The Straight Pipes: WORLD’S GREATEST CVT! 2023 Subaru WRX SPT Review

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-20 13:00:27
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Subaru WRX SPT review by The Straight Pipes. The 2022 Subaru WRX is putting down 271 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L Turbo 4 cylinder boxer engine. At $41,895 CAD, would you take it over the Hyundai Elantra N, VW GTI, VW Jetta GLI, Honda Civic Si?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Subscribe [Applause] 2022 Subaru WRX spt AKA CVT with no launch control all that yes [Laughter] Horsepower and dark 271 horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter turbo 4-cylinder boxer engine okay CVT I wanted to concentrate on CVT with no manuals around like a last review so we can fully focus on it so I said it was called an spt which is a Subaru

Performance transmission they have gone out of their way to not call this a CVT even though it is a CVT okay so in sports sharp the sharpest mode I’m going to floor it and very very fast and the fake shifts are really quick damn bro and then if we go to a sport

Intelligent do the same thing considerably slower yeah and smoother it’s like the rubber band does the rubber banding thing I am shocked at how good it shifts for that and I think if you have knee issues if you are older and you’ve already driven manual for

Many years that’s the reason to get this and it’ll be all right probably and we’re going to be driving this on dirt roads today because we’re gonna have some fun okay dirt roads mind sport this thing rests pretty hard it does nice and floated we wanted to drive it

On snow because it is winter we got winter tires but this is the best we could do yeah uh sorry uh this is the climate we have right now and it’s actually really fun on dirt roads I love driving Subarus on dirt roads and okay this is actually a 2022 Subaru WRX it’s

Actually the same one we filmed before the only thing is I’ve tried to book a 23 I didn’t realize that they’re gonna give you a 22 because it’s a carry over here so everything’s going to be exactly the same so this is technically a 22 sorry guys we literally thought we were

Getting a 23 in 23. and we want to do winter and CBT but at least we’re doing it and like I am happy to find out that when we’re not distracted by how good a manual transmission is no matter how bad the car is that the CVT is actually

Really good yeah Subaru did an impeccable job of masking the fact that this is CVT but also allowing it to work as a CVT when it needs to work as a CVT like when you launched it with a brake boost yeah okay and then um other stuff

That this can do that the manual can’t do we’ve got the eyesight stuff that all works really well like at the radar our cruise lanky the only thing that sucks is that it beeps a lot it’s like the distance in front changes beat if something else changes beep and it’s got

Those little lights on the dash that pop up to show you like if you’re distracted or whatever and all the info in the infotainment so does it say keep your eyes on the road like the other side it doesn’t have that yeah it’s good so see that’s like the eyesight is different

Than like the eye watching yes but it’s got the good uh radar Cruise Line keep so I enjoyed that and in order to get all of those safety features you have to get this spt as CBT you have to yeah yeah like in the manual I wouldn’t want

It anyways all right I’m going to go through new dirt cliche Corner yeah we traveled very far up north for this review so we could have some gravel roads well manual downshift oh here we go oh did you have fun fun was had I enjoyed that that’s good actually this

Would be actually pretty sweet in like full winter driving or full like like rally kind of stuff dude I used to have a WRX I did a bunch of rallies I won them and especially since the STI doesn’t exist anymore like yeah welcome to 2023 no STI it’s really weird to

Think that still all right handbrake turn U-turn uh there’s no handbrake there’s a finger break yeah I don’t want to actually use it because I’m worried that I’m going to break the car it doesn’t have like the dccd I can’t like disconnect the rear diff like an STI can

Yeah I could sorry former STI yeah I just I feel like I’ve like used it before in other cars like the Jetta commercial or whatever remember that yeah yeah it’s not Super’s not that company anymore they’re going the way of Mitsubishi unfortunately but at least this currently still exists in this form

Yeah it’s like it’s still pretty fun like okay I’m gonna do this turn the other way now okay yeah harder to do it that way yeah we got to come into these things a lot hotter anyways I got on gravel it’s like kind of comfortable we’ll talk about

More when you’re driving but like man you can really uh hear those rocks banging off every single like wheel Arch yeah you really can’t and something I’d like to talk about right now up front is plastic face that is what I affectionately called this when we’ve previously reviewed it let me

Know if that has caught on in the forums for the nickname for this car but as of right now Yuri and I are totally over plastic face and this thing actually looks pretty good I didn’t mind it from the start and I’m glad that you came

Around to the Yuri Dark Side I’ve seen this in Orange driving around I’m like you know what this is pretty cool and now that we’re driving on a dirt road you know what this is pretty cool I saw some blue ones they’re pretty cool okay

And then I guess along the lines of that before you drive what do you think of the BMW m3m4 grills I mean I still don’t really like them but do you really mind no no sometimes you see me I guess pretty cool yeah you see with the silver

Badge you know the guy got manual you’re like that’s pretty cool but the M3 still looks better as the regular Grill oh wait uh sorry m340i but now it’s got the upside down headlights which makes it worse yeah yeah hey you’ll get used to it in two years yeah yeah probably all

Right your turn to drive gravel one gravel launch no brake boost so we can hear the C do its thing the fake shifts are quick convincing yeah okay so now I’m going to use the paddles Yuri I want you to film the speed of the shifts with the paddles ready

It is like dual clutch fast look at that unreal good job Subaru of Faking a stool clutch with a CVT honestly this is the best CVT I have used in my life and I’m not really sure if that’s a compliment title of our video no it’s good it’s

Really good so yeah Subaru great job and it’s also nice to actually have paddles we can also shift this uh no we can’t this place but like it’s not like the best for we’ll explain in a second yeah cliche uh okay cliche North Corner cliche uh drift Corner in Subarus okay

Downshift with my fake cbtness and Chuck it in and send it oh yeah so fun to drive Subarus they handle really well we have that symmetrical all-wheel drive no it’s not an STI but this does a really good job even though it’s like open diffs too bad there’s no

Snow yeah it was so funny but like on gravel it’s still almost more fun because it’s it’s more dangerous yeah but the snow is everywhere yeah when there’s snow every road is fun it’s true so since it’s not snowing inside would you rather track in muddy boots into

Your car or snowy boots into your car over the train tracks um I think I would rather track in snowy boots although they’d be salty but you know what water it’s more watery though but like with tux mat it wouldn’t even matter right exactly so you get a set of tux mat go

To the straight pipe see what they have available for your vehicle because there’s a ton of coverage they go so high up the sides in every vehicle that they make tux mat for so then if it was snowy outside what would be the Continental recommended tire for a WRX

The Viking contact seven and if it wasn’t and we were back in the summer the extreme contact sport O2 which is their brand new summer High Performance Tire that we tested in California too bad they didn’t put that on the wrx’s on the donut video here oh yeah Shadow

Donut media uh if you guys haven’t watched that series highly recommend watching it they blew I think it was seven Subaru engines on their wrxs that looks like it was a budget nightmare yes good job guys that was some of the most entertaining content I’ve ever seen on

YouTube for cars you guys did an incredible job considering the logistical nightmare that we can only imagine that was yeah I think I’m team low you know what I mean I think everyone was team low on that series like that particular one but like I

Think I’m just like a team low kind of guy like let’s just let’s just hope for the best I get it and it’s the middle of the video and it’s 2023 and we have not asked you guys to subscribe at least this year and probably in the last six

Months of 2022. I feel like we’ve been pretty chill on the asking people to subscribe for the last two years edits or subscribers don’t climb as fast as they used to so subscribe for really great honest to goodness content on car reviews we are very honest yes we are

Extremely honest to the point that some manufacture factors don’t like how honestly we get banned regularly from manufacturers because we’re so honest so thank you guys for watching and allowing the manufacturers to continue giving cars because of our honesty so they know we’re honest and then they’ll just

Continue because if we get permaband then people will know that they did something and they’re like what’s going on then honesty honesty they got nothing to hide Integrity I literally get in trouble like every month with straight pipes yeah yeah we get in trouble a lot

But like I cost too much now let’s talk about the suspension for this Subaru it’s really good on these gravel roads the suspension is good but the road noise is still Subaru road noise so it’s still really loud in here yes we’re on gravel roads we’ve driven other cars on

Gravel roads watch our Defender review much quieter but I mean it’s it’s a it’s a sedan affordable sports car exactly I’m not going to complain too much like I’m not okay well normal roads is maybe a little bouncier than I’d like but also it’s a sports car so

It’s supposed to be like that but I think you could get away with this as a family car like just barely but one thing that I don’t like about it is the light steering it is too light so like I don’t really know what my wheels are doing especially like on gravel and

Stuff when I’m trying to have fun it’s it almost feels like I’m on gravel when I’m on a pave Pro I get the feeling of like the m240i where if I I’m on the highway or normal road if I like look at a bird I’m all of a sudden like drifting

Away yeah and like those damn birds and Bugattis you know how those mix wait what you don’t you don’t remember that no the guy that claimed to look at it oh yeah yeah drove into a lake because he wanted to write off the car yeah yeah I

Know I remember that now yeah I mean I do look at Birds like when I see him fly by I’m like oh cool or if I look at a cool building and then all of a sudden I’m like drift I look at a lot of stuff on the road while

I’m driving okay okay all right my mind wanders follow Yuri on Instagram for uh his bird photos there’s lots of bird photos on Yuri’s Instagram follow mine for a John Deere content shout out John Deere also not Shadow because my wife bought me this hat and it’s really expensive yo

Shout out uh John Deere losing that lawsuit yeah yeah right to repair come to a stop I want you to launch but manually shift your gears I want you to nail your shifts because if you’re a red line it’ll bounce eh nailed it nailed it bounce the next one oh God

Anyways if you hit the limiter which is pretty cool like yeah but the fact that I can nail it in a CVT means that you can actually ship this really quickly like this does feel dual clutch like but here’s thing like shift up again and

Then so if you like try to get to the highest gear like you have to click a bunch of times right yeah but if you go so you go up a few now hold the left paddle yeah so it’s like little computer things that they could do better yeah

Considering it’s faking everything like it’s yeah just like add that and also uh moving inside infotainment tall one same as uh we had in the ascent review watch that not really a fan yeah we do have heated seats which I’m a fan of right now but they’re in the infotainment

Which again not a fan of it’s all right but not as good as previous gen WRX infotainment but whatever reverse camera only but it’s all dirty right now and then we have gloss black in here which sucks considering we’re off-roading in the winter all right carbon fiber red

Stitching cool materials cups fit a cup small cup of Timmy’s just fine visor test three two one nothing yeah I fit behind myself you probably don’t fit behind yourself no and then uh seats are really comfortable pretty well bolstered but not as good as like the Recaro seats I’m I’m fine with these

Seats for like a norm for a WRX yeah okay is that about it uh one thing I actually do still want to talk about is the engine the engine’s great paired with this CVT it does hold pretty hard like put it in drive and floor it and

The fact that it downshifts so quickly this is a great car to drive with this transmission I’m surprised that they pulled this off honestly because yeah anytime you hear CBT which is why they called an SBT plus performance card doesn’t really add up imagine how much

Uh less people would hate it if they didn’t come out with a plastic from the start and it had like a sick exhaust yeah it would be like they give those two things I know people would be like this car is sweet yeah but this transmission paired with this engine I

Feel like is even less turbo laggy then the manual because you’re not waiting for your own shift it just does it and then you instantly almost have Boost so like it kind of pairs really well with this and I hate to admit that but like you said in the beginning of the video

I still think you should get the manual if you can unless you have knee issues for some reason you can’t drive a manual like rush hour traffic is not an excuse no drive manual and rush hour traffic just do it do it but like yeah if you’ve

Been if you’re old and you’ve been driving manual for the last 30 years you’ve contributed enough to society it’s fine this is good okay now it’s time we get to the price currently since this is a 2022 this starts at thirty thousand nine nine five Canadian and the

Most expensive one you can get which is actually this model that we’re in is 41 895 and we assume that the prices are going to go up in 2023 because that’s how everything works yeah so go to if you are shopping for one of these because uh that’ll probably

Be your best bet to get one of these for discounted price offers thanks for watching enjoy cvts from now on they can be good yes they can’t in this application it is good they are all right