Throtl: Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ – Part 3 (New Exhaust + MORE Carbon Fiber & Titanium Parts!)

Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ - Part 3 (New Exhaust + MORE Carbon Fiber & Titanium Parts!)

Posted: 2023-08-28 16:00:25
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is our 2022 Street Hunter designs BRZ today we have a ton of Parts install including a MagnaFlow exhaust system an anti-gravity battery a bunch of carbon goodies and a ton more so let’s get to installing parts We got the BRZ on the left Mark’s going to start by fixing the oil pan these cars have had a few issues in the past inherently on this generation with this engine where they over RTV the oil pan and what that happens is RTV falls off

And then gets into the awesome but then blows your engine which is not good so we’re going to actually take the lower pan off fix it put it back on and reinstall it so that’s gonna be the first Victory so whoever wins this car is not gonna have to worry about their

Engine locking up because of factory RTV so we’re gonna go ahead and fix that also we’re doing 2x entries they’re live right now for this car if you guys want to get ended to win this BRZ shop on every dollar you spend is going to get you two entries to win plus

Running around in cash so let’s get this all penned off get it cleaned up get it back on here’s our oil pan this is what we’re going to be taking off that’s the bottom side this is the bottom side of the oil pan unfortunately we have to take the

Headers off or the exhaust manifold off to get to that so let’s get it off we need to unplug the oxygen sensors and we’re going to try and do that from the top So there’s our oil pan there’s our problem we’re going to drain the oil out of it and get this thing off Oh so we haven’t had any RTV break off in here but if you look in here you can see this big line of RTV now what happens is this will break off and then it will get sucked up into the oil pump pickup which is this guy right here and then it clogs

It all up and then you starve your engine of oil so luckily we haven’t had any come off but either the bead is too thick from Factory or it’s removed too inboard we should not have this much like this is not sealing the pan this is

All just hanging out here and if this breaks off and you blow your engine up not good what do we found that’s what I found so on Pawn initial inspection I didn’t think that we were going to have anything in the pickup it’s going to be

Hard to get a shot up in there but if you look you’re gonna have to come in some more straight out you see it you see the gray oh I do see that gray stuff in there not good so we caught it we caught it yeah so that obviously wasn’t causing an

Issue because we had no problems running and driving this car but if like another one went in there and clogged it even more then we start having oil pressure issues so that should not be there that should not be there at all so that’s it’s not good that’s why we’re fixing

This so we’re gonna fish that piece out I don’t think there’s any other pieces aside from that one looks like a big one let’s get a pig let’s get out right now oh there it is where’d it go you can’t see it dang is that all of it

It looks like it looks like a big chunk I cannot believe this well we caught it that’s good like this is my hand how big of a chunk was in there yeah no this is not good We’ve got all the old RTV off everything is cleaned up we’re ready to put some new much smaller much less amount RTV on so that doesn’t happen again let’s go We’ve got the oil pan with the new RTV on we’ve snugged the bolts it’s not tight we’re gonna let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes while we’re waiting for this to kind of cure a little bit because the RTV gets tacky we’re going to start our MagnaFlow exhaust

We have our MagnaFlow exhaust system this is it this is a Neo series got some really cool features we got a resonator with an anti-drone tube perfect for a street car it’s all v-banded we got a whole bunch of v-bands everywhere which is awesome it’s gonna make installing

This thing a breeze so you ready v-band makes everything so much better especially for installation so to be able to clock everything very well just at all don’t forget guys if you guys want one of these success for your car go to and get yourself one

Now let’s get this on the car [Applause] thank you oh [Applause] my God we got the first piece of our exhaust on and we’ve been about 20 minutes since we put the oil pan on so time to tighten it down torque it all pan is finished we’re gonna wait a full day before it’s a cure before I put

Oil in for now we’re going to finish our MagnaFlow exhaust system install and then we’re gonna put the exhaust manifold back on the exhaust will be complete a MagnaFlow exhaust system is Loosely installed nothing is tight yet because we don’t have an exhaustion manifold on the engine right yet so we’re going to

Put that back on and then tighten everything from the cylinder heads all the way back because that’s how you do it otherwise if you tighten here first and then work your way back everything gets all wonky and weird the tip alignment is actually like perfect right

Where it is we’re just hoping it stays like that as we tighten everything forward so if it’s not we’ll get it now then Thank you foreign exhaust system is fully installed unfortunately you guys have to wait till later in this episode to hear this thing fair for the first time because we’re waiting for our TV to cure on our oil pan so let’s move on to the next thing To me next up we’ve got an anti-gravity battery going in the BRZ this is a Monumental upgrade over the factory battery the lead acid batteries number one they’re super heavy this thing is significantly lighter if you guys have never held an anti-gravity battery it is ridiculous how light it are it doesn’t

Feel like a real battery it also has a much longer service life than a lead acid battery does and it will not die like a lead acid battery does when they start to go they only last a few years this thing has a much longer service

Life than a lead acid would be it reduces weight of the car it also has a built-in restart feature which is really cool if you leave the battery on or a door open or something and the car dies you can actually literally press this button it will light up red and then

It’s pretty much ready to self-start itself so you don’t have to run out you don’t have to grab a jump pack or grab jumper cables it even comes with little key fobs you can remote activate it which is really cool these batteries are also much more economical for the

Environment doesn’t have any heavy metals in it like lead cadmium Mercury any of that stuff it’s a lithium ion battery it’s really light and it works really well so let’s get this old junk let out the battery out with this much lighter much more Superior anti-gravity battery Ricky’s got our factory battery out first of all what is this these are little ultra light service ports what is this the 1920s this thing is super heavy and the anti-gravity battery is super light so Ricky what do you think the stock battery weighs and what do you

Think the anti-gravity battery works oh 25 pounds 25 pounds check the other one though hold on 32 pounds what’s your guys on that one 12 pounds we got a scale we’re gonna throw both of these on let’s see where we’re at oh it’s close 34 pounds oh really all right okay 34.

13.4 wow man I’m pretty good really good that’s awesome get this thing in the car [Applause] Thank you anti-gravity batteries installed it looks beautiful now we’re gonna move on to our titanium stuff by JD Customs we have a grow cap we have valve stem caps we have a dipstick we have for the brake fluid the clutch fluid the washer bottle and the coolant this is going to get rid

Of all this dumb stock yellow all ladder through the engine bay yellow doesn’t go with anything on this car titanium will so let’s get these things installed I’m trying to give me some of this stuff it’s so nice it’s insane these are all nice these are all custom engraves

Get a close-up on that I don’t know these guys do such a great job everything it’s really hard to see through the bags once we open them you guys will see it but it’s such good engraving these things are Thank you [Applause] That looks good that’s it Quinn what’s next did we finish everything no we have valve stem caps to do no it’s gonna take us forever it is our JD Customs titanium components are installed now it’s time to move on so it’s the next day our oil pen has been

Curing for an entire night so we’re gonna go ahead through a new Canon oil filter on and we have some other Canon goodies we have an air filter we also have a cabin air filter so we’re going to throw this on throw a new filter on

Get oil in this thing fire it up make sure it doesn’t leak and then we’ll get it off the rack do the rest of the work let’s go foreign BRZ we’re gonna start it for the first time make sure the oil pan is not leaking and also we’re going to hear our

MagnaFlow exhaust system for the first time let’s go Oh It’s running for a few minutes now we don’t have any leaks so we’re in good shape we’re gonna go ahead and put this under tray on get this off the rack and keep going Cars off the lift next step is the interior carbon parts and we’re going to start with something not on the interior which is a little cap for this little dust of this car who does it is look at it made the car beautiful and left the roof on touch menu Fits perfect baby costumes being like like legit like really good quality and everything’s been fitting perfectly we’re not done yet though let’s see what else we got thank you carbon is done baby look at that that looks really completely transformed the door and they fit so well like I’ve

Never seen interior pieces it gets perfect I like how it clearly yeah when you put it you hear a snap like click you’re like yes it looks so good dude it doesn’t stick out either look that’s what I’m saying it it’s perfect yeah it’s really really nice really nice

Really well done you have one last piece for our interior and that is a k n serviceable cabin air filter so the cabin air filter is tucked up under the dash and it’s responsible for getting all the particles and junk out of the AC and heater system this cabin filter is

The reason you turn on your AC and you don’t have bees and leaves coming through your dashboard so there’s a stock paper one in there now we’re gonna replace it with a serviceable one from Canon let’s go all right Kevin air filter is installed and we

Were going to be done with this video here at this point but we got some stuff that showed up recently while we were actually working on the car that I think we’re gonna install in this video for you guys we weren’t going to do it originally here’s one of the pieces it

Is a street Hunter carbon fiber hood this thing is awesome the stock one is just it’s just a hood it’s not this we got some vented carbon fiber here a weave is really nice so we also have some side skirts which we’re gonna be throwing on next but for now let’s get

This head on oh we got him because it’s a prank no what’s up maybe we got the man here himself boys spicy spicy it’s cool I like that it’s just like a Sleek the stock body calories are my favorites on this part did you see the little carbon bits the

Shark fins or the Interiors oh I haven’t seen that before look how good they’re fit too oh wow oh yeah Come on dog hurry up easy Jesus Christ see that’s why I needed you for oh look at him so TJ explain me the vents because I really like them explain them yeah like will they dissipate heat came from like that style it looks like like shark fans it wasn’t really too

Much of move it this way there’s a lot of BRZ hoods out there and gem1 hoods and I a lot of people will do some sort of dual vented system but they put them up towards the middle and it takes up just like a huge chunk of the engine bay

Which personally I was never really a big fan of that I like to have a little bit more spaced out it’s just not as aggressive it’s more kind of clean and follows but I feel if I did like more of an oem aggressive styling which a lot of

The pieces they’re like like the lip like it’s the lips there but it’s like this super aggressive like canarded out I don’t know it doesn’t need that much it just needs like you want a treatable cleaner looks than what you usually see more of a clean look and uh I don’t know

I just think the hood itself is already pretty it’s already really pretty and already has a good like body line through like the going over the front struts so when we did The Styling on it we wanted something that was aggressive and also had like the venting that you

Know beers would need but we like to have them a little bit lower and farther apart rather than just having like two huge advancing up the middle this to me this is just cleaner we didn’t think we have done no adjustment whatsoever I don’t I don’t

Think there is any adjustment you can do because like the latches were so tight on the hood is literally like off it’s the molds are exactly the same off of a stock what it was stock is pretty much well it should be good a little bit it

Shows have a really good looking hood and it looks amazing it fits great man I really like it it’s clean I love it I love this so it’s like my favorite thing on this car is the hood Hood is installed looks mad excellent fitment now we’re gonna move on to the side screws let’s go We have our skirts laid out here we’re actually gonna put the car back on the rack it’s going to make it a little bit easier now that we know how these are going to get mounted up we know that we can lift the car up without interfering

With where the side skirt is going to mount so we’re gonna get this thing back up on the rack get these things on thank you Foreign Skirts are installed we’re gonna get the car off the lift on the ground check it out let’s get it done Oh it looks so much better on the ground Yes dear friends bro well how much aggressive it looks now skirt here was actually one of my favorite Touches at SEMA when we first saw this whole street Hunter kit together such a nice piece love it looks

So good we’re gonna hit you with a little cinematic Thank you that’s gonna be it for today’s video guys we got the major problem with these cars fixed which is the oil pan you guys saw we saw junk in the pickup which is not good so that’s cleared up this car is going to run healthy for a long time

We also got our MagnaFlow exhaust system installed car sounds way better than Factory we also got Carbon on the outside by Street Hunter designs we got the hood and the side skirts we got titanium bits in the engine made by JD customs and we got Rec Speed Carbon in

The interior don’t forget guys we’re running double entries to win this exact Car Plus twenty thousand dollars in cash every dollar you spend on is going to get you two entries to win this thing so get entered thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you guys

In the next episode Peace Thank you