Throtl: Building a Liberty Walk Nissan Z – Part 1

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-03 16:00:15
Author: throtl
We are so excited to be taking the world’s FIRST Liberty Walk Nissan Z to the SEMA show in Las Vegas on November 1st – 4th. First we must remove the wrap, detail the paint, and add new wheels?

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►WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

Throtl Video Transcript

It is time baby it’s time to remove this purple wrap we are going to expose the beautiful black color underneath also I want to tell you guys right now this is going to be our next sweep Stace vehicle that’s right once we get down with this

Car you guys are going to be able to win this car and on top of that a check for $20,000 so now that you know that great news let’s get to work and let’s remove this Wrap [Applause] yeah thank you m what happened Ricky um that happened oh that’s a clear Co a came off oh man is plastic remember oh WAP ruined our paint job dog take it out of this Paycheck I heard Ricky was unwrapping the Z Now the Z is an awesome car the color eggplant really not my taste really not my style I heard on rcky and wrapping it and it looks way better than it did before that is a night and day difference I like the silver on the car

The trim that matches the wheel it does it does bring that a lot more out scatches we got some adhesive one little little you miss a spot you missed a spot Ricky little pink Direction dude you’ll be fine scratch will come right out new all these fingerprints all over the car

This isn’t going to fly oh what is that dude so the hood is just has carbon fiber here we actually have a new hood coming but for now we’re going to have to I think wrap it something with it maybe black so we don’t have this Hood

Yet we don’t have the new hood the new body kit from Liberty Walk should be here next week okay um but I don’t want I mean I think it looks terrible with want to wrap it aside from that dude the rest looks fantastic doesn’t look that bad the side profile looks

Amazing yeah that silver matches a lot better with the wheels now consent I want to cut the links off the uh Springs yeah Springs yeah worked on the pier oh check out the hood bud man the black looks sick so right now I’m clay baring the roof which is

The only thing that wasn’t wrapped so it has some contamination on the paint uh right after this I’m going to end up wiping the car and we are going to be using the Maguire 3 in1 wax which it covers compound polish and wax all in

One and then I’ll show you guys that in a minute but yeah this thing is going to look brand new by the time I’m done perfect same OD should we do it should we do it check these out what we got Becky these wheels are for the Tactical transformation

Which Justin’s car just arrived over there the Speed 3 these are 5x 114.3 with like a kind of basic offset we’ve got our tires here from Falcon I think they would fit the Z this thing is on stock suspension I think it’ be kind of

Sick offro Z it’s a great idea you can’t be doing that what it’s that much power bitching the whe about what are you talking about I mean we got to have some fun with this suspension right all right can we take it out can we take it out to

The dirt lot over there just Mount him up and throw them on I think we try it I’m not vibing dude now me looking at it let’s do it we should at least try it come on you at least say that cuz I’m poooo it Rick has a little smart card

Against this at the beginning come on yeah okay my smart card tomorrow first of all first of all I don’t think it’s going to fit oh it’ll fit it’ll fit all right let’s going to mount the wheels and Tires next step on our beautiful C we are going to be well we by we I mean me I’m going to be prepping this car and I’m going to be buffing it and this thing’s going to look brand new like the day it came out of the showroom floor

But one of the precautions that I always take I tape up some of the edges that way the buffer doesn’t scratch the rabbit molding and stuff like that so for example this is not going to be buffed up so I’m going to be taping this

I’m going to be taping um some of the Plastics right here um stuff like the wax will get in it it’s going to be really hard to get out I’ll be Taping that all this molding this is soft rubber so the buffer can actually damage the Rubber seal so I’m going to be

Taping all that as well other than that is really not much that we need to do the headlights we’re going to keep open because the same buffing component technique that we do on the paint it’s going to make this thing look brand new again so we’re going to keep that open

Cuz we’re going to be hitting the headlights as well I’m going to go get some tape and let’s prep the car together let’s do going on here oh hey Sean you’re watching yeah wow bro you can’t be doing that start Taping Oh that was way too much hey that video that they’re doing Sick Now I want you to feel this and then feel the door ooh butter ew rough Not Butter one step to the pillar and then we’ll move down to the door and then we’ll either go forward or [Applause] back look we got here they say we can’t do it but we’re we’re going to try so these are the fuel Zephyr wheels 2156517 so the overall diameter of these Falcons is not too much bigger than the factory Z so it may work I’m not sure it’s funny because we’ve all been

Talking about the way the ride height is on this car yeah so and then this showed up and then and then that showed up and we were like ooh what if what if IM it’ll fit for sure yeah yeah because if you notice the The Hub is lower than

This oh I think it will fit then if the offset is what I think it is the only thing that may stop us is this and this what about the caliper we’ll see this is a 17 I think I think we’re good what if we switch gears we keep the Y

Body we need it we lift it we put this on that would be should be really sick actually cuz we’ve talked about doing that yeah it’ll be for sure the first Z that will be lifted ever oh my God we’re getting ready to pull the right tail light out

If you guys can see here there is a fat Dent our friend here dentology is going to help us fix that real Quick dude oh my God Corey is crazy so we’ve had Cory come down for so many projects now and every time you literally cannot tell where that was I don’t know what happened to the Z but now it is as good as new Rick’s polishing this thing up it

Looks so good I really like the black color and I’m glad the pink is gone when we peeled off the pink wrap on the hood of this car turns out what was underneath is selective carbon or whatever but most of the hood is primer now that we unwrap the car and it looks

So nice the black paint is amazing the hood just sticks out like a sore thumb I reached out to Nick at SD design house and we went I went over there we tried to pick out a vinyl that was the closest match now I do want to say this is just

A temporary solution we have a new hood coming in from Liberty Walk which should be in in the next 7 to 10 days and when we do that we’re going to be painting all of these body panels but for now in the interim cuz we want to actually be

Able to see what this car is going to look like and really enjoy it we’re going to go ahead and Ricky and I are going to wrap the hood and I’ve never wrapped a hood before me neither so we’re going to figure out we luck I

Think we have one try if we mess up we’re done we’re done all right hey we newbies bro first timers over here I’m going to give it like a 6 out of 10 kind of job right now that’s my rating 6 out of 10 that’s all you

Giving us some of this R’s going hit oh there it is got to keep it off the floor you got to get the wrinkles out it look at that crease got my arm a little bit okay stuck to Ricky’s pants we’re Pros okay okay got it you got it you have a heat

Gun H that was that’s you I don’t even know where I’m do go these down we’re good okay start in the center I do sure start I don’t know what I’m doing a little bit pressed so we don’t have another situation what do you mean EV you’re not

Dude you’re not even covered I’m what you’re not even covered EV jumbo what do you mean this is youe there’s plenty of we can [Applause] start all right we’re going to need that heat gun sooner than later heat gun changing my R to three out of 10 oh Evan

Bro you have one job cover your side but if you’re really close riy we can make it work it’ll stratch oh yeah I’m good I’m good baby oh it’s all right all right She’s done Ricky that’s it baby she’s looking like it’s paint do not call us for ref Ricky and iron not qualified this was the worst experience I’ve ever done just a temporary fix as we said I mean it turned out all right Ricky I think we did okay from this far away you

Good yeah looks all right so now we’re going to test fit these fuel zephs but we don’t have a lot to remove the the lug nuts grant grant so I went to Harbor Freight look at this goty I bought this which I thought is like the ultimate set master

Key set and it has a bunch of different ones I probably should have looked at this more closely none of them work so we’re going to try to avoid like welding something to each lug nut I’d really like to avoid that hopefully Grant has the key at his house that is my homeless

Son he looks like Wolverine like bro your Barber didn’t get arrested bro go get a haircut all right Ricky we have the key for the lock Evan was able to find it we got it overnight we have it here we have the car ready to go we have the tires

Right there the wheels and tires they look amazing and we found some spacers just in case that doesn’t clear the Hub so let’s get to [Applause] work you have lug nuts all right that’s down all the way yeah why does it look so good I know it

Shouldn’t look this good no it looks kind of sick got them off-road wheels on the Z let’s check it out it’s pretty sick and I was against this but the look is actually pretty sick we know the offset is is off mck but what do you think dude this looks like something

Ricky would drive yeah definitely not Vibe but I can’t believe it looks like like a winter tire set up for the East Coast or something it’s kind of rough right I don’t know so you like it I I love it you like it I I mean it’s a meme but it’s pretty funny

That it actually works I don’t think you’d be able to turn the wheel yeah turn the wheel can we find that she’s clear for days no no not really it actually Works oh oh man clear let’s clear It what is this are you kidding me it doesn’t rub you’re joking can use some spacers but it actually doesn’t doesn’t look bad at all actually that’s awesome dude I’m kind of down for it no I thought it was going to look horrible but it doesn’t look bad at All [Applause] bro this thing is offro ready bro what the heck she a bit dirty bro sick it’s all dirty now D doesn’t look like it rubbed anywhere I really want to not like it on off-road wheels but it’s kind of sick I like it dude I love it I want to

Keep it like this no we have big plans for this SEMA this is definitely not it even though I like it so maybe after SEMA we can change it up I really like we’re just going to throw some spacers on it take it to seea hey guys don’t

Freak out this is just to me we just wanted to have fun with it and we did as you guys can see this thing is going to get a full Liberty Walk which we are going to be the only ones in the states to have it we’re going to be the first

One we are going to be the doing this at SEMA so you guys will get to see it very soon Wheels tires are going to change suspension is going to change exterior is going to change and the interior is going to be different also this is the

Next F Stak bill that you guys can win this beautiful car and on top of that $20,000 in cash you’re not winning it with these wheels on by the way this is not how the car is going to be get away it’s going to be like on the ground slammed

Wide this I don’t it’s going to be that wide it’ll be wi it’s over wide bu what do you mean it’s not going to be wide of course it’s going to be wide it’ll be sick like right here yeah that’s wide but you do on both sides and it’s like

Oh yeah then with the wheels you can be like fair you know we got a little wing coming new hood coming realiz didn’t cover those Holes