The World’s Best GTR Meeting – R’s Meeting Japan

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Posted: 2023-11-01 10:37:28
Author: Dino DC
Organized by GT-R Magazine, R’s Meeting has become one of the largest gatherings of Skyline GT-Rs in Japan, mixing the best tuner demo cars with an insane amount of privately owned Rs of every generation. It’s always awesome to see new parts for the RB being unveiled like the new HKS carbon piping and airbox kit, not to mention amazing creations like the two new BBL cars. The event is officially backed by Nissan and Nismo who brought out cool stuff like the CRS R32/33/34 trio, the new Nismo R35 and even a Nismo Z.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

All right we’ve arrived here at Fuji Speedway for ours meeting riding with Aki hey Aki in his ISF and now we’re getting Nismo escort all the way to the paddock thanks to oan from omori Factory and his Nismo note and we’re actually really really late cuz we had this massive accident in the

Highway we’re getting pretty close all right we’re going to start lapping around see what uh cars are new for this year if we spot any new products and there’s a few new cars that we need to go and check out so uh let’s start walking so we’re

Going to start here at the Nismo Booth with the R35 that of course is running nismo’s new Arrow Bonnet matched up to the AO fenders pretty cool look of course it’s finished off in the same gray as all the other Nismo demo cars got tamura on there doing his thing

And then we have the three CRS cars starting with the 34 the 32 and of course the 33 here in the middle and Aki you’re employed by Nismo today I’m volunteering you’re volunteering so you’re going to be answering all the questions all the foreigners have about is there any

English yeah and I’ll be at Nismo Festival too probably so if anybody’s watching this and finds me at find him he’ll be able to answer all your questions in in English and point you to the right people right I’ll try you’ll try lots of lots of uh personalities

Legends in the GTR World here so I’m going hang out yeah I’ll do that not too far away we found Midori with uh 134 and 132 so Midori Saab Center is actually I would pretty much call him one of min’s most closest Rivals because they kind of

Uh modify GTRs with the same principle but Dory being slightly more uh aggressive with the circuit side of stuff so a little bit Roar uh but they really do amazing stuff starting also with you know complete Restorations and uh you know pretty much any type of

Engine tuning you may care to kind of request and this 32 is super clean Nismo Inlet and they have a matched crackle finish on the engine covers as well as the Nismo plenum carbon piping super clean refresh by Midori all right kazaba body repair again the big thing in the GTR Community

Now is of course Restorations and uh keeping your GTR uh you know in really good condition rebuilding respraying restoring uh finding parts so there’s so many companies that cater to that I’m sure we’ll find also Gage jida which is one of the better known Outlets out of Nara got raay engineering here with

Their selection of Wheels the most popular fitments here for GTRs including some uh Super GT race wheels so as I tried to speak over the race cars going past here on the Main Street uh we end up at mines and they have their uh R34 demo car here on display legendary

Look of course I think we definitely need to do a full feature on this car so this has been uh refreshed and it’s not actual uh the original car that was sold off years ago but it’s a recreation uh inspired to the original demo C that

Used to be so popular in hot version um DVDs back in the day MCR and they have two r35s here on display know 34 Unfortunately they have a really sweet 34 demo car uh it’s a bit of a pity that they didn’t bring it they have a very unique look here uh much

Like Midori MCR was very much I guess a close a close rival of Minds friendly rivalry of course uh kind of tuning cars in the same uh fashion sticking to the twin turbo setup and uh making sure that they’re both you know very high performing on on the street as well as

The track with maybe MCR like Midori kind of going a little bit more on the track side of things We only got this Some uh nice cars on the NK Booth here the RS 05 RS next up next next up we have Auto Select from Osaka really happy that they brought their Yellow Shark demo car I shot this 34 maybe a decade ago still good to see that it is one menacing looking machine

Carbon front end and that unmistakable bumper with their aggressive uh spoilers and diffusers they also have nice 35 and another 34 if I remember correctly actually this car from last year it’s actually owned and driven by uh a young girl I don’t know if she’s here uh but

Yeah I was quite surprised to see what she she runs under the engine here looks like they brought a bunch of other customer Cars part right behind the main Booth my God this is GTR overload here today just gets better and better let’s have a look at what is making this

Insane amount of noise I’m guessing a Ken Mar or a [Applause] Haka I was wrong it’s a rotary okay let’s keep going so we have reverse here with their um R32 demo car low M mounted HKS gt3s Custom Piping the same IP calls I run on my R34

Currently that will soon be swapped out it’s just crazy there’s just GTRs everywhere I’m not going to have time to go through every single one so I’ll just stop and you know kind of highlight the best that I can find there’s so much this is a Kubo Factory and then we hit

Up Global Auto which always brings out fire at this event um they have a stock of cars that is absolutely impressive 34 here is running a t4z this one is a pretty simple Nismo type engine bay the carbon pipes but I’m sure what everybody wants to see is of course the

400r and the zetune so of course these are mobile Autos you know Prime possessions it’s insane that um you know they bring them out every year you never really know if they’re for sale but they probably are for the right amount oh crazy driver yeah there’s so many

Personalities here today and so many people from abroad have come to kind of check out the event and no matter where you go you actually just end up finding these crazy builds look at this so for some reason this is a Z2 engine with a single I’m not sure what’s

Happening here I’ll have to I’ll have to investigate so zun is this really a Zune cust some blue interior R35 trim on the fender okay one of the biggest spectacles here at ours meetings since the event started um maybe over 10 years ago now is just

Seeing the lineup of GTRs parked in the car park here and this vantage point is really cool cuz you get to really Embrace this awesome look this awesome view actually I noticed that right here there’s one and two otch r33 four-doors GTR special edition for the 50th

Anniversary of uh Nissan we uh probably take a walk through this uh car park later on okay so we’ll start here with sabul live so this is one of very few drag shops left in Japan and they always bring their drag spec R35 which runs some uh I guess us

Sourced parts for the VR pretty crazy looking TI exhaust here from uh Tom nitrous in the trunk and just let’s for a moment here just take in Midnight Purple 3 probably the best color for the 34 after Bayside blue obviously very clean car looks uh pretty stock got a polished

Twin turbo pipe and a crackle finish engine but the full spec is right here a couple of sick 34s Ric engine with the carbon piping and next to it very very clean I love the the black on white theme here this is something I’ve never really seen uh before this is

Usually transparent so I guess I either painted it or actually made it out of plastic I think this 34 really shows if you put a bit of uh of attention to detail that it can actually come out looking super clean I love how even the ABS lines have this uh

Metal uh bracket to hold them together usually the stock ones let’s see if I can find it next here the stock one looks like this the plastic part from this one I’ve changed about three of those so far they always end up yellowing and and cracking so I think

I’ve been two three I’ve been through two or three and she bought the tire with the r33 that he had on display last year of course running the actual tires that they make and they even make Wheels now so possibly a new new thing for this year shata the wheels

Let’s take a closer look at the actual Rim so shibata the Motorsport five-spoke 65,000 Yen for GTR fitment so a big name in you know GTR or pretty much any JDM car tuning is Tomy powered uh they always have a a cool Booth here at ours meeting showcasing some of their

Products and of course merch I really love this design Tommy powered kind replicates the highway sign here in Japan so this is a new product for this year the water connector this is really cool way to actually see how long a GTR exhaust is from turbos down to the titanium front

Pipes titanium cat replacement pip and then the extreme TI which now is offered with a Subs silencer here so a little bit quieter I think compared to the one I have and of course the toet turbos here KW has a booth this year showcasing their dampers and of course seeing that KW has

Actually purchased uh BBS in Germany uh they also offer BBS wheels that have got nothing to do with BBs Japan Wheels it’s a separate company and they’re all actually forged wheels these are some of them are cast some of them are forged but it’s a completely different lineup

Of Wheels and the products trust R35 here Nismo so many cool parts from trust three types of uh Inlet manifolds two colors of fuel rails piping airboxes a lot of stuff you know it’s really cool to see uh Brands like readyy trust to continuously develop parts for the RB Okay so this is gar Yoshida this is a built by Legends chassis assumed to be built project so what gar jida is really famous for is basically uh helping the restoration process so he’ll um strip down your car to bare metal uh dip it get rid of any rust or oxidation and

Then uh you know paint it get it looking pristine and uh the perfect example here is the new BBL R34 which sports a completely new designed carbon fiber bumper that they’ve uh created it kind of makes the front end look like an old uh jgtc uh race car from back in the day

And of course the execution here is always meticulous where their mines engines built to spec for uh built by Legends so many little details they’re always interesting to point out carbon fiber everywhere they even redesigned uh the uh scoop for the airbox in their own uh unique design and

Of course inside too we’ll have to take a look inside I will definitely be doing a feature on this car completely custom ultra suede interior custom coloring and over here you can see the unpainted version of that carbon fiber bumper so what Yoshida really is uh good at doing

Is kind of Parts like these so these are uh basically complete replacements for the suspension turrets of the front so this is a massive rust spot for uh GTRs so he will literally uh cut out your uh stock suspension turrets and reweld his version in this position here so right here and

Uh get rid of possibly one of the most uh biggest problems that GTRs have Okay so this blue R34 is the other BBL car that they built specifically for this event or at least to unveil at this event this does not run the same bumper

As the white car it’s a little bit more of a simpler execution there’s that mined carbon fiber diffuser some uh raise engineering custom painted 21A AP Racing brakes all around finished off with some carbon fiber parts of the back talk about the attention to detail here that built by Legends OB this is

Like a painted stripe to resemble the mines racing line in the name new design carbon mirrors okay so in the interor here we have ultra suede across pretty much every panel very very smooth and very tightly upholster too and then here we have uh custom dials custom steering wheel and then

Everything is covered in ultra suede all the way across the headliner too eight pillars little speaker in there even the MFD cover is done in ultra suede and padded no stereo I approve of that we do not need stereos in GTRs and a nice netting here on the

R34 speaker cover it’s just so well done even the the little coin holder is done in the it’s kind of like flocked finish one cool little detail I noticed of the BBL is the it looks like it’s almost anodized but it’s basically the min’s exhaust finished off in a black kind of

Coating all right we’re going to lift up the BBL bumper apparently it’s very light oh my God you got to you kidding me did you weigh it this must be like 2 kilos not even it’s ridiculous wow so you can actually see the difference between the the mirrors

On the White and the blue BBL car so this has that uh bluish tinge um this one has a clear coat so mine’s actually used to do uh like a green actually have the car right here so as you can tell on the actual demo car it’s

Kind of like a green tinge on the mirrors so the BBL TV2 basically blue R34 has a blue clear coat Haze to it and then the white one is just clear I actually like the bluish look of course doesn’t really matter I got rid of these mirrors a long time

Ago uh right so we move past top rank here these guys are the the biggest exporters of uh GTRs in Japan right now and they have a shop in California that uh retails what they can find at auction or through uh owners here in Japan and uh we’re going to keep walking cuz

There’s a bunch of other Shops He There’s another single turbo conversion on this RH 934 T get works again those big Porsche Cen based IP coils vcam and another single possibly one of the most expensive Nismo Parts like if you actually managed to find this original Nismo titanium strut Tower bar that used

To cost 6 69,000 Yen was the catalog price you see them on Yahoo auction for like a million yen now it’s absolutely crazy if not more I haven’t checked in a while cuz it’s all gone a bit crazy Rush Factory with our 35 track car And another one and then legendary shop Juno with our wide body R35 of course these guys are still doing a lot of um engine and Machine Works they have a fully stocked machine shop that pretty much will take care of anything you want done to your engine as you build it arttech

Hanatsuka r33 drve car with c28 I approve of that Big Turbo move into the top secret Booth here where it’s very much 35 heavy of course the legendary top secret front bumper completely changes the front end of the 35 and uh they have one rb26 powered car

Here sitting on some oie racing wheels of course top secret actually collaborates with Oz Wheels in Italy they make sure they they have the correct fitments and sizing for r35s and of course every other generation of the RB powered cars there’s also a rear bumper this is a

T-spec this is Smokey’s personal demo car parked up next to slightly older R35 that wears their uh slightly wide body because it’s just extended wheel flares so this event is actually officially supported by Nissan so they get um a bunch of cool cars from the Heritage collection and the Nissan

Showroom in yokoh so we have a brand new Nismo R35 and the tpec with that new bumper design again you guys tell me if you like this bumper design it’s definitely I actually prefer it more in the ismo so uh GTR magazine that actually organizes this event uh has

Brought it’s lineup of magazine uh project cars so 32 34 and 35 out to this way and it’s really cool cuz if uh if you’re missing some issues you can come here and check out what they have from their archive you can see they have even the very very first 00

Before the actual first one came out uh I’m okay with these though catalogs best album and then the latest 173 and in front of the GTR magazine car is a true legend this is the HKS 0r I haven’t seen this car in a while I actually shot this back at HKS technical fact

And it’s always a treat to see what really was you know the the very first of many um you know everybody does their own version their own kind of like interpretation of GTRs but this was the very first and from HKS technical Factory where I last

Saw the Zer we go to what used to be an HKS stop and it’s now just called canai service they have a pair of cool r35s but I’m particularly interested in this gray one here because it actually runs the Yokohama Advan on2 20in three spokes that were shown

Last year at Tokyo AOS Salon it’s actually the first time I see them fitted to an R35 I’m not sure what do you guys think all right so uh right next to Yokohama is HKS and finally we see the HKS carbon piping fitted to an actual car so we’ve

Been through two generations of this piping kit at the last two Auto salons and this is the very time very first time I see it fitted to an actual car and I have to say it looks uh very different from most piping kits and the it seems to be very much

Compact it tucks in really nicely into all the space in the fender and the pipes kind of resemble the Nismo uh Inlet pipes uh but of course everything else is carbon fiber right right down to I guess the intercooler piping uh I guess they’ll be releasing um various

Versions of this to fit the r33 and R34 because of course all the sizing is a bit different bit of Fast and Furious action here all right let’s keep moving I spot another midnight purple 3 R34 running the SE West Arrow which is exact the same as the one we just saw on

The Fast and Furious 34 I’m not really oh it is carbon fiber interesting so they’ve they’ve kept the the Hue of the purple over the carbon fiber but have allowed the fibers to shine through from Rush Motorsports when you see a crowd like this over GTR it’s usually something special and this car

Really does not disappoint so this is uh one of garage active carbon fiber Creations the entire car is wide body and carbon fiber pretty sick looking thing and when I mean the whole thing is carbon fiber I really do there’s a joint Lane here where the carbon roof meets the

Pillars and then HKS is latest single turbo this is definitely GTR Paradise so this is Pro Shop screen with a few customer demo cars it’s incredible how we these cars have built I mean look at the fenders on this thing so they’ve taken a Nismo zetune Fender and cut the lower

Part off and added uh I guess carbon fiber Outlets kind of like GT cars and then this custom carbon fiber skirt that continues rearward very nice something different Phoenix’s power usually has a really massive lineup of cars this year they’ve brought three they have 2 35s and

133 and very much built in their unique style very shiny very showy but very clean and very detailed I’m uh loving the BBS rids on this one and then this crazy R35 look at the size of this Wing runs in who ear so obviously a track

Car oh it’s good to see something a little bit classical here so this is what the oldtimers here are looking at can marry a GTR the rarest of the GTRs very many were made and these things are worth probably close to a million dollars right now prices of course keep

Going up this is a very clean unmolested and unrestored example that legendary s20 straight 6 2 L na 150 horsepower this is where the GTR history comes from so basically there was the Haka before this door four-door and then the K Mary then the oil crisis hit and

The GTR was put on the Shelf all right so we saw how the BBL R34 uh did a jgtc inspired from bumper well this 34 has had a jgtc inspired rear fender it’s basically like grafted onto the body carbon fiber and it just gives that GT proportions to the back of the

34 guess they still need to work on the actual blending in of the fenders and extended zetune fenders yeah this is a ever evolving project every year something different has been on to it from uh kabbage so on display here at the Yuki Booth is

Another rare gem this is the GTR 50 not often you see these and especially one that’s actually been used brake dust on the on the on the wheels that’s what we like to see with some red highlights contining this side with full black and red trim beautiful thing very unique and of

Course it’s the rear end that really hits hard okay so um we move move this is a dolok built R32 GTR again running ignition project coils um I actually just picked up uh a new set of coils cuz they uh they moved on to creating like the R35 smaller uh based

Coil so it can actually fit underneath the the custom sorry the the original o cover um I don’t see any here but uh these guys sell full kits for variety of engines this is for GTR 33 32 and it’s already for plug and play and uh they have an addition here um

Basically it’s a it’s a brand new kit that actually has sensors going to each coil so you can actually Trace uh the voltage so if you have any disruptions in the in ignition you can actually see on the graph where it happens and kind of figure out how to address it okay

Some uh carbon goodness on this dolok R35 GTR and BBs R IDs so it’s interesting that marari gawa has a display here at ours meeting so this is a a new construction that they’ve just uh finished in Chiba so basically it’s a racetrack with uh storage facilities and

Villas private Villas that you can purchase or rent so you can enjoy your uh car themed weekend at the racetrack and it’s of course very very high-end stuffff 3.5 km track with a 800 M straight that’s what it looks like we’ll definitely have to visit um find an opportunity to go there and

Shoot some cars maybe I think it’ll be phenomenal so as you know I’ve just fitted an agura uh racing clutch in my 34 and they have uh display here today and this is the clutch I am currently running so twin plate carbon fiber Pro carbon and there’s of course a

Very wide variety of other models metal clutches uh of course you don’t need to just go for the high-end carbon fiber and one of my favorite shops here in Japan is napre hi Zas this is Nagoya son from napre the founder and owner of the business so naick is really well known

In Japan for being like a a really famous machine shop B basically any demo car uh you know any race car that’s being built in Japan usually the heads get uh you know CNC ported and Polished and the valve seat Cuts here Nack so uh they have a really cool display here

Where you can see the services that they offer and you can see the difference it makes from like a stock setup throughout the different packages that they offer we get the whole setup here from normal to high response all the way down to like full drag setup with you know

Bigger valves and uh crazy valve seats there uh they do a nice overall kit for the rb26 uh throttle linkages it can clean up and refresh your little throttles here with these products so if you’ve uh followed you know the jdmc you know GTR tuning specifically aex SC that’s

Definitely a name that you should be familiar with oh kij famous photographer from Japan and uh they’ve always built some crazy RBS but uh it’s all about the R35 for them now and they have this uh insane Tru car on over fenders not too familiar with the engine spec on this

But it must be pretty pretty wild right next to it here we have cool so these guys are all about the the show look so uh these guys do custom paint jobs Engravings they do these crazy effects before painting metal work so they actually widen your fenders like they should be widened

Instead of riveting and sticking over fenders on different approach but still something that’s quite popular in Japan this is something different so this uh four-door er34 with a GTR conversion of the front actually runs an rb30 and hey no turbos just headers so this looks like it’s based on

The um on the old tech edition um RB 26 de that came in the old Tech version of the four-door R32 um a car that we’ve seen many times or at least I’ve seen many times at places like Rocky Auto cuz they literally use that that engine for

RB na rb30 conversions sticking to the na Ric rmax engines they do really cool Camp pulley covers or Billet and that helps me not having to tilt down over the engine but yeah I’ll do it anyways very clean setup and uh over here we go more towards the interior

Side of things with robs and Leather So these guys here at robs leather are really the guys to go to in Japan for you know taking this to this they’re upholstery kids have been super popular in the GTR World especially r34s and uh I hit them up when they first started

Doing stuff with the GTR and I got my center console done in carbon fiber and got some carbon leather that they did back in the day uh but they do full-on stuff uh for seats and even dashes now so if you want custom stuff done hit them up they also have readymade Parts

Like uh shifter boots or handbrake boots so as I was saying they also do really nice dashes you can see this one here done in Alcantara or suede really sure and lots of Carbon Trim so we’re actually walking through the GTR magazine owners section so every year

GTR magazine invites owners to line up their cars and then get their pictures taken and then a small feature will be done in a future GTR magazine they usually do a separate little volume called the owner’s book and uh this is where they take the pictures so there’s

A lineup of a few photographers here they park the cars and uh shoot away and there I was thinking that I was the only guy with a green GTR this is actually painted not wrapped and it’s always cool to see such a massive grouping of GTRs of every type

And generation so many different styles of tuning it’s uh it’s almost uh too much it’s it’s insane if you look at it I mean look at this it’s like a sea of GTRs and this is actually one of my favorite things to do is just walk

Through this car park and take a look at what people actually do to their cars you get a little bit of inspiration for some mods that you can either uh you know emulate or get into inspiration from or uh maybe things you didn’t even know you could do like this guy for

Example this guy embraced the green contrasting everything including the repeaters and the omori factory logo that’s quite interesting so this is a very typical Phoenix’s power build running BBS LMS very clean to the point but if it’s Phoenix’s power you know there’s always something crazy happening in the engine bay I’m pretty sick

Midnight purple 234 from Revol you can see how the color flips from green to purple As you move across so this is a really cool build from gefu inspir to the old school group a race cars with a side exit exhaust and just look at that Sky unfortunately

Fujian is covered up today so we can’t really see much but uh as always ours meeting is always a great turnout he has nice pairing two otch four-door GTRs always nice to see these cars running aftermarket parts like wheels and slam down cuz after all they’re just as tunable as their

Coupe uh counterpart right so why not tune them up a Bit Okay so we’ve actually pretty much uh have been across the entire ours meaning uh displays but uh I really wanted to take a look at this uh car park and just walk through the cars much like the GTR magazine area where people are taking pictures for the

For the next issue I always like to come and have a look what’s on display and you can really tell how Bayside blue really Fades over the years this is a freshly painted car and one that’s been obviously sitting for a while and you can see how the the blue

Kind of loses its contrast and uh just gets really light uh this one’s got a Nismo zetune Fender Arun Bonnet Nismo version one bumper and I love how the lineup is split between 34s 33s and 32s over there midnight purple full Nismo this is something interesting this

Guy put stoppers on his uh and a cone on his vspec 2 nor well I kind of get it the car is probably worth half a million dollars so he doesn’t want people to come close and Fiddle around with it here’s a vspec 2 that really shows the

Issue that these bonnets have I’m not sure if you’re able to see it but you can really see the pattern of the carbon fiber kind of sag a little bit in square portions man this r33 is something out of like the history books it runs an AB

Flug uh Arrow kit so front bumper side skirts and rear bumper and then it has inter speed Center lock wheels I remember when these came out probably like early 2000s you can see the logo there I don’t think the company exists anymore but they actually created a hub

Conversion to go over to the single lug I always thought they look pretty cool something very rare man GTRs for days look at this thing here interesting look nice uh slam 33 with copious amounts of uh dish on the Oz Wheels another four-door an LM on stock rims and it

Looks like stock suspension this is possibly a completely stock car let’s see if the exhaust is stock no I have to mark it but yeah this is the championship blue r33 that gets that extra logo on the C pillar nice Blitz wheels on this uh 32 very period

Correct and now we’re in between 33s and 32s my God look at this he gone for the full Nismo look with the stripes on the side another four-door I think I must have seen like eight Altech 33s today 36 r35s and what a sky behind it Fuji Speedway is always such a cool

Place to shoot at from r35s out on track very powerful stuff by the sounds of It I think on the way back oh there’s a little Hatchi here something different from possibly too many GTRs get up some of the 32s here on the way back to the main Paddock look at this lineup I’ll leave you to enjoy that with the the sound of very highly

Modified VR 38s shooting by in the background so many and you’ll notice how R32 for the main part oh this is Sick as I was saying R32s for the most part tend to stay with the stock Factory bumper not a lot of people end up changing much aesthetically on these cars for the most part I think it’s possibly the purest form of the GTR the R32 I don’t think you really need to do anything for a 32 except maybe lower it and put decent wheels and that’s it you’re ready to go and there’s so many examples of that here Girl All right so that wraps up the ours meeting coverage for 2023 I hope you enjoyed walking through the paddock with me me this is definitely GTR heaven so I can’t wait to come back here in a couple of months and do Nismo Festival where we’ll be seeing a few of these uh GTRs

That we’ve seen today along with a ton of other Nissan race cars and the historics from back in the day so make sure you check back soon for more videos and uh thanks for Watching Going