Throtl: Building a Showroom Style Garage Start to Finish – [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

Building a Showroom Style Garage Start to Finish - [COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION]

Posted: 2023-07-17 16:22:19
Author: throtl
We have completed our dream garage! We finished the throtl garage with nice flooring, hex lighting, and an awesome studio to bring you even better content. Comment what you think of our showroom style garage.

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Throtl Video Transcript

Welcome guys to this super special episode today we are going to be renovating what you see behind me which this used to be two years old side of the shop and we have actually taken over it and we are going to be transforming this area and at the same time we are

Going to be transforming some of the other parts of the shop this is what the shop looks like now and this is what it’s going to look like when we’re done into it whoa we got a bunch of Snap-on industry flooring are you gonna get that

Down we’re gonna we’re gonna just oh man oh dude dude you are so sketchy Ricky So sketchy it’s not black Industries right race deck garage doors let’s open this thing up baby I think that we’re supposed to look the whole outline is black and then the center is older foreign Thank you All right update all right I think the black is done so the next step is the uh the gamma degree in the center no we just started we may finish this today put the first Square down I was like we’re almost done then we get to show them the next thing

That we have which is really cool I thought it’s gonna take us two days it’s gonna take us like an hour I’m helping you guys you’re gonna slow us down Thank you that’s it ever since I came out here it took like 17 minutes like that and then just hammer it down right here Thank you I was the last piece baby Floors done next step uh some lights baby you ever heard of hex glow just about the pattern you already know what’s going to happen so right now yeah we’re gonna open this baby up tape tape what is this oh this is the light bulb so then we form whatever we want then

Huh they’re very lightweight there it is I don’t really wait much bro it’s a lot of licensed little box that’s just half of it it’s half yeah yeah there’s more let me show you this wow look at these so they’re connecting model that’s kind of cool yeah wise why

You put the connector on one side lighting light is going on the wall so do not put it together on the wall no if you have to measure it too and figure out where the center is you think it’s going to be like strong enough to lift all yeah Oh I

Thought you were just gonna mock it on the floor and then build it no I think we could build it completely here and then one of us holding eggs Oh Foreign The harness just so we can test it on the wall plug it in here do not try this at home we are professionals so this goes here and then whoa one hey whoa that’s sick dude that’s really cool that’s sick provides you with a small piece of cable

From here to here from there on and leave it open so you guys can make your own custom Partners from there which is very easy it’s just two cables and you buy a two cable adapter to an outlet and from that point it’ll start working we

Ended up on an additional step and we got a wireless system that you’ll be able to just plug that to here from here to the outlet and right away you have a wireless remote for your lights so this used to be the area that we used to sit

Down the editors used to edit videos and we used to take lunch yep now just an empty space as you can see here we are going to transform this area from this to this let’s get started let’s get to work baby oh look at this I don’t know who came up

With this idea but it is a fantastic idea so the idea is to cover this wall with it all the way out all the way down and then we’ll have a brick wall this is my first time using Liquid Nails I have no idea what I don’t know if I’m

Supposed to hold it in place I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this Is there any directions in the bottle dude there’s like a whole book written back here all right so big for the directions maybe I should have done that it says do zigzag around one inch a zigzag is like what you did earlier right I I you

Know what a zigzag is I don’t know what you’re doing straight line well because I want to get the edge in Walmart really want it and it but what’s weird is that it says to put on the wall press it take it off let it air dry for one minute and

Then put it back in there again Timer one minute one minute later I stay oh we got it down now let’s just do all that Thank you Well it’s completely dry finally and it’s very very not slightly before you can kind of like slide them up and down left and right so now there’s super shower which is perfect now the walls finished next step we are going to have some tool boxes that are gonna go right here with a

Butcher block on top so let’s go to the garage and get that done we are going to get these two tool boxes and we are going to convert them to one big one just like so thank you Thank you butcher blocks here which is a very very big piece of wood and right now we’re laying there on top because I didn’t know how much we got a car off of it so we can have a good nice top for the two boxes Foreign we have a plan now we got the center over wall the bottom where the shell is going to be stand there off the switcher block and then the center of the toolbox so now I can take this apart this out move it out the way and I can start

Putting my braces my brackets here so I can put a butcher block in place and continue on thank you All right so I want to show you this real quick which is going to be the next stuff going into the wall this is a neon sign with the throttle logo built by crazy neon and you can pick a logo like this up you can make your own but you

Can buy with a having stock from and this thing is pretty bad I’m assuming this is like the inverter of the Transformer and then this is the dimmer controller should we plug it in just a decision yeah dude I’m dying to see it yeah for sure oh sick

Ready oh it’s not on okay go ahead turn it back off again and then on look at how bright it is in my head when I was thinking Ricky is that it would be something that oh right there All right so here it is fully finished the wires coming from the ceiling all the way down to the controller and that just means that there uh device the inverter is uh plugged in and there’s a controller and as you can see you turn it turns on

Trying to back off and he’s away from the display area which is what you want depending on how bright it is and how thin you need it for the uh whenever you’re doing the shoot so that’s perfect camera guy can control this while they are recording over there Thank you Boys yo what’s up you just got some fatty pallets delivered oh ah these are Craftsman stuff brother what is this thing I see a remote whoa oh that’s sick we don’t need a dimmer we’re going full volts foreign Here we have it all three of our Craftsman D series toolboxes aren’t loaded and we have a few box of tools so let’s get these things opened up and see what we got in here I got a bunch of wrenches in here got some swivel heads fresh new Allen keys I

Actually like that a lot we’ve got some screwdriver sets in here will oh I got some sockets here This is the end of the transformation of the garage did a bunch of stuff so now let me show you First thing we did was the race that garage floors we also did our hex glow lights and before we started filming we painted the garage walls white now follow me here we have our Craftsman tool set we got all brand new toolboxes you can see the red and the black looks amazing look

At that light look at that look at that looks so cool now let’s go to the office last but not least we have our review area these will grab our parts and review them here on camera and the first thing you notice is our throttles neon

Sign made by Crazy Neons we have bushel blocks countertop and shelf and a beautiful brick background we’ve got one more thing two installations from our friends it’s Sticker Mule we use Sticker Mule actually to produce all of our stickers at throttle they also make big signage and we figure this wall here

Totally empty all right let’s see oh see it’s this logo yeah [Applause] yeah all right so there you have it we’ve got our Sticker Mule our new boost logo is on the wall which looks awesome I figured we’d take just a minute kind of show you the whole throttle office

Because we spent a lot of time to make this place really special and I think it’s turned out super super good now we also did post a throttle Clips episode a month or two ago some things have changed as far as the office layout goes

But I’ll give you guys a little tour so this is our lobby here we have some of our new merch items that are coming like this little sneak peek which is pretty cool throttle Jersey and then on this wall we have some Wheels we have some special Parts kind of from the history

Of throttle that’s mad mic with debts rear fender we’ve got John Force’s supercharger belt and then this is the Sparco TJ hunt throttle collab steering wheel so that was really special moving on over here we’ve got our YouTube plaques 100 000 subscribers million subscribers and then of course we have a

Ken Block Huna Pegasus poster that’s signed by him we went to the reveal party of that last year which was really special so moving on this is our conference room we have our weekly meetings in here which is really nice to have a space we all can sit down

Together and really just go over projects and things like that so we never had that before so it’s a big deal to us let’s move on into the kitchen so this is our kitchen break room area Ricky and will actually pretty much built everything in here it’s been

Working out really good so far we’ve got some coffee stuff a little water cooler but kind of just the basics you know usually around lunch time this place is pretty busy so moving on into this room here this is our editing room say hi Sean you’re on camera Shawn

Video editing team social media team sits in here so coming down this hallway on either side we have photos from builds that were completed this is my office in here nothing too much to see in there but yeah I love all the posters that we put up kind of just shows off

How many cars we’ve actually built over the past five years and then now we’re stepping into the old office so this is actually the kitchen now we have a race quip display with all of our racing suits and helmets for the team and then backing up over here this is

The studio that is now completed which turned out awesome so we have a lot of really cool ideas planned for this area you guys will see a lot of content happening at this area whether it’s on this channel or on the throttle Clips Channel um and anything that you want to see let

Us know in the comment section below over here we have our SC corals reef tank which is always fun to look at with some saltwater fish and coral and then we brought the Sim back so we fixed the simulator finally if you guys haven’t seen that video please go check it out

This thing was a really fun project and it’s really awesome to see everyone just get some laps in and just have some fun when they’re on the break so that’s pretty much it customer service teams over there I’m not going to disturb them and then the shop is right here and you

Guys have seen plenty of that so we appreciate you guys for sticking around I hope you guys like this content it’s a little bit different but we’re really proud of the space and really proud of all the growth that we’ve had over the past couple years and a lot of that is

Thanks to you guys who are watching this right now so thank you so much for watching please let us know if you want to see more content like this or if there’s anything in particular that you want us to feature more of let us know in the comments down below we’ll see you

Guys in the next one peace foreign