Throtl: Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo – Part 20 – Barona Testing!

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-02 17:00:29
Author: throtl

MKIV Supra gets put to the test!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Foreign what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and we got our Mark 4 Supra off the dyno making really good power and today we’re headed up to our local drag strip which is brona Eighth Mile to go

Test the Supra we got this thing set up with a full 6xd sequential we’ve got our nine interior and this thing is ready to rip however there’s a ton of configuring to do so we have to set up the tires we have to set up the suspension and

There’s a lot of things in the hall Tech that we’ve never really experimented with and then there’s the whole sequential none of us here at the shop has ever really driven a car with a sequential especially with this much power so there’s going to be a very

Steep learning curve for today I think pretty much going to be on the phone for most of the day with tuned by Sean helping us get this thing set up so we can start making passes we’re going to take you guys along for the Journey of

What it takes to actually set up this style of car with a full sequential with a haltex standalone with traction control all the two-step I can’t guarantee that it’s going to go 100 well because nobody here has ever done it before so you guys are going to join us

For the ride see what this car does see how it performs see how everything feels with it it’s going to be a really fun exciting day let’s get this car packed up let’s grab a couple cans of Sunoco we’ll head to Browning All right we’ve arrived here at Barona and we worked with Sean to get our ECU kind of more set up to manage traction control flat shifting all kinds of stuff really we have a PDM style keypad that we can change though so we can go up and

Boost down in boost we could do kill mode we have traction control settings we have like rolling anti-lag and now we have a plate of stickers so haltech includes button stickers with their touch pads and they actually have some really cool and actually really funny ones as well so we’re trying to decide

We know which button does what but now we need to decide what sticker we’re going to put on each one so we got down there what kind of don’t panic don’t put that one in for Ricky afterburners middle finger extender [Applause] baby injection ejection seat right here Mario Brothers

Go just send it shout out to my boy Jared Deanda it’s ass whooping time give me power Mo power give me Mo power and more power baby enable swearing module oh that’s cookies so that’s this is this is part of the game though is do we set it up for what that’s actually

Configured for you could do like turn signal left turn signal right for like boost up and down and then people would think it’s just a lighting thing or we could go I don’t think we should give away our secrets yeah okay cut it I think we’re gonna have to cut it here

All right we got our buttons on what do we have here we have we have a rabbit we have a turtle let’s go and crossbones we have a valet mode like if we’re gonna go to like a nice steak dinner we’ll push that button and then don’t panic but I

Don’t know what these are yeah I wasn’t there when you guys were talking about it but I would guess that the rabbit is go fast the turtles go slow the crossbones is probably some scary mode ballet mode there’s probably some safety mode don’t panic I don’t know what dope Don’t Panic is

Probably the scariest button is that is that NOS that would be nice no no I’m not sure yeah or forever we’ll see there’s the buns are on that’s all I’m saying now the buttons are on the car is ready to start making some passes now we’re gonna get on the phone

With tune by Sean see what he wants to do as far as layout go and start making passes you’re looking officials with shoes what drag racers and other race people use in case you catch it through a fire you’re all black no I got I actually got I think I got red

Pants did I a red red gloves I don’t know I can’t even wrap with it Let’s Race Baby Let’s Race put my helmet on and I’m gonna do a few test passes and by testing I mean just driving it around I’m trying to get used to this this whole setup is brand

New to me the goal is for me to get used to everything and then we’ll start doing some real passes Ricky don’t do it he’s got over 100 Grand in the hood of that Focus he’s driving some focused I got this one foreign foreign How much faster that is no dude and Hawkins told me that every every gear shift that’s not sequential when you’re using H pattern it’s one car link when you’re against a sequential you literally lose a car length every time you go to shift three second gear it’s like yeah like big shift against

Automatic dude so that was plot fish that was five foot trips first time testing it yeah it was the first poll where he stayed in it and just grabbed gears explain how that works so that they yeah so it uses an ignition cut so it’s a soft ignition cut through the

Hall Tech so it it unloads the engine through ignition timing so it kind of pulls a little bit out so it’s not making as much power and then the dogs in the transmission it kind of frees up the transmission to allow it to grab gears and the cool thing about that you

Have to be yanking you have to you have to go quick with it you can’t take your time but you’re staying 100 throttle and on top of that because the throttle plate isn’t really closing that much you don’t lose any boost so I’m going to the big problems with turbo cars on manual

Is when you go to shift and age pattern you let off gas push in the clutch so that all your Boost is gone immediately and then you put it back into the next skier and then get back on it re-spools the turbo and you’re good if you have

Something with a small turbo dude that was amazing and I was being a CeCe I’m not scared right oh it’s great dude I wasn’t even like Rim I was just like being easy with it but I love it dude I’m gonna go a little bit more this time more RPM

It’s out it’s sick dude it sounded so good All right so we did a couple hits Nick and now we’re making some tire pressure adjustments yeah we’re gonna bring tire pressures down quite a bit Ricky just wanted to get the car well if you want to get comfortable in the car we need to get the diff oil at the temp

And all that stuff too so now it’s time to actually put some power down thank you I’m gonna bring the RPM on the launch control down like about a thousand how’d it feel I feel great other than it was spinning too much power okay so that’s like 700

Horsepower out of the hole right yeah so it’s your RPM it’s high right it’s like yeah it’s too much yeah just got done doing that first testing of the vehicle our first real testing we took off in our launch control and the car went a little bit sideways too much

RPM right off the gate what quinny’s doing right now is actually loading the RPM at the same time once we took off the car just went launched spawn the tires and then it went sideways so right now which Mickey is actually trying to adjust uh the suspension so we can

Adjust both sides of the spectrum at the same time and then we’re going to give it another try we need to go uh ready to stick in it yeah yeah I’m pull right yeah we want it to go like this Ricky okay so this is rebound okay compression

Is on the bottom so we wanted to do is go like this and then this is tight so it’s just hold it there and we got nothing pushing it back up okay okay so let me adjust the bottom here the nice thing is I can reach these without

Jacking the car up all right we got zero compression so this is this is basically maxed out for full grip can I come down yes so now we work forward yeah if we’ve got too much Movement we can start sticking up the rebound right or the compression okay we got our suspension

Adjusted I brought a two step down about a thousand RPM so it’s going to be it should grip up more out of the hole so we don’t do this out of the hole which is what we did last time and uh keep going from there get this thing dialed in yeah snacks Let’s go for another pass baby yep put that coke down thank you it’s a go fast juice right there besides Sunoco who am I Foreign uh so these are second round of testing uh Queen took some RPM of the launch control I believe it took just a bit too much um so this time it grit but because it grips so much it shut off on us um if we want this launch to be perfect

So um I backed it up I stopped the race and we’re online with the tuner Sean and uh we’re gonna dial it back up again and then we’ll go for a third time Thank you laughs [Applause] Uh so we just calibrated the wheel speed sensors so we’re doing some more stuff on the computer with Sean and then uh hopefully it works hopefully we have a fast super here shortly Wi-Fi is a little brutal here Sean has been a big help for getting this thing configured

Set up and he’s on the phone or he’s on the laptop right now remote tuning with Ricky to get this thing dialed then if you guys want some tuning we’ll leave his Instagram on the screen here you can hit him up and he loves tuning haltex

Stuff so if you’ve got a hot tight car head up Sean foreign foreign It’s fantastic whoa that time ain’t too fast down there that’s okay he’ll get it seat time he needs to learn to drive the car any other tips no sir have a nice day come on you run it you run a what a five four here yep in a different car lighter car

Bigger tire I’m eating bro lunchtime hungry so we just made some more adjustments we’re going up for the final time uh we got the launch pretty much dialed in it just needs a little more Boost after the launch it kind of dips down a little bit

Then starts taking off we want it to be a nice consistent all the way through so we’re making some adjustments Ricky’s gonna go out for another couple passes hopefully we get this thing valid you brought it through you burn it until you roll he feels what when it squats it

Goes that means they’re sticking foreign Well our alternator died too much power too much RPM for that little alternator so it’s not charging anymore so the car’s running right now at like eight volts or something which is not good eight or nine volts is about where the ic7 and the elite 2500 will auto shut

Off so we’re going to load it up on the trailer while the car still runs and then uh pretty much back it in for the day so better quit while we are still running we’ll get the new alternator in and then we get a second track day

Before we uh put this thing at our different tracks around the world then we’ll get it done water boy hey Greg what’s the uh for those that don’t know what what’s the purpose of putting water down it’s tired of spin to get the compound soft so the tire bites

In the sticky that’s out there all right peace peace out Roll and Roll and rolling I want you to play that song in your head oh yeah cruise control on this thing and charge neutral yeah cruise control yeah it’s got or we can I have it who’s down the

Freeway I haven’t wired the lane departure thing yet but we’ll get there you know but hey anti-lag and cruise control are pretty much the same thing right it’s gonna be a fun day