I’m gonna turn this back off lights off the button doesn’t do anything perfect cool that is the electronic parking brake by Wilwood big brake kit on the rear done so next up we are going to be installing an EVS tuning bump steer kit

For the front so basically this is going to bump up the steering rack to kind of make up for the space of lower ride height also if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle Channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing hello

This engine is completely finished now we hung our Grady turbo off the side just to kind of get an idea what it was going to look like and finish up the engine build I always love to see a turbo on a finished engine which looks really nice so today we’re actually

Going to get this thing back in the car but before we do that I have to finish the plumbing for the turbo getting it fully installed and then we’ll drop this thing in tell me thank you thank you foreign sounds good dude huh that turbo sounds

Nice engine works which is a really good sign so now we can kind of button everything else back up so we’re going to put the intercooler the cooling system and kind of dress the front of the car here and get everything mechanically back in shape thank you

We put this engine in yesterday I know so this thing came together really quickly which is really cool so we haven’t put coolant in it we still don’t have an exhaust so there’s still things that need to get down to the car but it looks beautiful look at that it was great

We’re going to hear this car stop with the Grady exhaust and the Grady turbo I’m excited all right let’s give her a rip Honda yeah baby it’s awesome exhaust that was really nice it’s actually louder than I thought it was going to be but it’s like the first time we started out

Shifter is fully installed it feels amazing it’s such a nice piece on our Civic and I’m really glad we brought it back for is2000 build I love the shifters this is a brand new wheel from motegi this is the new flowform mr159 we got it

In an 18 by nine and a half of an at38 offset we’re going to be running a squared wheel setup on the car we are however gonna stagger the tires so we have a 235 40 zr18 in the back and the 225 48 are 18 to the front good afternoon

That was so good bro oh man dude I’m in I really like that actually on our way up to our friend’s shop who we bought the S2000 from that is our current sweepstakes car and that’s because he owns a body shop and he also does mold making and pools fiberglass or

Carbon fiber parts he gave us an opportunity to come to his shop and actually hand craft a hard top for this S2000 all right we just arrived at makito shop here in Hesperia California we’re gonna head in say hello and get started thank you foreign

‘s back here in our shop we’re going to apply all of the factory brackets that we bought that are going to fasten this to the car and make sure that it doesn’t fly off while we’re driving it we actually luckily enough were able to find all of the Fasteners directly from

Honda and these things are crazy expensive but you can buy cheaper alternatives if you’re going to do this project on your own we want to make sure that we’re giving the end user a really nice product when they get the car for me OEM Fasteners are the way to go foreign

Now it’s time to remove the spoon bumper so that we can put on the new OEM bumper go go go get down