Throtl: Building a Nissan R34 GT-R in Japan with RARE Parts! (NEW Wheels!)

Building a Nissan R34 GT-R in Japan with RARE Parts! (NEW Wheels!)

Posted: 2023-03-10 17:00:09
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

Thank you Foreign Epoxy What’s up welcome back to the throttle Channel as you can see we’re here in rainy Tokyo Japan at the moment we are at top ranks ATB Auto technical base and this is a service center that they have here in the Tokyo area where they sell and service vehicles that you can buy

The reason we’re here is because in just a day we’re going to be at Fuji Speedway and we’re gonna be hot lapping this thing around one of the most iconic tracks in all of Japan but before we’re able to do that we got to get this car

Prepared for that now as you saw in previous videos sato’s son already upgraded the brakes the suspension and a bunch of other things but we needed new tires the tires on those white t-37s were pretty old and getting pretty hard and I just picked up a set of Nismo

Lmgt4s they tossed the Falcon Tire fk5 tens on those and as you can see they’re already on the car and we’re gonna head out now to omori factory where I’m going to pick up a few more bits for this car we’re going to install those in this

Episode after that we may hit up an upgrade garage and see if there’s any used parts available for this R34 GTR or maybe even my 260 RS Stasia we’ll see what they got and then we’re gonna head off to Fuji so stay tuned guys because it’s about to get exciting foreign

Just arrived at Amore Factory the rain has stopped and is holding off which is awesome this is a little chilly out here today so we’re gonna go inside and check out what they have on display for old race cars and uh go shopping for some cool part Nismo baby Come on It’s got to get fitted for Fuji tomorrow dog Credit cards yeah look at this for sale [Laughter] yes Foreign We just finished up here at Amore Factory I got what I came for that was the titanium strut Tower bar for the 34. and a bunch of other little bits like some lug nuts and things like that that the car needs the old project new lug nuts have seen better days they’re

Aluminum and they’re starting to get worn out so I got some nice Nismo open-ended racing lug nuts and a bunch of other little things just to take back to the states with me so let’s head out we got some other things to do today we’re going to toss this on before we

Get to Fuji Speedway All right Got SATA with us in his 32 GTR and we’ve arrived at Fuji Speedway you here we go Thank you Foreign We’ve arrived here at Fuji Speedway it’s pretty early in the morning we want to get out here early to kind of settle in and let the nerves kind of settle down and we also have some really exciting parts to put on the car before we go out

On track so we’re going to go ahead and tackle that here in these awesome Fuji Speedway Paddock garages which they’ve been so gracious to allow us to use today to stay out of the elements because it is raining so I’m really looking forward to getting out on track

Before we do that let me show you guys the modifications that I picked up to put on the car today foreign As you guys saw in the previous video Sato actually spent a lot of time and effort upgrading the suspension on this car for me so that today we would have a solid car to drive as well as the braking system so I’m feeling really good mechanically the engine’s really

Good that the car is going to perform really well today I got these few little mods to throw on they’re very simple I’m going to change out the project mu lug nuts which are aluminum which have actually started to strip out a little bit because they are aluminum so I did

Pick up these racing lug nuts by Nismo at the Amore Factory and I also picked up this Nismo Tower bar this is a full titanium part and there’s plenty of these on the market I went ahead with the Nismo one simply because I love the details in the welds I love The dimple

Dies I love that it’s completed top and bottom and it is full titanium so it literally weighs nothing this thing is so light it’s ridiculous and you can’t really go wrong with Nismo Parts they always fit great this particular one in my opinion is the nicest looking strut

Bar for these cars on the market so I went with that one I also purchased a BBL Hood prop I know what you guys are thinking it’s not really a mod but when I open this box I think you’re going to be pretty Blown Away by what’s in here

So I’ll show you guys that in a minute once we get to installing it and we also have to put on our transponder for our laps today as well as our door numbers sata’s got me all prepped for that so we’ll show you guys that as well so

Let’s get started all right well before we get started on putting these parts on I want to remind you guys that is the best source to buy your car parts if you’re working on cars like I am every day or if you’re just a hobbyist we’ve got hundreds of thousands

Of Parts listed on the site everything from general maintenance all the way up to your tuning Parts it’s just a great One-Stop shop for all the things you need to build a really cool car and the great part about it is every dollar you spend on the website is going to be an

Entry to win our Audi S4 sweepstakes Car Plus twenty thousand dollars cash now let’s get these parts on the cover Thank you Well before I toss this drop bar and I’m just cleaning up these strut tops to get any debris off that way they don’t get scratched any further some companies make really nice rubber rings that go on there before you put your strap on to keep it from scratching but the damage

Is already done from the factory bar man I’m excited to get out here on the speedway I’ve never actually ran this track before I’ve only ever done it in video games and I was recently here for ours day which really piqued my interest about Fuji Speedway it’s a very cool

Track and getting to see some of the historics and some of the famous Nissan race cars race it got me pretty excited to get out here and try it myself so I wanted to get this car set up to a point where I could feel pretty comfortable and confident going fast because the

Straightaway here at Fuji Speedway is epic I’m pretty sure we’re going to see 200k plus straightaway speeds which should be quite interesting because I’ve never had this car up that fast personally so kind of a little nervous and excited all at the same time but I think that goes hand in hand nerves

Aren’t a bad thing if you’re not a control I think we take strut Tower bars for granted sometimes but this thing is like jewelry really this is easily the nicest strut Tower bar I’ve ever owned full titanium construction TIG welded beautiful TIG welds and like I said in the intro of these parts I chose this

One because I like the shape of it I like the dimple dies I like how clean the welds are the overall construction is fantastic but there’s a million of these on the market and they’re all relatively similar in price I just think the Nismo one aesthetically fits me the

Best so that’s why I chose it Next up is going to be our built by Legends Hood prop Rod I know guys this is more of an aesthetic mod in your head however what’s really cool about this Hood prop and why I really wanted it was because it does decrease the weight of

The hood prop by 75 which is pretty incredible it is made of dry carbon it is pre-pregged 3K twill and it’s made here in Japan out of Japanese carbon fiber by a company called Mistral they’re well known I know that for a fact speaking to the BBL guys and I know

This thing went through a ton of development you know hockey sticks golf clubs fishing rods that are made out of similar materials are meant to flex the flex is what makes the carbon fiber so good for that product however in this case they wanted it not to flex or not

To flex a lot and so they went through a lot of trials and tribulations to make this part actually work I actually was at the built by Legends facility a few months back and saw the pre-production versions of this Hood prop and I know that they have gone through quite a few

Iterations to get it to the point where it will hold up the hood properly and not collapse under the weight of the Hood stuff let’s open this up and see how it is now I know there’s a lot of details the built by Legends guys are

Kings of detail oh my God the packaging weighs more than the hood prop I want to reiterate this is not for a look this is a performance part at the end of the day I know it doesn’t seem like it a hood prop is such a menial task for a

Component on a car this one right here is remarkable and does actually lighten the front end of your car by a little bit oh my gosh look at this comes with a hanging tag a little built by Legends decal and a serial number card R34

Number 002 so this is the second one out of the factory look at this thing check out the details wow so cool and it literally weighs nothing guys I wish everyone could hold this to see I’m honored to have the second one out of the factory let’s toss

This thing on the car can I hold it yes you can hold it you’re gonna be blown away it’s like paper All right wow wow holy cow I can’t even you’re gonna have to put the camera down to feel this when you get a minute all right well the hood props installed if you guys aren’t familiar with the built by Legends or BBL crew here in Japan they are building some fantastic

Recreations of the r chassis platforms even Civic EG and EK platforms pretty much if you want a fully bespoke custom 90s or 2000s JDM car they’re your go-to here in Japan or worldwide they’re making products like this basically Reinventing these cars with new state-of-the-art products making them as

Though they were built today versus back in the late 90s early 2000s which is really cool and I appreciate the work that they do they basically you know they buy a chassis strip it down to Bare shell and rebuild the car to your heart’s content basically you spec the

Whole thing they put it all together for you and when it’s done you take delivery of it and take it to your home country or enjoy it here in Japan the build by Legends guys are a great team and they’re doing awesome stuff for our community which I love to support and

That’s why we are running at least a small piece of their business here on our 34 GTR and maybe one day who knows be driving around in a built by Legends ek9 Before we put our racing numbers on it we hit the track I got one last thing to toss on and that’s uh 20 of these Nismo open-ended racing lug nuts that I picked up at Amore Factory I’m gonna go ahead and toss these on we’re going to be in

Much better shape for the track ah 17. so one thing we’re going down from 19 millimeter to 17 millimeter so what’s nice is once we put extended lug studs on this car when it gets back to the States we don’t have to worry about the closed end because this would this would

Interfere with a long stud this one the stud can pass through [Applause] [Applause] now it’s time to put on our transponder and our door numbers unfortunately I uh I screwed up I didn’t let them know that I wanted number 12 which is my lucky number but that’s okay don’t always need to have it we do have a number four

That’s a shout out to my nephew this is hockey number so foreign Well we’re basically done with all the track prep I just got to dial on the tire pressures really quick we’re ready to go out on track there’s zero grip out there I’m told nice and wet the best part about this data top right put together is that we get to spend it with

Our friends and this is Sebastian he’s got a lot of really cool cars he has a GTR 34 here and a nerd or sorry yeah M spagner which is really special you guys probably saw it in my last trip videos because I was following you around pretty much the whole trip which

Honestly following him around made me fall in love with this car even more just seeing it on the road so I’m excited to share this opportunity with you guys and I hope we can do it again hopefully when it’s dry out yeah yeah hopefully so let’s get cracking all right Foreign I remember [Applause] All right well we’re in for a little break just gonna let the car cool down a little bit not that it needs it I just did about I think seven or eight laps the first two were just siding Labs then the next two I was following Sato he had

A little bit of an incident mind you he’s on our Triple H which is for the rain is a little bit of a slick Tire uh we’re on fk510s which are made for wet weather and dry weather so I feel like we’re in a in good shape as far as tires

Go judging by what I’ve seen I’m one of the only ones that hasn’t spun yet and I’m hauling ass this is so exciting and I Gotta Give a huge shout out to the top rank guys for setting this up Tyrone for pitching in and getting us an extra hour

Out here which is super awesome all the guys that made this happen Sato Masa Manu Alex Shin everyone at Top Rank I mean I can’t name everyone because they have over 200 employees but this is amazing what an awesome day Thank you Foreign Fuji Speedway I’ve got some hot lapping still to do but I wanted to end it here because I want to have some fun and turn my brain off for a little while we got a lot done in this video we got our new Wheels put on our lmt4s with our Falcon

Fk5 temps which were absolutely epic out here in the rain I can’t say enough about the tire and how good it was out here today we have modded the car quite a bit we got a new strip Tower bar we got new lug nuts we got the built by

Legends Hood prop all the stuff that Sato did between the time I was here last of the time now which was all the suspension the brakes all that stuff we showed you guys in a previous video so I’m excited the car is doing amazing and I’m looking forward to getting back out

There man it’s starting to rain pretty bad but we’re here so we might as well send it guys hit that subscribe button leave us some comments down below we’ll see you in the next one I’m gonna go drive Foreign Foreign