The Straight Pipes: THEY FIXED IT! 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Review

THEY FIXED IT! 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Review

Posted: 2023-04-06 20:00:18
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota Corolla Cross is putting down 192 combined horsepower from a hybrid 2L 4 cylinder. At $36,755 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota Corolla Cross, Toyota Rav4, Honda HRV, Subaru Crosstrek?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign 2023 Toyota Corolla cross hybrid xse without launch control it’s getting up there not bad where’s Myron Derek we have a combined horsepower number of 196 no combined torque 139 pound-feet from a 2-liter four-cylinder gas engine and 152 pound-feet of torque from the electric motor is a fast floor for me

It’s way better than the original Corolla cross non-hybrid it’s still not fast but this is where that one should have been so then this is all-wheel drive yes but it’s primarily front wheel drive and then we have electric boost to the rear end whenever we need it as we

Can see in our energy flow gauge and you can’t actually get this as a front-wheel drive car you can only get it in all-wheel drive which makes sense as a hybrid and it’s not plug-in hybrid no this is just a regular hybrid you know what else they fix with this what the

Front end the looks they gave it that RX 500 like front forehead thing that makes it stick out more and it looks so much better yeah because this is an xse which is a sport which is not available on the regular Corolla cross and yeah this fixed everything and why everybody’s

Probably here fuel economy it’s a hybrid this actually gets very good fuel mileage at a combined 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers or 42 miles per gallon nice that’s good yeah and I’ve been actually legitimately getting that not while filming but while driving normally on the highway and stuff and I should say

That this is a prototype vehicle so not everything is the final spec but it looks pretty put together to me yeah it feels great you know you know what uh they’re probably not going to change in the final spec is how many Corolla cross logos you get on the outside and inside

Of this thing there are a lot so it’s like 13 I think on the outside and then we’ll have like or maybe 11 then like four more on all the floor mats on the inside and there’s probably a couple more we’re missing there’s just like a lot and then they’ve got like the

Silhouette of the idea of it I guess on the bacteria like okay come on it would have been like the drawing from the original yeah designs or whatever they went wild yeah they really want you to know that this is a cool lacrosse and since we’re saying cross so much you

Know what the Continental recommended tires for this vehicle cross contact lx25 you got it and check out the Continental website there’s a lot of cool features that you get when you buy a set of Continental tires that you probably won’t get with a lot of the other companies like the total

Confidence plan and so like we said earlier this fixed basically every problem that we had with the original gorilla cross this is significantly Faster by one second to 60. it’s obviously still not fast it looks a hell of a lot better and I think it just drives better this being the xse has

Sport tuned suspension it’s not too sporty or anything like that but it’s still really comfortable this drives great yeah sport tint suspension like that’s not a selling feature to me in these cars it’s like how about Comfort tune suspension yes for the love of boat tuned suspension I want it to look

Sporty but drive comfy and this being a sport xse we do have paddle shifters so I’m going to use them to downshift this CBT into cliche corner and it responds pretty quickly you have no tap I don’t it doesn’t matter okay here we go dude okay turning’s pretty good

I’m just floored because I’m just pinned with the CVT this handle is pretty damn good I actually enjoy driving this it’s pretty hard I wouldn’t say Enjoy but you can you can get the return quick enough yeah it’s just screaming and it’s like you know still body rolling but it’s

Actually pretty good compared to the first one it’s a very good drivetrain setup with the hybrid and the CVT and all this stuff for like a normal commuter car yeah and I mean the price is also reasonable there’s a lot to like about this car the seats are really

Comfortable we do have soft text material in here not full leather I don’t mind this infotainment I know Yuri isn’t his favorite because there’s no tuning knob among many other things all right back to the seats okay you don’t have presets no and it’s electric yeah

Well they need to add two buttons yeah exactly chip shortage for uh and then your lumbar is only forward and back and the passenger seat has nothing yeah like that kind of sucks that’s usually how it is in most cars yeah but it still sucks this is a pretty cheap economy car but

What they didn’t cheap out on are these hard buttons for the climate which is lovely yeah they do look like hand-me-down buttons from a six-year-old Corolla exactly which maybe isn’t cheap that’s maybe that’s how they cheap out is by using the old stuff I think it’s nice because Jeeping out is putting it

All into the infotainment yeah yeah that sucks too but we do also have hard buttons for a heated steering wheel and our heated seats and those look a little cheap but we have hard buttons you know what I like is the shifter it’s like it really feels like you’re shifting stuff

Yeah when you’re putting it to drive unlike some of the other ones especially like the Prius with the little pre-shifter which I don’t really like it’s not upshifting for me at all that’s in sport mode but yeah it’s good and then uh turns out we actually have a

Couple Drive modes so we have sport normal and Eco and then we also have EV mode however if you’re going above I think it’s like 43 kilometers per hour then it doesn’t actually let you go faster than that so if I slowed it way down here 40 there EV mode very little

Throttle input deactivated Lux accelerator press too far hey it’s meant for like parking lots essentially for me yeah I guess they probably don’t expect anyone to actually be in EV mode yeah the battery is not big enough really for it and it’ll just automatically put itself into EV mode like actually quite frequently

Especially if you put in Eco so maybe if your trip is literally to the grocery store two kilometers away you can just Putt-Putt yeah because right now I’m in EV while I’m driving faster than 43 but but I think it’s meant to like take care

Of itself on its own yeah exactly one of those get in and automatic and you get good gas mileage and we’ll give you some options so you feel like you’re getting what you paid for but it’s like yeah just keep it in Auto and get good gas

Mileage and shut your mouth exactly and then driving on the highway this does have like Lane tracing and Lane centering and adaptive cruise which is great it’s a safe safety settings 3.0 or whatever yeah and it’s on the steering wheel which is a much better solution than what’s in the Lexus models because

We have like really nice hard buttons that don’t actually change yeah and it changes what’s on the screen this is great yeah and it works really well on the highway so commuting in this car getting good gas mileage having some power when you need it is fantastic but

Let’s get you into the driver’s seat of this luxury hybrid Corolla luxury it’s not luxury this is the top trim that doesn’t mean it’s luxury it kind of there’s a top trim of a Nissan what’s that stupid little car withdraw of Sentra no the smaller one uh micro micro

There’s top trim of a micro yeah it’s not luxury it can be called luxury by the marketing department I don’t think I don’t think there’s I’ll look it up what defines luxury they write the word luxury in a micro press release I’ll eat my shoe well we’re gonna look forward to

You eating your shoe one day oh hey Yuri look what I found there’s a press release from Nissan saying that there’s a luxury trim of the Nissan Micra I guess you have to eat your shoe now even though I didn’t say Canada I meant Canada I thought the Europe for the

Nissan Micra so I guess you’re not gonna eat your shoe even though you said you would darn no no I’ve not eaten my soup okay let’s try a full EV launch there uh even earlier yeah yeah I don’t expect to drive around an electric hey uh floor it

Considering it’s a CVT I would have liked the downtrip to happen sooner and then I was an ego it doesn’t trust me it doesn’t it does not help okay we’ll get the energy flow in the infotainment right now the lumbar I have to say it wasn’t even like wasn’t

Even that comfortable for me even if I had a cranks yeah I do need a little bit higher in here and then the engine is actually really core sounding which is pretty annoying and we get a good amount of like outside noise coming in it’s not a luxury car

Which we have you know insulation and stuff it’s really loud on the highway and even right now not on the highway we can still hear wind noise but I like the field of view from yeah the driver’s seat like you know the when the little windows are like this in front of the

Mirror like yeah that’s nice all right cliche Corner oh handle that bump well yeah normal economy levels of bumpiness oh yeah it does all right it is great it’s straight good enough I’m not disappointed with this it’s no gr Corolla okay back to the looks quick this is two-tone we’ve got

Black at the top do you like that it’s two-tone I do like it there’s a cool like bright yellow color too that you can get which is pretty sweet really in this car yeah yeah yeah I am it’s loud it’s a nice fun color they got to bring

Back fun colors even this red is nice Red’s nice the swirl marks are not our fault I swear yeah this is how we get the car detailed we do not detail the cars before we go filming guys sometimes we take them through a car wash this one

We just did it as it came and these wheels are all right like they’re a fun little design nothing like too crazy nothing crazy at all and what would be the recommended tux mat for the Corolla cross I swerved you there if you don’t want to see Corolla cross underneath

Your feet the whole time go to the straight pipes to see what they have available for your car because they do have the Corolla cross available and then our gauge cluster is digital in the middle pretty standard Toyota stuff we can see our Eco power

Charge and I didn’t find any ways to change the layout but I feel like you don’t really need it in this no you really don’t need attacking this here’s how you change the meter you go to settings scroll over one menu then you scroll over to the next menu and then

You go to meter settings over here hold that while you’re parked you go to meter Style go to casual oh very casual smart and finally sporty no attack oh and then back to the outside sorry there are a bunch of cool Body Lines like the sun today was reflecting very

Nice there are a lot of like nice curves and everything to it like if you look at the close details and we don’t have any crazy exhaust we just have a normal exhaust pipe so let’s take a listen to the outside and then our trunk it’s power which is

Really cool and then we actually have a lock button so you can click that when you walk away super nice and then pretty decent storage back there yeah I’m happy with it and then back seat room over here is actually really good for myself

At six foot one and a half yeah do you hit your head no what if I had on anything if I move my head forward a couple inches where it’s not scooped out yes I do yeah but I was telling Jacob last week I’m like it is wild that

You’re into cars and like half the cars are claustrophobic for you the thing is I don’t sit in the back of cars I like driving them yeah yeah well that’s probably why I like driving them is because you hate sitting in the back seat but why would I want to be a

Passenger in a car anyways sometimes you don’t have a choice yeah I’m sure there’s tall people out there who don’t have access tools yeah but we’re talking about me here yeah so sad yeah so me I like driving not being in the back of

Cars or even in here but I do like that material that pattern on it is cool and then how about all like the materials here I’m gonna give it a six out of ten I like this black Stitch that goes across the door panel not for any reason that I

Feel like they stitched rubber the committee was like I don’t know I mean it breaks it up a little bit so I get it but like I think we could put this like silver material there but that’s gonna cost us a whole bunch more than a little

Stitch this is a luxury feature right yeah everyone knows this is like fabric stuff stitching is luxury put a line in it does my hat have a stitch in it oh look it’s got like it’s got like five rows of stitches luxury hats what about the cup holders

I’m gonna tell you right now they suck there’s no way to get a cup in there that isn’t like a big Golf Center all right to not move around you need to 3D print a cup holder insert or something for it yes this needs an insert okay but it still passes technically yeah

Technically three two one and we got a little sunroof not a big old moon roof but this is a Corolla cross it’s kind of it’s kind of everything I expect I don’t crawl across and driving it with this drivetrain I actually like it a lot more than the old

One however this is still gonna have weird stuff like connected car where you have subscriptions the key fob to start the car isn’t going to work after your subscription expires theoretically everything is theoretically and this does have Apple carplay Android auto you can connect wirelessly or wired it’s

Infotainment I’m not a fan of only the volume knob this menu on the left doesn’t stay up so when you get into carplay if you want to go back to your main Toyota infotainment it’s gone they need to implement a way to keep this little bar on the left always showing

And then the bezels around it are massive but again luxury economy car this whole area is right out of like the last six years five years of Corolla so I’m totally okay with that and the last thing I want to mention my elbow does not touch the armrest when I have my

Hands on the wheels ah mine was good with that yeah and doesn’t slide forward or anything so I’m a little disappointed with that oh and then there’s gloss black down here which kind of sucks as well you know what what’s that it’s a luxury feature oh Yuri calls it a luxury

Car let’s get to the price feature hit me with the price it starts at 33 985 Canadian and this one top trim thirty six thousand seven hundred and fifty five dollars honestly that’s a good number seems all right it does so if you are shopping for one of these I would

Recommend it at discounted price offers and I really like this car especially over the regular Corolla cross this should be the entry level Corolla cross now would you take this you got a kid you got a dog over a Corolla xse automatic if I had one car

Yeah and like I didn’t care about driving because I’m in a Corolla what would you do I would go with this if you did care about driving would you sacrifice the room in the back and get the coop instead no I just sedan I just

Spend uh 80 000 to get a gr Corolla allocation and just deal with that all right thanks for watching guys don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification Bell thumbs up or thumbs down whatever share the video with your friends your family your grandmother your grandfather your dog your uncle your Steve you’re

Done you’re I don’t even know yeah sharing the video is the best so share it to somebody who’s got a Corolla looking for a Corolla crime everybody knows the Stever is on Make harder