This LaSalle leads to one of the BIGGEST collections on the show: See how | Barn Find Hunter

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-21 12:00:25
Author: Hagerty
Tom teams up with his friend Rob Ida to continue the search for cars in New York City. After visiting a few locations, he follows a lead on a late ’30s LaSalle, a key piece in a massive collection and one of the best discoveries on the show. Keep an eye out for the next episode!

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Probably about 40 5050 cars there What this morning we started in Staten Island and now we’re in Brooklyn this is an old neighborhood and there might be old Vehicles original cars race cars Customs just old jalopies who knows what I connected with a good old friend Rob Ida who knows people in this area

Because it helps I mean like if you just were going to start looking for old cars oh look at that yeah if you were just going to start looking for old cars in New York City you’d have a tough time doing it but Rob

Is going to bring us to a friend of his that hopefully that friend will tell us about another one another one and before you know it we’ve we’ve made a lot of contacts in a relatively short amount of time so here we are in downtown Brooklyn

I mean in a shop that’s what 1200 1200 ft 1,00 ft one garage door one Bay your name is Tim Tim Harney Tim Harney and the name of your business is Tim Harney designs very very clever very creative name oh I get it and there but yet you

There’s stuff going on here which I would not imagine would go on in Brooklyn like a hot rod BMW what is this why is it here this particular car is here because I’ve wanted to build this for I think the latter half of like 8

Years and I just I took the time out to build something for myself I build prototype vehicles for uh for companies and for people and parts and knick-knack things things that you can’t buy off the shelf um and then uh I’ve been doing you know endurance Racing for a long time

And so I finally uh decided to build something for myself so what kind of drivet TR uh this is going to get a Nissan Motor from the late ’90s twin cam uh twin cam yep it’s a it’s a turbo motor it’s like a pissed-off teenager

Maj so it’s a inline 4 with a big old uh we actually put an indie car turbo on there oh man so like it’s all incel and titanium and uh and then everything has been blueprinted and ported and Polished and even the inside has all been um

Polished so bikes are a thing of yours yeah bikes are a thing as well so like what am I looking at here you’re looking at a 1997 eural yeah or eural however which way you want to pronounce it unfortunately yeah that’s not a jab at Russian it’s just a

Jab at Whoever thought that this was a good idea um so what I did is I took this kind of anemic power plant and uh I changed that from the gas tank that’s actually just all the power I took the side car and I lengthened it this was

For a client who decided to not finish paying for it uh and he said he didn’t want to stop for gas that often so we made a fuel cell so this is this whole thing is now this used to be the trunk where the spare tire went um and we did

Everything from nickel plating it it’s been like triple nickel plated the whole thing is just like woodwor leather work yeah yeah yeah and uh there’s ePay decking and then there’s like quilted leather and yeah you look like a man that wants a EUR you should probably this probably yeah this is probably just

For you you want to have a seed this is probably no I might I might have to buy it yeah please this is a let’s see you can grab onto the the frame grab onto whatever see I’m already ruining it yeah see you broke it you bought it this

This is the this is the idea so where did you lengthen it right in here uh I added 8 in so normally your knees buckle up and you basically have to sit with your knees like here yeah yeah yeah this is pretty good wow yeah you can stand on

Do whatever it’s all kind so you watch the show of course you know what we do yeah and I see this stuff out the curb y okay so where do bar finds hang out barn finds hang out on the street so barn finds as as far as I Define them are

Really just kind of like delinquent cars that that are being worked on uhhuh or are being neglected same difference they usually live under a tarp and are in some kind of like periodic state of work or whatever you want to miss so they don’t have alternate side of the street

Parking here they absolutely do and yeah and it’s totally illegal and I’m not condoning it but if one were so inclined you just remove the license plate and you don’t show uh your VIN tag I don’t know who’s that is that’s that’s got to be somebody else yeah I know what this

One is but I’ll I’ll tell you you’ll let you’ll you’ll tell us what it is I mean most people think this is a Unimog it’s made in Austria yes yeah so this is a pins sty PUK pinsa po as everybody knows it’s the mopeds most people don’t know

That this is basically a G wagon this was the the father of G wagons and even if you look at the back of a pins that is what a G wagon looks like this doesn’t have a license plate on what that’s crazy must have been abandoned you guys must have taken the license

Plate off I didn’t yeah that’s somebody must have done that what do what do you do with this do you drive it yes I drive this often um yeah what it comes with is a really small anemic gas tank so I had to get rid of those and I added these

Two so that’s 60 gallons um but it’s really really efficient it has like this high and low gear locking diffs it you can do it on the Fly I mean it like under its uh lowest gear it does 1 to 50 ratio so you can just put it up with

Against the wall and it’ll just crawl up the wall so what year is this this is 72 72 and what motor is in there this is just an inline for it’s like 100 horsepower it’s I mean it’s comical how simple it is and it has like a a

Transmission that I can just hold in my hand like this so would you drive this to Upstate or anything or I have how fast is this on the highway uh I’ve gotten it up to 70 and I know a lot of people will say that you can’t get them

Up to 70 but I disagree I strongly disagree I uh it does feel feel a little dangerous going that way uh but like I did some a handful of things to make it like power steering and and then two charging systems so it has two alternators and then it has uh like a

Two battery arrays two gas tanks yeah just redundancies you know I I mean the idea was that this was just going to be like a kind of a weekend warrior vehicle something that go camping you know at the beach or whatever this is kind of what I imagined uh shops in Brooklyn

Would be like old car shops repair shops cars on the curb Rob is is going to take us to another Shop with a a Lal which was a a smaller version of a Cadillac a less expensive version of a Cadillac from the 30s or maybe 1940 sitting around outside here somewhere so we’re

Going to follow up that lead now again one lead leads to another lead leads to another lead before you know it the sun’s going down today’s sponsor is Consumer Cellular they’ reached to out to us because they they dig barn finds but they also dig barn find people like you

They know the money that you save each month on your cellio plan you could invest in your barn find new Wheels tires rebuild that motor it’s an no-brainer so to save money for your next project car check out the link in the description Below Patty p a TTY y leave me a message the mailbox is full yeah I’ll go back and look at it you know we could probably ask this guy I I do a YouTube program called Barn fine Hunter I go around the country looking for old cars I see you got old

Cars but the one I’m interested in is your neighbor’s car next door that looks like an old Coupe I knocked on the door there no be there I try to call him he passed away about 7 years ago it’s left to the daughters you got a phone number

Do you know her yeah you know I would love to talk to her on the phone and shoot video of it I got a question for you you ever here to show B find well the gentleman that shoots for them is standing next to me and he’d like to

Shoot the Lal in the yard introduce yourself he want to do it now hey hello lock this is this is Tom Cotter how are you hi Tom how are you so I do a show a show called barnine Hunter for Hagerty and I go around the United States

Looking for old cars and I figure what would be the toughest place in the world of find old cars and I thought Brooklyn would be like the toughest place in the world and so here I am and I see the LEL and I would love to shoot video of it

And maybe you could tell me a little bit about it well you know what unfortunately I don’t know the history um it was my dad’s and he passed away so I don’t really know but I don’t know if you’re interested in seeing a lot of barn findes

There’s probably about 40 50 cars there what and there’s a lot in that Barn wow yeah now I’m going I’m going to walk out next to that car cuz I haven’t seen it yet I’m I’m looking at the boat and I didn’t want to walk on private

Property unless I had permission hey if you like what you’re watching do me a favor go check out the Hagerty Drivers Club 24/7 roadside assistance with flatbed towing subscription to our awardwinning magazine and more sign up today links right down here in the description so I’m I’m looking at the Buick Wildcat

I’m looking at the LEL this is this is pretty cool stuff man did you ever like riding this thing as a little girl or anything I have not but the one out in Long Island the the 37 l Al I did no kidding all right I’m going to get your

Phone number and put it in my phone and I will text you or call you if that’s okay all right absolutely I’m no problem so AAL was a lower-end Cadillac they didn’t call us a Cadillac they called it a lasa it’s almost like if you think about modern day Alexus owns Toyota so

Toyota is kind of a lower price Lexus I guess you could call it well this was it back in the 30s this is probably a 39 or a 40 I’m imagining they had big Flathead V8s this is a Cadillac or a Lal Flathead not like a Ford flathead but it still it’s called

An L head the valves came up out of the head so the gas is air and gas had to make a a a uturn and it was not a very efficient design the Fords were 85 horsepower back in this day these were probably 115 I’m guessing 120 because

We’re bigger cubic inches but a nice car I mean you look at it solid Cadillac styling and this is when metal was metal I mean if I did that to a modern car today I could Dent it easily if you did that with this car

You’d hurt your hand so how did we get here so Rob brought us here to meet his friend Brian and Brian says you know what I know where there’s a Lal that I tried to buy a few years ago how many years ago did you try to buy this uh 2018 2019

Really yeah and what what did you want to make a hot rod out of it or what yeah well I wanted to keep it pretty pretty much the patina on it and just get it a little lower on the ground rebuild everything paint the inside of the motor

Engine bay you know Buffet sand you know sand to sand out some of the rust and just keep it this Italian cream color and so why didn’t you buy it it was just some some Logistics with the owners and you know what I mean they didn’t want to

Sell they didn’t want was wasn’t the right time to sell so here we are maybe maybe this time is Rive totally so so we came here and you know you never want to look at a car on private property without permission so I knocked on the

Door nobody there I go to the neighbor’s house and the neighbors’s nice enough to you know I know those people I’ll give her a call and suddenly I’m best friends with this lady named Kim whose father owned this car and then she says oh if you like old

Cars we we’ve got like 40 more of them out on Long Island this is how it happens wow we wow that’s a heck of a barn well I got to peek inside the window okay I see yeah there there’s a car there’s a car yeah but just like

Just chrome trim shining that kind of thing I look in this door here oh yeah I think that’s a Cadillac oh no chevel yeah it’s loader with cars hello how you doing Tom Carter how are you okay what’s your name Tony Marino Tony hi Tom how are you are nice

To meet you yeah you too this is my father’s uh childhood friend so he knows a little bit more about the cause than I do it’s a little tight squeeze oo man wow wow wow wow 437 mi from new so here’s a lot of people’s favorites too so it’s got a

Probably a 327 with uh three two barrel carburetors so this might be my favorite now oh yeah holy mackerel I think I think it’s a 454 this is a beautiful car that’s a beautiful car you know if you’ve been following this program long enough if we come across a collection

Like this usually the engine’s over there the body’s at The Body Shop everything’s disassembled and everything needs a lot of work that will never get done all these cars seem to be ready to drive I mean as as I told Kim 100 times I wish I had a sponge here I’d like to

Wash these things vacuum them you know arm roll the tires and I think within you know a few hours these cars could be made like showpieces yes