Throtl: Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo – Part 16 – Testing gone wrong…

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-18 17:00:21
Author: throtl
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The Supra is getting geared up to become a serious monster!

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Throtl Video Transcript

We took our Mark 4 super to the track for some testing and blew up our rear differential as you guys can see in this clip only one wheel is spinning in today’s episode we’re gonna put this thing up on the rack figure out what happened and install some new BP parts

To keep this thing solid and strong let’s get into today’s video well we’ve arrived back from Verona where Ricky was testing the uh I was testing the endurance of the death we found an issue after the first pull well the first one was I rolled I rolled the car this is

The first full RPM full launch yeah yeah you grenaded the rear end so this is the situation we’ve got a big hole in the differential um it’s actually quite small hole for what happened so we we also noticed one more thing before it grenade

You guys can see here this one has a lot of rocks from the little burnout that we did which means they got really high got so hot that everything that was on the road and then look at the other one oh not a rock nothing nothing also how about I hold

This one steady and you go spin that one because I mean now it doesn’t count though now it doesn’t count but it was it was doing the same already doing this before so yeah we knew it was tired we didn’t know it was completely out to lunch Ricky found out

Real quick that or either that or the even the twin turbos came with open Lift I’m not sure no I thought they came with no they had they had lsds for sure so what we did was we got on the phone with a supplier out in Florida and actually

Picked up a proper rear end for this car this is a Ford 9-inch using strange componentry um we’ve got a big buff and this thing looks like it belongs on a Hummer H2 look at that thing we’ve got a whole rear section dropping that bolts right up uh thanks to Grandma’s racing we

Purchased this from them this is going to just drop right in the car which is awesome now we do have to rebuild the hubs it came with some new Billet hub assemblies we’ve got a new set of drive shaft shop axles that are rated for more horsepower and an aluminum drive shaft

Shop drive shaft which is also rated for more power so now we’ve just uh we’re gonna be fixing one problem with creating a new one I think you fix the rear end and now what becomes the problem the drive shaft but we fix the drive shaft so what becomes a problem

Now so it’s usually driveshaft axles and then diff and then transmission yes right so we’ve now moved the problem to the transmission which if you guys know Supra is the v160 is a pretty sought after six-speed transmission and it’s great for these cars unfortunately it’s very cost prohibitive so we’ve got what

Equates to about a 10 or 12 000 Transmission in front of this bulletproof rear end that’s going to make oh hi Mr Clean hello hey you’re back that’s going to make us do wheelies apparently this is going to be the next failure point so we’ve got to prepare ourselves

For that um the nice thing is is there are a lot of options out there we can go each patter we can go automatic uh we need to sit down and decide what we want to use this car for long term and what’s the right situation and solution so also

What our budget is because you can spend a lot of money I priced out of sequential already it’s about 17 to 20 grand for a proper sequential setup for the scratch thank you foreign To pulling this apart because we want to see what happened inside and I think it’s pretty catastrophic obviously there’s no this this is doing nothing this doesn’t even make a noise when I spent this yeah and there’s no attention on it whatsoever so there’s definitely something really wrong inside and I

Think we need to crack it open to show you guys and for us to learn what happened and see there’s questions there’s even some damage we had a couple holes in the back case here yeah I mean ready here check that out the diff pretty much emptied itself out of the

Game which is not good made its own drain hole not recommended so we’re gonna be tearing the stiff apart to see what went wrong with it aside from this diff having exploded this tip is also 30 years old and it probably aside from us servicing and changing the food this

Thing has probably not been open in 30 years we’re gonna be using WD-40 specialist pending trim to soak all of these bolts and make sure everything comes apart smoother what’s nice about this is it is fast acting and this one actually has less odor than their usual

So I’m excited to actually give this a try and see how it works on these rusty old bolts yep unfortunately our Supra the chassis the underside the suspension was all a little bit crusty when we got to it and replaced a bunch of the components but if it’s one of those

Things that we didn’t really replace until we needed to and now we need to so we’ll say this little straw on here is really nice and it’s attached and you don’t have to use it you can actually use it like this too a little spray action or the trigger you

Can actually only do like a half a pool and just let it kind of seep out which is kind of cool that one’s already pretty well lubed from the gear oil coin I think that one’s gonna be all right foreign bolts off All right well that worked out good do you guys have anything that’s rusted corroded Frozen in place or stuck definitely give this specialist penetrant a try this is the first time we’ve actually used it works like a charm you can actually see how it’s seeped into the thread areas which is

Really cool all right let’s get this cover off oh [Applause] But I can’t see much from my end wow oh man yeah this right here is no no bueno it is a torsion yeah it is interesting well not a torsion anymore I guess this thing’s look at something this entire gear is gone yeah completely gone that’s what was on the racetrack oh no

Actually it’s right here it’s actually stuck in there it’s wedged is it yeah look here oh my god oh here’s part of it here’s all of it oh no way look down in there that is nuts that there guys is what you call a catastrophic figure but hey at

Least our magnetic dream plug was doing this we have a single let’s get a magnet start fishing that’s why it locked up oh my God like this is gnarly wow [Applause] that’s holy pick up that much whoa Today so it fell out of there most of it fell to the bottom the piece that went on top I wonder what broke exactly for those of you who don’t know this is a torsion LSD so the way torsionalities are set up is very different than the clutchback LSD if you

Look in here um right here yeah so on each set so you have two outputs right on each set they’re supposed to be worm gears with two gears on each end so if you look in here there’s one set still working and then the other set is completely gone so

There’s supposed to be a parallel set on this side and those gears mesh with each other and allow it to mechanically be a lockable differential so there’s a lot of explaining in the concept of how these things work but just know that there’s supposed to be a secondary gear

Set here and there’s not any more and all the gears are all there well it’s not good there’s some in there still Thank you So here’s what here’s what messed us up right here and it’s wedged in the case surprisingly cracked the case up here we’ve got the blown up diff our drive shaft and axles out all that’s left is to pull the spindles out and pull the old wheel bearings out we’re going to be

Replacing the new wheel bearings because we have new hubs that are going to be going with our new diff kit that are much bigger and much stronger and allow us to run a much bigger axle so these are our new hubs here much bigger allow for a much bigger axle

Which is cool and of course we got to press our wheel studs in so I’m going to press these into our new Hub get this thing in the freezer nice and cold and make the Press work a lot easier Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Thank you We’ve got the nine inch strange rear end up here on our cart and what we’re gonna do is actually going to kind of use some two by fours and shim it up so I’m going to put this back plate on this buff daddy here I’m gonna install the axle

Stubs as well once it’s up there but if we can get it assembled here on the cart and we can pop it in nice and easy start getting our axles and drive shafting foreign For this Center section and we’re just putting some cross check torque seal on here that’ll let us know if these bolts ever decide to start coming loose it’s really bright orange which is nice because it’s easy to see and it also it’s like a line so like right here if

The bolt scoots over a little bit you’ll see it right break yeah I always thought it was just a mark so that you know that you did it whoa is that the beefiest death you’ve ever seen this is definitely a BFF beef we’ve ever used yeah oh but personally

You’ve seen bigger oh I mean I’ve seen people use these okay me personally I have not had a need for this I don’t think anybody in the shop has had a need for this yeah nobody else is pushing a thousand horsepower and they’re personal cars yeah

I heard that I mean you don’t know what the future may hold I think he’s up to something over there Quinn and I are up to something oh with Quinn Ricky’s still learning about it oh Ricky don’t know Foreign Horsepower which is a lot of horsepower these ones are ready for a lot a lot of horsepower so what a 6400 horsepower what does that mean a billion that should say that everything in the car could break except the axles all right which is the reason

Why we had to replace the uh not the spindle what’s it called the Hub replace the Hub because this thing’s right here I like double the size they’re way beefier these things are heavy like really heavy which also means very powerful and then we have a Ricky size and then we have a

Little socks yo why is wheel size heavier because what and get the job done I’m done with you bro I’m gonna put these things on Foreign The rear axles are in will went ahead and bumped those out he’s gonna go ahead and torque down the axle nut and uh then that rear portion of the car will be done that we can focus on getting this big honk and drive shaft in thank you Thank you that is it the rear end is completely done this thing is all beefed up it is time to take this into the track put this into a test and see what we break next no no let’s let’s hope we don’t break anything I mean technically that’s true

Nah this is it we’re good we’re good to go [Applause] oh foreign