The Straight Pipes: The YOKE’s on YOU! 2023 Lexus RZ Review

Posted: 2023-08-29 12:01:33
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Lexus RZ 450e executive review review by The Straight Pipes. The lexus RZ is putting down 308 combined horsepower and 321 combined lb-ft of torque from a 71kwh battery and 2 electric motors. At $82,205 CAD, would you take it over the Soltera, Toyota B4zx, the Ioniq5, genesis gv60 or a kia EV6 GT?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Bird Drive 2023 Lexus RZ 450e executive without launch control [Applause] pretty good horsepower and tour 308 combined horsepower and 321 combined pound feet of torque from a 71 kilowatt hour battery and two electric motors this doesn’t have a yoke and that’s the only reason why I wanted to book this

Was to drive a box on you Yeah apparently I asked they said drive by wires actually not approved for North America yet so it’ll come in the future when it is approved but there is no planned date or anything so let’s explain that uh there’s a drive-by-wire system where you’ve got a yoke and if

You turn a bit it like turns all the way and they brought in some demo units from Japan for people to test out at the event in a closed lot and I’m mad that I don’t have it so we just have normal uh electric power steering and it just

Feels like every other car basically okay and then this is the Lexus version of the soltera and the B4 ZX these z4x so kind of like how ionic Genesis and uh ev6 yes it’s on the same platform like yeah so that’s kind of cool yeah I didn’t realize that until very recently

And then uh this car driving it electrically one thing I want to point out I think this is like a big differentiator between electric cars this does not have full one pedal driving you can use your paddles to slow way down but it won’t come to a full

Stop and you know why why is that Toyota told me they want I mean Lexus told me that they want their customers to be in full control of coming to a full stop with the brake pedal that makes sense yeah but I would like one pedal driving

I like this this is one of my favorite types of systems with the regen paddles yeah but regen paddles and coming to a Full Stop is my favorite okay all right I want to get that out of the way what do you want to start with let’s start with the looks okay

I actually really like it there are two different versions of this for looks you can get the two-tone where the middle is black and the grill is black or you can get the not two tone where the sides are a black underneath like the headlights

And so still kind of two-tone but not as apparent uh I I assume not as expensive yes probably but um which one do you like more oh man I think this one and with the gold paint but I think they both equally look cool in their own ways

Yeah I think this one as well yeah yeah and then okay headlights we got normal Lexus headlights we’ve got these three little dots you can’t get rid of unless you put it on full headlight mode and I kind of don’t like that because I love just Lexus drls yeah just the the actual

Drls themselves would have been nice to have you know what else drls what I guess nighttime uh the logo lights up Ah that’s nice of course it’s an electric car and then it’s also heated because that’s where your sensors are for all your driving stuff so that’s pretty cool

Too and then look at all the space we have in the front for the engine and stuff yes no stone storage I mean you can store things but it’s probably not recommended whatsoever I am fine with that okay anything that’s a big normal looking Hood don’t make that storage but

Like small little hoods like the mock E I think had a small little one the Porsches and the Teslas okay that makes sense first Hood storage I mean they could have made this into a storage version but it seems like it’s a bit of an accident it’s too much work if it’s

Like a normal Hood yeah how about the side angle because I didn’t realize how great the side angle was in certain lighting certain lines it’s like perfect like the way it goes from the front fender all the way to the top of the back door yeah so as I walked around the

Car the car completely changed shapes and it was pretty unreal so it does look really cool really spaceship like from certain angles but like also kind of generic from other angles yeah some angles you’re like why isn’t it looking perfect it kind of does look uh CHR ish

Ish yeah because that was like a very Future car yeah like looking from the very best back it also looks prettiest ish where the top is like small and the sides are wide yes and then it we’ve got these crazy uh I don’t even know Wings on the top they’re kind of wings

Probably Vortex generator sure yeah Vortex generators look it looks cool yeah it looks like devil horns okay and then uh our tail lights what is every car these days uh Robocop and what are these tail lights RoboCop except reverse Robocop Robocop yeah some cars have front Robocop and rear RoboCop exactly

Like all Porsches are rear robocopic what’s the most recent version of the the black costume one from like 2008 I think okay so I’m just wondering what age Gap won’t understand the RoboCop references RoboCop okay side view do you like the wheels they’re okay not electric key not standouty they’re just

There they’re just there and what would be the Continental recommended tire if you were just there the Continental extreme contact dws06 plus which can definitely get you there and we’re on the big boy Wheels the 19s if you get the 18s you get more range yeah so that actually does affect

Our range the range for this one that we’re actually driving is 315 kilometers and you can get up to 354 kilometers with the smaller 18 inch wheels and I think you can get more range from a bz4x okay and if we haven’t stated it this is

A full electric car by the way it’s full electric car yes and the reason we haven’t driven a bz4x I think they all got recalled yeah the wheels were falling off I think and then uh Subaru said they’re going to get us a soltera but then they said no we’re not going to

Give you soltera probably because the wheels were going to fall off or something yeah I’m like that was a stop sale I’m like all right I won’t get a dealer unit and then like we won’t have one like all right I mean I don’t want to drive until the wheels fall off

Okay uh do you like this paint color blue it’s okay yeah actually I really like the spec of this car overall once we get into talking about the interior I think the exterior works really well with this interior okay and then uh this I guess this is also kind of exterior

Because you can push this button and make it go dark light just like a uh my buck or a 720s McLaren or an old SL63 yeah yeah okay do you like the looks of this more than any of the Hyundai Kia Genesis EVS more than an aria okay more than an aria

Or whatever I mean I think Arya looks like no this looks way cooler I I don’t love the looks of this but I I don’t not like it and it’s not exactly memorable whereas like an ionic five is so memorable it’s burned it to my head you

Know what would make this car look the best what if I could see a friggin yolk in it from the outside I’m not gonna let this yolk go are you no I just want to drive I literally had no idea that there was no yolk I booked this car just

Because I wanted to drive a yoke car I honestly did not either because all the Press headlines when this car came out was about the yolk it’s freaking yoke okay and then for charging I think this is a 150 kilowatt limit yes that’s as fast as we can charge this theoretically

Top speed of charge whoa through cliche corner yeah lots of sounds okay and then I went to uh my favorite charging station Electrify Canada Toronto Premium Outlets and guess which Chargers was offline I mean two of them the very left one the 350 was broken but no point of

Plug it in there because I don’t have a 350 capable car right so I figured maybe I’ll get to you know 150 or something no I got to 40ish and then the other one I got to like 50ish and the other one I got the 30-ish and you were getting

Billed by the minute rather than by the kilowatt so you’re actually getting charged more if you stay at the slower station yeah it’s all crazy they still haven’t changed to billing by the kilowatts so I think I was getting I could have been getting two-thirds more power per minute but nothing was letting

Me do that and is there anything weird with how much you can charge this car Jacob and how often I looked at the Lexus this is a loaded question yeah it is okay I looked at the Lexus Canada website and I looked at the legal disclaimer and things like that let me

Let me just read this to you because I had to write it down DC charging may not work on all-wheel drive RZ when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius okay so we might not be able to charge this in Winter cool next uh also about charging to help

Maintain long-term battery health DC fast charging is limited to two cycles of charging low to 80 percent per day throughout the year so basically don’t you dare take this on a road trip and try to charge this more than two times per day up to eighty percent fastly yes because the second

Charge will also be a slower charge than your first charge was regardless of the station now what’s like the 10 to 80 uh rated for this car from low to 80 percent it’s about one hour so that’s your best case scenario okay but I can respect the fact that this company is

Trying to do it so that your batteries last because overcharging under charging whatever blah blah blah keeping your battery topped up going down to zero we’ll screw up lithium batteries it’s just lithium batteries how they work and they do offer like I think it’s an eight year warranty for the battery and stuff

So they want longevity and I do get that I’m okay with that okay because chances are the Chargers can’t charge fast anyways even if your car would let it because we live in Ontario where everything is a joke that’s right okay Jacob I think with all that it’s your

Turn to drive my turn to drive got you no launch control just going to send it Power foreign like this is again one of those appropriate levels of power perhaps even a little much and we’re at 50 I assume because there’s nowhere that tells you the actual percentage just yeah it’s a battery gauge but no actual percentage indicator but we also do have our uh

Kilometer Edge or mileage yeah yeah it’s very clearly displayed yeah all-wheel if we click all-wheel drive and sunny we can see the distribution but I can’t see anything that says percentage Yeah so we do have a larger motor up front uh because this is a all-wheel drive which

Lexus calls direct4 and we have a smaller one out back and through cliche Corner in a couple minutes uh it’ll actually torque Vector which is very noticeable so right now I’m kind of coasting with uh no paddles so sport mode if I downshift I like the amount of regen like this is

The regen thing that I understand uh yes I am in sport mode so you can actually also change the sounds that this car makes not the actual tones of them but the volumes of them so we have it on high it’s unoffensive and you can just

Get rid of it which is nice and suspension the bump it’s not bouncy for uh battery electric vehicle that is very impressive okay cliche Corner the turn in very responsive a lot less understeered than I would have expected yeah it’s good it feels great like this this skateboard batteries

Uh that’s okay that’s that’s what you expect probably because we have a larger motor instead of uh having one on the back but suspension wise this is great it’s it’s really comfortable I have no issues with that it’s also very quiet in here yeah like most electric cars are

But this one really isolates you from the wind noise and all that stuff luxury brand things yes and you like your sport mode that feels good yeah like sport Mode’s not too it’s not too touchy we’re gonna put you in range mode bro where did our climate go where’s our sound

Okay so you also have Eco normal and in custom you can change it so you can have like range uh throttle climate can be normal and then your steering can be heavier or light which is cool so no adaptive suspension but like no matter how much range I’m trying to get I don’t

Want my climate off yeah exactly it’s not worth it it’s nice that it’s customizable and then like to dig through that we got the big infotainment screen you can click these dots and that’ll shortcut you to your drive modes some cooling stuff and then your head up display and also your driving assists

And then our climate controls are always permanently on the screen which is nice although they are touched the buttons are fairly large and then we do actually have physical dials for the temperature still not my favorite and then we got buttons that’s below there for your parking assist and your 360 camera view

And it’s got the cool 360 camera view we can see underneath you in the parking since I tried to use it you know it’s the weird Lexus one where you have to pull up oh yeah and then press Park yeah and it was like spot is too narrow so I

Had to back in myself like an adult as this have egg mode I actually I don’t know oh I didn’t test it out but it has the cool 360 camera where you can see like through the car yeah yeah in the Tim Hortons drive-through I could see all the oil stains

Ordering 55 Burgers 55 fries 55 thoughts 55 milkshakes 55 10 bits it’s not even that many 10 minutes no forgot about the reverse okay the reverse camera beeps it’s really annoying let’s check the egg mode we’d actually don’t like egg mode no oh wait can we customize the paint in egmo

Vehicle body color not bad Yuri doesn’t yo we get all the color off you can even get the different Hood Styles yeah that’s what I meant damn heck yeah let’s good job Alexis good job good job Lexus graphic design department now since we’re talking about the interior part of driving as well this

Steering wheel material holy crap this feels so different than every other car I think we’ve ever driven it’s a really nice feeling textured wheel yeah I love it it’s crazy it’s kind of wetsuit-ish it is kind of wet but nicer yes so you’ve got a leather wetsuit yeah

Leather daddy wetsuit daddy wetsuit okay and then how about the rest of the materials in here because like this is cool blue suede everything we got like white stuff yeah dude this interior spec is great I love all this white like this isn’t this is kind of a hard-ish

Material but it’s not that hard but everything else below here is really soft and nice this wood-ish pattern texture is all really nice there’s literally no glass black other than around this shifter which is a weird shifter but it’s totally fine I would be very worried about getting these carpets

Dirty in the winter because there’s a lot exposed so go to the straight pipes to see what they have available for your car and definitely follow them and us on Instagram to see when they’re running giveaways because yes they do give away free mats with us

And the overall layout of this interior from where I’m sitting because I’m also able to get my seat at a very nice low position is really well laid out like everything I want to see and see is visible nothing’s blocked by my steering wheel like it was in the Prius and stuff

Like that oh yeah because I guess the B4 zz4x has like more of a pre-style layout yeah and I know Savage geese complained about all that stuff because they had that think the same issues and stuff I think could be wrong I watched a lot of

Their videos but I kind of forget the one thing that I did notice that when you pointed it out is that our Center screen is kind of fake large yeah you can really see it from this angle but from front on you can’t really tell but

What I mean by that is the center of it is only the display and the other side is just like a glass encasing that’s not an actual LCD my screen is black not but other than that we do have a seat I like the driver and attention but other

Than that we do have seat presets uh seats are very very comfortable yeah I like them the only problem is I do fit in the back behind myself at six foot one and a half however because this is a battery electric skateboard vehicle meaning that the batteries at the bottom

My knees are kind of like in my face almost yeah what the heck when you guys are going to start building cars with batteries at the top they just need to have like a scoop for like tall people’s feet and then the rest of it can be a

Skateboard well I want batteries on the roof yeah okay uh trunk space when you fold down all the seats there is a ton of room even though it’s a coopy SUV I was very happy with it there’s also a compartment you can lift up and there’s

Like more space under there good job for the space I’m very happy with it considering it’s a smaller CV and since it’s a smaller SUV this only has forward and back lumbar where I believe on RX which is bigger will have up and down as well interesting yeah I want

All the lumbar in every Lexus I would totally be okay with that like that makes sense if it’s a luxury vehicle it should have all of the Comforts like okay maybe not massage massage you can save for the upper stuff but like yeah yeah I get that yeah what about the

Visors I think they’ll pass right it should be electrochromatic too three two one oh yeah Full Pass okay cup holders perfect ly fine cup holders no issues yep we had a head-up display yes and when you use your stupid steering wheel buttons to change the stuff up there and I don’t

Like it you’re United you can change your drive modes from there and stuff too you and I do not like that yeah it’s weird but if you turn that off then your steering wheel buttons become normal-ish they work in your gauge cluster instead of your HUD and then another thing I

Want to complain about I had you in the driver’s seat on my Apple carplay which is wired or Wireless uh some luck see this means wired carplay yes were these mean electrical charging charging yes without things that’s why I got confused in that other video we did I made you go

From Spotify to SiriusXM and it made you do nine clicks I like the hardest level of like the most things because there’s no hard buttons there but unlike a BMW this can say hey Lexus place no I guess you got to say it hey Lexis

How can I help you play Sirius XM 90s on nine I assume that’s what you want right of course of course current BMWs cannot do that we just got confirmation the engineers are aware so if like at least the voice control works here yeah I mean for what the one thing that

You want to use it for yeah and this infotainment again would be much better if this thing on the left with all your icons would be visible on every screen like a Maserati grecale and like a Land Rover Jaguar uh Range Rover yes that’s the model the Land Rover Jaguar I mean

Now everything is oh yeah yeah I saw the news yeah anyways I think that’s it with this car I really like it with everything out of the way I think it’s time we get to the price kind of a lot of money 82 205 dollars Canadian and uh

Yeah I mean kind of a lot of money well okay range isn’t the best a little expensive maybe it’s easier to get one instead of like an ionic or something so I’d like everyone in the comments to go to discounted price offers and see how many of the Lexus RZ you can

Find versus how many of the Subaru soltera and the Toyota bz4x and can you get a new one of these for Less markup than say an ionic five right and then let us know in the comments if you look at Alexis dealership about the wait time because I don’t know yet I

Yeah are these gonna be sitting on Lots like eqs I read a story where somebody tried to get a Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid and it was an eight-year waste in Canada Yeah anyway see you guys next video bye Foreign