Throtl: Becoming a BETTER Welder in 23 Minutes! TIG (GTAW) & MIG (GMAW)

Becoming a BETTER Welder in 23 Minutes! TIG (GTAW) & MIG (GMAW)

Posted: 2023-07-11 16:33:35
Author: throtl
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Throtl Video Transcript

This is Ricky and his welding skills could be better so we’re sending Ricky and Mickey to Lincoln Electric’s welding school in Cleveland Ohio to attend a week-long Motorsports welding class at throttle we do a lot of In-House fabrication and with this class we’ll be able to build even better cars the

Motorsports welding program starts off with lectures going over the basics of welding but quickly gets into the lab for Hands-On welding they’ll get their very own welding booths where they can practice on a variety of materials while getting feedback from an experienced instructor let’s get into it alright so

We just got our first basic uh introduction to TIG welding I mean look at this Motorsports ticket everything is organized for us gotta get our time soon so we can go and sharpen it and showed us how to do all that I got a welding

Cap bro so you don’t get your Jerry curl on yeah dude my hair is caught on fire Thank you weird so what you guys see right here this is the metal itself melting into its own metal there’s no filler here so what the instructor wants us to do is want us to get used to the point and how much it takes for us to start mating this gauge

Of a metal foreign [Applause] anticipating having to move my other hand so fast So this is Mickey is without the rod this is with the rod and then this is me without the rod and with the rod all right now that we’ve done sort of the dry run we’re gonna try to stick a couple pieces of metal together here All right I’m not a hard time knowing where this is at I’m like I’m here to tell you how far you are I can’t see Far as well that’s good that’s nice oh wow what’s up this is our first thing we held on overlapping and I noticed that it wasn’t as smooth as before when I was practicing on a flat surface I moved my teeth away from the edge and that kind of helped me lay more

Beat I figure it out after let’s see if I can continue That was way better yeah that was really good and then I don’t know a little later master welder yet or what oh my God I don’t know you tell me damn no this is looking a lot better than my left yeah I’m all right all right we’re gonna step

Away from the Tigger or Ricky’s over there perfecting his TIG welds I’m gonna step over in the Mig area with Travis Evans he’s our welding instructor he’s been teaching our class and also showing us how to actually weld one thing that we wanted to touch on really quick

During this video was the difference between what you guys probably see on Instagram I guess they’re called Beauty welds or yeah stacking dimes maybe or okay pretty well you know we all see him like wow that’s sick but the reality is sometimes although those welds are probably effective and maybe okay good

Welds it’s not always the pretty Wells that are best right yeah so here in the welding school what we teach is not so much the movement of the welding Arc more so just a straight line weld focusing your your wire right into the root of that joint and that’s going to

Give you the best consistent penetration when you start swirling or doing triangles or designs you’re actually skipping over the center point of the joint and potentially leaving lack of fusion there show you what it looks like so my perception of that weld is it’s very straightforward and pretty much

Anybody can do a similar type weld maybe not as nice as yours is because you’ve got many years of experience but to me when I see that it just looks basic so I always try to do the scallop or the triangle and I thought that was Stronger you’re telling me that otherwise

Potentially potentially it could be a totally good weld but when you do that you’re jumping over the center of that weld you’re actually riding on could be riding on top of the puddle not actually fusing into that joint so the goal for me when I leave here after this trip is

To be welding more like that we’ll see if I get there thank you Travis yeah for sure is my first weld I try to put them both together like two of these together and I realized really quickly this is not like a MIG even though it has that

Little Gap with the Mig I can completely weld that together with no problem with a TIG in the other hand that’s not the case with a tick you need to be either overlapping or really really close to each other or either I can’t do it or

It’s not possible um to close the gap I think it’s too big of a gap not with a MIG I’ve flown some really big gaps so that’s one thing I learned that is it’s just not the same it’s not what you see on uh on Instagram but it’s definitely

Sticking to metal it’s the one I did which I thought it was my best one and the instructor said it’s like it might look good but it’s really not holding the strength is not all there right it’s very small so I think the exact same thing is like do the exact same thing

Just add more filler to it right so it can be thicker right so that’s where the other ones come along that’s why ever since I talked to the instructor my world’s gotten a lot thicker So I started out welding yesterday and it wasn’t welding very good at all and as the day progressed I actually got worse I felt like and now I was trying all kinds of different stuff up here to try to figure out what the problem is or

Was I will say that uh the instructor helped me a ton and he asked me when he looked at my Wells he said how are your eyes and I said and not so great I actually need to get glasses so we actually added a 1.5 magnifier

Into my helmet and that was kind of like the light bulb that went on for me like oh my God now I can actually see what I’m doing now I’m actually jamming and I just burned this weld right here which again far from perfect but the consistency is much better Okay so this is only day two and I’m already moving up to my third material so this is chromoly tubing and um what I did I just cleaned it out and then I made a few Cuts so I can make kind of like a t section on it and this is

Pretty much going to help me out a lot around the shop if I ever decide to do like some type of Road cage or fix something or replace something on the road cage it’s going to be a different rod and what it is just it’s stronger right All right so that’s my first Weld and it feels like I’m melting it way too quickly so I’m going to turn my heat down just think it’s a bit too much and one of the things like I can control that with my foot but I’m a heavy footer so I

Like to go with Full Throttle nothing sorry that’s the way I am foreign I should have moved it quicker uh let’s see if I can fix it if not I should start over Hey so this is a third hand or just a tool that will help yeah that’s cool especially doing like t-joints we’re holding the parts hold the part help put pressure down on it welder stool third hand I really like this bro okay so this is what I did

Right now it doesn’t look too bad I don’t know if it’s going to pass the stress test but oh all right so it seems like the beginning of it was better that’s the beginning and the end the instructor said to get creative I don’t know how creative is it to get but

It is what I’m coming up with started with the T and then the age and then I put this here and then that and then everything you see you see how you see that one dot one two three four and five so those are the welds in order that I can keep track

Which whales that I did first and which ones that I did in the middle and last and all that stuff so making progress so what are you trying to do here Mike what’s that dorky thing I don’t know instead of just making a tea just make something fun but what I’m finding is

It’s really hard to get into some of these spots and that’s just normal for welding so this is going to make me a better fabricator too the thought process is good Thank you all right well I went back to mild steel uh because the teacher basically said that I needed like really really nail the fundamentals of welding before I start like trying to weld thin tubing and something that I tried as you guys saw I burned a couple holes my

Welds were too hot so um I went back to mild steel I’m getting better still not great I’m really struggling with keeping a steady hand and keeping the feet of the feet of the rod consistent and so if you look at my welds you can see that they’re not it’s

Not like super straight it kind of wanders a little bit and you can tell the inconsistent feed so my goal for tomorrow is the class is going to move on I’m going to stay behind actually because I want to get really proficient with this type of welding because this

Is the type of welding we do most at our shop and I want to be really good at it okay so this is my masterpiece I guess one of the things the instructor said that when it comes to these uh mild steel the thickness is perfect but up

Here he wants it smaller a lot smaller than what I did and my focus now is to try to get the same wheel but smaller right he said that there is no purpose of getting the weld thicker than the steel itself right so you guys see how

Thin that is that’s you do not want to go over that because it’s literally doing nothing for it which is a lot harder now it’s the end of day two I learned a lot I probably got seven hours of welding today which is insane this is

Only day two three more days to go uh we’ll see what the motor brings okay so here we are it’s a lot louder now because we are welding aluminum this is day three I believe this is my very first whale and when you’re welding on the inside the mask you really can’t see

What’s behind you as you’re moving forward right so you’re here as you’re moving forward you can’t see behind you so when I moved out I noticed I had a big old hole in there so that’s due to Pedal control right obviously that was too much so the one next to it this is

Me adjusting it like letting go of the pedal just a bit for me to be able to control the amount of heat going into the metal and that obviously helped me a lot and this is everything else here it’s just me messing with different areas in the pedal and movement uh which

Is why you see six different types of welds and then from here just like we did with the mouse steel we just move on to Flat plates to try to get you know the same beat all the way around this is a lot more heat than less heat which is

Why it looks so much wider a lot of practice for me to get this thing down so making progress foreign How’s the aluminum treating you oh my gosh I’ve never had so much fun welding in my life I actually love aluminum I really struggled the first two days with stainless steel mild steel the chromoly tubing like but I came in here after taking this morning’s class and these

Were my first uh I guess 11 welds this was my first touch of the pedal right here I literally just obliterated the aluminum and quickly realized that my settings were cracked on the machine but I was just too heavy with the gas pedal story of my life then I tried this one

And I moved on to this one and started seeing these little divots on the uh on the last puddle and I started to try to sort out how to fix that and kind of chased it to the point where I overdid it what I can say is aluminum is causing

Me to learn a lot faster it’s accelerated sort of the learning process of pedal modulation how fast to move the one how fast the feed the uh the rod I’m learning a lot I’m gonna be able to go back to our shop and I’m going to be an

Aluminum welding machine hope that’s the goal yeah two pieces of aluminum here and I really want to try this because this is mainly what we’re going to be doing at the shop right putting spider pipe together where it comes to radiator piping or intercooler piping uh even

Intake so this is really thin aluminum probably gonna do the whole side by side first trying to weld out all the way around see how it turns out wow that was horrible you see that yeah not good I had way too much heat I gotta lower my amperage I am not ready for piping yet I’m gonna lower my ampage and I’m gonna see what happens Yeah I’m gonna go back to the basics I’m gonna go back I’ll go back to the flat plates I’m not ready for piping yet all right all right not good but not terrible I mean actually it’s pretty terrible but my first t-joint I’m stoked now I’m gonna

Flip around probably try and do another one all right so this is the end of the day and I finally got it actually my first will was here and I ended up sending it down just because I wanted to make sure that they will went all the

Way around the piping it did and then I extended another pipe here and that’s my other Weld and then I tried a tea feeding you know like if you’re gonna split it and even that turned out pretty good after many many many attempts the trick is patience so usually when it’s a bad

World like yeah like this one you can kind of see like a ring but there’s there’s worse ones here yeah look at that one you see a little bump oh God look at this one see the inside look at the outside it was so bad look at this so I definitely got better

Yeah very very small one but the fact that I got this far today I’m happy with my results so All right well today’s day four and today’s stainless steel day stainless steel plates stainless steel rod uh we’ll do the basic which is two plates at the bottom one plate on top you go the cross That’s actually not bad bro look at that okay with that I’m definitely okay with that Foreign I feel like I needed to push my handle more forward to get my needle closer but the housing of it didn’t allow me to so one other thing the instructions said is like when you’re doing 18 to extend your tungsten more out for you be able to

Reach and I didn’t do that so that’s my bad my mistake I’ve learned from it right now by because this happened but overall as you can see I did I did okay right here in this middle section Okay today is day five it is the last day today’s purpose one thing remember how I’ve been practicing the t-joint well I’m going to be doing the Weld and then at the end if it passes inspection with the instructor and then they’re going to do a pull test this is going to

Determine whether I suck or not Just become an expert bro Halfway through I contaminated my tip look that’s when that happened so contaminating your bed your tip is like you’re like very close to it like this and if you hit it by mistake you put weld on the tip and then it just doesn’t you’re done you gotta you gotta

Clean it and then start over all right instructor these are my fourties which and be honest which ones are worthy of the bong and which ones are not it’s a lot of heat on this one green color a little too warm there thanks but let’s put that one aside so a

Couple of things I look for the heat on the tubing this is good color it’s not spread out too far in the tubing doesn’t come up and wrap around still a little gray in color telling me it’s still a little warm tie in here I’d like to see

That tied in a little better right a little more uniform put that in the maybe pile ooh Arc strike what happened there I have no idea it’s like your tungsten maybe got away from me a little bit so see that little crater there in your stop right that’ll be bad they’ll

Definitely start a crack to propagate right there where that little hole is that’s a fail you’ll want to fill that in let up your heat a little more filler okay another one on that side a little pinhole I’m gonna set that over here in the not so maybe pile that one already failed

This one that one looks better than that yeah this doesn’t look too bad I like to see maybe a little better tie-in same thing fill that in a little bit I gotta practice this area oh were you burning through there maybe you looked like he might have burned

Through a little bit I know they don’t want them so let’s do it yeah I want you to do one more this one’s a maybe all right so better than this trash does three yeah all right got it good fit up good prep though looks good Okay cool so

I’m gonna hold on to my buns for now yeah fail a little longer than a few minutes later all right so this is it this one passed a test that’s pretty much what he’s looking for this is the bong it’s extremely thick funny with this is like

Because this pipe is so thin you’re melting this before this even heats up enough for you to start welding on it wow that took a lot that took a lot yeah I was going full throttle and we I have never had to go Full Throttle or anything and I’m going Full Throttle for

A while I’m like oh my God this is The first uh lap I would say of welding is done we’re gonna let it cool down and then we’re gonna go out for the test we’re gonna use this contraption Ricky and I made up these quick little guy well it took me four days to make this

Ricky’s is way prettier mine looks like trash but we’re gonna put them in the machine and see what they do this is how many this is tons or thousands of pounds we’ve welded in a bung in one side that screws into this guy here and then there’s a pin that goes through

That way and it’s going to pull this and see what breaks yeah the goal here is for the wheels not to break that’s the goal all right let’s screw one of these in there where’s Mickey oh man I’m going first I can already see there’s way too

Much heat in this thing I already see a void in there so I know it’s gonna probably behind here oh whoa Mick what’s up dog hold on dog what you got hold on yo what’s going on here oh throw away 8 000. I broke there right I

Ate that’s one of the best that’s one of the best goals we did I think wow that’s one of the best pools we did I had to say it again so you guys can hear it in the back that was one of the best pulls we did today you guys hear that

Between five six and seven mainly the biggest one we had was like right on 9500 up there yeah it broke outside of the weld which was really good broke in the heat affected Zone that’s pretty pretty standard oh man I don’t even want to put mine up

Oh man the needle doesn’t work oh he’s gonna hey you better put it on zero all right here we go all right Ricky what do you think it’s gonna do uh 55. okay maybe six damn hey come on dog let’s go ah let’s go what’s up dude you’re gonna break the machine nine

Let’s go baby Oh better even better he failed me 10 times before I got it right thanks you know what you put thank you man all right I knew you can do better every time I knew you could do better so crushed it oh man I’m happy 9 000. and I think we broke the machine

Again anyway it went outside the window look at that that’s like uh best case scenario right here I think we’re gonna need us back for the next course all right well our week is done here in Cleveland Ohio at Lincoln welding school and we passed our Motorsports class we

Both got our certificates and uh we just want to give a huge shout out to Travis Edmonds for helping us this week really giving us the tools we need to go back to our shop and actually produce welds that are structural yeah it’s great having you guys this really is it’s a

Fun class you get a good group of guys in here yeah it was always fun you’ll never know what to expect people were from everywhere you had locals we had people from the other side of the country what about you Mr Ricky once again thank you I want to shake your

Hands sure that’s an amazing amazing class and you need to come to San Diego and check out our shop yeah I’d love to for sure foreign