Throtl: Building A 2022 Subaru BRZ – Part 2 (StreetHunter Designs Carbon Fiber Parts Haul!)

Posted: 2023-07-22 16:00:25
Author: throtl
Upgrading our BRZ with some must haves! We reached out to our friend at StreetHunter Designs for a ton of carbon fiber upgrades and install them today. The BRZ looks amazing with these parts installed, what do you want to see us do to it next? Let us know!

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Throtl Video Transcript

These are 2022 Subaru BRC we’ve tossed a set of rotiform wheels and AC suspension coilover spread inside we have a bunch of copper fiber parts waiting for us to install so let’s get to it in front of me I have a bunch of 300 design camera pieces which I might have been selling

Today and don’t forget 2x entries are live right now on to win this beautiful BRC plus 20 000 in cash so let’s get to it All right so for starters we have our street hunter from bumper carbon fiber lip and this thing looks amazing I put it against the front bumper and it literally clipped in perfectly so I know the mold is an extremely well made and it shouldn’t be too hard to put together

I am going to remove the front bumper because it’s going to make everything a lot easier to get it done next carbon fiber piece is going to be our Fender vent extension and if it’s just like so look at that fitment the 300 kit is a very well made kit and looks amazing

Can’t wait to start putting all these pieces on oh look at this one these are side skirt extension and I love this because if you notice on the BRC everything caves in and then the side screw comes out and what this does look at this yeah it makes it looks way more

Aggressive it looks freaking sick I like this little three lines right here because when you see the other piece that goes behind it it’s going to mash it right up but this goes right here a side Square extension everything in carbon fiber and everything is going to be matching and looking extremely well

Check this one out this is our rear bumper cap everything fits so well see that looks so cool you start putting all these things together the car is going to look amazing and last but not least we have our rear trunk spoiler look at this fitment beautiful I love the

Duckbill look on it look at that and you still keep your functioning dirt light it goes right around it and this thing is going to transform this car really really good all right Next Step we are going to be getting all of our carbon fiber pieces prep and we’re going to

Start putting 3M tape on it so we can start assembling Thank you What do you think Quinn the wing looks sick this has a very bubbly body but it’s not and so this fits right really well I think it’s bigger than I thought it was going to be I have always loved duck wheels on cars like almost all the

Cars I don’t own a car with a black bill but I so wanna sell that kind the modern cars are kind of the duckbills are kind of weird like they’re all like I have a deck Bill one of my e36s and it’s like a square yeah this one fits very well

There’s a few it’s great it goes on newer cars that are not super a big fan of because they like get really really pointy yeah this one looks really nice I like it I like how it goes up I I freaking love it it’s crazy baby you

Cannot do it especially the beam black black on carbon is like the best combo ever this is going to be six if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the throttle YouTube channel and turn on the Bell notifications so you don’t miss a thing One down let’s do the other side all right so it is time for us to install the side skirt extension this is the passenger side I’m going to start with this one next and then we’ll do the driver side Thank you all right so what have we done so far trunk lid rear bumper calf side skirt extension all right so we have from pretty much the whole rear end of the car it’s pretty much done as you can see so you just picture here look at that

Looks so good now it’s time to do the front which is the fender vent extensions and the front lip one at a time baby let’s do the fender ones Foreign Moving the front bumper so I can get inside properly Foreign Barbers removed here we have the front lip and this will be my first time you putting it all together holy crap dude fits really nice all right TJ all right dog look I literally just pushed the bumper forward that’s how it’s supposed to yeah all right buddy all right I’m the drama baby Oh foreign Store we have the fender vent extension cycle extension the rear bumper cap and the rear spoiler now check them out Thank you So it’s been a few days and everyone is really enjoying our new BRZ but I’m actually in a different BRZ right now gives you a little hint and we decided to bring in TJ Hunt’s wide body Street Hunter BRZ this car was debuted at SEMA this past year and it looked really

Really awesome Under The Lights inside of SEMA Central Hall but I think it’s a cool comparison to see the narrow body versus the wide body the other thing to note with the street Hunter kit is it actually comes with a full front bumper replacement so really just trying to see

How different this kit is is this some content that you guys would like to see us do to have our take on doing the wide body kit also notice it’s got this massive carbon fiber swan neck Wing which you would or you don’t have to use that I think it looks pretty aggressive

With having Double Wing but part of me thinks that just the wide body without the wing would look really clean as well so one thing I really like about this 300 kit is that in the rear it really looks like they followed the body lines like Factory but just made it

Substantially wider so you can run a way wider Tire now I don’t know what the wheel width is here for these hres but I do know that he’s running at 3 15 30 18 in the back compared to an R narrow body BRZ we’re running a 235 35 18. so now

Neither of these cars have any Force induction they’re not really making enough power to Warrant the knee for a 315 but man does it look the business from the back end you can see just a ton more meat compared to this 235 here I do think a 235 probably a little bit

Lacking something maybe like a 255 or a 275 would probably be better just from a handling perspective but so far the looks on this car looks awesome and I will say that the rear end is so much more aggressive with the street Hunter wide body kit that I think that it would

Be a really cool addition to the car the other thing I do like is that the gas cap is flush mounted so a lot of times on wide body kits you’ll notice that the gas caps get pushed in they have some type of mounting solution here to push

That out so it’s flush so when compared to the factory you see how this is flush with the body panels the same way on the street Hunter kit so on the front one thing that’s really cool they kind of did the z-tune style front fender where

They have this small little vent so this is I think a nod to r34s which is a really cool design element and like I said before in the back it really took that body line that was there and kind of just stretched it and made it a little bit more initiated which looks

Really cool so that moves into the fender vent design which also I really really love on the narrow body you have this cap from Street Hunter it goes over that it accentuates an actual rear vents you can see through there hopefully you can see through there you can see the

Back of the tire just to get some of that air out of the fender Wells but on the wide body kit you can totally see see my fingers through there you really have a solid vent there and I actually think even without this carbon overlay

It would look kind of cool just to have that naked just so you could see that kind of cutaway of the front fender in the front with the wide body front fender TJ is running a 245 40 18 compared to our front which is a 235 35

18 square and we are really pushing it when it comes to fitment I don’t think you’d really be able to go any wider with an 18 nine and a half on this car in the front having that wide body kit gives you a little bit more flexibility

A little bit more options on the tire size and I think just overall just makes the car look so much more aggressive saving the best for last I think the front end of this wide body kit just this kit in general is my absolute favorite so I really like the selective

Painting on the vented Hood SOS Customs did a really nice job on this and we typically do a very similar style when we add vented hoods to cars as well where you have the whole thing color matched with the exception of the vents I think it just makes the vents stand

Out and it’s really cool because you’re allowing a lot of that excess heat to just get out and be extracted from underneath the engine bay moving on to the front bumper which is my favorite part of this entire kit I mean look at the difference when comparing them side

By side this looks pretty much Factory with the addition of the lip kit but this just totally transformed the front end of the car and the other thing that I think is really cool is that there is no batch for vision so I think that also is a really cool design element that

Just if you saw this on the road at first glance you may not notice this is an actual BRZ or a gr86 obviously with the factory one you totally can tell this is just a normal run-of-the-mill BRZ this just almost has that exotic Vibes to it coupled with these canards

In the front lip it just looks really cool and it’s not something you see every day so I want to ask you guys is this something that you think we should do to our narrow body I really like that Sleek look this car looks awesome the

Way it is now but I do think that if we did do the wide body kit from screen hunter that would kind of take it to that next level and I do think that if we did do it we would not use the big swan neck I kind of like that clean

Duckbill style but let me know in the comment section what you guys think looky who I just found where have you been oh just traveling the world and all over the place oh I’ve seen you on this dream trip yeah East Coast flew out to the UK to attend F1 Silverstone and

Goodwood Festival of speed which are bucket list events if you ever had a chance to go to either of those do it because it’s awesome the boys and I have been a little busy yeah I see that so while I was gone a car materialized I’m

Not gonna lie I knew about the car beforehand but I didn’t expect to come back to it basically done so not really done I mean it looks way different than it did awesome and it’s not stock so pretty done it’s getting yeah we have some more things I’ll probably sleep for

It but we brought TJ’s Car in today and I know you’ve probably done what 20 30 wide bodies at this point maybe probably more and I wanted to get your opinion because obviously we’ve seen this car many times but now we actually have one I really like the narrow body I think

The lip kit is like subtle it looks so much more aggressive than stock right now but this is kind of Next Level and I wanted to get your opinion on it oh I love the kit I’ve loved it since we saw the first concepts of it we saw it at

SEMA in person looks awesome my favorite part of this whole kit is the front bumper and the side skirt vent in the back the Hood’s actually one of my favorite parts of that in the front bumper so I really love the nose so being a Nissan Guy this is a very

Reminiscent of an R34 part and I think that’s kind of where he got inspiration from which is really cool in the back I love it all in all very fluid kit very aggressive styling if you’re gonna circuit the car this is definitely the way to go I’m pretty sure TJ said you

Could kind of like stand on this thing they did a bunch of bracing underneath and stuff so massive rear wing and then around the back the stock rear bumper stock diffuser so it kind of settles down towards the back but these are really cool these inlets oh yeah I

Didn’t even see that actually so you don’t get that on the stock bumper oh yeah that’s right so basically they use this body line here and kind of add this detail in which is pretty cool and it’s active like you know what this is just

Stuck on or is that bolted on from the inside it’s actually bolted on so that’s one of the cool things about this kit is I’m partial to the bolted look I know a lot of our audience hates the bolts um I actually like it looks purposeful looks

Very 80s and 90s race car style so I enjoy that but TJ went to the effort of actually doing hidden Hardware it’s really nice very smooth it really accentuates the stock Body Lines really well without the hardware which is distracting to some so all in all I

Think this kit is really cool it flows really well it is very neat and stylish very modern however for our car I think it should say stock body I really like it the way it is I think the kit that we put on it now is really fitting my only

Thing is if we could get this front bumper for narrow body that would be a home run slam dunk for me the front bumper the front bumper is what makes the this kit for me I love it they made a narrow body version of this bumper and

Hint TJ I think it would sell a ton and it would allow you to run a narrow body car which these look great as narrow bodies but have that really nice aggressive front fascia with the canars and all that so I think for our car we

Stay narrow body and we Max it out and just do a lot of cool stuff what do you guys think what should we do should we stay narrow body should we go wide body there are other wide bodies as well that we could potentially do but we want to

Hear from you guys in the comment section below we need to have this Hood yes the hood is sick too we need to find one of these yeah do we know someone that makes these I don’t know maybe maybe I think so overall the feedback has been super positive from the BRZ and

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for sticking with us this I think is our 23rd or maybe 24th sweepstakes that we’ve done with throttle and each one every time we do it I think they are getting better and better so I just want

To thank you guys so much for watching we appreciate you guys for sticking with us all the way to the end of these videos If you want to get your chance to win that BRZ plus twenty thousand dollars it’s the black one not the blue one head on over to every

Just that you make whether you’re buying car parts or merchandise for every one dollar you spend you’re going to get two entries for a very limited time so once again thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you guys in the next one peace foreign