Throtl: Building a R34 GT-R in Japan! (New Parts!)

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-04 17:00:21
Author: throtl
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Mickey has been buying parts for his R34 GT-R for months, today we get to see all the progress! If you enjoy content from Japan, drop us a like!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign What’s up everybody welcome back to the throttle Channel as you can see we are not in sunny Southern California at the moment we are actually in Tokyo at top ranks PDI where we are collecting our R34 for our second visit here with the car Brian from top rank is also getting

A chance to drive his car for the first time as well but I wanted to show you guys the car because it is here we did have a lot of stuff done to it in the meantime since we were here last time hanging out with everyone we’ve got a

Lot of good bits to go over really quick so let’s jump into it I wanted to start here under the hood there’s not a whole lot going on here but I thought we’d start here because there are a couple things that we’ve done now we’ve replaced the front headlights so we

Didn’t replace the whole light because these are a very desirable Xenon headlight that came in the GTRs unfortunately if you watched our previous video you notice that these were colored yellow they got discolored over time it’s really common for that to happen with these we’ve replaced the lenses a couple hundred bucks versus

Seven Grand to replace headlights I’ll take that any day of the week they look brand new now and I’m super happy about it we also added the Nismo carbon fiber cooling thing right this is something we got at Omari Factory in our last visit it does go along with some other Nissan

Nismo components that we don’t have yet those are coming in the future one of the other things I wanted to show you under here is we did add our minds suspension they’re olins coilovers which is kind of the creme de La Creme for a GTR everybody puts Owens dfvs and those

Types on the GTRs I was able to find a set of Owens by mines it was a collaborative effort that they put together is only available for a limited time I was able to find a really nice set I actually sent them off to Owens had them completely re-valved and redone

So it’s basically a brand new set of Mines olin’s coilovers so special to me super awesome and those of you that know your GTRs know that this is a z-tune front bumper this is authentic Nismo z-tune front bumper side skirts rear spats as well it’s one of the reasons I

Bought this car was because it has all authentic parts on it which I really like there’s no cheap stuff on this car now let’s move around to the side we’ve got a few other things to show you you’ll notice we add added a Nismo over Fender and the reason for these is

Because has to pass shock in which shock in is basically a testing system here in Japan to make the car road legal they don’t want your wheels sticking out too far in order to make these vintage t-37s this is an original spec GTR spec wheel that was available when these cars came

Out Nismo made these over fenders so that it widens the body and gets the wheel under the car where you need it to pass shotguns and now Behind These t-37s we’ve got Factory R34 brembos which are very good in and of themselves we’ve added a project Mew racing pad we also

Have the two-piece project mu rotors as well as stainless steel brake lines so this thing is going to stop as well as it goes which is makes me very happy and makes me feel safe behind the wheel we’ve added the Nissan rain guards and that was because last time we were in

Town it did rain a little bit and we want to get a little fresh air in the car and you can’t put the windows down without soaking the door cards in water so adding these was a must for this trip so we’ll be able to crack the windows

And not get wet inside the car we also updated the Nismo carbon fiber side appliques for the B pillar here really just an aesthetic thing but with all the other carbon going on on the car I thought it was a good look and it really freshens up the car quite a bit let’s

Move on back further so as mentioned in the front we’ve done the same thing so we’ve got the over Fender the project mu kit the te37 Vintage Wheels everything’s perfect in my opinion back here I love the way it looks stylistically it’s what these cars

Were meant to look like in my opinion we have the Nismo LED tail lights inside the factory housings here so you don’t really know those are Nismo until they go on they are LED again I mentioned we have the Nismo body kit on this car underneath we’ve got our Auto Select

Risers we’ve got our Nismo dry Carbon Blade that was just recently added and we’ve got our fujitsubo legalize our exhaust which again is a shock end part we typically want to run something a little louder but for shocking we have to run something that passes the the

Test back here we have the Nismo this is Amore Factory’s tow hook that they make this is only available to purchase at the factory or people sell them sometimes second hand online on auction but we did buy this brand new at Amore which I thought was really fun and cool

So aesthetically on the outside I’m really happy with the way it looks and how it’s going to function but let’s check out underneath it let’s get in the air And so this is where a lot of the work is going to show that Sato put in between the time we were here last and now so let’s hop up underneath here first of all as I mentioned we did replace this bottom lip the one that I

Had on the car when I bought it had a big crack in it this is a plastic lip from Nissan so it’s a pretty easy replacement to go on off with the new one on but it refreshes the front of the car really nice I see this panel here is

Another panel I’m probably going to want to replace it’s starting to look its age so I’ll probably order one of those and fix that either Stateside or maybe between the next visit so starting up here in the front see we’ve got Cusco tension rods and now these are actually

R33 tension rods and the reason is Sato he’s a Nissan GTR expert he’s been working on GTRs since R32s came out when he worked at the dealership level so he was actually working on 32s when they were still new or being serviced in the dealership quite frequently because it

Was a newer car so he’s learned a lot he also lives over near Mount Fuji and Fuji Speedway and so he’s at the track all the time like literally hot lapping his R32 so he’s learned a lot about the geometry on these cars so one thing when

We when I reach out to him and said hey I want to overhaul the suspension what should I order he said we want to do r33 stuff in the front so the Cusco tension rod is r33 we could have easily put Nismo tension rods on here but he liked

This one better for the adjustability that it has because the Nismo arm here is not adjustable this is going to allow us to move the Caster in and out we also did the lower arm here this is also r33 and as you can see all new hardware all

New ball joints the whole nine so everything as I said has been replaced pulled off replaced as far as the suspension goes and that doesn’t exclude the coilover as you can see here we’ll look in the back because it’s a little prettier but these are actually mines by

Owens this car actually had a set of tane suspension on it when I got it and they were fine but I did find these mines olin’s um collaboration suspension I really like them so I just picked them up and I sent them over here and they threw them on the car I’m looking

Forward to testing them out at Fuji later on in this trip all four corners are brand new suspension wise uh let’s run over here where we have Factory downpipe unfortunately this car had an HKS downpipe on it but in order to pass shotgun as I mentioned to you guys

Previously we had to put a stock downpipe back on we also have the stock catalytic converter in here which has made it up to the fujitsubo legalize our exhaust which is making this car compliant for shocking all the way out the back moving on back we’ve exchanged the bushings here we’ve actually left

The stock bushing but we actually put a blue collar on each one of the pickup points for the rear subframe what that does is tightens up the rear subframe it keeps it from moving around and it’s gonna it’s gonna result a little bit of a harsher ride quality but it’s going to

Tighten up the car quite a bit and we really want that for the track day so we had him slide those in as you can see this bracket it’s all been replaced if you guys saw our video where I actually showed you guys this car underneath this

Was all dented and dinged up pretty bad so it’s now fixed this is going to need some adjusting when it comes to the states there’s a crack in it here which they fix with a little bit of tape but rest assured I got composite guys in

California we can fix this so make it look as good as new so I’m not too concerned about it under here as you can see we’ve got Nismo arms these are lower arms upper arms we did not change the end links it looks like unfortunately I was hoping that that would get that

Those would be on here but they are not so we’ll do those we’ll adjust the end links later I think these are the bushings look fine so I think they’re going to be okay we’ve got project view stainless steel brake lines made into our stock R34 GTR calipers that have

Project mute pads and rotors so this thing should stop pretty good and as you can see there’s our coilover which is really cool because at the red height that we have this current we actually had to add a helper spring to this car to make it sit right there’s a lot that

Actually went into this believe it or not and that’s one of the things I love about the services here at top rank is you can buy a car here but not only are you just buying a car they’re actually going to service the car for you before

You take it so you know you’re getting a good car that’s going to be reliable for you but they also if you want to do work on the car they’ll actually do the work for you here in the shop and for me having Sato do the work being an expert

Of the GTR that he is here is peace of mind for me and then when this car is ready to come to the states I know I’ve got a clean slate to do what I want to do with the car and it’s going to be a good running car straight out of the

Gate I just know Sato is going to do a great job every time I come here he surprises me with everything he’s been able to get done on the car so I’m really excited to drive this thing so now that we’ve showed you guys the underside of the car you can see that

The car is in really good condition underneath as I showed you in the first video we did on the car where we actually walked around the whole thing Courtney and I went over it let’s take a look at the interior because we did a couple things in there as well because

It’s really going to help us enjoy the car while it’s here in Japan foreign into the interior we added some Nismo floor mats this car had actually a really good set of GTR R34 mats in it and we’re gonna keep those I’m gonna take those back with me and put them in

Storage for now we’re gonna run these Nismo mats because they’re still available and I can buy them whenever I need to I want to keep the original mats in good shape so we tossed those in uh while I was gone Sato put them in you guys know this car had recaros in it

When I bought it so they’re brand new which is pretty awesome there’s a kind of a come up in the meantime since we were here last I was also able to locate a Nismo gauge cluster for this car it’s not a rare item by any means they are

Available out there they’ve become very expensive though new this part costs like in six to eight hundred dollar price range on the used Market they’re about two thousand dollars for a gauge cluster so having one of these is actually pretty cool upgrade for the car

I like it has white gauge faces to match the outside of the car lights up in the factory illumination also we’re at Amore Factory on the last trip you guys saw I picked up a brand new R34 GTR key which my car was missing all I had was this

Valet key which is kind of a bummer when you buy an R34 GTR this key is one of the cool things you get with it so I bought a new one and in the meantime they’ve keyed it and it now works in the car awesome also a lot of cars that are bought

Secondhand here in Japan have a lot of electronics added to them for whatever reason people in Japan love to add Electronics to their cars I had Sato go through this car he removed all of the extra wiring and bits on here that I didn’t want any more turbo timer a lot

Of old technology stuff that was just taking up space in here and just didn’t look good in my opinion this car looks a lot cleaner now without it and I’m happy about that a couple maintenance things that he did in the meantime also was he replaced these moldings for me these

Moldings had shown a lot of wear from somebody getting in and out of the car they had tears and rips and holes in it so that’s all new here we also had him replace the wing mirror area as well because this was a cracked part the nice

Thing is the 34s a lot of this stuff is still available at the dealer level so ordering this stuff isn’t that difficult now I’ve taken it upon myself to start ordering a lot more parts for the 34 in the states I have a whole room stockpiled full of I have a whole new

Center console stereo surround I’m collecting now so that when this car comes as Estates I can pull all this support part and put all brand new parts in I also brought along something really special my buddy Brian is so excited to get his new GTR and actually get the

Driver on this trip he told me he had a ratty old shift knob in there when he bought the car and he wanted to change it out I brought him a throttle knob so we’re gonna go ahead and gift this to him right now and I’m excited to hand it

To him and for a limited time we’re going to have these 25 off that’s a huge savings it is only for a short time guys so if you’re in the market for a shift knob it is a universal knob as far as the uh the shift knob itself goes you

Literally can screw on whenever we launch a new knob it will screw on to this collar so you can update these whenever you want it’s actually a really cool modular design and we’ve got a bunch of different colors and designs so definitely hit the link in the description go get yourself one hey

Brian I got something for you what do you got throttle shift knob baby first mod first mod this thing’s pretty modded I don’t know oh I will say I’m jealous of your stock seats all right well let’s pull this old one off and let’s toss that through I don’t know about you actually

Take the knob off you screw this on to the desired height and wherever you want the logo hey it feels good too I just this shape is so good it is very ergonomic all right well that’s gonna round out this video I’m gonna jump in this thing and Brian and our friends are

Gonna go drive around Tokyo in our r34s it’s going to be amazing I’ve waited so long for this day and we’re gonna put these mods to the test not only tonight but later on in this trip as well so I also want to reiterate to you guys top

Rank isn’t only for buying an imported car or a domestic car it is also about the fact that they’ll store your car here you can pay them to store it every month until it’s ready to come over to you to where you can enjoy it in your

Home country as well as work on the car and add mods to it as it’s sitting here waiting for you to export it or do whatever you want with it so it’s a full TurnKey thing you’re not going to get that other import export shops they just

Basically go by the car’s auction and ship them to you these guys are doing the whole thing from start to finish and they’ll even go over and above and add your mods to the cars for you before it’s shipped which is super awesome we’ve got heaps more content coming from

Here in Japan so definitely turn those notifications on make sure you don’t miss a minute of our content here in Japan because it’s going to be exciting we’ll see you guys in the next one All right Jesus