The Straight Pipes: Which Car Would YOU Take? 2023 BMW M2 vs Toyota Supra vs Nissan Z Review

Which Car Would YOU Take? 2023 BMW M2 vs Toyota Supra vs Nissan Z Review

Posted: 2023-05-10 12:00:46
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 BMW M2 vs 2023 Toyota Supra vs 2023 Nissan Z review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW M2 is putting down 453 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 3L Inline 6 cylinder. The “Is that a Supra?” is putting down 382 horsepower and 368 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 3L Inline 6 cylinder. The Nissan Z is putting down 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 3L V6 cylinder. At $79,600 CAD for the BMW M2, $70,630 CAD for the Toyota GR Supra, and $59,448 for the Nissan Z, which one would you take?

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0:00 Hype Intro
0:28 What this video is
0:57 Horsepower & Torque
1:27 BMW M2 vs Nissan Z
2:16 Best manual transmission
3:24 Best looking car
5:13 Best exhaust sound
6:36 Best wheels
7:19 Which one we prefer based on looks
7:48 Best ride quality / Cliché corner M2 vs Z
9:11 Switching cars – Supra vs Nissan Z
9:30 Launch control
10:13 Best handbrake
10:37 Cliché corner Supra vs Nissan Z
11:09 Interior seat comparison
12:02 Toyota Supra vs Nissan Z
12:20 Interior space
13:40 Rev matching
14:00 Traction control
14:35 Drive modes
15:14 Gauge clusters
15:50 Cliché corner Supra vs Nissan Z again
16:27 Switching cars – Supra vs M2
17:10 Launch control
17:53 Interior spaciousness
18:17 Infotainments CarPlay
18:32 Cliché corner Supra vs M2
19:18 Interior features
20:48 Supra vs M2
21:05 Power to weight ratio
21:33 Limited slip differentials
21:49 Watch savagegeese
22:05 Best engine
22:42 Best drifting / donuts / skids
23:44 Prices
24:13 Which one we would pick (don’t just skip to this part)

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive We’re comparing the manual M2 the manual Nissan Z and the manual gr Supra these are the coolest new manual rear wheel drive cars that you can buy in 2023 and chances are you’re not going to be able to go to a dealership and test drive all

Them so we’re going to have you guys live vicariously through us so if you’re looking to buy one of these you’ll know by the end of the video whether it’s the one Yuri likes Jacob likes or maybe the one we both like together or maybe the one our future kids buy because these

Are actually the future drift missiles in 15 to 20 years so let’s start them off with a horsepower and torque the Nissan Z has 400 horsepower 350 pound-feet of torque from a twin turbo 3 liter V6 this M2 has 453 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque from a twin

Turbo in nine six cylinder and the Supra that we’ll be driving later has 382 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque from a turbo 3 liter inline six-cylinder heck yeah six cylinders and they all got six-speed manual transmissions which is so sick so I guess we’ll give it a little rip oh about even

Wow all right so it’s a little hairy out today nothing we can do about it like we’re true British car journalists now filming everything in the rain right apparently because this is how Top Gear filmed every day so uh shout out us for suffering through the rain and kind of

Snow and everything and R.I.P camera again yes we’ve killed another camera today unfortunately so to find out which one is the best we’re going to be swapping through the cars going through cliche corner I want it to start in the Nissan because I have a 350Z I wanted to

Start with this one and then see if one of the other BMWs is actually better than this and since you started in the least expensive car I actually wanted to start in the most expensive most powerful car what I really want to know between that M2 and the gr Supra is if

The gr Supra transmission is that much better because it is the one that’s all set up through Toyota and I really liked it when I did a solo review so we’ve been switching cars every day this week let’s talk about the manual transmissions in each one the M2 I think

Has probably the worst one it is the most rubbery feeling I feel like the Supra is the best and the Z’s right in the middle it was really nice to go back and forth between the M2 and the gr Supra to really prove how much nicer that Toyota built transmission was I was

Shocked at the difference I expected a BMW transmission since it’s a BMW engine in the Supra but man Toyota did an amazing job on that manual they used BMW parts but they were the ones that put them together and then this Z has not grinded any gears I feel like that first

Z we drove was just like a one-off issue and it actually feels nice so I think we’re 100 ranking it gr Supra Nissan Z and then M2 for shifter feel transmission feel yes and clutch pedal feel as well but the Supra definitely has the stiffest clutch which is a

Little bit different than I expected so before we keep talking about all the good stuff and rip back and forth through cliche and change it up I want to talk about some of the service level stuff like looks which one looks better to you of all three I I am kind of

Thinking the gr Supra surprisingly I like seeing the Z in person so much more just like I thought when we had that meet up at tuxmat feel like I said tux Matt hit up straight pipes there was two guys with Z’s and that’s where my eyes were drawn to the most

There was more Supras and I didn’t pay as much attention see and I love seeing all the modified supers because by this point everyone’s got t37s they’re all lowered and the z’s are still new and fresh they’re still looking a little stock and this M2 is definitely the

Bottom of the barrel it is not growing on me and I’ve seen it now twice in person so of all the headlights I guess it goes Supra Z and then M2 and then as for tail lights I think the Z wins tail lights then Supra then M2 I am with you

On that actually I love the back end of that Z still and you know what for Body Lines I think it’s kind of a tie they all have something special going on oh man I’m giving it to the Supra 100 that thing is gorgeous there’s wide shoulders

On the back which also affects the trunk space looks amazing yeah but that M2 is a wide boy and then the Z is a nice smooth boy the m2’s best quality is its side profile I will give it that the Box fenders look great and then if you are

Forced to rock front license plates on all three of these cars I think the one with the front plate that looks the best is definitely the Z because it kind of takes away from that gigantic Grille and then rear ends I think we got to give it

To my boy Z yeah I’m gonna have to agree but a very close tie for me with the Supra like supra’s neck and neck M2 kind of has cooler exhaust tips but it’s got the muffler diaper so would you like more the Z exhaust tips with the holes

Or just the normal super exhaust tips no I actually like the M2 exhaust tips the most we got double duels and then what should we do next we should listen to them all three from the outside and you guys let us know in the comments which one you like best Mmm Just Revan gonna have to give it to M2 with a solid second for the super but the Supra might sound better while rolling [Applause] buttery smooth I feel like with the aftermarket exhaust it might even sound the best and the Z is like dead last

Even if you stray piped it I don’t even know if it would help it just sounds like a vacuum you straight piped it the Z would win for sure I don’t know man I’ve seen some on YouTube and they don’t sound that great they’re not it’s not

That old like VQ trumpet like yours okay and then uh pumped in audio M2 definitely has some it’s not the most defensive the Supra feels like it has a little bit and the Nissan I think has none I feel like they’re all inoffensive the way that they’ve done it it’s not

Like the new Civic Type R at all yeah nothing wrong with either them except for that you can’t have the crackles and pops and backfires unless you have pumpkin audio on the M2 which kind of sucks just like the Supra you have to be in sport mode and the Supra and the M2

Both have valved exhausts but the Nissan Z does not have a valve exhaust so then onto Wheels they all have boring black wheels so I think it’s a total tie they all lose no they don’t they are all black and they’re all boring no only the M2 has actually black wheels the other

Two have gun metal wheels and I really like the wheels that are on the Supra as far as I’m concerned gunmetal is black I think the first gen of the new Supra was better wheels and I think the Z Proto Edition wheels are better than these Z

Wheels and I guess the m1s are kind of a nice design but not in that color and then what would be the Continental recommended tire if you were lucky enough to buy one of the cool rear wheel drive manuals six cylinders this year the extreme contact sport O2 which you

Can fit to many different Vehicles if you don’t have the privilege of owning one of these so overall looks wise I guess you want a Supra sitting in your driveway right I think so yes it would be a very close second with the Z though

I would like a green Z sitting in my driveway more than I’d want a yellow Supra or a blue or red M2 what color would you take your Supra I would probably take my Supra in yellow or red probably red I don’t know if you can get

Yellow in the manual a91 Edition but I see where you’re going wraps exist as long as it has a manual I honestly don’t even care what color it is so we’re gonna send it into cliche corner it is definitely wet but I do have adaptive suspension in the M2 and you don’t in

The Z which definitely sucks although the ride quality in the Z is very good yeah it’s nice and soft I’d like I like it it’s chill it’s like my old ZX set better in every way yeah and this M2 does handle really well we did push this

Car in Arizona at the launch as well and it is wet out here so we are going to be extra careful because every car has a bit of a tendency to understeer today are you going to use your auto rev match because I am honestly I’m leaving it on

Just because it’s a lot easier to talk to camera right now and uh concentrate on not ending up on the barrier okay these are pretty fun you having fun there Jacob I’m having a definitely medium fun and I do want to oversteer really badly and here we go a little bit

Okay yeah that’s good and I did a little with traction fully on in the Z and it cut power immediately and reeled me in but I know with the Z tracks all the way off this thing slides so much nicer for my style of sliding and the M2 feels

Like a nice new BMW it just feels very very solid the suspension is great in all the modes honestly not that much of a difference between all the modes is not that crazy so you could daily drive this no problem and when you’re trying to slide the M2 around if you’re having

Some fun you know you know your own parking lot or whatever it is very predictable as well and very easy maybe not as easy as the last m2cs but still very very good so I think we should switch up cars Yuri which one are you

Going to do next anybody had the M2 is the last one I want so I’m going to try the gr Supra and we’ll see if the very end the M2 can redeem itself and beat everyone out and I’m going to try the Z to see if the most affordable car here

Deserves to be here the M2 does have launch control but I’m in the Z now let’s see if it has launch control yes it does uh today it’s just burnout control traction off Florida in the Supra let’s see if it has launch control no it just revs to redline and burnout City again

Oh God I love this shifter dude the transmission the transmission [Applause] and the transmission in the Z is also really not bad because it’s not grinding it doesn’t feel as bad as that first one we drove so there’s probably something wrong with that one okay let’s put our

Way through cliche corner and talk about some of the other stuff inside here like the Nissan Z you have a manual handbrake how sweet is that for doing silly stuff I mean I’m sure it would be pretty fun in the winter and whatnot this Supra and

The M2 both only have the little pull-up handbrake the electronic stuff which like kind of totally sucks because the last M2 had a manual handbrake and bump into cliche Corner oh yeah this feels like a GT car in the Z dude the super seats are so comfy

Okay trying not to understeer here yeah the seats and the Z are actually really good too they’re well bolstered and uh yeah through here it just feels like the least sports car so far between this and the M2 I’m in sport traction and it’s doing a very good job of keeping me on

The road in this weather this feels great through there yeah in the Z I left traction on and it does like to cut power a lot and if you turn it off you’re just gonna be fully sideways which is also fun okay so back to the

Interior the seats in this gr Supra I think are just as comfortable as the Z I love it except the gr Supra is all electronic where the Z has like half the electronic half manual and no presets yeah the seat adjustment in the Z is terrible takes forever to get into a

Position and then I’m still not that comfortable and the actual seating position I feel like I’m really high the M2 had a better seating position for me and the Supra I think has the best seating position for me but ironically the side where the actual roof is you

Can’t really see out of it even at my height yeah you and John Cena yeah you and Jacob from Fast and Furious right or the same person you can’t see either of us and we were lucky enough to be gifted the normal seats in the M2 which are so

Much better than the carbon buckets completely changes that car yes absolutely do not option those carbon buckets these seats are so much better they’re still well bolstered no issues so these two are very closely matched in Horsepower Yuri three two identical holy crap no one is pulling

Away we’ll get to the weights later and the horsepower and torque and all that stuff to see how these are evenly matched and why nothing’s pulling okay we gotta talk about seats because we talked about comfort in the front but how about comfort in the back I feel

Like only the M2 has back seats you feel like that or that’s the only true fact of that statement yeah it’s the only one with back seats but what’s cool about it is if you’re under six feet like I fit behind myself perfectly fine in the M2

The last gen M2 I know I keep bringing it up but I fit even better but it’s still a very usable car for four people who aren’t Giants yes myself being a giant uh the back seats virtually don’t add anything for me although it is nice to have back seats just for extra

Storage space because back here it’s not the best in the Z but it is definitely better than what’s in the Supra yeah if we open up our hatches and trunk uh you definitely have a lot of room in all them but like the load area to get

Something in is so much smaller and then the M2 is a look with the seats that fall down ski pass that’s very usable too maybe even more room to fit stuff the M2 is by far the most practical car here for sure and then the trunks to pop

Them open the BMW you can pop from the back or from the door panel from the key fob the Supra you can only pop from the door panel or the key fob you can’t pop it from the trunk and then the zig you can pop every way it’s normal it’s actually

Been really annoying not being able to open the trunk in the Supra so if you’re living with it that is definitely a factor that you have to think about taking the key out of your pocket just pressing that unlock button okay a couple more interior things rev match on

And off in the Z you’ve got a hard button in the M2 and the Supra you need to tie it through your settings in the infotainment which isn’t the hardest to do yeah it’s definitely nice that you can do it in all three cars but it is

Definitely the easiest in the Z it’s just a nice hard button so good job Nissan for that and to turn off traction control we’ve got one button the click and the Z which is awesome and then you can dial it in a lot more in the M2 with

The mdrift analyzer and your MDM and then the Supra also has a middle traction which is nice because not everybody wants to go straight to traction off right yeah it’s really nice having that middle mode in well in the Supra and the M2 having like 52 different modes foreign Yo this sounds kind of all right I don’t mind this pumped in this yeah this one sounds like nothing like it sounds okay inside but I know how bad it sounds outside but let’s get to the drive modes the Z doesn’t have any of them that is amazing engineering I love

It don’t over complicate it the Supra has a sport mode and that’s it yeah and it’s like sport individuals so your sport is actually your custom mode which is cool it’s it’s genius and then the M2 several different Drive modes it is fully customizable through the infotainment it is uh yeah it’s that’s

By far the most customizable car here but the more you get used to a BMW the more you appreciate having all that customization and the fact that we have the M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel is unreal yeah it’s I think everyone did a good job in their own

Ways for the drive modes okay back to cliche Corner before we switch them up again I have an amazing gauge cluster and I got Wicked shift lights in the Supra let me just Boom that does sound pretty good from back here and my gauge cluster in the Z is really good in the actual Z mode the other modes are kind of not the best especially the one terrible looking mode and then you’ve got shift lights up at

The top of the Z as well and then the M2 will also have shift lights but like that gauge cluster is kind of sloppy I don’t really like it at all yeah the Z gauge cluster in the best mode is definitely really good no problem okay

So turn in on the Z definitely feels GT like a little bit sloppy yeah the super feels like a scalpel much uh sharper than everything else yeah that thing is Nimble AF and yeah this thing oversteered oh wow it over steers and then the traction just kind of does this

Weird compensation thing not the best with traction on so so far which ones you have more fun through in cliche corner I mean so far I had the most fun in the M2 for sure but I didn’t love looking at it I think the gr Supra is

Like kind of the sickest through there right now but I don’t know if that’s gonna change when I drive the m too I honestly think that the Supra may be my favorite car but I’m gonna find out right now I want to go in the super next

Yuri I think you’re in the M2 I’m kind of sad I won’t get to look at a z in my rearview mirror anymore or in front of me with those cool tail lights but at the end of the video we will find out which one we want to take home at the

End of the day it might not be the best car here objectively but it’s the one that we want the keys to to enjoy on our drive home and here’s the catch the manufacturers have allowed us to buy whichever two we want just kidding they

Would never let us do that they got to go to dealers so they can get markup but if you’re looking for your own car hit up discounted price offers maybe hit that link in the top right corner before all the other viewers find their perfect M2 super or Nissan Z

Well I guess now I’ll do my launch control preparing I kind of did something in the rain and that shifter feels okay everything feels so much softer in this M2 than the gr Supra Supra no launch control sideways oh this transmission oh that shift was buttery smooth this engine also feels

And sounds buttery smooth Yuri I think this may be the car for me yeah yeah I know it’s a really sweet car okay in this M2 I feel like I have so much more like window and I can see more and I can I feel roomier just like I do in the Z

But this is even roomier than that the M2 is definitely very spacious inside the Supra is the complete opposite I feel like I’m in a spaceship cockpit however I love the driving position in this so much I am so low this is this perfect for me I love this I just I feel

Like I’m at home okay and then when we look at our infotainments we’ve got a wireless Apple carplay in the gr Supra and them too because they’re both BMWs but we’ve got wired Apple carplay in the Z which is so much better because then you can actually watch videos on your

Phone all right through cliche corner in the M2 and oh yeah a little understood and that comes out perfectly yeah I think this is probably the best handling you gotta go fastest in but uh there’s something about that super I really liked downshift into cliche Corner oh the suspension even in sport

Is actually really good so let’s see what we do through here the Turning is so Direct in this car most overused statement ever but this is the most precise car here it just feels like that oh wow there’s so much power from uh this b-58 engine this is the most fun yeah

Not the most predictable but the most fun so far and some more Comfort things this M2 has heated seats a heated steering wheel a backup camera automatic parking even though you have a manual transmission and full Radars all the way around and then in the super and the Z

You only get heated seats you don’t get heated steering wheels but you do obviously have reverse cameras in both but no automatic parking and backup assist no but I really like having memory seats in the Supra as well and generally in the interior in the Supra

We do have a lot of hard buttons we’ve got that old BMW goodness with the one through eight hard buttons and the climate control is also all hard buttons and your BMW’s all touch which totally sucks yeah I don’t like it but it’s nice that we both have rotary dials but the Z

Is perfect with it it’s just old school knobs a normal touch screen volume knob tuning knob hard buttons yeah the Z is definitely the most old-school car here because it’s uh kind of a car from 2003 or whatever and then when it comes to putting down your phone for the Apple

Carplay the M2 is the only one that doesn’t really have enough room for a normal sized phone the supra’s got enough room the Z has enough room so there’s that but the Z does not have wireless charging yeah who needs wireless charging when you plug in but

You know what everyone does need is sliding visors ready three two one go oh that doesn’t even extend nothing and let’s cut to the Z real quick and then as for cup holders the M2 can fit two cups perfectly right in front of the shifter this Supra has awful cup

Holder placement that gets in the way of the elbow and then so does the Z so now the best for last I’m in the Supra with the b-58 engine you’re in the M2 with the s58 engine Yuri three two nobody’s pulling all these cars are the same why okay that happening let me

Explain why this is happening power to weight ratio this Supra is the lightest car we have here at 3 400 pounds the Z is the middle at 3 600 pounds and that M2 is the heaviest at 3 800 pounds so if you factor in horsepower to weight and

Get the ratio they’re all basically identical at 0.11 horsepower per pound and the M2 is 0.12 basically the same that’s pretty good considering there’s a pretty big price difference and every car here is obviously rear wheel drive and they all do have limited slip differentials however the one and the Z

Is a mechanical one and I find that to almost feel like a welded diff at slow speeds I can hear the tire just kind of like wanting to stick it like doing a little bit of a drift I don’t love it and we’re obviously doing a full Road

Review for daily driving but if you want a track comparison between the Supra and the new M2 as well as the old M2 check out Savage geese’s video because they actually did a very scientific test on this same tires and the results May shock you yeah and all manual

Transmissions but then back to the power I think I like this Z power more I like how it’s kind of got that lag and like really pushes you where the Supra and the M2 are very consistent very linear yeah see the Z has this like peaky kind

Of Boosty I’m it’s not my favorite it’s not it’s definitely not the most linear these kind of feel the most naturally aspirated I really like the smoothness of this b58 and I Know Jack b58 loves this one too and that s58 I feel like it should just be punchier but next to the

Supra it’s just not because that M2 just weighs so much and it was criticized for 3 800 pounds because it weighs more than a Mustang and it kind of deserves that like it shouldn’t be the same as the Supra now we’re going to test out the

Drift ability on a wet skid pad for some donuts [Applause] all right [Applause] Drift ability Yuri how would you rank them uh I think supra’s number one and then M2 and then last place Z for a little Donuts circles M2 number one Supra number two and Z number three so before we pick our final answer which will I guess be the car that we both

Take home after this to drive for the rest of the week I think it’s time we get to the price the least expensive car here is the Z at fifty nine thousand four hundred and forty eight dollars Canadian the Supra is seventy thousand six hundred and thirty dollars and the

M2 the most expensive car here at 79 600 so they are basically all separated by about ten thousand dollars and then 20 from the Z to the M2 and I think that’s kind of crazy because the Z actually brings a lot of value to the table the

M2 obviously the most expensive but also the most power and the most interior space with the additional seats in the back however I think the Supra right in the middle is that Goldilocks car and that’s the one I’m taken home at the end of the day I totally understand why this

M2 costs more it’s got so much Tech in here you can talk to it it’s got more impressive stuff way more impressive than the Z it’s got more like you could use this as a family car you could get away with it just fine where you couldn’t with the Z

But at the end of the day I think I just want to take the Z home there’s something I like about I like that surge of power I like the way it looks they just couldn’t sway me with their special BMWs but if it was just on track I would probably just alternate

Between the Supra and the Z all day and surprise Contender if this was the old M2 versus both of these I actually don’t know which one I take I think I’d actually take the old M2 like the m2cs well obviously but that one’s like 100 Grand even the M2 comp of the previous

Generation I don’t know because I think I like the looks of the Z that is too hard to answer m2cs versus Z is is hard for me I would love to have either the Supra or the Z staring at it in my driveway I honestly would not want to

Look at that M2 in my driveway every day and when we started this I did not expect to actually want to take the Super home the most but this manual transmission makes that much of a difference between the automatic and the manual this car has now become a future

Classic that I would potentially want to own in the future or maybe my son will in 20 years when this is a total drift missile let us know which car you’re taking do you agree with Yuri do you agree with Jacob or is there something we’re completely missing thanks for

Watching thanks for subscribing and I guess next we’ll have to do the Challenger Mustang and Camaro right I guess so yeah we’ll call it Cletus thanks for watching do it for deal we’ll freaking see you later foreign foreign