Throtl: Building a SR20DET Swapped Nissan 300ZX – Part 4 (New Body Kit + Install!)

Building a SR20DET Swapped Nissan 300ZX - Part 4 (New Body Kit + Install!)

Posted: 2023-08-22 16:00:15
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 300 Nissan 300ZX and we’re going to be building this nightmare of a car into the beautiful machine that it was meant to be we have a fun and Powerful engine plan for this build and we just picked up a body kit so let’s

Get to installing it all right I’m gonna grab our side skirt first I see that this actually bolts to the pin Trail underneath the car and I can tell you I know the pin trails in our car are absolutely hammered so I’m pretty sure that this isn’t going to line up

Straight out of the gate but we’re gonna go check it out and see if you guys have a 300ZX and you’re interested in this kit you can head over to and it is available to order there Foreign as you guys can see whoever had this car before us or previous owners didn’t take care of it very well and the pinch rails are screwed up pretty bad they’re destroyed dude this thing’s flat against the bottom of the skin so just so you understand the side skirts that uh trust

Are ready made us they bolt onto this pin Trail so we’ve got to get this flattened back out now the plant all along was to to fix these uh Stephanie pet peeve of mine having folded pin Trails so I know a lot of you at home are

Probably screaming at the TV grab the vice grips I need to get it away from the body first before I can actually even get a tool in there to grab it and pull it down so I’m using just a chisel and lightly working it back grab a vice grip my work bag As he’s pulling on this watch this rocker right here so as he pulls back on that this whole rockers basically reshaping itself so this was actually punched up pretty good A little blow drying here yeah we’re gonna try and bend this down a little bit fiberglass loves heat because it relaxes when you can bend it and do all sorts of stuff and it doesn’t crack which is really good oh hey Ricky can you come translate these

This is for the rear for me ah it’s so fussy we have to cut all that off all right so Quinn figured out that this thing just pops over the factory bumper which is pretty cool I think yeah look at that sits right in the body line yeah it does

Oh it’s so snug you just pinch my finger in there four screws we’re done baby how cool is that it’s not that much different than the stock bumper but what I do like about it is the hard Edge shape that it puts on this edge here

Brings this down a little lower it has a much nicer line right there the stock one’s like a big bubble and this is kind of more angular and sharp yeah check this out over here from this side so this this body line here which gives it

A much more aggressive look is like a square chunky bumper this comes down actually makes the back of the side skirt which is really cool yeah this angle makes all the difference right here for something that was designed in the potentially 99 this is pretty cool

And still I think a very good looking kit if you guys are enjoying this 300ZX content you’re going to want to check out the social media app Vero we’re going to be posting behind the scenes of things that don’t make our YouTube videos onto our Vera account for you

Guys to check out one of the things we love about it is it has very minimal compression on video and photography it doesn’t constrain you when you post photos it doesn’t make you put them in a small box anything like that you’re free to do with it what you want the other

Thing that we love about Vero is there’s no ads and no algorithmic feed which gives you full control over your experience on the app and as you guys can see we’ve posted today about the 300ZX body kit that we unpackaged yesterday and also some of the content

About our Viper as well here I am on the Discovery page and what I like about this is you can just thumb through here and find stuff that piques your interest for instance there’s this really rad hot rod in here not sure whose that is but

Really cool and you know this allows you to just find other people with like interest and interact with them so if you haven’t already click the link in the description down below and download the Vero app you won’t be disappointed and you’re going to get that awesome behind the scenes content from inside

The throttle shop make sure you follow us so I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to actually fit this because we’re missing a lot of things is that holding itself huh there it is all right we’re going home see the fuse box right through this

We’re gonna move it up oh you can just pull your fuses right yeah you need to check your headlight relay there you go dude that’s a fully accessible yeah you can smell the mobs from a mile away I like how that rolls into the front fender like that’s way ahead of its time

No this the way they rolled this in like this is very like circuit car style which is cool but literally we popped it up there and it stayed by itself without any hardware there’s nothing going on this is the fast front bumper for this car let me see the battery I think so

Too honestly so well very simple it just looks almost OEM with a little bit more aggressive which is kind of the theme I think for this car yeah that looks sick you’re gonna talk about that that’s the rear wiper arm we’re gonna pop that off from the inside I’ll weld in a little

Tab from the back that’ll get a plug or if we can get a rear window for a knot a car with non-rear wiper I don’t know if that existed and then we’re going to remove the stereo antenna which yeah I already started to remove but I need to finish narrow mirrors dude

So we do need to find some tea tops so I’m looking for those these the t-tops we don’t have them we don’t have them oh we got the birds there was a top on this yeah but it’s all rusty oh hey man we ready to go to the paint shop we’ll

Clean their line what color banana yoga everything will be on Barrel we’re actually we’re doing poles on Vero to help us pick different Wheels what Wheels we want to put on it I love the colors everything kind of getting everyone involved lots of people have a

Say well this is kind of like the people’s build if you will all right so it is my turn to work on the 300ZX finally I’m gonna be removing these harness and it goes all the way across the front there’s a big old fuse box right over here which I’m gonna I’m

Gonna be removing as well so uh we want this thing could be bare bones in the front especially for the engine bay pen it’s going to look amazing so let’s get to it what you got boom Check It Out Boys check it out check it out

Yeah he’s already fitted up yeah this is really cool I like a little strands yeah baby how sick is that that’s really cool details Thank you foreign Is it going to be worse than the other side what look in there so you have to disconnect all this stuff over here everything in this corner but the harness is going on top it’s going up so I gotta trace and see where the plugs are and then once we take like

Eight plugs off it’ll go right through and we’ll have to hold harness outside Oh Cool the next thing that we’re going to be doing to the 300ZX is we are going to be removing the antenna which I think Mickey started but didn’t finish and then we are also going to remove the rear windshield wiper motor because it is not needed First things first we gotta get all this paint out the way so it’s nice and clean from there we measure we make a plate and then we’ll tack welder to it and then we’ll do the same thing to the other side hello All right what are you doing with this piece of tetanus right here well we’re gonna clean this off first he’s so tense yeah tetanus right there we’re going to clean it since these are covered for around 10 now we’re going to trace this right here then we’re going to cut it then we’re

Going to shape it and then we’re going to attack it and then we’re going to do the exact same thing for the trunk area I’m gonna grab two magnets I’m gonna place it there and the magnets are going to hold it completely flush so from here I can actually tag make two tags on this side tumor on that side I can only call the magnets and the piece

Of metal is not going to move and then I can do my welding all the way across thank you some power make 210 NP by Lincoln Electric and this is our most used machine in this shop you can use a 110 volt or a 220 volt which is the best

Thing about it and it’s very portable first thing you do power it on and it literally says ready to set and well and what it does it says your previous setting that you had in our case we are going to be welding 18 gauge and when it comes to

Welding on a car the car panels are so thin that I like to go all the way low my voltage and that gives you a perfect will around the piece of metal here mine’s already set but let’s just say in case you have a different size metal you

Can say you’re welding 16 gauge it literally sets you up so you can start welding right away without having to do any settings but in our case we’re going to go back to 18 and I already know my settings for this one so you get to welding thank you

All right this is all I’m doing obviously he’s not perfect and I’m not going to make it perfect because the body shop still needs to remove all the dents around the car and then they’re going to patch this and there she is look at this Oh My queen and I let’s go I’m taking the mirrors off so these are coming off and then we got our moldings here coming off and then we got the door handles off which this one it’s already it’s already off because it fell out when we bought

The car but the other one’s selling so I gotta get that out I’m gonna finish putting this thing on Mickey how to leave today so he’s not here today so I’m gonna finish this for him finally Arrow latches are completed and they work perfectly they don’t get stuck Mountain View and

Ready to go All right well as always when we have glass work around the throttle shop within our boy James at Beck’s Auto Glass he’s local here in in the San Diego or Southern California area he knows these Japanese cars really well and we’ve got him over here just basically taking all the glass out of

The car so that when this goes off the paint they don’t have to fuss with it so front glass two quarter windows and the rear hatch glass all coming out today this thing will be ready to rock and roll for paint thank you [Applause] I think it would have fallen off on the road and we’re like gone I’ve been bad that would suck we’re gonna get this thing off the paint we’re gonna load it on a trailer that I just got it’s going to be fun because this car has no brakes no parking brake it

Has steering which is good so you’re gonna hope it doesn’t roll away from us What do you think about this on Patrick to Bear off a little rough he’s very rough I think the turret on absolute turd might be the number one teared out there this car was 300 it looks very heavy though this is bad all right we’ve got

The 300 ZX dropped off at Torrey Pines Collision where Patrick and Joel and the boys here are gonna take care of it for us this car is not nice at all this thing is spooky so the boys here really have their work cut out for them but

They’ve done some other projects for us I think this is well within their wheelhouse I know it’s going to turn out great and the color we picked is amazing it is you guys are gonna have to wait to see that though unfortunately so we’re gonna leave it here next time you guys

See this car it will be either being painted or completely done so I don’t know leave us some comments down below if you guys want to see us drop by once in a while and get some updates on the Bodywork because it’s going to require a

Lot so let us know what you think thank you guys so much for tuning in today let’s get out of here we’ll see you the next one