The Straight Pipes: ULTIMATE HYBRID? 2023 Toyota Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid Review

ULTIMATE HYBRID? 2023 Toyota Prius Prime Plug In Hybrid Review

Posted: 2023-04-05 19:59:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Toyota Prius Prime review by The Straight Pipes. The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime is putting down 220 horsepower from a 2.0L 4 Cyl Gas engine with an electric motor. At $46,990 CAD, would you take it over a Toyota Rav4 Prime?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive [Applause] [Applause] 2023 Toyota Prius Prime xse premium without launch control good oh here we go well that’s one quick Prius horsepower and torque a combined 220 horsepower no combined torque 150 pound feet from the 2-liter four-cylinder gas engine and 161 pound-feet of torque from the electric motor this is a plug-in

Hybrid yes it is what are the ranges for the one that we’re driving up to 64 kilometers of electric only range or 40 miles and if you get the lower trim you can get up to 70 kilometers and we’ve driven this thing about 200 kilometers already and it still says 1056

Kilometers left in the tank yeah you can drive this very far and this has a combined fuel economy of 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers or 52 MPGs okay we have now reviewed a Prius yet the new one so let’s talk about the looks to me from the front end this looks exactly like

The red Power Rangers helmet this thing looks incredible from every angle I love this thing what’s your favorite part all of it what’s one of your favorite Parts the front specifically what part of the front the headlights the DRS headlights are sick do you like when it’s full

Headlight on and the fog lights or just just drls so when you have it in DRL mode it’ll show more but if you have an auto then you get like the best lights but when you have an auto then the tail lights aren’t lit up do you find the

Tail lights that cool or it’s like so so they’re all right like they’re the last ones are pretty cool but these are just they fit this vehicle I prefer the last gen School Eagles those were like way cool and then the side shape of this thing holy crap this is basically a

Spaceship it’s a wedge yeah looks uh probably very slippery yeah and then the wheels are pretty decent yeah pretty nice normal Wheels they’re so thin to help with that fuel economy and go to slash the straight pipes to check your recommended tire I recently got some pure contact ls’s for

My dad’s Impreza and I’m gonna get a set of those as well for my grandma’s CRV so maybe everyone should get a set of those buying tires for your parents who have old tires is the new uh gift thing that’s the new fruit basket all right

Right yeah yeah if you can hey I’ve got uh Continental tires for my parents too and then the collar red do you like it uh it’s a little flat a little like a little more flake into it or something like that metallic yeah it’s hard to get

The body lines to pop in this but it’s pretty cool but we do have metallic on all of the black it’s not like gloss piano black yeah the gloss black like actually has flake in it okay Jacob wanted me to pop the hood so let’s pop

The hood and show it yeah I’m kind of disappointed at the lack of orange cables to be honest yeah what the heck guys but uh at least there’s no engine cover so that’s kind of cool and then my favorite part on the trunk next to the Prius logo there’s this cool little blue

Circle when I went to open the trunk for the first time like I know this isn’t the trunk open button but I tried it anyways I think that little button or a little logo circle thing looks pretty cool yeah I could see how you pressed that

And then the trunk is no longer like a double split window and it’s not even carbon fiber like the last one was so I’m looking at the back my view is like pretty small I can’t see that much but my mirror will do boom which actually worked well today when it was all

Frosted over because for some reason we’re still getting Frost in the mornings yeah kind of sick of this weather already yeah so looks wise do you like it more than the last Prius Prime four million percent I think I also do but like maybe not so jazz on

The taillights but like even these looks isn’t going to make me like I need a Prius and even in the horsepower Department Yuri floor for me while we’re driving that ecvt downshifts quick yeah it feels really good and then we can also go full electric mode and the cool thing is when

You floor it oh my God driver in attention Okay that’s safety system three we’ll get to that uh no pumped in electric noise at all nothing just normal car a little bit noisy in here but I can understand the lack of insulation but not too much wind

Noise kind of squealing like the Corolla cross because the shape of this yeah but you know they got to make it lighter and then our roof no sunroof but it is a oh we got a sunroof here it absorbs the sun okay so this will help charge up your

Battery it’s super slow I think it’ll take months to fully charge up your electric driving possibly years but what’s cool is when you get into the car you can go through your gauge closer to the settings it’ll show you how much on a scale of like from nothing to full

Your your roof is absorbing according to how sunny it is outside and it’ll show you how many kilometers or miles of energy you’ve absorbed since last parking it which is really cool because we also drove the Hyundai uh what’s that one Sonata Hybrid which also had a solar

Roof which also could recharge well it’s not a plug-in right the solar roof will charge up to eight miles per day in ideal sunlight conditions but we don’t get it in Canada only the United States they said because Canada doesn’t get as much sun but the solar roof is available in North

Dakota which is above where most people in Canada live so so the EV mode lets you go EV to a pretty high speed like I’m still like I don’t feel any engine kick in I see the EV logos I’m still an EV and then if we go down to break

We have three variations of brake regeneration which you have to set through the gauge cluster you can’t just click down three times like you could on paddles in a lot of like other EV competitors and then one of the craziest features that this new Prius

Has is if you drive it normally on your normal route to work or whatever it is and it detects that you can turn on this feature that will automatically start breaking for you and tell you when to let off the throttle to improve your fuel economy yeah it sounds uh like a

Pretty interesting feature I don’t know if I want that kind of stuff but yeah and I’m sure that’s all tied to the subscriptions which this has a whole bunch for your maps and everything too uh it actually has a subscription feature for a traffic jam assist yeah

Okay so I use traffic jam assist very similar to the Lexus when I drove it it watches your eyes like traffic jam mode and it says recording but those recordings get deleted right away apparently so that’s why Yuri’s been getting the driver and attention because he looks away for I don’t know three

Seconds and it already starts warning us every time I see a bird or even just you look at the Prius logo on this infotainment for long see anytime I try to use the infotainment it beeps at me which you know whatever keep your eyes

On the road I get it this has so many safety features for the newest system and then what are the safety features it has a mode where I guess if there’s an object on the road like somebody walking it’ll help steer you out of the way and

Stuff too will it cross the yellow line I don’t know interesting and then we also have other safety stuff like cross traffic alert which kind of beefs you a lot with all the new stuff just like in the new Lexus and then what’s cool about

This one is it does have full 360 camera which a lot of like just sedans don’t have or an egg mode enthusiasts don’t worry we still have 360 egg mode okay and the adaptive cruise Lane keep does work very well the lane Center and tracing this does have

The lane change assist so if you like hold it down it’ll change for you you just got to have your hand on and stuff like that okay HV mode where’s the drive mode sport mode cliche Corner send so HV hybrid is the fastest mode in this car

And this thing is ripping through and it handles so well like surprisingly well for a front-wheel drive Prius with these skinny tires yeah this is actually unbelievable like it is fun it pulls you through and even with traction on it still rips pretty hard like this is

The most shocking of handling cars of the year yeah front wheel drive no all-wheel drive like this this is really good yeah you hop into cliche and you’re like all right gonna be a dog and it’s like oh what Ripper but no pads no don’t

Eat them at the end of my time in the driver’s seat the thing that I hate the most this arm rest it is not a very soft material to start with and with the way my arms are set up when I have my hands on the wheel my elbow lands like right

Onto the edge and it is so uncomfortable like just one of those like mind-ummy things like why did you make this so bad oh second thing that I hate about this the cup holders they put it in front of the prehiston shifter because it’s a Prius yep so obviously has a pure style

Shifter to get the cup it’s like every time I I have to like hit the shifter and then if I put on the right it’ll be easier but then what now if you had a cup or you’re gonna put yours I have to use my right hand no we’ll do a double

Double reach around well yeah it would work all right your turn to drive now that I’m in the driver’s seat let me just move this over and perfect exactly where I want it blocking half my gauge cluster now no problem here other than the uh the hardness of that let’s not launch

This like you did let’s just floor it that’s good that’s solid power and no torque steer like yeah it is torque steering it’s off-centered but I also can’t see that I literally can’t see that bottom right there unless I do this where can you not see my

Finger I can’t see your finger at all there sport I could see sport okay what if you move your seat down and your steering wheel down I’m already at the lowest point you move your steering wheel down yeah then this isn’t well but that’s fine no it’s not look look

This is not fine I’m the driver I’m telling you what’s fine or not as the driver don’t put him in a weird position that I don’t want to be in to justify this weird gauge cluster because this gauge cluster absolutely sucks if it moved with the steering column it would

Be great but then they would have to move forward so that would be the solution it kind of a real problem if they did that kind of replaces the head-up display yeah which I don’t even like head-up displays yeah and uh the thing I hate about this gauge cluster

Because there is stuff I do hate about it is that when you get like the driver notification thing that you’re not looking it moves the gauge cluster over and then it brings it back because there is a button on the steering wheel to move the gauge cluster to get all your

Other settings yeah it does that okay so things that Jacob likes oh the suspension is really good especially over that bump no problem there and cliche Corner this thing is a absolute Ripper I’m just gonna floor it and let the CBT sing and just toss it in this is

Actually fun to drive for a freaking Prius like holy crap did they do some chassis tuning with this yeah it’s amazing it’s weird that they did that it’s so good and like you sit so low in the car and the raked windshield you kind of feel like you’re in a sports car

Which is insane to say but the driving position and everything other than obviously lack of steering feel obviously not low enough if you can’t see the gauge cluster well the gauge cluster driving position is good but the gauge cluster position is not do you like this style more than the old one

Where it was like a big bar across I’m like yeah because that was like foreign for you it is because you’re sure put your shoulders back put your shoulders back against the chair it’s touching it’s this is let’s look at this Gap this is the gap Gap that’s not a gap that’s

Not a game it’s just imaginary exactly my shoulders are massive this infotainment definitely needs more hard buttons Toyota please go back or just leave that bar on the left side but yeah more Hardware the tuning knob would be nice does have apple carplay it does have Android auto is optionally Wireless

Which is really good we have heated and cooled seats being the top trim which is really cool wait wait wait if you wanted to do Wireless Apple carplay would you use your hashtag wireless charger theoretically you would yeah there’s a hashtag things in this car so it’s a

Sideways charger which is cool but it says wireless charger and then when you pop up this little compartment where you can put your phone it’ll say hashtag hidden compartment so all you criminals out there boom got him and not hashtag hidden anymore I don’t know what the hashtag

Thing is but I guess that’s what they’re trying because trying to be hip right now with a Prius anyways and then we also have a heated steering wheel Which is far over on the left here and then uh yeah that’s about it and you have your parking assist and

Your camera view button hidden behind the right side of the steering wheel right here too that’s the one thing that’s not hidden for me and by the way this is a prototype vehicle so some things may change by the final production but uh it looks kind of looks

Pretty nice looks pretty nice we don’t know about the connected Services stuff because uh some of that might change but we haven’t heard any like squeaks or rattles or anything like that like this feels like a nice solid car I couldn’t remote start the car by clicking the

Lock three times like it could in the Corolla cross and I don’t know if this has it doesn’t have it if it’s tied to subscription or a pre-production prototype issue yes and what isn’t probably prototype are these seats they’re relatively comfortable but they’re kind of hard yeah it’s very very

Firm seat but they look cool and then we’ve got this red stitching because there’s a race car and then we also have this red up here on the dash because it’s a race car yeah the satin red is great and there’s a red light there too I can’t change it to anything else

Besides red but I do really like it it’s nice you like the piano black for race car I don’t because that’s a luxury feature but I hate it um next thing I don’t like is the rear seat room I don’t have any Headroom in the back and I fit

Right at five foot eight yes behind myself and behind you great Uber I can’t wait for them to be on the fleet and one thing we forgot to test are these visors I see the little pan all three two one fail extension goes far but not yeah

This mirror cover what’s with this oh because you put your credit cards in there wow is that right it kind of looks like that I put my credit cards here so yeah yeah it just flies out the window you never could read my card I don’t know I don’t think people it’s for

Business cards so people can steal your business they’ll just flutter out get all your clients use your visor with the window open Savage he’s gonna hate those all his clients from Arby’s are gonna get stolen okay next thing uh I actually really like everything about this car uh

Generally as a Prius especially compared to the previous generation I would 100 recommend this over the last one uh I think I’d be happier with the last one because I guess even though this has the extra range for electric and it looks the power I don’t mind like an ugly

Looking Prius yeah no I know you have a Prowler yeah like that region is crazy right now you have region right now it regen for me down that Hill that must have been automatic it was automatically not in B mode maybe it learned cliche Corner Ah that’s funny whoa we go faster

That part yeah but it’s trying to slow us down for a better fuel economy and regen anyways I don’t think you’d be missing out too much on you got the old one unless you’re like really want the electric only range I think you’re missing out a lot especially with these

Looks like this thing is crazy looking also this does have AC power inside which is really nice and in the trunk we have a bunch of space which is nice we got a net there which is currently holding our charging plug cool cool cool and we have a lock and close button to

Drop the trunk it is powered yeah but with that charging plug I don’t know if that’s where it’s supposed to be but it’s currently how we got the car it’s kind of annoying because you can’t lay things flat well I mean it’s probably a prototype they don’t have the correct

Bag yet potentially because like every EV car has like a nice little bag this one’s got a net that kind of fits it then that’s good for groceries though and then one thing I noticed when I was in my brake regen so if I put you to B

Mode B when I didn’t have my foot there every time it would regen my heel would slip slightly on the floor mats oh so you probably want to set a tux mat for this car I would for sure go to straight pipes to see what they have available for your car okay

I’ve had my tux mat in my CX-5 all winter pure kid stuff dropping everywhere mud slash haven’t cleaned it check out how clean my carpets are below I’ve got my E55 AMG wagon prototype tux mat in there and they have been fantastic I’m going in for final fitment

Soon and once they’re finalized they will be available for sale on one thing I forgot to mention this turn signal I actually hate the sound of it I was telling you I like the sound of it it’s pretty cool and you know what else I like wait stop talking over it

Don’t like it and you know what else I like the sound of when you lock the car ah that is cool it’s like a reverse car beat yeah it’s nice and subtle it’s not one of those hat like imagine if you got this every time you locked your car at night

Yeah it’s like oh my God yeah so at least you don’t get that in this so go to if you don’t want to get that in this discounted price offers so that’s it with the all-new Prius Prime which makes it a plug-in hype by the way that’s what the name is let’s

Get to the price this one starts at 37 990. Canadian and this one is 46 990. nice yeah solid price I think it’s a good middle ground considering charging an electric car is still difficult in public yes this is a very good solution and I think it’s considerably cheaper

Than a RAV4 Prime which would be also from Toyota which is also very quick and this looks really good yeah I like this car a lot I kind of like the luck of like first gen Priuses though oh like like the first first one not the

Popular one the the popular one okay so the second one yeah yeah yeah I don’t really remember what the first first one it just looked like a car and then there was also a Honda that looked just like the Prius as well yes uh first gen Insight I think before

It went crazy I think