The Straight Pipes: WORTH THE PRICE? 2024 Nissan Z NISMO Review

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-25 11:00:16
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Nissan Z NISMO review by The Straight Pipes. The Nissan NISMO Z is putting down 420 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque from a 3L Twin Turbo V6. At $75,998 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota GR Supra Auto, Toyota GR Supra Manual, BMW M2, Ford Mustang GT?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign And we’re going for a drive 2024 Nissan Nismo Z with launch control on a drag strip let’s see if I can get it to work hell yeah horsepower and torch Jacob Jack 420 horsepower 384 pound-fear Torque from a three liter turbo V6 dude that was pretty good yeah let’s go driving the California toga sir heck yeah Jack foreign

Welcome to the Stray pipes oh man this is just incredible it’s no Plymouth Prowler but as a z owner I will tell you that I am thoroughly impressed by what they did with this car I mean I guess the first question I have for you Jacob is

Yes this is automatic only the automatic has been proved mechanically it has more clutches it shifts 20 or 27 faster and up shifts is 50 faster and downshifts how does this feel and does the fact that it’s automatic only ruin the car for you okay so I expected it to

Completely ruin the experience and in a straight line it honestly does kind of ruin the experience when leaving it in manual but we’re out here on these uh mountain roads and driving it at half or Park throttle and upshifting I’ve not missed missed a shift and it’s been

Shifting really really nice I feel like it’s totally fine although I would love a manual transmission whatever excuse that they said that they’re they don’t have a manual for I feel like they should just add one because the enthusiasts are going to be upset because they kept telling us that the

Enthusiasts want lap times Jack lap times sorry uh ethnic hearing oh perfect it’s hard right I think people forget that Nissan has no development budget and when you talk to some of the people on the side I know at least the US team and the US here only does product

Planning yes wanted a manual and they couldn’t make it work with their Japanese colleagues I’ve heard everything from the quality durability and reliability cycle the manual would not like survive it due to the extra torque in this engine and extra power and that’s why it was potentially more

Cost effective and easier to hit their engineering targets by modifying their nine-speed Auto and although I’ve kind of heard word that if there’s enough demand they might actually make it work so I wouldn’t hold your breath yeah but leave a comment if you want to see

Emmanuel and Nismo Z or Z Nismo as they keep saying how does this nine speed Auto compare to my beloved b-58 and zf8 speed uh it’s not as good just just straight up it’s not as good uh well nothing’s as good as the b-58 absolutely

Not just whisper it in my ear Josh at the Curious right by the way if you guys aren’t familiar you need to subscribe to Savage geese because that’s where Jack is from and uh Jacob is kind enough to fill in for Mark for me in our on our

Video as well which is going to be far more boring than this sadly for all of you folks and I actually need to thank uh Jack for inviting me out here because for some reason he’s didn’t invite us out here formally so a big thank you to

Jack for sponsoring this video they were they were worried about all of your T levels how’s the engine the engine is it pulls pretty hard like do I notice the extra 20 horsepower not necessarily but I feel like it is an improvement from the base engine and I have not driven a

Regular version with the automatic and if this is much improved I think that one must be terrible because this is like this is where I expect the Baseline for the automatic for the Z right driven the bases the base Auto is really bad yeah see and this isn’t like this is

Actually enjoyable especially out here like it’s popping off those ships pretty quickly it’s just when you get into a straight line and you go Full Throttle like here there’s a little bit of a delay there yeah I mean honestly man I feel like for the average Z buyer someone who’s

Actually going to be in this car most of the time you’re not going to be taking this to the track you’re gonna be in a Mountain Road yeah you’ll probably be pretty happy with the drivetrain I think this engine from a noise perspective at least to my year none of the noise is

Fake yeah it’s all coming through the valve exhaust and the the exhaust is identical to the automatic z uh the engine the vr30 I believe is the I have to interrupt you for a second let’s take a listen to the outside oh The engine mechanically is identical to the regular Z however the ignition control system is unique to this and it makes its power through extra boost it also has a bigger engine oil cooler the idea is this car can run a 30 minute track session we’ll find out

Later if it can or not but I man I I for 65 US 65 000. that’s okay oh and it but it’s the same turbo charger like they didn’t spend much developing the engine or adding the extra horsepower right so they they were limited by their development budget as

You see as you keep saying which makes sense so how is the suspension the suspension is actually really good out here we did notice uh getting to these Canyon roads that on uh uneven surfaces a little bit bumpy but not out of the realm of not dailyable

Yeah I think what I always liked about the Z is all the inputs because it’s double Wishbone because it is an older car underneath you have some of that old car feel and the naturalness to the way it drives I think the suspension tuning it doesn’t have all this weird like

Secondary body emotions yeah the other Z has when you drift that other car after it hooks up you can almost feel a bobble the whole thing always is upset this doesn’t happen exactly I totally agree like this actually handles really well out here the steering also feels really

Nice out here the only thing that’s missing is a set of Continental extreme contact sport O2 tires because that’s the recommended tire jack oh and let’s not forget about our other sponsor tux mats yes absolutely I was a loser in life before I put tux mats in my car and

In my Corvette actually as a Corvette owner I’m sure you appreciate that as well absolutely in fact I got rid of the marble floors in my house I put tux mats everywhere I wouldn’t doubt that I mean you don’t even need to heat them anymore yeah I mean my family thinks I’m more

Respectable since I put Ducks mats in my house my kids like will talk to me and my wife doesn’t spend so much time with her boyfriend anymore since I got tux mats in my Z in everything I own so by the way go to the straight

Pipes to look what they have for your car thank you for that plug Jack of course let’s talk about interior okay so first of all the steering wheel I really like this little Alcantara bit what I have liked the entire wheel to be Alcantara no because Alcantara gets

Disgusting so having it just on these little touch points is actually fantastic I mean the thing I most appreciate about Alcantara Jacob is after about 30 000 miles feels like someone crushed Oreos into somebody’s hairy back and that that’s the best part about it the other changes the seats these are real Recaro

Seats they are a massive improvement over the seats found in the regular City now I know you’re not used to this but we’re going to switch drivers right now so you can get your gorilla hands on this and your gorilla body in here because we’ve got some meat in here now

Oh man let’s do it Jacob I don’t believe in launch control burnout control Jack that was weak like Mark’s hairline oh man my T levels are through the roof Jack I mean if you’re not careful you’re gonna get in a lot of enlarged prostate for all the oh man

This gearbox yeah so did you leave it in Auto there or are you mad any manual mode yeah Your point earlier it’s not as sharp as the zf8 speed but I when you’re in the parameters that it likes it does shift pretty briskly and I’ve noticed it’s mostly like a half or 75 throttle anything beyond that it’s not great because by the time you click and get

Your shift you’ll almost be at Redline I guess let’s talk about interior again because we’ve already we’ve talked about the two major changes right new steering wheel I thought the two major changes were the red start stop button and the red D mode button well tell me about the D modes

Okay so because this is a Nismo we’ve got Sport Plus not just regular sport like the regular Z there’s nothing regular about this car jack this is a Nismo so Sport Plus that’s where you actually get those faster shifts and everything so out here we’ve been driving the Sport Plus the entire time

We don’t have any adaptive dampers so it’s not tied to that what else is a tie do the steering it’s tied from my understanding it’s primarily tied to throttle calibration trans tuning are the two big things I don’t think it actually changes anything with steering

But I could be wrong and what about the exhaust the exhaust is flat base so when you’re in sport and Sport Plus it’s open I think Sport Plus it’s fully open and then if you go Full Throttle it will open the valve just naturally with your back pressure yeah honestly it kind of

Sounds pretty good in here like if you love that VQ trumpet you kind of get it in this I would sound even better if it was a CBT imagine Jacob oh my goodness and this was just at 1600 RPM the entire time or if this was Yuri’s 350Z Oh my goodness as as ethnic Yuri I will tell you there is no car greater than my 350Z and I will also tell you this infotainment while it is you know capable of running wretched apple carplay as an Android User I will tell you there’s nothing greater well only

Thing greater is 90 but 90s video games so if you are bored I highly suggest you watch all of my my live streams in my free time great job ethnic Erie uh but yeah this infotainment we do have wireless Apple carplay we’ve got wired it is honestly great it feels old school

But it functions yeah I mean I think if you’re buying this car you’re of the mindset that you want a more traditional Nissan experience when I mean traditional Nissan experience I’m not saying expired tags in an Altima you want like an older feeling car you want

You want there to be no gimmicks in the interior space in your physical HVAC you have a simple shifter the head unit’s easy to use you have a backup camera out of like a gas station from the 90s but you know it’s it’s a nice place to spend

Time in and you can see yes and there’s enough knobs there’s enough gloss black like I love what do you think of this shifter it’s the weirdest thing ever I mean it’s again it’s it’s now Auto stick out of the Plymouth Prowler but would you have liked this to be anodized red

As well yes I would have yeah especially if they did the tip of it right here the big disappointment is there’s not enough gloss black in this car yeah that’s what I’m saying too uh so you want to talk about interior again yeah so these seats are very comfortable like very very

Comfortable I believe they’re the exact same Recaro from the previous Nissan Nismo Z but they apparently have stiffened the inside of the seats so you don’t actually feel it but apparently it adds to the rigidity of the car because I’m getting stiff hearing about it yeah

Me too just saying stiff like 52 times just makes me even stiffer but um everything about this the chassis and basically the car they’ve been telling us that like the entire underside of the car has been stiffened up in every way that they could possibly spend money in

Yeah so you have new dampers new bushings everywhere you have a stiffer steering rack you stiffer spring rates much stickier tires a wider rear tire they have taken a holistic approach to this car they’re not just thrown Parts out of it they’ve tried to address all of the deficiencies both from a driving

Perspective Drive terrain and suspension tuning yeah I mean I honestly like this car a lot more than I thought I would coming here we haven’t driven It On Track yet I don’t know if I’ll be disappointed or not I’ll insert a quick thing right now to give my thoughts on

That so we just got out of the Z On Track and it could not be more different than the regular Z performance I had full confidence in the Nismo a little bit terrified driving the regular Z out here it’s a really good car I’m honestly shocked yeah uh it was really fun too

Like actual genuine fun out there because you could lean on the car it did exactly what you expected to do nothing weird way yeah all right back to the road so I think that’s it with the car jack do you really like it because oh you you’re so good dude because I forgot

Wait wait wait three two one three two one fail and it has the extension which is a total fail ah perfect oh and by the way the cup holder is uh that’s I don’t like it but it does hold Jack’s phone right now that’s that’s really all that

Matters let’s get to the price Jack it’s 65 000 Freedom dollars yes yeah an exact Canadian dollars that is 75 998 which is a lot of money and it’s probably about uh in line with a Supra possibly a little bit more depending on how you spec it out all right is there anything

Else we need to talk about Sir what would you take would you take this or a manual Supra I was gonna say manual because it’s available it’s hard I think I want to drive them back to back on track and in the real world I like elements of this car again

I like that it’s double Wishbone I like that you feel more when you’re driving but the manual gearbox and the drivetrain are so good in the Supra it’s and it’s less money yeah it’s hard not to lean that way oh and there’s one thing a lot of things I still forgot to

Talk about the exterior looks okay so I think it actually looks a lot better than the regular one because they kind of get rid of that as you call the Domo mouth at the front yes but now with the what do they do it looks like a scared

Fish yes but I still think it looks better than the regular one especially from the rear three quarter with the uh the duck bill spoiler and all that kind of stuff uh and then the red accents which aren’t as prominent on this red exterior but they do look really good in

My opinion on the white one uh the bumpers look a little bit crazy but it’s in line with like the the GTR yep so I think it actually looks really good and I really like these wheels which are lightweight raised Wheels as well yeah which are wider in the rear yeah but

That’s it with the looks with the video thank you guys for watching I hope you guys appreciate it uh ethnic Erie instead of Yuri Yuri will be back in the next video and I know I think I think Yuri would like this car a lot uh I

Don’t know the car is incredible yes uh but Yuri would probably also miss a manual transmission because I know how much he likes manual transmission as a z Enthusiast which he is the second greatest car ever made and if you are shopping for one of these go to for discounted price

Offers thanks for watching and watch Savage pieces video because we’re also doing a video on uh Jack’s Channel AKA Mark’s Channel because Mark’s not here and I’m temporarily Mark as well