Throtl: Building a SR20DET Swapped Nissan 300ZX – Part 3 (Suspension Overhaul – Complete Rebuild!)

Building a SR20DET Swapped Nissan 300ZX - Part 3 (Suspension Overhaul - Complete Rebuild!)

Posted: 2023-08-01 16:00:44
Author: throtl
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Today we make MAJOR progress on our $300 Nissan 300zx. Every suspension bolt comes out so we can send everything we need off to get powder coated gold! We then rebuild everything in the suspension with new bushing, control arms, toe arms, coilovers, brakes, the whole 9! What color should we paint the ZX?

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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] There we have it the 300ZX rear suspension is completely disassembled we’ve also taken out every single bushing and ball jointed bearing on the entire rear end this is the whole pile of bushings that had to come out it is time to move on to the front suspension so let’s get these wheels off Thank you So I’ve got the upright out on the passenger side which is all we really need to do so we’re going to mirror this on the driver’s side get that out and then these control arms and the subframe will all kind of come out easy Once the

Car is high up in there so let’s do it Oh We got both of our uprights off on both sides and we’re going to take the steering rack off and then this whole subframe is coming off Foreign So just getting back from the powder coaters right now we have a surprise for the 300ZX we haven’t sent everything out for powder coat in a very long time but we knew we wanted to make this car special and we got it done in a very

Special color oh there it is they opened that door oh you want to see the bag stuff in the bag there’s some in the back seat too there’s in here we sent literally everything that we took off out for powder coat gold I love gold babies that Nismo gold I love

Gold but look all the calipers this new brand new oh my God we literally sent everything out we golden her out bling bling and then there’s more too but wait there’s more but wait there’s more let me show you this yeah front and rear subframes were done

In that same color I don’t know if you can help me I need two people I love gold the look of it the tasty bit the smell of it I’ve never done this never done this color no it looks cool though doesn’t it this is really I think

The last time we sent subframes and all this stuff out was for the 240. I was going to say it we did those in fluorescent yellow right right wow nice you know what the best part about all this is did you guys see how dirty and terrible everything was before we didn’t

Have to pick it up we didn’t have to clean everything cheap way to get your parts clean simply was not cheap but Like everything is brand new it’s gonna look pretty good under there we’re gonna be posting behind the scenes exclusive content on the 300ZX on Vero if you guys want to see this build happen in real time don’t wait for the next YouTube episode to drop off on Vero

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Back to building all right now it’s time for me to get underneath this car and get it nice and cleaned up because right now I was looking kind of kind of dirty kind of scrubby we need to remove all four shots we are actually going to remove the fuel tank because we are

Going to order a new one all these covers heat shields all these stuff’s got to come out so I can do a proper cleaning and spraying so [Applause] I’ve been in this fuel tank bro I know I got smashed was that you no no no no we got it like that that’s where we are going to remove it and replace it when we get a new one if we can find one I don’t even know if

They’re available or not we’re gonna do a fuel cell we’re pushing mad HPS well I’ll tell you this if we can’t find one I guarantee it fuel cell will be the next option do you know how much a horsepower we’re gonna be making I think the goal is to

Build the engine to withstand between horsepower I don’t think we’re pushing it that hard but I would imagine at least all right we’re gonna we’re gonna bleep those numbers okay okay to keep them on the toes yep still looks ugly oh yeah oh yeah look at this oh it’s been a while

Me too dude I think I feel this will be perfect because you can’t yeah caca oh no we got crack on me now it’ll be nice to just cut these off and just put the fuel silver oh Ricky I don’t think you’re supposed to do that oh that

That I’m straight varnish that is not gasoline anymore it smells like wine smell like wine Ricky like what oh gasty it smells like your like Grandpa’s yeah yeah where he’s having lawnmower in there it isn’t ran for 15 years Cool tank is out baby now we need a new one what is this Quinn did you do this yeah what is that that that’s race wiring dude what is that this is race holes for faster fuels so I say both things I’ll say we can find a replacement fuel tank or it’s just

Dropping a fuel cell and it’ll fix all your issues so you cut the floor out like we did with the Preakness yeah cut this out drop a tank on the fuel cell here and do a frame for it I’m with that I think that’s almost be easier trying

To figure out how to put this back together it could be way cleaner too it’s also super dented too yeah yeah I kind of am on the opinion that we should run the stock Factory style the old tank simply because the fuel cells they just don’t hold enough like we are always

Filling up the Civic how many gallons is that 10. you can’t put two fives in here we don’t know what the capacity is probably 12 or 13. I mean these things are making a lot of power you’re going to go through a lot of gas it’s 14 bro You just dropped the tool in the floor All right we’re gonna spray with my wife’s degreaser I’m gonna let it soak because I’m gonna go to lunch after that and then we’re gonna get to re-spraying and scrubbing right hey you’re worse you’re not even spraying it Oh my God Mira let me just show you all four wheel wells are clean Mira boom by the way they had a really thick coat of Grease it took a lot but we got them clean what are we doing next I think we’re putting new parts on the

Car yeah oh that’s going to be queen and I yeah it’s going to look sick if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing We are excited to show you all the parts for the 300ZX we’ve got them blown apart so the first thing is we have a full energy suspension bushing kit for the front and for the rear literally every single bushing for this entire car is in

That kit which is really cool so here we have the sway bars and the steering rack bushings we have a ton of GK Tech arms literally every single arm for this entire car which is awesome so here we have the lower control arm we also have

A new ball joint for that the traction Rod the upper camber arm and these are all completely adjustable so we can set this up however we want whether we’re going to be tracking it or making it like a stance car we want a camber we’re also going to be replacing these struts

As you know the ones were junk so we got my favorite coil over the BC BR series we also have a full set of brakes these are EBC we’re going to be running it with red stuffed pads and we have new calipers for the front because the old

Ones were completely locked up the back ones are good shape The back of the subframe is all dressed up we have a GK Tech lower control arms and you have two rear control arms and a tow arm that’s gonna be going on brand new as well these are all fully adjustable vcvr series coilovers in the back the rear spindle has been repainted

It looks very nice energy bushings going all the way around that including the shock bushings which is awesome repainted caliper EBC red stuff brake pads and new rotors as well we have a ton of work to do we got to get all of these awesome Parts on the car let’s get to it

Well before the boys start bolting the subframes and everything back on we’re no longer going to run the Stock hood latch on this thing we’re going to run Hood pins I went ahead and made a panel that’s going to close out this area so this area used to be cut out the hood

Latch mechanism itself actually mounted there as you can see it fits right in it’ll get TIG welded in today fabbed up my new core support out of 1×3 added some one and a half inch square stock as well just to brace it to the frame rails or the unibody rails and what we’re

Going to do is we’re going to add a jacking point on here I went ahead and sealed out the frame rails it also sealed up a bunch of holes that are no longer going to be used up here on the strut tops around the uh where our coilover is going to mount and

Then also a bunch of bolts is where the factory fuse box used to go that’s now down here that way when this gets bodyworked and painted it just looks nice and smooth foreign Thank you I’m gonna get started on the very suspension on the 300ZX we got our subframe we got all the old junk bushings out so we’re going to start by setting in a solid subframe bushing set by GK Tech we’re gonna get our rear diff bushings in and then we’re gonna start

Hanging the subframe and then hanging all the arms Stop now I can get a close-up of this guy dude our subframe bushings are installed we’re going to get these which are our rear diff bushings in and then the subframe is going in the car let’s do it First subframe is in it looks amazing so now we’re going to start adding bushings to all of these then we’ll have the suspension all back together so let’s do it this is a spindle kit baby oh look at that that’s all sorts of good We’ve got one of our bushings done it looks amazing went on really nice these bushings actually on most cars go unmaintained a lot of people don’t replace the ones on these just the ones on the control arm uh so these fail just as often when they get worn out you can

Get a lot of vibration a lot of clunking in the chassis so having this optional kit is amazing so we got three more to do on this spindle then we got the other four to do on the other spindle throw you guys up on the tripod we’ll get it done Thank you I’ve got all of our energy suspension bushings in our spindle here now we’re going to start throwing some of our GK Tech control arms on the rear and get this thing bolted back in the car while Quinn’s working on that I’m going to grab these BC coilovers right here start

Working on the front once I’m done with that I’m going to move to the rear help him get that buttoned up let’s go Thank you foreign Actuation so now we’re going to tighten everything up once everything’s tight we’re going to lock down all of our little lock Rings here to hold the settings where they are we’re going to align it once the car is like on the ground and ready to move but for now I don’t want

Anything coming loose we’re going to tight it down and once it’s all tight we’ll throw a coil over in All right Foreign the final piece of the puzzle is our brakes we have a set of pads and rotors by EBC these are our vented steel rotor which is really nice it even has cutouts for pad gassing and we have my favorite brake pad the red stuff an excellent high performance repad let’s get these

Brakes on Thank you Our suspension is back on our 300ZX we got all of our GK Tech bushings control arms we have energy suspension bushings on we got our BC coilovers EBC brakes a whole bunch of really good stuff yep so the underpinnings are back together at this point and now it’s time to get this

Thing off to paint after a couple little things we still have to do but it’s essentially ready and the one thing we have not decided on yet is what color we’re going to paint this car we’ve all got a few ideas floating around the shop

But we want to hear from you guys what do you think let me know down in the comments below what color we should paint our 300ZX that’s right leave us a comment hit the thumbs up we’ll see you guys in the next one see you