Throtl: Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo – Part 18 – Sequential Trans Swap!

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-24 17:12:27
Author: throtl
It’s TIME! The new sequential transmission is installed and ready for a re-dyno. Do you think we will hit the 1,000 HP number? Comment Below!

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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 2018 Audi S4 Prestige plus and it is our sweepstakes car for this quarter head to every dollar you spend buying performance parts OE replacement maintenance parts or sweet merch is an entry to win this car plus twenty thousand dollars cash go to make your purchases good luck guys Thank you what is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and today we’re going to be working on our mark IV Toyota Supra in the last episode we pulled the v160 out and showed you guys every component of our new 6xd sequential transmission

Setup that we’re gonna be putting in this car one question you guys might have is why we’re doing all this stuff and there’s a couple of reasons the first reason is I don’t know if you’ve checked the price of v160 Transmissions but they’re quite expensive for a 30

Year old to use transmission so we wanted to upgrade it this thing is putting down a lot more power than those Transmissions can really handle those Transmissions could handle over a thousand horsepower but not when you’re doing really hard first gear hits on a prep drag strip but this is one of our

Most top tier builds and what a perfect excuse to get a sequential transmission I’ve never played with a sequential before I’ve never set one up I’ve never even driven a car with one and I think that’s the case for a lot of the people here in the throttle shop so what a

Perfect chance to use one of these and it’s going to add a lot of performance benefits to the car it’s going to allow us to utilize a lot more features on our Hall Tech it’s going to allow us to do a lot of really cool things such as flat

Foot shifting wide open throttle shifting sequential Transmissions like this are pretty unobtaining for most of us car guys we only like dream of owning one so I’m very excited to set one up see what this whole sequential game is about and bring you guys along for the

Journey we have a lot of calculations to do we got to Center the bell housing alignment we got to do some math for getting the slave cylinder set up there’s a lot of unknowns here which is going to be a new learning experience for me which is cool so let’s get into it So I just took our old pallet bearing out so that’s the pilot bearing for the v160 transmission that is the one we’re going to be running for the new transmission setup so much bigger input shaft at least on the end where the pilot bearing sits so we’re going to get

This thing installed and then install our new flywheel foreign Foreign the dead center of this hole needs to be dead center in line with the crankshaft this is a dial indicator so this measures in thousands got swings up and down so if we have something that sweet from zero to ten that’s ten thousandths of an inch so

This is going to measure movement and as we spin this around it’s going to move as you can tell I’m not like good at centering it because it’s all over the map it usually will have like I think our range is like about four to five

Thousandths is when we’re in Spec so you get this mounted up foreign Let’s just chicken scratch here so my chicken scratch is measuring our Center Point for this and it is off we are out of spec by about five thousands which is not good so Mickey’s going to order some uh realignment dowels so they’re pretty much offset dowels that’s sit and send

Her this so we need to get those coming we need to get those back on this and once the alignment Dallas off center line the dials we’re here we’re going to do the measurements again make sure everything’s in Spec and then we’ll keep on going so waiting for parts

This guy has arrived these are a set of offset dowels so instead of being perfectly straight the top half is shifted about four thousandths of an inch off to the right so we’re gonna install these we’re gonna line them correctly and then re-measure our bell housing and they should be spot on So how are these different from the dowels that were in there so the dowels that were in there are actually dead straight this has like a matte surface and then like a polished surface so the polished surface is shifted in a direction about four thousands of an inch different so

Instead of coming straight up it comes up and then it goes over and then it comes up and depending on how we rotate this depends on where it’s going so if I want both of these going up I’ll set the offset up and it’ll move the bell

Housing up again it’s only moving up four thousandths of an inch which is about roughly the thickness of a piece of paper but I need to move it down into the right so we’re going to orient the offset kind of this way and that’s going to shift the bell housing where we need

It to see and then we’re going to re-measure where’s our Dell so I need a little screwdriver to twist that guy Foreign housing back on get our dial indicator back on there and re-measure everything we should be good this time that’s crazy that I I thought it was going to be more than that no yeah it doesn’t need to move a lot so the reason they do that is

Because of this this is your pilot bearing so this is actually the front bearing of the transmission so this is in the engine but it’s part of the transmission it’s over the transmission so this is our beautiful sequential and this is where the pilot bearing sits so they actually sent this two power

Bearings one came in our bell housing kit and one came with the transmission so the power bearing goes right there now this is actually what holds this end of this input shaft up so it has a bearing here then it’s bearing inside of the transmission and it needs to be

Aligned properly if it’s out of alignment it’s going to be putting stress on this shaft either this way or this way in our case it would have been up and to the right and they measure that within thousandths of an inch and it has to be it has a tolerance so we

Can be off with about five thousandths of an inch and right now we’re off about 7 10 or which we got I think we’re off about six thousands right now so those alignment Doms are going to bring us into spec and it’s going to allow this

To work it’s not going to put extra strain on the input shaft of the trans which is what we want we want the sink elastic time so let’s take our measurement Okay so here’s our 180 mark so this was the highest point of run out that we had here so you mark it set the indicator to zero and move it 180 out and we have about 2 000 difference so that divided by two is our run out of this which is like a

Thousand our smack spec is like five thousands we’re like way in the zone now nice that was perfect so those dowels went from like eight thousands to like one thousands so we’re perfect everything’s good now we can keep on jamming so we’re actually gonna take this off I actually

Want to put our transmission on you start measuring our drive shaft length get that out of the machine shop so they can start making our drive shaft to get that balance and then we’ll keep going with the uh the clutch and stuff now the

Next thing I need to get done uh we need to put the transmission in I have not installed the clutch yet we’re simply putting it in so I can measure our drive shaft to length so so we have a yoke that came with the transmission kit and

Because we’re running a Ford nine inch rear end the drive shaft is not exactly going to be bolted so we have to send ours out and have it modified I need to get the length for that so I can send everything up to the drive shaft shop

And they can start working on it so we’re gonna put the transmission in without the clutch on get it bolted down take our measurement get all of our components out to the shop and then we will take this off and start installing our clutch foreign So we got our measurement our drive shaft is a little bit too long so we’re going to send this out get it shortened and they’re going to replace this CV joint with a U-joint that’ll fit on this so we’re going to get a shorter shaft back with this on both ends and that’s

Going to be about it so we’re going to get this out to the shop so I can start working on it we’ll have our drive shaft back shortly So I got our first plate on our triple plate clutch on here we’ve got spacer plates which are going to be going on which is this guy here here is our second disc this coach is crazy because it’s super small but it’s got a lot of surface area

And the centered iron discs are super strong there’s our clutch there’s our alignment tool that thing looks freaking nuts dude that’s crazy all right let’s get this thing on the Supra All right brother will that thing looks tiny huh holy crap never complained before why why is it so small because it doesn’t need to be big because there’s three plates of a surface area I was gonna say it looks ridiculous that’s the size well it’s how you use it it’s not

The size mate it also cuts down on rotational Mass that’s like a lot so this thing’s going to rev up and down like super fast except we’re gonna get our master cylinder mounted it’s actually bolts to the inside of the bell housing which is pretty cool but we need to put

It on and then get it up in there and then we need to check then we need to measure the distance between this and the front of the clutch make sure we’re with intolerance and if we’re not we need to adjust this and if we’re good

Then we can put lines on it and install the bell housing for the final time which would be really cool [Applause] Thank you Our bell housing is on for the last time we have a clutch everything is assembled and ready for the transmission to go on and now we just gotta wrestle this thing in I got will here with me we’re gonna sing up on the trainer Jack get it

Bolted to our engine let’s go baby we’ve seen this before yeah but I didn’t have a clutch on it so it was easier it’s true Foreign Our drive shaft came back really fast turned around from the shop we sent it to which is really nice so we’re gonna get this in make sure it is the correct for length to make sure it works then we can keep going and set things like our

Clutch stop and a whole bunch of other stuff so let’s get this boy in baby get my health win uh yeah I can’t reach it too bad I can’t reach that look well he’s on his tippy toes yep yep oh dude mine that is almost perfect sick thank you

So mechanically our sequential is completely installed the last thing we need to do is fill it up with gear oil put the exhaust back on and then we’ll need to attack our wiring and then we’ll pretty much be done so I’m going to use will I’m just going to hold all my lines

In place and I’m gonna pump load in here until it’s full cap it off and we’ll put our exhaust back on and be done this is a tippy-toe job nice tippy toes again foreign So this is a couple of connections right here this is reverse and neutral lockout this black two pin plug and this is a gear sensor for whether it’s in first through sixth reverse or neutral so I got this plug for the gear Gear display there’s another one but we have a tiny

Little slot right there that I don’t think this big connector is going to fit speeding up so I’m gonna bring the car down to feed everything back in foreign The wiring is done we got everything mounted everything’s set up we got our button up here we got our light in the dash we got to put that back on and then the GCU is mounted here we also uh put the little tuning cable up under here

Pretty nice and I actually sneaked one onto this pad so this is going to be our Hall Tech plug-in so we can actually instead of unbearing the ECU from the carpet we just plug in there I’m gonna get our interior back together because this doesn’t really need to be out of

The car anymore get our ic7 back in we’ll fire it up and then we’ll jump on the laptop and start calibrating all of our things Thank you Everything’s pretty much ready for us to plug into the laptop so we have to calibrate the gear position sensor to our new GPU so when it’s going up and down through gears how it knows what gear you’re in is through the gear position sensor and we need to calibrate

That to let the transmission know which gear is which gear otherwise it has no idea what gear we’re in we’re going to plug it in I believe we have to set reverse and neutral as well as all of the forward gears and then from there it’s going to be ready to tune and

Pretty much ready to go on the dyno so when we get on the dyno and start making passes and start making changes to the tune one of the things we’re going to be tuning is the GCU along with the engines but just for now getting this synchronized is going to allow us to

Drive the car around and move it and everything should be good does that mean we get to see this little yeah so that’s that’s exactly it so we get a set what number is what on that are you ready to see this little red light indicator oh sick those are spinning

We’re just about finished up with the programming on the sequential so we’re actually going to put the racing seat back in because it’s right here on the table and then we’re gonna get the car on the ground Ricky has to finish our line lock button that we just got

Installed for this and then we’re gonna pull it outside and move make it move under its own power and make sure that all the gears that need to work are working and that we can actually move the car we’ll drive this thing get to the dyno baby baby oh sequential let’s go Sits back in and I’m sitting where I feel the most comfortable to drive the car the shifter was a place here just randomly so we can get stuff going and uh Queen right now is getting some tools so we can adjust it closer to me so I

Can be more comfortable and then from there I’m going to be adapting the uh the line lock button right in here Foreign This is official right here what is that line lock yeah you hear it let go move up and then when I do that like this why so the next step for the super is actually to make sure all of our gears work for the reverse and neutral and

Then we’re gonna head to the dyno so let’s see the moment of truth right here okay so we got first gear now we’re in reverse feels really crazy now all the time we have we have time we have I think that’s all the time we have for

You guys for this video thank you so much for watching if you like what you saw please leave us a big Thumbs Up And subscribe the next episode is Dino day we are shooting for that mark it’s time to test this thing at the racetrack so I’m very excited