Throtl: Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo – Part 19 – Hub Dyno! (+CTR Winner!)

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-30 17:00:02
Author: throtl
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Congratulations to Glenn A for being the Civic Type R Winner + $20K!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We just found out who the winner of our 2020 Honda Civic Type R is and then we’re gonna head to the dyno Strava Mark 4 super down on a hub Dyno and we are not leaving until we reach a thousand horsepower let’s get into it the new

Merch room is looking sick speaking of merch we’re running at 25 off all merch through tomorrow at midnight is live right now use code super 25 I’ll leave it up on the screen for you guys 25 off on jackets we got a lot of fresh jackets

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Code super 25 it ends tomorrow at midnight now let’s get into today’s video all right so I just got the email from our sweepstakes company we finally have the winner for our 2020 Civic Type R and 20 000 his name is Glenn and he lives in Virginia and he bought some

Merchandise so what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a FaceTime with Ron from Hoon again and then try to do a three-way FaceTime with Glenn and we’ll see if he answers all right here we go we’re about to call Glenn and Ron right now Glenn congratulations here’s your

New car right here so you purchased some merch during the sweepstakes period and now you got a Civic Type R and twenty thousand dollars coming your way Yeah so I gotta ask did you watch any of the build series on the throttle YouTube channel have you seen this car if not we can give you a little walk around yeah foreign carbon fiber all over it TSW Wheels Falcon Tires a bunch of really cool

Stuff under the hood as well we got a mbrp exhaust with some carbon fiber tips inside we have carbon fiber pretty much everywhere now that’s it Dash yeah this is a beautiful car man you are absolutely gonna love it short shifter uh from Acuity and then let me let me

Show you what’s under here yeah that thing’s nicer than the last time I saw it we got uh mishimoto intake Cusco braces all over a little turbo blanket it also has a tune on it as well so this thing gets up and goes pretty good I

Would say yeah it’s fun to drive for sure we’ve got a set of amazing Morimoto headlights in here as well these things are crazy bright lots of carbon everywhere man yeah you’re absolutely gonna love this thing so where whereabouts do you live yeah cool all

Right nice all right cool we’ve got a it feels like we’ve got a lot of cars going to the east coast well cool man have you ever been to California before I have actually uh we we lived in Thousand Oaks and we actually just came here about

Three years ago so nice oh wow there’s been as well yo what’s up man you just found out our throttle one it’s actually really cool yeah I think it’s really cool oh don’t show me that I don’t want to see that so yeah man it’s uh it’s pretty simple

After we get off the phone um I’m gonna let the sweepstakes company know that we notified you um they’re gonna probably send you a little bit of paperwork and then we’ll get you out here to come pick up your new car man and get a check for 20 grand I can’t wait cool

Congratulations we’ll talk soon there it is I think this is sweepstakes number 20. now teaming up with the hoonigans this thing turned out really amazing I am so stoked for Glenn congratulations to him and remember that the S4 sweepstakes is live right now so if you

Want to be our next winner head on over to our site get some merch get some car parts get whatever you want every one dollar you spend is going to be one automatic entry to win and we’re running the promotion for 25 off merchandise right now with the promo code on the

Screen now let’s see if this Supra can hit a thousand horsepower on a dime what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and today we’re going to bring in our mark IV super back to the dyno we’ve

Done a ton of upgrades to this thing we added a 6xd full sequential manual transmission we have a strange nine inch rear different we have a few more things wired in the car that we didn’t have the first time we went to the dyno this is

Going to allow us to set up things like two-step boost by gear it’s going to be absolutely insane we’re gonna get this thing strapped down to a hub Dyno this time instead of a roller Dyno so we will get an actual accurate Power number last time we were spinning we are going to

Hit this thousand horsepower Mark today it’s going to be absolutely epic let’s get this thing loaded up in the trailer hit the road and get to the dino foreign That’s pretty good over a thousand I’m gonna be I know let me get a solid number guess don’t undercut me either you gotta up me I got up you got it up yeah yes going 11.85 11.85 oh 10 85 10.85 on the model or not on the oh no

No bottle no no bottle no bottle okay 1080 1085 wait would you say Greg 1060 so yo host everyone else guessed what what’s your number it has to be a solid number no nitrous No Bottle well it wouldn’t matter uh 9.99 wow no faith no 9.99

We’re here baby let’s get this car out of here Thank you thank you we’re here at Apex we brought the Mark 4 super we’re getting strapped up on the Hub Dyno now they have a lot of really cool cars here literally in every direction which is really cool I’m very excited to get this thing on start

Making some really good power see what numbers the super can actually pull The car is all set up on the dyno Danny’s going to calibrate the car for the gearing that we’re going to be using so we’re just going to spin the wheels make sure the dyno RPM is reading the same as the engine RPM and then we’ll be ready to start doing some pulls We’re all set up we’re gonna do our first pull we’ve changed the wastegate spring out so there’s a little bit of parameters that need adjusting but we’ll get there so we’re getting ready for pull number one baby foreign So that pole was good one thing that we noticed was fuel pressure was starting to drop now we’re running to 440 brushless dishworks fuel pumps we didn’t wire the pumps to run High until now the running both the pumps and the low setting have been perfectly fine but now

We’re going to go back in and wire them to run high all the time that’ll give us the fuel pressure we need so it won’t drop and then we’ll be making more power so we’re gonna blow all the nitrous tanks out of the back get that wired up

And get back on making pulse So this thing was set up for low what do you call that low flow it was set off with low flow so right now I bypass the low flow to a high flow by just doing this little Bridge more pressure yeah which means more pressure more bad for

Him and we are ready to send more fuel to the car I’m going we’re pretty close dude I’m going 973 on the first one second pull I’m going a thousand I’m sticking to my number dude my number is like 10 inches oh you said 1080. what’s your what was your number 999.

Technically you are winning right now technically Ricky right now is the closest but I think I think this is the first pull yeah that was impressive we gained over a hundred horsepower 150. we don’t know what it is no when it was spinning it was like what 8 30 so it

Was eight seven eight seventy three was our highest spinning so so we hit 973 so we exactly 100 horsepower it’s just by everyone without spinning on the freaking time okay cool yeah let’s see let’s get back in there let’s go baby foreign thank you well I left about a hundred our goal was

A thousand I believe when we got here we got 1090 which is about what we wanted or what we need I made 1200 would be thick though cars running extremely well we hit our number we hit the number a little bit over the number that I guess which is

Freaking awesome this thing is making insane power it sounds good we’re gonna do one or two more pulls just to clean it up and make sure everything is running solid and we’re gonna get it off of the dyno and get it outside because we’re gonna set up for two-step and then

Uh pretty much wrap it up for the day we have a couple things we need to fix one of them is we need to add a much bigger catch can and we need to change some wiring things on the sequential so we can do flat shifting but other than that

The car is amazing foreign Poles the car is making way better power than we thought it was going to which is good unfortunately we still haven’t touched our nitrous the car is making too much power I want to play with the nitrous it’s ready to go it’s jetted we just can’t we’re making too much

Priority so we’re gonna get it out of the shop set it up start playing with some two-step but first we’re gonna fill it up with Sunoco 1100.00 horsepower that’s 1100 wheel horsepower by the way so what’s that’s wheel so like crank is above that crank is a little bit above that that’s insane

Baby come on 1100 at the wheels I came here to get 999. what was my guess my guess was pretty freaking close 1080. so I’m within 10 horsepower I think you were 100 up no faith no faith no no faith ah Faith bro 2JZ bird 2JZ man 1100 horsepower

1100 I’m a lover not a fighter let’s get this thing off the dyno and get some Sunoco 85r in the tank foreign As you guys just saw our super made 1100 wheel horsepower that would not have been possible without Sunoco e85r if you guys want some top-tier certified gasoline for your car head over to your local Sunoco station Sunoco gasoline makes your car run cleaner longer and more efficiently let’s get this thing

Filled up with the 85r and star 2 stepper Foreign Super’s filled up let’s start programming our two-step Oh that thing freaking blew my eyebrows off foreign Thank you I think he’s out sick dude you feel that in your chest that’s sick that was a good one that was a solid one all right let’s get this thing loaded up back to the Trap Car he’s finally loaded up in our trailer well our trailer on Greg Greg thank you contact Greg’s trailer the car did amazing right off the bat I did 970 and they went over a thousand very easily which we I am way more than I was happy with the first pool we already

Beat our last dinosaur a significant yeah and then after that we just went over the four digit Mark and here we go the car did 1090 at the wheels at the tire that’s not cranked that’s wheel horsepower which is freaking insane amazing I was shooting for this build

Originally for a thousand at the crank but we beat that at the Wheel by a lot yeah this car is gonna absolutely be a handful we still have a little bit of work to do back in the shop before we take this into the track and start

Testing it a brona because not only do we have a thousand wheel horsepower we also have the differential and transmission setup for it to be able to take hits and actually go fast on the track which is really cool I think it’s going to beat the Viper whoa I think I

Think it’s gonna need the Viper this is what I see right okay Viper and super I wish I hope I’m hoping this happens I see Viper taking off and then I see this super doing this yeah and if it wins but I’m gonna win for like a few seconds I’m

Gonna be like yeah yeah if the super wins I’m getting lunch from Ricky it’s gonna be awesome and when the Viper wins I’m gonna get double lunch because you’re gonna show and I don’t fair enough you guys have to stay tuned in the next episode we’re gonna be working

On this thing and hopefully taking to the track we will be taking it we will yeah so thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to like comment subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next video Foreign [Applause] yo why are your veins popping on you I’m holding a turd