Throtl: Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ – Part 4 (BIG BRAKE Kit + Cusco Suspension Overhaul!)

Posted: 2023-08-30 16:00:34
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 2022’s 300 designs BRZ and we’re going to give it a complete suspension overhaul today that’s right we’ve got a bunch of amazing suspension bits inside on the table now let’s get inside and start installing double wrenches are live now to win this BRZ plus twenty thousand dollars cash every

Dollar you spend on now through Sunday will earn you two times entries so don’t wait lock those double entries in today up front here we have a Wilwood big brake kit for this car we did go ahead and go with a sweet six piston front and a larger rotor as you

Guys can see here two piece floating and these will be radial Mount calipers uh and we’re also going to be upgrading to the Wilwood brake pads as well and moving more towards the back got a bunch of parts from our friends over at Cusco we’ve got a rear upper strut Tower bar

And don’t worry guys the center is actually polished this isn’t blue that’s just a protective film to keep all the fingerprints off it while you’re installing and we’ve also got one for the front as well again this is polished these are blue uh and on this side here

Here we actually have a brake master cylinder stopper so this is going to keep our firewall from flexing when we jam on the brakes and it’s going to provide a better pedal feel for these Wilwood brakes up front moving on to the rear suspension actual suspension parts

We’ve got some rear upper control arms these are fully adjustable and we also have the rear arms as well fully adjustable and we’re pairing them with the Cusco sway bar mounts as well these are really trick pieces we’re going to be pairing the rear suspension arms and

Everything with a really nice set of Cusco sway bars here we’ve got a nice beefy rear sway bar comes with new urethane bushings and we also have a front bar that’s going to make this thing a lot more predictable in turns and really be a fun Canyon Carver All right so it’s time to get the front brakes on all right you guys want to check out the difference so these are 13 inch roller these are 11 11 inch rollers is a two inch different that’s it this thing’s already like on the on top of the caliper and this is a

Two-person caliper versus a six piston caliper it’s gonna look sick so the red with the black baby Thank you Okay so I have the caliper Mount and the rotor in place right and I have no shame it’s nothing whatsoever now placing attempted to place the caliper in as you can see it is binding it is touching the caliper so one thing we can do we can push the

Rotor this way by adding shims behind it or we can push the caliper this way by adding shims behind the mount itself so in this case the the calipers one needs to be pushed forward so I’m going to take uh this out take the mount off add

A couple of chimps in between the a hub and the mount and then that’s going to push our caliper forward our goal is make sure we have equal spacing in between the front of the rotor and the rear of the road it needs to be perfectly even they provided all these chimps

To move the caliper forward and then these shims are to raise the caliper to the perfect center point so that’s pretty much what I’m going to be doing foreign 0.66 .71 so bigger area here than here so we have to move this this way so remember that big black shim that I put in there we’re going to start adding small ones like this well I want to top one at the bottom and then we’ll remeasure it thank you

Okay so I have perfect spacing from the front side of the road on the rear side of the road all right so next step is going to be putting the pads in and then see where it lines up against the rotor so you want the pad to be perfectly

Aligned with the very end of the rotor right there if it’s too low or too high then we need to make adjustments so let’s do that next Foreign Exactly where you want the pads to be at so there is no shimming the caliper itself that actually landed there perfectly now you guys notice I haven’t put any grease any locks out of anything which is what I’m going to do next everything’s going to come back apart

And it’s going to be assembled for the last time Well Ricky’s working on our Wilwood brake system up front I’m going to get the rear wheels off and start working on our Kisco parts all right Foreign ‘s coming out all right thanks for letting me know let’s take these over put them next to our Cusco parts that we’re replacing them with here’s a stock part laid out next to the Cusco lower control arms if you line up these bolt holes right there and right

There this arm is quite a bit longer than the Cusco arm we can actually make adjustments to the camber the lower lower control arm length which is going to push the bottoms of the tires out for now we’re going to set it up to factory length that way we know the alignments within

Spec and then once we get the car back on the ground we can reach under and make the adjustments we need so I’m going to just use a long extension this is a 3 8 extension slip it through here and that’s going to ensure that where

Pull holes are lined up then I can take a shorter one right through here and then look so this arm would have been just a wee bit shorter so now I can actually give this another spin see how we’re looking still too short so now we

Need to go out keep that one stationary and we’ll make the adjustment here Foreign So since this wheel of fitment is really aggressive on this car it is very very very close to the fender and we want to add a little bit of negative camber we’re not talking 12 degrees of negative camera we’re talking two to four degrees of negative camber somewhere in that

Realm which is totally doable and I know these arms can handle that for us so now remember with an adjustable upper and lower you can make this one longer and this one’s shorter that’s in turn are going to make your wheel do this or this

And we can do the opposite we can add positive camber that’s what’s nice about doing arms like this because you have full adjustability with your Kimber this is going to give us the ability to kind of set the carb exactly how we want it foreign Because it’s not just gonna have it it’s going to be a huge gap so it’ll sit right there this will go here and then this will bolt on to the couscous sway bar and it will have one complete set so I’m gonna get this side down while make

This working on the other side and then once we’re done with high five will be completely done with the rear end [Applause] German tight huh we’ve got the zero muscles got it baby we’re good on those BMWs foreign That’s one way to do it did you get that Anthony oh yeah All right well a lot of you guys have made comments in previous videos when we do upper and lower control arms to put the arm in the location where it’s going to be in the center of his travel before we tighten bolts we do do that a lot of

Times it’s not shown on camera I’m showing you guys now this is basically in the middle of this arm’s travel so this thing still moves quite freely but want to make sure it’s about in the middle we’ll push the assembly up onto it and we’ll tighten that bolt up that

Way we have full range of motion and no binding on any of our bushings All right it is time for us to replace the front sway bar which is the rear one here we have it so I believe we use the stock earnings and then this is the aftermarket sway bar and now I believe it goes like this dumbass get the old one out all right

Now they’re gonna flip this up just gotta remove that bolt do the same bolt on the other side this cap should be able to come off and it will slide the sway bar out okay there you go yeah and she’s blue you’re good but it’s not how we took it out it is

Does it go which way does it go I feel like we’re uh backwards a lot the thing I tell you to make sure that you put it in the same way we took it out the right end is that it I don’t know I told you

Can you go back in the footage I think it’s backwards see how it comes down yeah it’s not it is backwards okay I’m gonna get it out now that’s stuck hey relax you relax one job going one push it’s like a BMW emblem they are pretty only Germans uh German uh the enemies

Are pretty long in the front yeah usually the Asian ones are super short Thank you so we have front and rear couscous drop bars I got the front ones right here with me and this one it’s pretty cool because it also includes a master cylinder brake stopper so whenever you step on the brakes the cylinder actually moves just a tiny bit what this dot is

Stops it in place that way you get full pressure right on your brakes and your lines so this is very simple installation Thank you well Ricky’s up front knocking out the front Cusco bar with the brake master cylinder brace I’m going to do the rear I’ve already got the interior pulled out the all the foam and the carpet cover I’ve got this carpet cover pulled back they made it really convenient to

Actually get to these Hardwares so they’re right there we just got four to remove I also like the design they did on these Interiors they actually can fold back without destroying them older cars that you fold them back like that they just get destroyed they thought of it all Thank you Like a lot of times you’d have to cut the rear carpeting around the bar but they actually made the brakes that goes underneath the carpet so you just slide the carpet back in there holds it in place and then these Foams actually look at actually fit back in underneath the

Bar no problem another thing we may have to make a notch in is the floor carpet but we’ll see you here in a second once I get all the clips back in the other figure that out foreign Bam Oh got everything trimmed out nice floor fits in here good the kick off the protective too Look at this camper now though that’s a lot anymore we just put the car on the ground for the first time with the wheels and tires on we have it on our ramp so we let it down and man does this thing have a lot of negative rear camber

So we’ve got a gap about this big now where before it was almost touching the fender I’m gonna pull the wheels off make the adjustment to the upper control arm pushing the top out and we should be good Thank you Check this out Motu Racing brake fluid 600 which is why we’re using all of our cars personal cars shop cars race cars doesn’t matter what it is what we use I’m gonna top this off Antoine is going to be inside it’s going to be pumping we’re going to break the front brake

From here we’re going to do burnouts yeah let’s go no I’m kidding we can’t we can’t we can’t do that thank you oh bro I can’t see now thanks a lot like uh You’re Reading Rainbow when he was on Star Trek yeah I hit the visor thing on we ordered

Some some mirrors from New Zealand and the guy sent me a chocolate bar in the Box apparently it got really hot creamy milk sounds delicious Whitakers yeah we’re gonna give it a try see if I can get it out of the wrapper shout out to

Arrow 23. the owner of Arrow 23 he makes Arrow mirrors he told me he messaged me and said he grew up watching our channel that that hit me kind of hard how old is he 17 well that’s the thing imagine if you’re 12 and you started watching

Throttle when you were 12 you’d be 18 now six years so somebody could grow seven seven someone could have grown up watching our channel that to me that like that hit me kind of that would be 19. yeah how’s the middle I mean it got melted so I’m sure

It was affected a little bit but I love chocolate I lost your chocolate I can see that when I tell you to pump she’ll start pumping so I tell you to stop the what what he said which was the brake pedal dude this is your son he has three stick shift cars

I should start pumping dog are you pumping oh she’s coming yeah look at that I’m making a mess All right we’ve got the BRZ all buttoned up we’ve got the suspension tightened down and made some adjustments Ricky just jumped in it started up the MagnaFlow exhaust sounds amazing we’re gonna take it for a test drive and make sure we don’t have any rubbing issues make sure we don’t have any clunks

Noises that we don’t want test drive baby so far so good it would have rubbed already no yeah before really what was that is that really right I think I just heard a rub let’s see she’s rubbing they don’t even go I told her that’s rubbing all right we got to

Make some more adjustments all right Ricky here we go this is the first test drive after all the arms being installed the brakes sway bars all the strut bars so far no rubbing uh surprisingly still straight there’s no alignment needed very nice it’s a bit stiffer because

This is my first time driving with the SD coilovers it feels amazing bouncing I got colors on my cars and they’re they’re a lot faster than it this feels very OEM it’s just a bit The Recoil on it is very firm but it’s not bouncy at all

We should test the brakes now before I get close to the car oh dude that’s sick we’re into real testing right now Hey break That feels great there’s no vibrating there’s no shaking at all and it’s very small it doesn’t feel like a track car you know what I mean it feels like a very streetable nice uh fast car dude like sometimes track car they can it is so stiff so raw so open that it’s just

It’s not fun to drive especially if you try to drive your race car in the street right this thing has the power and the ability to work just like a track car with all the comfort of an oem car yeah it feels good as far as Mega responsive in the front

What would brakes are just such a good upgrade on like literally every car we put them on they’re so sharp their bite is insane the car just stops it feels so good every single car we put the Woodward brakes on it makes a massive difference the S2000 insane yes 2000 was

Insane and this is very very similar to that it’s just a medium engagement so good overall I like it the feel of the car it’s stiffer it brakes are bite a lot better it feels better but it feels very similar to how it was stock these modifications really just kind of bring

Forward what the car already had in it it didn’t really change how the car felt but it did because it feels way better if that makes sense but it still feels like the same car the exhaust mode definitely helps a lot this thing’s turning out really nice

I just I just got back from a trip Street Hunter Hood yes I like this and then we got the side skirts from us oh okay okay so that’s good that looks really good and then I know there was something on the interior yeah look on the carbon the doors

This right here like the car this I was so impressed of how this fit we added this in this if I won this car I would drive it every day oh but do you see the knobs the AC knobs oh I missed those oh dang dude oh you even got this in the

Car so you know it’s official it’s official it’s not a knockoff but this is it for the video we need a lot you guys killed it we did a lot I was only going for 24 hours yeah it did a lot uh so that’s it for this video I’ll see you

Guys in the next one don’t forget to comment and subscribe right now we are running 2x entry so every time you spend you get double the entry to win this beautiful car we’re not even done we got a lot more parts for it so stay tuned

And get your interest in I’ll see you guys in the next video peace foreign foreign