The Straight Pipes: WORTH $100,000? 2024 BMW X5 Review

Posted: 2023-07-21 12:00:56
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 BMW X5 40i review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW X5 xDrive40i is putting down 375 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 3L Inline 6 cylinder with a 48v mild hybrid. At $96,500 CAD, would you take it over the Mercedes GLE, Audi Q7, Genesis GV80, Porsche Cayenne, Lexus RX, Acura MDX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive Your refresh 2024 BMW X5 xDrive 40i without launch control wow [Applause] I did not expect that low five yeah horsepower in torque 375 horsepower 398 pound-feet of torque from a turbo 3-liter inline six cylinder with a 48 volt mile hybrid what a thunk it yeah I think that 48 volt mild hybrid really

Makes a difference in these new BMWs because this is the same b-58 engine but now we have that so we have extra power torque Flora definitely some delay but it it was pretty quick after that is there pumped in audio or is that just like a little

Bit it sounds like kind of all right I think it’s like a very reasonable amount to the point that you question it like it’s good okay so why does this look like that X1 or you reviewed uh yeah so it kind of has the same spec basically

And uh with the updates to the exterior it definitely looks like that X1 that I drove and this is the 40i yes this is not an M okay so there’s actually I have not found one M badge in this interior or exterior for the first time ever

Which is awesome but there is no m50i or 50i anymore it’s just 40i and 60i correct and the m60i we drove in the X6 you can get that same powertrain in this which is a proper M engine because it’s the S uh 68 which is a V8 which they now

Did with the m60s and now when you could probably get in that cool green too okay so I have a funny thing about that so let’s talk about this exterior color because I think this car is actually specked very well considering the free option that the person that’s specking

It was able to get for the exterior go for it so this color is the best color you can get for free now if you wanted that Isle of Man green that we had in the X6 which you got only on the m60i and above because you can get on the XM

As well sorry the x6m if you wanted that color on the X5 you can’t get it on the X5 m60i you have to go all the way up to the x5m so if you wanted that free color you’d have to spend another 56 000 on

The X5 is there a free color for the X5 60i there’s a bunch of colors but none of them are like that cool Isle of Man green there’s like a blue but it’s a normal blue oh okay yeah so kind of interesting that they did that because this is the more traditional SUV

Obviously because the shape but back to the actual spec of this car we finally don’t have anything blacked out on the exterior we’ve got like a nice shiny well matted out silver grill yeah it looks interesting yeah and it’s also illuminate did for an extra five hundred

Dollars you can’t see it during the day you can definitely see it at night cool cool and then we don’t have black wheels for the first time at least for us for a long time so again great job specing this vehicle I like these wheels I

Really like them yeah like the design is great this is what I kind of wanted on that x6m and what would be the Continental recommended tire the ones that we’re driving on the Premium Contact six and from the side view like the window trim is not blacked out or

Anything like that and you notice like a really nice body line down the side yeah I feel like the Xbox the same body line but maybe because of the paint color just yeah noticeable because this is a refresh so they wouldn’t have changed the doors and stuff I like that that big

Wheel Gap what does it remind you of uh first first year x5s no us in the wheel wells oh yeah but it kind of looks like like the original x5s yeah like the x3s and x5s when they had that like big beefy stance from the rear with the fat

Tires because we have three 15s on these why are these tires so fly I guess because it’s so fast though even though it’s like a slower one or whatever yeah but it is noticeable like it looks really good from the back and then the taillights are also updated and I do

Like these so cool I do like them a lot more than the ones on the X6 yeah I agree and the headlights are the Chevron ones which were just kind of neutral on at this point I mean we don’t like them it’s just like they’re there yeah it’s

The previous ones were better yeah okay exhaust we have normal exhaust I mean it’s at this point it’s like you know in the bumper integrated and then let’s take a listen to that from the outside Smooth inline six cylinder sounds smooth inline six cylinder sounds yeah but that’s it for looks like I generally really like this it’s it’s an X5 so I love this over the X6 because it looks like an SUV it’s more functional we have a split fold tailgate which I

Also love is this the first BMW in a while with no backfires yes for us yeah so this spec who’s buying this it’s uh probably not a real estate agent or is it like oh yeah it probably would be but like I feel like real estate right

There’s no M badges how are they supposed to sell you how you’re right yeah and this wouldn’t have to be white as well I don’t understand I mean probably a lot of people it’s like an entry level I need more room BMW SUV let us know if you’re one of those buyers by

Going to and getting discounted price offers it’s so weird because we barely get lower trims right so I can’t I don’t know I don’t know who’s buying this and like prices have increased so much that this is kind of a crazy price at this point but it’s in

Line with everybody else which is also crazy but anyways uh this interior spec is really really nice we got like white leather and then we have this very light wood which looks fantastic it’s interesting I was like dark or it’s like faded in and it depends like how the

Light shines off I did notice that the petals and the dead pedal look kind of I’m used to nice BMW pedals Dodge it yes that did stand out to me but what would really help this interior is a set of tux mat that would really Elevate this to possibly m60i levels without having

To pay m60i prices there is an m in tux mat go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car and into cliche Corner yep it handles pretty well it’s a little body rolly but yeah I mean it’s not quite an M but it

Also doesn’t feel like it’s not an M this handles really well yeah you can feel the torque vectoring and stuff and yeah it’s it’s still a BMW of your area ah he said it you guys have to subscribe even though Yuri said that I wouldn’t say

That but he probably knew I was I expect I was waiting for it yeah but it does handle really well uh the suspension is not adaptive but it is that like good BMW Middle Ground where it’s not too stiff it’s on the stiffer side but it’s

Not as stiff as I what I would imagine a comparable GLE would be okay how about the steering wheel did you like piloting this craft with this uh okay two things with the steering wheel uh I don’t like the steering feel and you’re gonna have the same issue where for some reason the

Feel is different than the one that we had in the X6 m60i where we kind of like drift off and it’s it’s hard to keep the car centered it’s like that m240i steering that I hated and complained about which was a total deal breaker for me yeah so like the on center is

Actually not our favorite like by a long shot and then the actual texture of this base entry model X5 is not very nice yeah apparently we’re spoiled by always driving top trims I didn’t even know a BMW steering wheel could feel so this not pleasant yeah it like borderline is

Reminding me of that urethane steering wheel I’m trying to I’m trying to remember what the X1 steering wheels was I’m imagining that hopefully I’m correct it’s very similar to this one yeah it’s uh interesting yes uh anyways we’ve got a ZF or ZF eight speed Auto and it shifts just as lovely

As it ever has and uh let’s get you into the driver’s seat at this point I think Gary one downshift cliche Corner control yeah it’s got some control definitely body roll though this is more car than I would expect it to be yeah this is nice I can’t even imagine what a like

The x5m is gonna feel like through here Yuri I’m not gonna lie I think a lot of this has to do with these great tires if I it might it might just saying just say it okay uh should I do a launch too yeah might as well even though it doesn’t have launch

Control I break boosted it you don’t break boost it it’s gonna suck if I don’t break but if your head doesn’t smack back I’m going to brake boost okay fine now see that’s garbage I faked it oh yeah that’s really good we’re getting that full power 3.99 damn

And I mean if we took this to a Dyno let’s just say the numbers would probably be even higher because BMW is kind of known for that okay what do you want to talk about next whatever you want to talk about you’re in the driver’s seat of this car review Yuri

Uh okay so the infotainment predictability you know I don’t like it now I found a new reason Jacob pointed out for me to not like it I accidentally found this so they got rid of the one to eight buttons right yes I got rid of the climate stuff blah blah blah apparently

If you’re not logged into your car you can’t set favorites yes you swipe down from the top and there’s just no favorite box yeah so that sucks you literally have to be logged in to an account yeah like a free account but you have to be logged I just want to be less

And less connected the more and more people try to connect me to cars and it’s just ah old man Yuri strikes again oh yeah and the next thing we can’t get the voice control to play SiriusXM channels we couldn’t do in the last one we couldn’t

Do it a year ago I think I have been told the engineers are aware of the problem but I do not know if it’s going to get solved or not but what we can do is this open the front left window do you repeat that open the front left window try once

Again or say help open the front left window we can do that so there’s that but it can’t close it for safety reasons but it’s kind of cool I mean I don’t know I don’t know oh what is cool is the ambient lighting so we have this cool uh whatever they

Call it emotion bar or whatever it’s called like I don’t know it does stuff when you get a phone call it looks pretty cool at night when it like fades in it’s really nice Jacob get a shot of that for me okay here it is all right so

These seats I’m pretty comfortable we got presets all that stuff where’s my massage button uh we don’t have that this is not that type of car Yuri that’s uh we didn’t pay for that but what we did pay for I mean I guess it’s included we do have forward and back Lumbar and

Then we do have adjustable side bolsters which is great and these seats are generally very comfortable but often down lumbar yes yeah dude and then this uh thigh support as well but that’s manual that’s for people with long legs like myself I literally never need it yeah I get that okay backseat room

Backseat room is really good it’s an X5 and I actually fit back there totally fine because we also have peasant blockers yeah that’s good for the kitties and then how about trunk space because it’s not a coupe so you can fit more stuff in it it’s got more trunk

Space than an X6 that is a verified fact of statement or whatever I still rather under oath I’d still rather take the X6 if they could put the X5 tail lights on the X6 I think it’d look cool I really like these tail lights yeah these tail lights

Are sick and then as for other cool Technologies it still does have like that backup assist stuff the parking assist stuff which is really nice to have how about Lane keep assist Jake oh my goodness I think this is possibly the best Lane keep assist adaptive cruise

That I have ever used tell me about it okay so I was on the highway and then all of a sudden I got this assisted plus would you like to enter this mode I’m like heck yeah I’m gonna try this out I did not have to touch the steering wheel

The entire time until I entered a more populated area of the highway and then it put me back into like the still really good one but I did have to touch a steering wheel at that point yeah keep your eyes on the road it’s got the stuff

That watches and all that stuff and it worked really well for you you really liked it incredible and I did find out oh yeah totally better than super Cruise because it doesn’t have to be on pre-mapped highways and I did find out that apparently this works up to 135

Kilometers per hour nice nice That’s right maybe I read that fact I didn’t actually test it and then cup holders heated and cooled which I’m kind of surprised we have that I am too because as crazy as it is to say this is a base

Model it kind of is a base model three advisors two one yes good job BMW and anyone new to the Channel all we are trying to do with that is block out the sun because I did see some comments of people not understanding why we do that

Yeah subscribe if you’re new to the channel I don’t think we’ve asked anyone to subscribe in months no so thank you guys for subscribing whoever subscribes from this video and every other video so with the X6 that we drove recently this X5 currently I feel like that’s pretty

Much everything to talk about with this new X5 yes these are lci’s life cycle impulse refreshes before we get to the price which motor do you like more the 40i or the 60i as smooth as this b-58 is I’m gonna have to go with that s58 or

Sorry s68 but are you not pleasantly surprised by this very pleasantly surprised like this is totally more than enough power okay I think it’s time we get to the price this one is actually you know what starting price 86 000 seems like a lot for a lower trim and

This one with not that many crazy options is ninety six thousand five hundred dollars that is wild that this is a hundred thousand dollar Canadian car it really is there’s nothing more to say to that like you can save yourself 500 bucks by not getting that illuminated Grill yeah we’re driving by

Uh Genesis right now would you maybe considered Genesis SUV instead of this I probably would I mean it’d be a lot less money considering the options that you get I kind of like everything about previous gen BMWs more I think they got this as a sweet spot it was perfect back

Then and like they just nailed it so this would not be my pick in the BMW lineup yeah I mean it’s like our m340i review where did they get anything that much better no is it still great yes but is the previous one better yes yeah in many different ways objectively and

Subjectively if I had to get an X5 or an X6 my ideal would be like a 2015-16 blue X6 with the red interior xxm I think it was Long Beach blue I think that’s the most perfect one ever yeah that was a good one for you I could see why you’d

Like that one so let us know which one is right for you in the comments below right now Yeah yeah can you even tell the difference between the next one we’ve been throwing X1 footage this whole time at least one clip was the X1 yeah let us know there’s a spot of that