The Straight Pipes: What’s the Point of the 23 FORD MAVERICK TREMOR?

Posted: 2023-04-12 11:58:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor review by The Straight Pipes. The Maverick Tremor is putting down 250 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L Ecoboost 4 Cylinder. At $39,585 CAD, would you take it over the Ranger or F-150 Tremor?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

2023 Ford Maverick Tremor without launch control Oh damn let’s go let’s go [Applause] this is sick horsepower and torque 250 horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder okay what is the point of this truck I think the point of this truck because it’s built upon the Maverick which is already

A small truck is that you can take this daily drive it and still be able to get to your cottage do your off-road activities and have some fun on the weekends because the Tremor gives a little bit more off-roadiness to the Maverick and you can only get it in

All-wheel drive Mavericks you can’t tie it to a front-wheel drive Maverick yeah and among the many things which we’ll get into that you get with the Maverick is a one inch lift so this will help with off-roading and you do feel like this is slightly more of a truck than

The other Mavericks so what’s the point of a Maverick compared to a ranger or an F-150 like you just need a small truck for the city I guess with all the trucks that Ford sells this is the easiest to drive because it’s so small and maneuverable in the city and speaking of

In the city I’m a city slicker right so I don’t have a Ford Raptor like you yep I got this truck I need to take a run of garbage to the dump right yep it fit everything great it fit a skid perfectly because I guess the garbage collection

Doesn’t just take wooden skids through a chair in there some yard waste and stuff it was fantastic for that makes perfect sense and then if you wanted to join me in the country and then go off-roading you still could in this Tremor and if you did go off-road you want to protect

Your floors you get a set of tux mat go to straight pipes to see what they have for your car and by the way we are hosting a Meetup with tuxmat go to Instagram for full details it’s at their head office in Scarborough April 29th

And did I do any off-roading no because I’m a city slicker that’s right I do like the appearance of this as like a cooler truck so you need to have the trimmer packaged have that because this looks so much sweeter than a regular Maverick so there’s actually two packages that are Tremor specifics

You’ve got the Tremor off-road package and the Tremor appearance package which we have everything so I’m just going to list off everything you get with the trimmer blacked out Ford logos darker headlights and tail lights Tremor orange tow hooks painted Wheels all-terrain tires off-road tuned suspension with a

One inch lift different front bumper with a better approach angle steel skid plates and Trail control as well as a transmission cooler and upgraded half shafts that’s a lot of stuff that you get for me the looks would do it okay let’s get to those looks so we’ve got

Like the yellow gold accents at the front and on the wheels orange Yuri they’re orange they do kind of look goldish absolutely yeah all right whatever we got that on the front we got that on the wheels I love how it’s just around like a single spoke like that’s

Pretty cool do you like the blackout logo I do yeah it fits makes sense okay my favorite part about driving this around is when you’ve got it in parking light mode you’ve got just the ambers in front but if you’ve got an auto you get those ugly full lights the thing that

Sucks though is if you turn off the car and you accidentally left it in daytime running light mode the lights stay on where there’s a lot of other manufacturers when you lock the car it’ll just turn off whatever mode you forgot it in but it does look a lot

Better with those ambers on it’s like Raptor guys running around with the uh the only the ambers and the three lights on the grill and all that stuff yeah I see a raptor driving around and he’s got his headlights on and not the three ambers I’m like why did you even get a

Raptor I feel like they fixed that in the newest generation of it you don’t have to do that yourself anyways that’s my suggestion for forward which will never happen no do you like the Tremor logo on the back of this it’s okay it’s kind of funny because we’ve already

Driven the F-150 Tremor which we also really liked it’s just funny seeing it in the small package like this and it works really well with this paint color so this is a burnt orange it is not molten orange red flake metallic or whatever you have on all of your cars

Yeah no it’s it’s not even close to that I actually don’t like it when are you respraying the Corvette to the uh that color no that’s not my color anymore I’m gonna sell the fiesta and then I’m down to two cars and that’s not my color and

Then Maverick stamped on the back but that’s like with all the Mavericks and then the little Tremor logo back there on the tailgate it’s a little yeah it’s nice I I love the looks of this I love looking at it when it pops the sun it looks great it has been a pleasure

Seeing this in my driveway I think they did a great job with it especially with like The Grille differentiating it amongst the other Mavericks this is really good and then if I bought this car what would be the Continental recommended tire that I would throw on a Maverick trimmer the terrain contact at

Just like I have on my Raptor and then where would I buy a Maverick discounted price offers it’s actually one of the best selling vehicles on probably because it was so difficult to get one at a dealership because they were so hot so people were able to get them through

Our link yeah there you go fun fact we’ve had a thousand cars sold through the like and you know how many people have complained to us about their experience zero honest to goodness not a single person has messaged me and said I had a horrible experience or anything negative while

Buying their car and someone has even purchased a Bentley and a Aston Martin dbx through there so shout out to YouTube and then since this is for City people right yeah they probably have families they need to fit everything into one car because not everyone in the city has multiple parking spots or

Fields to park junk right right I’ve got my child seat back here Jacob is sitting in front of where the child seat goes it is touching right now but like you could move forward a bit and still be fine much better than a lot of normal cars

Much better than normal cars but still not enough but I feel like it’s more than the Bronco sport okay like slide a little bit forward okay my knees are still okay this is not touching okay that is like very perfectly acceptable but the thing that sucks is you can’t lift that bottom

Bench at the back if there’s a child seat there because it moves all in one piece yeah but not like really a deal breaker if you need a truck and I’d say the only thing is there’s nothing to cover the back so if you put your stroller in there and it rains you’re

Talking about the bed yeah yeah the groceries it’s like it’s gonna you know stuff’s gonna get wet yes but speaking about these seats they’re actually really comfortable they’re nice and soft softer than ones in the Bronco sport yeah everything it’s it’s nice this is a nice truck so you know what would solve

The problem of getting your stroller and stuff wet what’s that Santa Cruz oh with the it’s got a built-in cover and more compartments yeah so like there are alternative small trucks which is interesting considering this is such like a weird rare thing these days or you just get a tonneau

Cover for this one which would probably be cheaper than trying to get a whole new truck yeah you don’t have one you know what to start with yes yes okay so Jacob I want to hear about the handling I want to hear about the Comfort I want

To hear about the suspension and the infotainment what about the horsepower we already talked about that so now it’s your turn to drive okay brake boost [Applause] it’s like pretty good yeah this is really good I have no problems with this powertrain this is amazing 250 horsepower feels like a million in this it’s too bad it’s not a rear wheel drive yeah and then front wheel drive all wheel drive optional yeah so it’s uh

It’s all-wheel drive no low range gearbox you can’t put it in rear wheel drive like you said so whatever it’s got an 8-speed Auto shifts pretty quick no problem just going to floor it while we’re up to speed a little bit slow but I’m also in just

Normal mode there is no sport mode we do have a ton of tremor modes which ironically regular train yeah it says Tremor but there’s no Tremor mode there’s just a lot of different off-road modes but we do we can lock the rear and we do have a four wheel drive lock

Button that’s right yeah so as much as you can’t put it in rear wheel drive as you can still lock the rear which is good and the trail assist mode and all that stuff yes that’s part of that Tremor package so also part of that trimmer package the suspension the

Suspension of this car is amazing sorry truck it’s very comfortable to drive I have no problems with it it’s not too stiff it’s the right amount of soft suspension for the road that it will probably handle the off-road as well perfect suspension for this truck yes and for the city because potholes and

All that crap like totally perfect in this let’s see how it handles the cliche bump oh dude lovely okay send it in the cliche Corner no paddle shifters and here we go oh this is turning’s good feels front wheel drive-ish oh yeah dude for off-roady tires and everything and for being slightly lifted

This rips through here this is great I’ve been I’ve been loving my time in this fantastic so yeah this this power is great the engine’s great the transmission is good the pairing is pretty good the suspension’s great the actual driving quality of this is amazing and I would actually want to

Take this off-road yeah if I had this I would just I don’t know dump stuff like hop curbs in the city exactly yeah Park on top of Snow Valley yes which is what I’ve been doing because the snow is melting and I’ve been catching trucks on Instagram just like park next to snow

Banks and not go like a TRD Pro truck parked next to the snow bank ridiculous you lifted uh like bad looking F-150 parked right next to it Yuri in the Tremor right over it Jacob in the Bronco Heritage right over on the curb as well yeah it’s embarrassing if you have a big

Truck and you don’t park on snow remember the first day I got my Raptor we parked it up on the incline in like a snow bank first day you people in Arizona don’t know about I didn’t even make it home yet or Florida but if you

Do want to do some of that off-roady stuff we have a twin clutch all-wheel drive system so it’s the upgraded system not on the regular Maverick like the base Maverick so it’s the better one and then this is an XLT yes you can also add it to like a Lariat which probably be

More luxurious than having uh oh God yes we have a key Yuri just turned off my truck while driving going to put in neutral I was trying to pull it out at least my steering still works okay yes so it has a physical key it doesn’t have any

Heated steering wheel or anything like that no heated seats so you can get that kind of stuff in a Lariat yeah and then it’s not touch took proximity touch to open the door like you actually have to pull out the key and then our door unlocked door handles are not painted as

Well yeah but you could put the key in the door handle then you also have the lock thing like the buttons on the door which is cool yep but I don’t know the the code to lock it so I had to just pull out the key every time that’s still

My favorite feature on Fords and some more truck stuff that people might be interested Towing up to 2 000 pounds in this configuration my profile trailer weighs 400 pounds okay that’s my new frame of reference for towing stuff nice is there a video where you haven’t mentioned the prowler in the last 15

Videos 100 percent like three videos ago and then in terms of fuel economy this actually gets one liter per 100 kilometers worse than a regular Maverick because it’s slightly lifted and off-road here I’m all right with that yeah which is 11 liters per 100 combined or 21 miles per gallon you

Want to talk about some fun chip shortage stuff and we don’t have a display of what the temperature is in here and you don’t know like what it’s set to until you turn it and see which I don’t really like you know what I feel like they’re just gonna go with this

Going forward oh yeah for sure because they got away with it yep okay uh this has the Wi-Fi hotspot removed then you get 20 back 20 usds 20 dollars are you kidding me it’s like they’re charging you for items at like normal markup and you get refunds at their cost probably

Even uh yeah they’re probably paying like five cents for that but other stuff in here a cup holder if it’s a small cup like excellently visors oh what’s that logo Full Pass good job we don’t have adaptive cruise but we do have Lane departure assistance and we have normal

Crews no Lane centering yeah none of that just like literally pulls you out uh we have a decent sound system I like the speakers for this size of truck it’s pretty good and we got an infotainment touch screen with some hard buttons which is really nice Apple carplay

Android auto all the stuff you need yeah except no serious exam ah which sucks yeah I just use the app instead which is great I imagine that you get it on the lariat it’s hard to remember yes because we review so many cars here’s the website showing the feature and our gauge

Cluster is pretty simple this is an American truck so it’s in mph’s Freedom Units and then we also have a center digital display that we have in kmh which is I guess not Freedom Units yeah nice gauge plus they’re very simple do you fit in the back seat Jacob yes I do

Yuri so while looking up this truck I found a nice little blurb from the Ford Maverick website that says the point of this truck according to them read it to me the new Maverick Tremor is an entry level option for buyer seeking greater off-road capability and bold styling in

The same compact package that comfortably fits their daily life in the city while also supporting their outdoor passion so what you’re saying is we nailed exactly what this truck is in the intro when we said what’s the point of this truck they got it right okay what

We guessed was what they wanted it to be damn okay so marketing did their job engineering did their job we did our job yeah I guess this is a home run for Ford then all right now it’s time to get to the price this one in Canadian dollars

Thirty nine thousand five hundred and eighty five that’s not the worst it’s even better in American 31 470. this was 31 Canadian this would be the best truck in the world I think they would print money if they were able to somehow sell it at 31 Canadians build yeah but I

Guess they can’t that’s why it’s 39 Canadians and considering like how good this is like how much room there is in the back seat for something in front with a kid and stuff like it’s very good what would you would you take this over a ranger current 100 yes yeah and then

How about an F-150 you know you have to pay more like a base model yeah I would consider this because it’s the Tremor it’s kind of nice but I still like a base F-150 I think for me in the city like this kind of be like I don’t need

Yeah 150. this is great how about compared to a Civic oh like a top trim sport touring just whatever the top trim is not an SI or a Type R uh good question like this I think I would take this I would take this over a Civic

Yeah so let us know if this is going to be your first truck find it at yeah that’s the point of this truck just buy one it’s a great truck workout we don’t care do whatever you like exactly don’t listen to us I’m not your parents

Except for that one kid I am your parent yes also my son happy birthday