The Straight Pipes: THE V8 IS DEAD! 2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Shakedown Review

THE V8 IS DEAD! 2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Shakedown Review

Posted: 2023-08-01 10:15:01
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Dodge Challenger Last Call Shakedown 392 Scat Pack R/T 392 Widebody review by The Straight Pipes. The Dodge Challenger Last Call Shakedown 392 Scat Pack R/T 392 Widebody is putting down 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque from a 6.4L HEMI V8. At $83,575 CAD, would you take it over the Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang Bullitt, Chevy Camaro SS, Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE, Chevy Camaro SS 1LE, Dodge Challenger Hellcat?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] Dodge Challenger last call Shakedown RT 392 Scat Pack with line lock [Laughter] yes a big fat gnarly burnout that is what this thing is built for horsepower and torque 485 horsepower 475 pound-feet of torque voice 6.4 liter hemi V8s foreign last call is this cool and uh what what the heck is going on this is the coolest

Because I can still see all the smoke behind me okay last call the V8s are done Challengers are done Chargers are done we did go to see fast X in theaters and they are electric along with the DeLorean that showed up at Dom’s house yes so they are making seven last call

Versions which are fancy versions that are limited number yes and this is the first of seven and the seventh being the demon 170. yeah they’ve all been announced and this one’s pretty cool it’s called the Shakedown it’s based from a 2016-17 SEMA build off a 1971 charger that had uh newer Healthcare

Motor and stuff and headlights and tail lights okay and it’s got the same Shakedown logo the same kind of Stripes but then this is all on a full 2023. so this Shakedown is limited to about a thousand models 500 in Black wide body and 500 in Destroyer grade narrow body

And you can get manual or Auto with either but Auto is standard yeah but I think it’s up to dealerships to debut them out so I’m not really sure how ordering went for this yeah and then in terms of the actual Shakedown specifics uh let’s start with that shaker hood

Yuri uh okay so it’s bolted on and I guess it shakes but then we looked up closely it’s not an intake because the intake’s in the headlights so like this fake yeah we have an actual cone filter so that’s the real intake so this is just like bolted on to like show you

That the engine is shaking and it doesn’t even shake that much it does Shake but it would be nice if you had worse engine mounts so like upgrade or downgrade to solid engine mounts and that thing will shake like crazy and you’ll feel the actual shaking honestly that’s like a little embarrassing like

No wonder they didn’t put on the Mach 1 right like good on you Mach One yeah yeah so uh that’s not our favorite and then we have some uh racing stripes or Hood Stripes going around it which is kind of funny okay those stripes they’re

Cool because it’s like a style and I was watching this the Lantus video or Fiat Crest or whatever the heck it was back then yeah from 2017 and bro and you know Longo 2017 was a couple years ago Chrysler was literally posting that in 720p at max resolution so if you’re

Wondering what the rear camera resolution is like why is it so bad that is you know okay yeah it’s a company policy yeah yeah they don’t like resolution around here let’s keep let’s keep that low and then we got Hood pins up front although the hood is also just

Latched normally so they’re more for Aesthetics it goes in the little cables dangle yeah yeah and uh Hood pins are my Nemesis because I owned a fox body once and I forgot to put the hood pins in this my old old Fox body my first one

And my hood flew off yo how much do you like black wheels bro oh dude I love black wheels okay I don’t love them but these the design of these looks great with the wide body flare yeah and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a challenger the extreme

Contact sport O2 and click the link below there is a July August promo going on right now for truck tires and I know a lot of you guys have trucks yeah gals have trucks Ram 1500s and trx’s people that are shopping for this thing definitely they will oh I know I know

Okay cliche Corner go in the reverse fun way and yeah it feels like I’m piloting the uh the Ocean Gate into the ocean yeah yeah and uh downshift with this manual transmission no I upshifted okay so that’s the problem I went into fourth by accident trying to downshift the

Thing with this transmission is it’s a great Tremec tr6060 transmission which we’ve got to experience the full potential of in the Cadillac ct4 V Black Wing however here we now know that Dodge is the culprit of the shift linkage being very poor and so much slop in the

Shifter that I literally tried to downshift and miss the shift I think that’s on you because like this shifter matches this car perfectly I think if it was like a tighter nicer like I’m still in gear like the city so what it’s not so what no no it is it matches this car

It does imagine this car perfectly if I had a ct4 v Black Wing shifter in here it would feel off yeah but I mean this transmission is great and the fact that we still have the V8 manual and it is the last year of this I can’t really

Complain I’m not allowed to we’re not allowed to complain about a single thing I’m just grateful that this thing existed for as long as it did so thank you dodge you know me I always like old cars currently like I don’t I hate newer cars yeah same they’re all bad but this

Is old car new so it’s good it is so I did miss shift however it would be nice if the gates were a little bit clearer does it have Auto rev match thank God it does not is that a flat foot shifting uh I mean you can make it do that but it’s

Not an official feature and to finish off the Shakedown stuff we’ve got red 392 Fender Graphics we got the Shakedown logo on the rear spoiler we got red six piston Brembo calipers and then we also have Shakedown right up here on the driver’s seat apparently it’s in the

Gauge cluster as well but I haven’t really seen I just seen the uh the Scat Pack super B thing what I like about this logo is it’s the exact logo they used in 2016. so whoever the graphic designer was at that time did a really great job because it’s a logo that still

Holds up right because they recreated a lot of the old ones with like the super B and all that stuff right and as far as I’m concerned Shakedown was like one of the sickest snowboard movies back in the day so shout out shut down that’s right that logo was better than this logo

Leave a comment below if you did tricks snowboarding in the 2000s yes if you snowboarded like we did and that’s how we became friends and then we do have a couple Drive modes it does actually control the Adaptive suspension but I’ve found them all to be very comfortable like I could be in

Track mode through cliche corner and it is great I’m gonna do cliche the fun way okay I gotta nail this downshift to redeem myself there we go heel toe and yeah it’s still super fun around here like rear wheel drive V8 manual this is the way to go

And a little bit of oversteer on exit like it’s it’s so fun to drive these it’s not even that loud in here it’s really not like a Hellcat would be much boomier yes but let’s take a listen to the outside And let’s take a listen to the outside doing a burnout and we’ve had so much fun in V8 Challengers and Chargers over the years like to reminisce about some of that a lot of those burnouts and things like that over time so which one is your favorite

I think the charger wide body red eye Hellcat manual for me I get that like the first red one that we drove the narrow body yeah that wasn’t narrow the first one was narrow the manual was narrow sure about that pretty sure sure about that and the best

Part of this car existing for as long as it did is you can get so many of these on over the years they haven’t changed much so it doesn’t matter if you get like a 2012 and like one of these like I want to drive a

Pre-facelift one with like the old style tail lights yeah yeah and like you know hellcats didn’t exist for a little while we only had like srts and 6.4s and stuff but like you know once the hellcats existed with the 707 then they got 717 then they got 797 and then all the stuff

After that yeah there’s a lot of cool I would definitely consider a used one if I wanted like a cool car yeah because like these have also the prices have gone up on these like it has with every other car so I mean the right ones would

You take any Hellcat you wanted even a demon or a Viper because I go Viper every day uh I might go with a demon you go demon over an ACR that’s what I’m saying dude dude the real last call is actually four years ago when they stopped making vipers I

Might have to go with an ACL okay but my clothes very close second would be a demon yeah demon sick demon the second demon or the first demon uh the second demon the 170 the like the demon demon all right what’s up with the narrow front and the the wide rear like the

Proper one that lives okay one last downshift two last downshifts and then you get you in here it’s not the fastest you’re not driving a Hellcat before buying a 392. yes but I’m not complaining I’m just stating that it’s not the fastest professionals yes you can really tell still do love

This would I love a Hellcat more absolutely okay let’s get you in here all right first time trying launch control on this save the best for you oh my God a little more time between my shifts what are those shifts Yuri and I’m taking the time so that revs are

Perfect those were not perfect that was perfect probably smooth oh uh-huh just like by that my downshift your downtrip you just missed gears yes Yuri don’t miss you miss those shifts not perfect we’ll let the internet be the judge man you got like 6 500 even though

Redline six yeah all right but it’s still like not super super fast right it’s not it’s just it weighs a lot all right so uh what are these seats are these special Shakedown seats uh I mean they’re not leather which is really nice they’re like suede okay what’s with the

Downshift no breaking this boat around uh they are bolstered enough through here which is nice no ventilated seats though yeah they are ventilated they’re on they’re just not very great are they on actually they’re on I turned them on like a while ago see hi really all right so the ventilation doesn’t

Feel like it ventilates at all not on a very hot day like today we’re not even pulling power from cooling the supercharger no we’re not damn all right well I mean if you can’t complain though we’re not allowed complaining we’re stating I’m just letting somebody know

If they’re very sweaty yeah like we are their butt crack is going to remain sweaty imagine if these were leather though holy crap and we get these demonic red seat belts oh I guess the stitching’s Demonic red too uh probably that’s cool I mean it’s like definitely

A cool like subtle look for the car yeah it’s put together it’s a very Dodge way to do this like add some stickers add some things from other cars that exist it’s like it’s like I’m not offended by it it’s not like if somebody like like

There’s a lot of bad Challengers on the road that people homemade yes this is pretty decent yes is that one better yeah yeah no complaints I don’t know man sometimes just like wait it out everything is a little different just saying those were better than your previous ones right

What’s next you want to talk about this interior that we’ve talked about 52 000 times yeah I’ve got volume knob tuning knob let’s see where’s my serious it’s literal Perfection it seems like Sam is very I already said all the presets by the way NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR

Don’t yet is there more NASCAR yeah there’s up to 12. 12 NASCARs and uh man honestly now that I know that this shaker hood is fake I feel so stupid looking down the hood yeah I mean it’s like tacking on like a fake blower for like a fast and furious

Movie you’re like yeah yeah it’s fake but yeah nobody will know it’s like yeah but and I did draw this like earlier and I got thumbs up in it and like you know you feel cool still well there’s the motorcycle guys like is that two motorcycles with a little house in the

Middle oh man but yeah nothing’s pretty much changed we’ve got a fourth pedal for the e-brake sound system’s pretty decent back seats can actually fit people and these seats are pretty big for larger people as well we’ve got carbon fiber all throughout this interior just save weight just like

Ocean Gate did and then we have carbon fiber cup holders that fit some cups and uh what about the visors here for the 5 000th time three two one full pass and the extension which I always remember are these floor mats demonic red stitching nah they’re just normal black

Floor mats you definitely want to get a set of tucks matte go to slash the straight pipes because the Challenger has been around for so long the tux mats have turned around for so long that they fit so many generations so many years of Challenger okay another

Thing that I remember that I still like uh clutch pedal and everything is very nice I think it’s less firm than the Hellcat it does feel like that I really like the amber daytime running lights yes love that that like it’s that same look that we filmed a million times of

It coming over like the S is before cliche corner but it just always looks so good in a challenger and then we have the scoop in the middle of the headlight as well like you’d get on Hellcat with little Dodge logos on the side and you don’t have the Hellcat logo because it’s

Not Hellcat hey we have C presets too yeah dude what I like the analog tacks a lot I know the shift light’s cool too but it’s also not like the brightest yes yeah I don’t know man everything about this car is like it’s nice old car still

Around is my favorite kind of car honestly everyone just buy one of these like this is literally really the last year and I don’t think Dodge is going to pull a fast one where they’re going to bring it back like the Durango Hellcat yeah they’re not going to bring it back

In 2024 like this is it for V8s for Dodge which is insane like Chargers and Challengers alright so you probably can’t buy one of these because they’re already spoken for from all the deal ships but what was the price the 392 starts at 62 595 dollars Canadian and

This one last call Shakedown Edition is 83 575 dollars heck yeah and by the way do you think that last call is a reference to Dodge’s uh 2500 Ram owners who have the most DUIs per car by like double Dodge knows their Target demographic you know there’s also a forum video first

Chair last call yes they’re just naming stuff after snowboarding maybe maybe or DUIs so let us know which last call is your favorite last call and let us know in the comments below if you’re lucky enough to get one of them but I guess if there’s seven different last calls that

Get a thousand each that’s seven thousand last calls which isn’t really that they’re not all a thousand because there’s not gonna be a thousand demons will we review any other last calls place your guesses below will we review the DVD 170. guarantee you even though they’re made like 15 minutes away from

Us we will never get to drive a demon yes there is a last call plaque in the engine bay that says it’s been assembled in Brampton which is just down the road from us shout out Michael Sarah’s pan in the new movie