Throtl: Building a 2020 Honda Civic Type R In 18 Minutes! (TRANSFORMATION)

Building a 2020 Honda Civic Type R In 18 Minutes! (TRANSFORMATION)

Posted: 2023-07-07 16:00:44
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

We bought a 2020 Honda Civic Type R and turned it into the ultimate daily driver everything from full suspension to the entire save on carbon fiber catalog we even upgraded the cooling system’s annualing systems on this car to be able to have this thing be solid on the track

Now let’s take a trip back to this amazing Civic Type R build roll the clip we’re on the street Evan just went and picked up a new car thank you now before we get into building our Civic Type R I want to talk to you guys about our friends over at Auto Tempest

You guys know we love Auto Tempest whether we’re looking for a personal car a new project car for the channel or a thrilling sweepstakes Car Auto Tempest is our Automotive Source Auto Tempest scours the vast expanse of the internet Gathering both new and used car listings from powerhouses like carvana truecars and so many more it’s like having a magic portal into the automotive Universe all in one place Auto Tempest grants you the power to fine-tune your search to Perfection you can narrow down your options by year color trim and a myriad of other factors it’s like having a personalized

Automotive Genie At Your Service granting every car related wish another great thing about Auto Tempest is they just launched their app whether it’s on Apple or Android head over to the App Store search Auto Tempest Dash car search download the app open it up and it makes it super easy and convenient to

Find your next car or your next project build so I’d like to give a huge round of applause to Auto Tempest without them we would not have found this Civic Type R and would not have been able to make awesome content with it for you guys so

Trust us boys here at throttle the car of your dream awaits and auto is the key that unlocks the door to True Automotive ecstasy now let’s get into building this Civic Type R foreign so we’ve got our exhaust system this is from mbrp Thank you hey are you okay It sounds elegant it does sound very smooth it’s not like crazy it sounds like it should sound like this from the factories which is really good good morning this chassis bracing here gets me excited because I know we’ve done this on the Evo 10 we did a bunch of chassis

Bracing on the Mustang we’re gonna be pairing a lot of Cusco braces here we’ve got chassis braces we’ve got sway bars we’ve got upper strut brace and then we’ve got our V3 KW coilover chair that we use on a lot of the builds we’ve got our TSW Wheels here these are so light

For a cast wheel I’m actually really shocked at how how light they actually are and I think they’re going to look fantastic on the car and we’re going to pair it with the rt660s from Falcon Tire which as you guys know this is kind of our recipe for suspension and we do it

Because it works So we have height sensors right here one on each front so I’m actually going to unbolt these before we start trying and moving stuff to get the strut out so we don’t damage them because that would not be fun to order those Well we have both of our front starts out I’m going to use this as an opportunity to install our beautiful new Cusco front strut bar Stock Honda low stamped steel boy big Cusco boy yeah that’s what I’m talking about No no no no no All of our suspension components are on the car it’s time to put our new TSW Wheels and Falcon tires on the car Get It On The Ground see where the ride height is and start making adjustments to get this thing dialed in Now it’s time for some power adders I’m going to start by taking the factory air box off kind of get this up out of the way and then we can go to removing this panel and then we can slowly work to get the front bumper off so let’s get into it It’s so weird yeah it’s got all the iron gaskets how funky man I mean that’s not a bad size intercooler though that’s not terrible oh congratulations holy crap yeah that is huge that’s that’s what she said that is a massive difference it’s a business right here oh

My God that’s like double the size and width that’s what she said [Applause] thank you Thank you two times we have our air intake system fully installed we got our front mount intercooler buttoned up and our beautiful titanium turbo blanket by Hashimoto is on so this is going to give the car a much better feel to it it’s going to sound a little bit better we’re

Going to get some better induction noise and it’s going to add some power due to better Cooling and better heat efficiency through the engine very beautiful looking stuff the last thing we need to do is put the front end of the car but we’re not going to do that

Yet because we have more modifications for the scarf coming Tractor radiator is out we’re going to take the fan off get that set up on our new Exline radiator and then drop that whole thing in as one Foreign Front end of our fk8 Civic Type R is blown apart and while it is blown apart it’s a great idea to throw on these new Morimoto XB LED headlights All right well that is it for the more Moto headlight install for our Civic Type R oh Foreign Working on getting our rear race radiator set up Thank you We’re going to be getting rid of all of the fake Carbon on this car finally away What is this this is a lift arm no no this oh this is a fake carbon fiber size girl which is coming right off it’s coming off I’m gonna put some real stuff I don’t know how to take it out we’re gonna put the real stuff in here Thank you Damn the grass with the glass with the satin I do be liking that I do be liking that man I’m just a sucker for carbon fiber especially on black cars La la [Applause] thank you We have our friends from opalite Optics here to install the awesome starter headliner you guys love this in the STI and this thing has a nice dark interior so we thought it would look awesome in the CTR as well Oh Foreign Thank you Foreign work on this this is our shift bushing upgrade these go on the transmission side of the cable and replace a full rubber bushing which is really nice so you’re telling me that shifter is going to be even tighter it’s going to be tighter than it is right now All right Foreign