Throtl: Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo – Part 17 – Transmission is out!

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-21 17:00:37
Author: throtl

Our modern day Mk4 Toyota Supra ditches the famous V160 for a badass sequential shift kit!

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Throtl Video Transcript

Laughs What is going on guys welcome back to the throttle YouTube channel my name is Quinn and we have a heavy super episode for you guys today we wanted to get serious about racing this car this year so we are going big with Sunoco we run Sunoco in every single car you guys know

That from our subra to our Viper our eclipse the freak whatever we’re running we got Sunoco in the tank it’s no different for the Supra so you guys thought this build was complete it is not we had this car at a racetrack recently doing some testing kind of

Filling out the car we found a lot of things we really like about this car we found a few things that we did it the main one we’re going to be getting into today is the v160 transmission it is an incredible transmission it has really great potential but it does have its

Limits so we’re gonna be getting it out of this card we’re actually going to be putting a 6xd full sequential Transmission in Jesus Christ why ain’t no wait what this is going to allow the thing to shift a lot faster it’s going to allow it to shift better you’re gonna

Have wide open shifts under boost which is really cool and it’s going to allow us to utilize a lot more on our halltech ECU such as boost by gear we have to configure things like the two-step it’s going to be a much better transmission overall for this car because we can

Change the gearing it’s there’s so much stuff we can get into on the 6xd sequential it’s going to be really cool so we’re going to get the v160 out today and when the new sequential transmission shows up we’re going to unbox it and go through it and kind of look at it I

Think it’s going to look beautiful I’m very excited for it to get here but for now let’s get this thing out of the car Oh man this is like a sewer pipe under here holy yeah this thing looks really it’s your first time seeing it like yeah under the car it is yeah so our work ended here right yeah so we had a little jumper that went from four down to three

To the gritty flange that went back so yeah MagnaFlow actually removed the old system that was on here because in search of power we need to open up the exhaust from 80 millimeters to 100 plus millimeters or four inch wow this looks sick it looks Wicked it looks really

Nice so when we built this car initially we had a Grady catback exhaust on which is an awesome amazing exhaust however we went ahead and stuffed a massive G Series gear turbo and the three inch just wasn’t enough so we dropped the carpet MagnaFlow it came through and

Pretty much finished the exhaust all the way back so all of our down pipe off the turbo all that stuff is four inch and then right about here we actually had to drop from a four inch to a three inch to fit the gratty Cat-Back previously and

So we dropped that off MagnaFlow they took this flange off and then just finish the four inch all the way back which is really good this is really going to open up the turbocharger get air out of the engine at really high RPMs it’s going to improve power and

Torque which is really nice unfortunately it has to come off to get the transmission out so let’s start ripping it out so I think the downpipe’s out of the way enough to where we can sink the trans out I think we should be okay I don’t imagine the sequential is going to be

Much bigger than the d160 is but if we need to it’s not that hard to take out so I’m not that worried about it Our drive shaft is out our exhaust system is off disconnected our slave cylinder so this is for the clutch pedal is where your little clutch fluid comes through I got our oil filter adapter off that was both in the transmission I need to get our shifter off next and then

Nothing will be stopping this from pulling the transmission straight out I’ve got four transmission bolts left easy and they’re way back there Foreign All the transmission Hardware is out our drive shaft is out our shifter is out our slave is off everything’s disconnected so it’s time to pull the transmission out because the last time this v160 will ever be in this Supra as far as I know Transmission is out it’s on the floor over there we are going to be replacing the clutch with new sequential gearbox so we’re not going to be needing this clutch Masters wind disc anymore so we’re going to pull it out it’s going to go with the v160 it’s going to stay over

There and when we get our new clutch pack I believe we’re getting a triple play Clutch to go on with our new transmission so that’ll go on right after Our v160 transmission and clutch Masters twin disc is out of the car we drug it over here to the parts pile we’re going to be actually selling this as a parts package if you guys are in the market for v160 with the twin disc email evidence throttle now some of our parts

Are starting to roll in our transmission hasn’t quite got here yet but we’ll pick up the camera when it does while we’re waiting for our sequential transmission to arrive I want to talk to you guys about Sunoco you know we love Sunoco in our shop here at throttle we use them in

Literally every single car from the Supra to the eclipse the skyline the Civic the Viper we love it Sunoco makes your car run cleaner longer and more efficiently and Sunoco ultratech has the same detergent levels as they run in NASCAR if you guys want a nice clean good top-tier certified fuel head over

To your loco Sudoku station for Philip now let’s go check out our transmission we have our v160 drive shaft shifter and all the associated stuff out of our Supra our first batch of parts for our 6xd sequential transmission have shown up we got it laid out on the table the

Transmission itself hasn’t shown up yet but we do have a lot of work to do here on the table so let’s go over some of the parts that we’re going to be installing on this new sequential setup to start we have the bell housing which is a really cool piece this thing is

Insanely buff insanely strong it is set up for a 2JZ on the back and for a sequential on the front this piece is cool it’s an SFI certified racing part it is very thick very heavy and it is very durable in the case of something like our flywheel explodes when we’re

Doing you know 130 140 miles an hour this will actually keep it contained keep it protected keep us protected and prevent flywheel and all that stuff from blowing through the transmission tunnel and damaging anything including us so very nice component it also has cutouts for our slave cylinder setup which is

One of the new Tilton parts that’s going to be going in so we are going to be having to do a lot of calculations on putting this thing out so this actually goes up on the inside like this but really neat setup really cool part so this does require a lot of calculation

To set up we’re gonna have to align the bell housing to the block we’re going to have to take measurements from this to the clutch plate there’s a lot of math that goes into setting one of these things up which is really cool in addition to that we have a little spacer

Plate for it and of course new hardware to build this thing to our 2JZ we have a lightweight flywheel this is about a 12 pound steel flywheel very nice and then we have our Tilton triple plate clutch this is a really small unit you start getting into multiple clutch packs

Really Beyond one or two and it’s cool that they can get really small so this can handle more power and more torque than our twin plate could which is a lot bigger so really cool to see we of course have centered iron clutch discs so these are seven inch clustics and

There are three of them which is pretty cool a little bit of trick to set up I’ve never set up a triple plate clutch before I’ve done a couple of twin plate clutches this setup is very different than what I’m used to so it’s going to be cool to go through everything and

Just kind of see how it all works together we of course have a new set of ARP flywheel bolts to go with it I believe we have this kit already but I think we’re just going to use these for peace of mind because they came with everything so again onto our slave

Cylinder we have our fittings and all that stuff is going to be going on with it we have our Hardware pack we have a yoke for the drive shaft because we are running a four or nine inch rear end and this thing the drive shaft measurements

Are all kind of up in there so they sent us a yoke we’re going to inspect this out and get a custom Drive Shaft or at least get our drive shaft modified for the new yoke for the new transmission so unfortunately there wasn’t really a plug and play solution for the drive shaft

And that’s going to be it I think we have the throttle bearing here floating around somewhere on the table Yeah so this actually is meant for the back of the Jay-Z crankshaft and uses a 15 millimeter which is actually a GM type clutch alignment and input shaft so this

Is actually off of our C6 Z06 sweepstakes car that we did and because they are using the same shaft set up as GM it fits right in so it just happened to have a clutch alignment tool here that’s going to work which is really cool so that is everything that has

Shown up so far we’ll take a look at our new transmission when it shows up foreign Piece of the puzzle has finally arrived and that is the transmission itself and this thing looks like a work of art it is full Billet casing looks absolutely beautiful and this is going to be plenty strong for what we’re going to be using it for this thing is going to not only

Handle the abuse it’s going to handle the hits the hard shifting the hard launching all of it we don’t have to worry about this thing breaking at all which is really cool we have quite a few really cool features on this thing we have and pretty much all over the place

We have an oil pump on the back which we have to make an airline for and we have an and breather up front which is really cool the other thing is this transmission is fully serviceable we could get whatever gearing we want for it we can do literally whatever we

Wanted which was really nice versus something like the v160 if it were to break you pretty much throw it away and buy a new one this we can take it apart if we break it somehow and fix everything which is really cool we also have the shifter here this is going to

Be going right up top and this is what we’re going to be pulling which is really cool looks nice nice and I cannot wait to see this thing displayed in the center of the Super’s interior it has a strain gauge on it we’re going to get into that with the management system we

Have for it we also have a button up top it’s pretty much a lockout for neutral and reverse so if you’re going up or down a gear you don’t have to worry about hitting neutral or hitting reverse and spinning at the motor and over revving and all that stuff so really

Cool unit we also have a GCU which is pretty much a transmission control computer for the sequential which is this guy here we can do some really trick stuff with this along with our Hall Tech Elite 2500 and the drive by wire setup we have on the car so we’re

Going to actually be able to configure this for a full flat foot shifting as well as rev match downshift so when you get out of gear and you’re in first gear and you want to grab a gear you don’t have to move the pedal at all you can

Stay wide open and just start slamming through the gears which is really cool which means our big G Series Garrett will never get out of boost and this thing is going to run like a freaking missile we have the iconic sequential gear selector here so this tells us what

Gear we’re going to be in and I have a couple of good ideas on where we’re going to put this in the interior of the car we do have a few you delete panels in there so this will display our gear that we’re in which is really nice and

This is going to allow us to plug into our drive by wire pedal so one end of this is going to go into our wiring Specialties harness the other end is going to go into our drive by wire pedal and this is going to allow this to set

Up the ignition cut which is going to allow us to have flat foot shifting on so we do have quite a few other wires here we’re going to send will on that and get this thing hooked up and wire it in and ready to rock so we do have a

Program we need to configure that GCU with honestly I can’t wait to start playing with this stuff in the next video we’re going to get to start installing everything we have for this setup and it’s going to be a lot of fun so you guys are going to have to hold

Out to that leave a comment Down Below on what you think of our new transmission setup for the mark IV Supra all right now it is time to do the deliberation for throttle dream build five everyone has put in their two cents everyone’s gone through the list of all

The submissions and now is when we sit down and we go through everything together as a group and come up with the single winner for the next dream Build contest so I’m very excited I’ve seen a couple of them a couple weird choices but we’ll see see what everyone thinks This is what we have for our finalists we have an SRT4 an F-150 Raptor Crown Vic SVT Lightning two preludes S2000 Hyundai Veloster Infiniti G35 Lexus SC300 Mazdaspeed 3 Mazda speed 6. look at will right now Nissan 240SX and then a Toyota Aristo those are the finalists right now Prelude Prelude Prelude Prelude

Prelude wow it’s going keep going SC300 Prelude and s2k rip roads prelude’s the winner Bam by a lot wow I was not expecting it to be like 95 the winner of throttle dream build five is Shelby Wilkerson out of Florida now it’s time to call Shelby the winner

Of throttle VIP dream build five all right here we go from the throttle account on Instagram on Instagram you guys are not recording my arm is not long enough I don’t have 0.5 on this camera oh it’s ringing oh we look the same man oh no answer we’re setting a recall

Recall we’re recalls right now all right recall recalling today right next to me it’s a little awkward when she doesn’t answer seven o’clock does it work S no dude it’s seven o’clock people work sometimes past seven there buddy oh hello hi this is Shelby how’s it going I just got released out yesterday

But we have some good news for you you ready for it you’re sitting down already hey buddy so we selected your fifth gen Prelude for the next throttle dream build project congrats yeah that’s a good reactions so you guys are in Florida right yes we

Are all right now so long out of the car yeah so congratulations after this call we’ll Reach Out get get the car shipped out here we’ll work together on what parts what colors what things you guys like don’t like and we are going to transform your car and the next time you

See it after that gonna be a whole new thing you okay thank you yeah you’re welcome do you have any any questions for us right off the bat I’m sure there’ll be a lot of questions so don’t worry it just entered for just to do it and I

Never would have expected like well it worked it worked now we appreciate you being a throttle VIP member we all took a liking to the car thought it had a lot of potential and thought that we could help transform it for you so congratulations again and uh we’ll be on

The phone real soon figuring out all the details okay all right all right take care bye-bye bye-bye that’s it for throttle dream build five if you guys like this video please give us a big thumbs up subscribe to the channel and we’ll see you guys in the next one foreign