Throtl: Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ – Part 5 (New Parts – Headlights & Taillights + Short Shifter)

Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ - Part 5 (New Parts - Headlights & Taillights + Short Shifter)

Posted: 2023-09-02 16:00:11
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

We have a special guest today helping us build our 2022 Subaru BRZ we have tons of parts to install so let’s get in the garage and get it myself but let’s not forget you can win this beautiful car plus 20 000 in cash we are also running

Two x entry from now to Sunday so get your interest in first of all my boy Mr King Gary Gina himself thank you he’s here they brought me back down here to help and uh I’m not gonna be lazy and use the bathroom for two hours that

Never happens right here we have our high rep tail lights and these are the Elite Series let’s not rapping for them Gary this suckers are pretty annoying for this car and check this out this is the smoke Series so they have to clear one of the smoke and these things look

Pretty amazing I I don’t think you can actually see the design or you want to get closer it does look pretty cool and I can’t I can’t wait to see it installed have you even done until last night A6 before no I’ve never touched anything English new before well me either so

We’re gonna find out how this thing works Thank you you already got it out that was pretty simple I was expecting this to be a lot harder that’s what she said and that’s what I was trying to explain it seems like they they they thought about the person that’s gonna own the vehicle that’s going to be

Modifying it to make everything look and be able to be replaced easily Thank you the Moment of Truth ready I wasn’t expecting all that they got a little sequential turn the blinker on hit the brakes again all right some Keepers some Keepers certified I thought since they were gonna be since they’re a tenant I didn’t know they was going to be right

But it’s still bright even though they’re tinted so that’s perfect and look at that that’s smooth hey Ricky come check them out right oh oh wow I like that Banner way better this is really good I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before oh let’s check out the reverse lights oh yeah

Whatever first hair whatever [Applause] oh oh the reverse lights are at the bottom I got so excited man turn them back on that part right there that remind me of RoboCop’s mask when you come in freeze punk you have the remote what does he saying you got the right to shut up

Say that oh I mean you can’t I mean wait so that’s no so I don’t know on the bottom you got to see oh so many times on the day running lights watch it looked like robocops oh that’s cool that’s freaking cool that’s really cool I like that here do y’all insert Clips

At night yeah yeah dude you’re a fan base know who Knight Rider is David Hasselhoff Knight Rider I’ll see you later next up is going to be the headlights which for that we got to remove the front bumper which for that the car’s got to be on the lift so let’s get on

The left they ain’t tell me this much work was needed you gotta go [Applause] [Applause] For our next part in the vehicle it’s gonna be this beautiful headlight thank God that’s right these brand new Alpha Rex headlights are going on this beautiful BRZ and Mr Ricky is going to go over the features to let you know what you can expect to get out of these

Well first of all it’s not live this headlight is the original one they really look pretty sick and this one oh this one’s looks way better this will actually have a sequential turn signal that obviously we use the turn signal to happen and it also has an activation

Feature that happens when you start the vehicle you unlock it which you’ll get to see very very soon these things are plug and play and if you guys are interested on these headlights you guys can also go to the link description below to get yourself one but now let’s

Just put it on and I’ll give you more information on some installment headlights My boy can you put this over there so I don’t nah just kidding Spider-Man in this they say that a hero can save us I’m not though Kobe Bryant damn these Viper chairs are good Thank you You ain’t never foreign Everything is plugged in I even did the DRL harness it is completely installed you can’t even see it because I’m that good stop the cap so we’re gonna throw the bumper pretty good all right go King Gary junior yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir yes sir oh no huh new foreign

That’s what happens when you work at hoonigan you could read you sure about that no comments I’m Puerto Rican I can’t read Rick’s on the ground pickle Rick you know what you’re doing nothing get your ass up we gotta get this car done it’s only got an amount x amount of weeks before it goes to a new home waiting on you bro bolts what you mean what you think boss man I think they

Look sick but do they work who they were do they work do they work like playing the games let’s play a game I’m not going to look at this car we’re going to see if the lights work you guys tell me if the lights work yeah It works I guess we did a good job huh Ricky you know what we did a guy the job the good is good the job is done the jewel did it you did it what look your headlights work of course they work who installed them us Gary yeah everyone saw

It by himself no good job Gary I didn’t do anything I did I just I did stuff again yeah we turn the headlights on I’ll be sure they were just on [Applause] come on dog ready ready get it all right get anything turned on no no whoa fans

That’s sick all right so I was saying like the real ones look good but this is way better already are y’all bill just gets better wait till y’all give away like a Ferrari or like a svj Lamborghini hey the dog that’s not that the budget gets builders for those kids who don’t

Know about y’all yet what’s that thing what I say every entry you buy gets you entered to win this car yeah there you go he knows every dollar you spend on throttle or to get you entered to win this I can’t all right wait let’s show them the startup

Sequence one more time though that was cool they all missed it sit here you ready boom that’s rad boom that’s sick that’s pretty badass the arena was definitely gonna do that wait we didn’t see the high things though oh or the blinkers you look great man I can barely see you though

Raise my statue Mr Gary he uh up next we have our IRP short shifter and this thing here okay let me let me help you you know how to use one of those no I usually just don’t need no stinking knife all right well I do you know hey Hardware oh shoot

I didn’t even know my bad this is short shifter yeah this low-key kind of long that’s what she said but yeah so believe it or not this is going to reduce our throw shift by 60 that’s more than 50. I mean he would know better than me I’m

Assuming it comes like this because of shipping so we are going to put oh this is well packaged right we’re gonna put this thing together real quick and then we’re going to show you what actually looks like when it’s mounted and from here we’re gonna go to inside the car

We’re gonna take it apart from the inside we’re gonna lift the car up we’re gonna take apart from the bottom side it’s talking to me as if I don’t know what to do I I honestly don’t I was gonna say have you ever installed the shifter no never I’ve never even touched

One of these outside oh really yeah we are going to improve the car not keep it OEM that’s what we do we improve it can you improve my Prius your Prius yes did you actually have one I have a Gen 2 Prius how do you like it I love Prius

Really it’s the best car ever shoot we do a Prius in the channel should we do Gary’s previous in the channel all right let’s get to work [Applause] shift is assemble the next part is to go inside the car and take apart the top side of the original shifter out and then from there we’ll get the car up and we’ll start working on the bottom but let me show you shifter’s gonna come out

These uh cover is going to come off these areas going to come out and there’s going to be a bunch of balls that we got to start removing stuff so it’s time to shifter but you know what let’s see how that’s there all right that’s the before

Right there dude he’s past the button it’s like right here yeah right that is very long actually especially my car so we’ll have short shifters or maybe shorts oh I took the ball off and it feels even longer now We’re gonna lift the car up and get the rest of it from the bottom foreign I think you gotta go a little higher I think Gary’s Too Tall Gary can you fit here oh I need 12. bro man how you beat it short this isn’t Fun how tall are you

Six two oh I’m not that I’m not I’m not super tall no that’s pretty tall that’s above average what’s average for a guy I think five ten five nine yeah so I’m short you you’re you’re taller no I want you to Google this what is Google

Hey Siri what’s the average height for a male five ten five yeah just under five ten so five nine yeah five to be exact 5.93 inches oh it’s basically five nine yeah damn how tall are you like five seven don’t feel bad I feel horrible they’re like average height for an Hispanic male

Hey seriously what’s the average height for an Hispanic male five seven I’m average You see these brace here this whole braids yeah whole braids gotta be completely removed from there how which means this transmission needs to be lower this drive shaft needs to be lower and it’ll probably be smart for us if we take this off we got to do all this for

A short shifter yeah thanks work baby you want sixty percent less Foreign Like Subaru like like in the near future this is going to end up on somebody’s E36 so how much power does this transmission hold do you think uh uh like probably like six all right I’m not gonna say well I don’t have the basket Quinn how much power you think these

Transmissions can hold I’m going 400 pound feet before you start having real problems you think you think the KA trans I’m betting it’s about as strong as an S2000 carrier no clutch kicking the out of this thing it’s not power probably yeah anything but you put a spoolie boy on

There and you started using it I bet you could push 600 through this car and drive it nice and be fine okay but if you if you put six in it and you go you’ll drive it like you want to drive it toast we have everything done at the bottom

Well for now now it is time to put our IRP short shifter in I’m gonna be inside the car they’re going to bring me up I’m going to put the uh air shifter down I’m going to bolt it all down and Gary from the bottom is going to feed me the rod

That goes through here actually I just remember you have to put the pins and the wash on the bottom because from the original one you get it from the top because this is going to be sealed oh I can’t access it so I have to give you

The washer and see flipping tool once that’s on gonna bring me back down we’re gonna rinse the car up and we’re gonna start assembling everything from the bottom Oh Coffee’s got me zooming roof washed I don’t think you have the facilities for that big man Thank you Bam you want to see the shift bro sound less way shorter reverse boom this feels really good it feels it’s exactly how I like my shifters I like them notchy and this is like a very very light knot it’s not even like hard I like them like

Really like hard but this is like really short very Crips you can tell when it’s going into gear and there’s no guessing when you go in what gear you’re going to it is very crazy it’s nice you try it get out Michael first of all let me turn

That off before you run through the wall Kind of drift already something like that boy that’s nice let me stop before I break this car damn that is actually moves it’s not all clunky what’s something let’s get to six that’s fifth okay all right that’s super smooth boy and the seat like I put my

Hand out the window I don’t know oh don’t don’t mark it up oh my goodness this is nice this is what y’all be doing hit that little second real quick okay if you think about this thing this is actually not like I I am comfortable

Like like just as far as the seat goes back the granite there’s back seats but like bro I’m not like everything you’re six two yeah you fit in here six two three hundred pounds like everything is right here even if I was like a short little

Oh but it like is where you are is where this where this is positioned so like me it’s perfect this is here this is here look at how big the screen is like this is nice they know what they’re doing good job Subaru or Toyota or got all

These extra buttons what’s this trunk oh what’s this probably got oh what wait have you never drove a BRZ I’ve driven it once but I’ve never sat in it for this long no uh yeah usually we have one at the yard but it’s just like not a BRZ

I’ve only drove on the gr 86 so I can notice already for all the dudes that are like what’s the difference like this has a lot more features like on it on I think on the um the gr this is just this is an aluminum this doesn’t light up oh

Yeah like it’s just like like buttons like right here like bro I can have it hot on this side and it tells me you can have it hot on this side does it have a butt cooler though I don’t know I’ll just see warmers what’s this button oh

Track mode track mode back mode off let’s turn that all right oh track Sean I don’t know it’s got the stuff in the steering wheel too he’s a fan is it like because like when I do this like it doesn’t distract you like I don’t have to look over here and look

Like everything’s here I can see out the back window there’s not what I like is not a gang of blind spots either I’m sorry I was just admiring y’all car I think they’re sick rolling down the road what do you think I want one of these

Can I may I get one of these boss man I got this one pretty cool how’s the shifter it’s it’s smooth it’s smooth I thought it was going to be super clunky and matchy it’s not like I was I could just roll through them and know which

Gear was which I didn’t get like yeah my E36 I have the same IRP shifter it’s like one of my favorite mods that I’ve done but I’ve never driven one with in like a newer modern car but man this thing looks freaking good you gotta try

This out and that’s it just a reminder guys we are running two times entries for the BRZ until Sunday night and then it’s done that’s the last time we’re doing it for the sweepstakes so for every one dollar you spend whether you’re buying car Parks or merchandise like this on or is going to give you two automatic entries to win this thing so don’t miss out this is your final opportunity to take advantage of the two times entries to win this car and a check for twenty thousand dollars so good luck to you guys I cannot wait to

Hand one of you guys the keys [Applause] [Applause] Thank you foreign